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Form             Parcel/Final Map Submittal Requirements Checklist

        Purpose: To provide general guidelines/minimum requirements for subdivision maps.

        File Number	                                                                              Assessor's Parcel Number(s)

        SUBMIT:          ‘     Six (6) blueline or blackline copies of map (18" x 26"), stapled and folded.
                         ‘     Supporting Data (e.g. Deeds, Maps, Unrecorded surveys, etc.) These documents will be returned.
                         ‘     Method and Reasoning statement.
                         ‘     Preliminary Title Report.
                         ‘     Lot Calculations.
                         ‘     Map Check Fee.
                         ‘     Approved Conditions (The Map cannot be pepared without the approved conditions).

                                                          Certificates And Acknowledgments
        ‘	         Owner's statement (individual/ partnership/                                    ‘	          Owners of interest (easement) certificate (if
                   corporate).                                                                                applicable).
        ‘	         Owner's acknowledgment (individual/                                            ‘	          County Clerk's certificate.
                   partnership/ corporate).                                                       ‘	          County Surveyor's statement.
        ‘	         Trustee or beneficiary certificate and                                         ‘	          County Recorder's certificate.
                   acknowledgment. (Note: Required on final                                       ‘	          Certificates of others accepting offers of
                   maps; on parcel maps this is required if a                                                 dedication.
                   dedication is a condition of approval).                                        ‘	          Acceptance Certificate (Note: on parcel maps
        ‘	         Engineer's or surveyor's statement and seal                                                with R/W dedications).
                   with expiration date.                                                          ‘	          Acceptance Certificate (for easements
        ‘	         County Tax Collector's certificate.                                                        dedicated to SCWA).

                                                                    General Map Information
        ‘	         One inch blank margin around the sheet                                         ‘	          Basis of Bearings: between two monuments of
                   edges.                                                                                     record, celestial observation, or Zone Two
        ‘	         Key map (if more than two map sheets).                                                     Coordinates.
        ‘	         Location map on first map sheet or key map,                                    ‘           North arrow (oriented to the top of the page.)
                   oriented the same as the parcel/ final map.                                    ‘           Scale (written and graphic). Scale shall be as
        ‘	         Show adjoiner with name and Official Record                                                shown on an engineering scale.
                   number.                                                                        ‘           Symbols and legend.
        ‘	         Note: "All distances shown are in feet and                                     ‘           Plot existing easements.
                   decimals thereof."                                                             ‘           Supplemental map sheet if needed.
        ‘	         Note: "All ties shown hereon are perpendicular                                 ‘           Soils report note on final map.
                   unless shown otherwise" (when applicable).                                     ‘           Concrete monuments on final map.
        ‘	         Full lot shown on one sheet with bearings and                                  ‘           Benchmark on final map.
                   distances on same sheet.

                                                                                  Title Block
        ‘	         Title block in lower right corner if possible.                                 ‘	          Parcel location: Rancho or Township/ Range
        ‘	         Assessor's parcel number in lower right                                                    and Section or City.
                   corner.                                                                        ‘	          Number of lots.
        ‘	         Project name or parcel map number (to                                          ‘	          Number of common parcels.
                   include letter code, PLP, MNS...).                                             ‘	          Date prepared.
        ‘	         Tract number (final map).                                                      ‘	          Sheet number and number of sheets.
        ‘	         Owner's name and legal designation of                                          ‘	          Tentative parcel/ final map file number in lower
                   property as recorded with record reference                                                 right corner.
                   (acquisition deed number).                                                     ‘	          Map prepared by:

                             Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department
             2550 Ventura Avenue ™ Santa Rosa, CA ™ 95403-2829 ™ (707) 565-1900 ™ Fax (707) 565-1103
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