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									Empowering NCCCS to Prepare
North Carolina’s World-Class Workforce

           College Information System (CIS) Project
                       Meeting Minutes

Title/Subject:    Core Team – Establishing Codes, Procedures and Standards – Intro to Mapping

Required Attendees:
                  Mel Gay                                    Suzanne Owens
                  Dan Manning                                Kathy Kinlaw
                  Gerald Pumphrey                            Elaine Lockhart
                  Yvonne Goodman

Optional Attendees:
                  Malik Rahman                               Sandie Kirkland
                  Kathy Gragg                                Tracy Medford
                  Dickie Perry
                  Linda McDaniels

      Meeting Date:                 Meeting Start Time:                  Meeting End Time:
      November 29, 2000             8:30 am                              3:00 p m

      Location:    ACS Training Room

Total Number of Action Items Resulting from Meeting:                        6

Total Number of Issue Items Resulting from Meeting:                         3

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CIS Project Meeting Minutes

Action Items (Description)                                               Owner           Commit
1. Project managers should work with the Team Leaders at their Project                   As soon
colleges to determine the most appropriate people for each mapping Managers              as      the
team.                                                                                    various
                                                                                         teams are
2. Send to Trisha the list of people from each college who will be on Project            When
each mapping team, probably 3-5 people per college per team.          Managers           mapping
                                                                                         dates are
3. Send to Trisha the information for her to access each system as weProject             Feb. or
begin implementing and testing.                                      Managers            later
4. Acquire and bring the Building Codes from the System Office.      Becky Wall          12-12-00
5. Bring the Building Codes from each project college.               Core                12-12-00
6. Client numbers will be sent to each of the pilot colleges so that Datatel  or         When
colleges can be identified when submitting maps and extract files.   ACS                 systems
                                                                                         are up.

Issue Items (Description)                                                Owner           Commit
1. Catawba Valley has faculty ID numbers different from social Trisha           Conver-
security numbers that are used in the scheduling files. How will                sion
Colleague integrate this?                                                       table
2. This group was not prepared to answer questions about Core                   Plan
demographic fields. They felt this was the wrong group to be making members     mapping
these mapping decisions.                                            and Project later with
                                                                    Managers    the
3. Should Vendor files be converted to the demographics file? Trisha and Conver-
Probably yes – then let the SAs clean out the “trash” vendors       Project     sion
                                                                    Managers    table

Process Decisions Made (including Rationale)

1. It was decided to stop the mapping process until the appropriate group or appropriate materials
were around the table. However, the overview of the mapping process was helpful.
2. It was decided that the Coding Documentation should include 1) the basic “do’s and don’ts”
of using the new system, 2) the rationale for each coding decision if the rationale is not obvious,
CIS Project Meeting Minutes

3) the users Training Manual as provided by Datatel and, 4) each college’s workflow processes.
The Core Coding Documentation will be called “Data Standards and Procedural
Recommendations.” This document will be written with the trainer(s) at each college as the
intended audience.
3. Recapping some basic “do’s and don’ts: 1) Don’t exit out of Colleague screens through the X
in the upper right had corner – it will do weird things. 2) Code Files can be added to as needed.
3) ValCodes require a security clearance to change or must be done by the System’s
Administrator. 4) Shaded fields have screens that provide more specific information. 5) The
“vanilla” Colleague for each college will have some components that should not be changed for
the first year.

Technical Decisions Made (including Rationale)

1.   Reviewed 10-31 to 11-2 minutes and added rationales and documentation for some of the
     previous decisions. (These were needed for developing the “Data Standards and Procedural
     a) Under Technical Decisions Made – delete line #13 because it is a duplicate of #15.
     b) To Prefixes: Mc, Mac, O’, D’ – Add – These are the most common but others can be
     c) To Person Privacy Warnings – Change to – Use when students request a directory
2.   Reviewed 11-14 to 11-16 minutes and added rationales and documentation for some of the
     previous decisions:
     a) Under Action Item #1 about the screen glitch – Add – It will be fixed.
     b) Under Issue Items #1 about web-page addresses – Add – There will be a work around
         process until Web-site is available on Colleague. Enter e-mail in #2 field.
     c) Under Address Types – Add – These are recommended codes, but more can be added, if
     d) Under Address Types – Home – Add – Permanent address, but may not currently be
         living there.
     e) Under Formatted Names – Add – More can be added.
     f) Under E-mail Types - Secondary Info Only – Add – For reference only. Not for
         Communication Management.
     g) Under Address Change Sources – Add – If address is being changed by a second party, a
         Change of Address form must be completed and kept on file.
     h) Under Address Status – Pending – Add- Likely to change once the student moves to the
         college location.
     i) Under Disability Codes – Add – Standard codes.
     j) Under Institution Types – Add – EL Elementary School as a new code
     k) Under Person Origin Codes – Add – This field can be used in multiple ways. Schools
         may develop these codes to meet their needs.
     l) Under Prefixes – Add – To create a couples salutation, go to the Formatted Names and
         select “Couples Saluation.”
     m) Under Veteran Types – Add – These are Federal Codes.
     n) Under Veteran Types – Correct code 31 to Ch 31/VAVR
     o) Under Veteran Types – Correct DOAD to read Dependent of Active Duty Military
     p) We will do more work on Institutional Hierarchy.
     q) Under Facilities Locations – Add – Do not change this message because of Federal
         privacy laws.

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CIS Project Meeting Minutes

    r) Under Building Sectors – Add – To be developed on local sites, if needed.
    s) Under Brainstorming for Person Origin Codes – Add – These are possible uses but they
        will not be included in the template.
Decided on the following valcodes:
     CCD.Grantor Codes
         DEG Degree Granting Institution                  These codes can be used for
         PRO Professional Body                             faculty credential records.
         B      Both Degree Institution and Professional
         TRD Trade Association
         VEN Vendor Certification
         NA      Not applicable
         NR      Not reported

         C      Certificate                    Colleges can expand these codes as needed.
        D       Diploma
        L        License
Decided on the following codefiles:
         HS      High School Degree
         SD      Secondary School Degree       These code files can be added to.
        AA       Associate of Arts
         AS      Associate of Science
         AAS Associate in Applied Science       May add the NC list of Degrees.
         AFA Associate in Fine Arts
         AGE Associate in General Education
         BA      Bachelor of Arts
        BS       Bachelor of Science
         BT      Bachelor of Technology
         MA Master of Arts
         MS      Master of Science
         MBA Master of Business Administration
         MFA Master of Fine Arts
         MDIV Master of Divinity
         ED.D. Doctor of Education
        PH.D. Doctor of Philosophy
        ND        No Degree Earned

         The North Carolina Community College majors will be loaded in the file and can be
added to.
 Other Minors
         ACCT Accounting
         BIOL Biology
         BUAD Business Administration
         GEO     Geography


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CIS Project Meeting Minutes

       BUSAD Business Administration                These are suggestions.
       CLPST Clinical Psychology                    May be populated as needed.
       INT        International Studies
Other. Academic Levels
        Leave blank                                  This appears to be redundant.
        Leave blank                                   For local use as needed.
Other. Locations
       Leave blank.                                   May be used locally as desired.
Other. Honors
       CUM        Cum Laude
        SUM       Summa Cum Laude
       MAG        Magna Cum Laude
       DIST       With Distinction
       GDIST With Great Distinction


1. Accomplishments are recorded in the Minutes, the section on “Process Decisions Made”, and
in the section on “Technical Decisions Made”.
2. The Team expressed satisfaction with their accomplishments to date.

Meeting Notes

1) Trisha (Datatel) led the team though a mapping process. For the conversion process, she will
set up translation tables based upon the information gathered from each mapping team. The core
team did not feel they were qualified or prepared to progress with the Demographics Map.
2) Ed (Datatel) gave an overview of the Conversion Process. The next steps include: 1) A
written report from Ed describing the outcomes of this meeting. 2) Datatel and ASC will get
together and plan appropriate times for the mapping groups to meet. 3) Ed and Trisha agreed to
meet with the Project Managers at 10:15 in order to continue discussing the conversion process.
3) Kelly began a session with the Core Team at 10:25 to continue with the development of
codes. She presented the following grocery list of responsibilities which must be completed by
the Core Team: 1) Finish the Codes. 2) Obtain the Building Codes from the System Office and
Becky Wall. 3) Complete the work on the Institutional Hierarchy. 4) Develop Data Standards.
5) Develop Documentation for our Process and Technical decisions. After much group
discussion, it was determined that items #4 and #5 could be combined in one document entitled
“Data Standards and Procedural Recommendations”. The document will include: 1) major
statements about Colleage and some do’s and don’t’s about the usage of Colleague, 2) basic
documentation about each set of codes and the rationale behind the decisions, 3) the last section
of the Core Training Manual and, 4) a final work-flow section which must be developed by each
individual college. This document will be written specifically for the staff doing training at each
4) The Team under Kelly’s direction continued to work on items # 4, 5, and 1, as documented in
this report.
5) The Core Team concluded their session with a Plus-Delta Evaluation of this entire meeting.
     The results were as follows:
            Plus – Strengths
The overview of the conversion process was helpful.
This provided a good discovery session for Ed and Trish to learn where we are and what we are

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CIS Project Meeting Minutes

 It is good to note that South Carolina has provided somewhat of a large group model for Datatel.
 Unfortunately they did not purchase Colleague as an entire system as N.C. has.

        Deltas – Needs Improvements
The session has been another example of ACS and Datatel not providing enough information for
us to be prepared to work effectively
This was not the right group to do the Demographic Mapping.
The information on Conversion could have been delivered in a shorter period of time. We are
here to work and would like to make accomplishments in a shorter period of time.
ACS and the Central Office seem to be taking their lead from Datatel – and Datatel’s
presentations are not geared for the North Carolina Project.
It appears there is poor communication among all the Datatel representatives and they come to us
not understanding this total project.
We would have thought that ACS, Datatel and the System Office would have worked out the
communications and planning prior to now. The implementation motions have exceeded the
planning motions.
6) The team will meet again on December 12 – 14 with the session beginning at 10:00 am on the
12th .

Recorder Name/Signature and Date:

Suzanne Y. Owens ----- 12-1-00

Facilitator Name/Signature and Date:

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