Performance Appraisal and Development Plan

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					                 Performance Appraisal and Development Plan: Exempt

This performance appraisal is an important tool in the North Carolina State Ports Authority overall performance
management process and employee development. The manager should appraise the employee’s overall
performance primarily on whether the employee’s performance produced the desired results in each of the
principle accountabilities of the job during this appraisal period.

Ratings are based on the following scale:
Exemplary – The employee consistently exceeds the expectations for responsibilities and objectives, skills,
abilities, and commitment required for the job. Possesses superior knowledge of major aspects of the total job
and has performed exceptionally in each of these areas. This rating is used as special recognition for
extraordinary accomplishments that have significant impact on the organization.
Highly Proficient – The employee achieves and frequently exceeds expectations for responsibilities and
objectives. Demonstrates advanced skills, abilities, and commitment required for the job. Possesses a high
degree of working knowledge in the major aspects of the job and has performed effectively in each of these
areas. This rating is for exceptionally effective employees who regularly perform above what is normally
Competent and Effective – The employee meets established expectations for responsibilities and objectives.
Demonstrates required skills, abilities, and commitment for the job. Possesses working knowledge of the major
aspects of the job and has performed effectively in many of these areas. This rating describes the employee
whose overall performance meets expectations, and any minor areas where performance should have been better
were counterbalanced by performance beyond expectations.
Improvement Needed – The employee does not always meet expectations for responsibilities and objectives
identified for area of responsibility. Possesses most necessary knowledge, skills, abilities required for the job,
but greater performance or commitment is required. This rating describes the employee who meets the
minimum position requirements and whose performance must be improved through development, experience,
and/or application.
Unacceptable – The employee does not meet expectations for responsibilities and objectives. Does not
demonstrate necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or commitment required for the total job. This rating
describes the employee who has been ineffective, not kept pace with changing requirements, whose successes
have been only occasional, or whose performance has been deteriorating. Immediate and substantial
improvement is needed in order to have continued employment.
Employee Name:                                                          Hire Date:

Performance Review Period From:                                              To:

Briefly describe job responsibilities and/or specific objectives. At the beginning of each review period the manager
shall list core job responsibilities and specific objectives to meet the NCSPA business plan during the review period.

E –Exemplary                                    H – Highly Proficient                    C – Competent & Effective
I – Improvement Needed                          U - Unacceptable

             Performance Criteria
                                                       Rating                        Required for E or U rating.
Job Knowledge: Technical knowledge and
skills, analytical ability, problem solving skills.

Communications: Verbal and written
communications, presentation skills and listening
skills. Communications are clear, concise and
courteous. Shares information with others as
Quality of Work: Accuracy, neatness,
thoroughness, completeness of work.

Quantity of Work: Work output, speed,
timeliness, responsiveness and effectiveness.
Consistently engages in work related activities
and makes productive use of work time.
Dependability: Employee is reliable in
completing assignments, meeting deadlines,
attendance and punctuality. Responds
appropriately to instructions and procedures.
Delivers on expected tasks without requiring
follow up.
           Performance Criteria                      Rating
                                                              Required for E or U Rating
Interpersonal Skills: The employee works
harmoniously and effectively with NCSPA
employees, customers and/or the public. Team
player, resolves conflict, welcomes and seeks
constructive feedback on own performance.
Initiative: Performs with minimal supervision,
sets goals, solves problems and assumes
additional responsibility. Follows through
without prompting. Looks for more efficient and
cost effective ways through value add and/or
process improvement.
Adaptability: Ability to adjust to a variety of
situations and changes in the work environment,
flexible. Accepts new ideas, displays a positive,
cooperative attitude toward new work
Decision Making: Uses logical and sound
judgment. Effectively weighs risk cost and time
considerations. Uses common sense in making
decisions. Aware of impact and implications on
organization and/or others.
Integrity: Honest and truthful. Is personally
accountable. Meets highest standards of
professionalism. Does the right thing. Acts
Self Development: Seeks job relevant learning.
Improves skills and proficiency. Takes personal
responsibility for continual learning and skill
Safety: Identifies hazards, evaluates and
promotes safety. Attends required safety
training. Works safely. Adheres to safety and
security policies.

Criteria required for all supervisors and managers.
          Performance Criteria                                        Comments
                                             Rating            Required for E or U rating.
Leadership – Communicates vision, sets goals.
Provides recognition. Takes corrective action as
necessary. Exhibits confidence in self and
others, inspires respect and trust, motivates
others to perform well and reacts well under
Management – Effectively manages
program/projects, budget, resources and
organizational change to produce positive results.
Timely and effective completion of employee
performance review process. Accepts
responsibility for team performance.
Teamwork – Develops team members, coaching
and mentoring others. Skillfully uses teams to
meet organizational goals. Initiates and manages
cross training of employees as needed. Creates
atmosphere that promotes fairness, respect for
others and diversity.
List this individual’s significant work accomplishments during the review period.




List this individual’s significant strengths, and after each, give a specific example of an instance where this strength was exemplified.




Opportunities for Improvement / Development Plan
List areas where this individual could improve and develop performance. State specific steps needed to develop.




Overall Rating:

E –Exemplary                        H – Highly Proficient                C – Competent & Effective

I – Improvement Needed              U - Unacceptable

Required Signatures:

Employee: ____________________________________________                 Date: __________________________
Employee’s signature does not necessarily signify agreement with the evaluation. It indicates that the evaluation was shared with the
employee. Employee comments may be attached.

Supervisor/Manager: ___________________________________                  Date: __________________________

Next level Manager: ____________________________________                 Date: __________________________
                                             Employee Self-Appraisal
Name:                                                          Job Title:

This worksheet gives you the opportunity to provide input to your supervisor prior to your Performance Review.

Keep in mind that this worksheet is not a substitute for interactive, in-person, communication between you and
your supervisor.

Performance Review Period From:                                             to:

List specific accomplishments achieved during the review period.

List areas of growth, development and training completed during the review period.

List your career interests and development needed in the next review period.

Employee Signature ___________________________________ Date: ______________
Submit completed form to supervisor prior to date of review.