Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria by maclaren1


									                         Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria
Standard 1
Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation
of the school district’s student achievement goals.
The school counselor/social worker:
Criteria                          Counselor Duties                        Counselor Data Points

                                                                          Solution-focus plans/TAT
a. Provides evidence of student   -Shares performance/progress
                                                                          -test talks
learning to students, families,   information with parents,
                                                                          -phone log
and staff                         students, teachers as needed

                                                                          -solution-focus plan/TAT
b. Implements strategies          -Initiates and/or participates in the
                                                                          -504 plan
supporting student, building,     development of student
and district goals.               intervention plans
                                                                          -behavior plans

                                                                          -course selection
                                                                          -registration and
                                  -Counsels students regarding            scheduling
c. Uses student performance
                                  behavior, academics, work               -behavior plan
data as a guide for decision-
                                  completion, classroom procedures        -plan developed with
                                  and personal concerns                   student
                                                                          -student contracts
                                                                          -student contact log

d. Accepts and demonstrates       -Collaborates in the                    -team meeting notes
responsibility for creating a     implementation of                       -504 or solution-focus
classroom culture that supports   accommodations for specific             plans/TAT
the learning of every student.    students                                -IEP

                                                                          -group curriculum
                                                                          -lesson plans
e. Creates an environment of
                                  -Facilitates social skills              -principal observation
mutual respect, rapport, and
                                  development                             -small group counseling
                                                                          -mentoring programs

                                                                          -team meetings
f Participates in and
                                  -Participates on planning teams         -conference notes
contributes to a school culture
                                  that develop strategies that help       -solution-focus plans/TAT
that focuses on improved
                                  students                                -IEP
student learning.

g. Communicates with              -Communicates with students,            -principal observation
students, families, colleagues,   families, colleagues, and               -phone log
and communities effectively       communities effectively and             -email
and accurately.                   accurately                              -newsletter
                             Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria

Standard 2
Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position.
The school counselor/social worker:

     Criteria                          Counselor Duties             Counselor Data Points


                                       -Participates in
     Uses knowledge of student                                      -student plan
                                       development of

                                       learning/behavior plans      -phone log, referral
     development to make
                                       for                          sheet,

                                       staff, parents, students,
     accessible for every student.                                  -release of information

                                       -Uses developmental
c.                                                                  -email

                                       -Refers parents to           -phone log, agency
     Relates ideas and
                                       appropriate                  response,

                                       outside community            copy of plan with
     information within and
                                       resources                    reference to

                                       -Consults with school
d.   across content areas.                                          referral

                                       -Uses strategies/lessons
     Understands and uses                                           -meeting notes

                                       meet needs of students       -lesson plan/or lessons
     instructional strategies that
                                       through                      from md,

                                       individual, small group,     small group, or large
     are appropriate to the content
                                       and/or                       group

                                                                    -principal observation
Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria
Standard 3
Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction.
The school counselor/social worker:

Criteria                    Counselor Duties                   Counselor Data Points

a. Uses student                                                -meeting notes, student plan,
achievement data, local     -Uses student data, local          etc
                                                               -notes from staff dev. meeting
standards, and the          standards, and district
                                                               -lesson from guidance
district curriculum in      curriculum in planning for         curriculum
planning for                instruction                        -student surveys
instruction,                                                   -attendance letter

b. Sets and
communicates high
                            -Participates in the development   plan, activities, etc
expectations for social,
                            of social, behavioral, and         -lesson plan.
behavioral, and
                            academic success of all students   -ITED/ITBS test talks
academic success of all
                                                               -parent-teacher conference

                                                               -consultation notes
c. Uses student’s
                            -Uses student’s development        -solution focus. JEP. 504
developmental needs.
                            needs, backgrounds. and            plans/TAT
backgrounds, and
                            interests in planning for          -individual/group/class
interests in planning for
                            intervention                       lessons

                                                               -transitional activity/plan
                                                               for new students, those
d. Selects strategies to
                            -Uses strategies/interventions     moving to next academic
engage all students in
                            that benefit all students          level, etc
                                                               -lessonlactivity that
                                                               involves whole group

e. Uses available           -Refers students/families to
resources, including        supportive outside programs        -referral information
technologies, in the        -Collaborates with teachers in     -phone log
development and             planning career programs, field    -notes, plans used for career
sequencing of               trips, exposing students to a      activities
instruction,                variety of career/work areas
Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria
Standard 4
Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meet the multiple learning needs of
The school counselor/social worker:

Criteria                  Counselor Duties                         Counselor Data Points

a. Aligns classroom
                          -Utilizes district standards to develop -lesson plan, activity
with local standards
                          curriculum and/or activities            description
and district

                                                                   -activity description,
                                                                   lesson plans on career
b. Uses research-         -Exposes students to materials that
based instructional       promote career awareness
                                                                   -Project Alert, 7 Habits of
strategies that address   -Uses research-based strategies in
                                                                   Highly Effective Teens,
the full range of         individual/small and/or large group
                                                                   Why Try? Get Real
cognitive levels,         counseling
                                                                   About Violence

                                                                   -Student plan(solution
c. Demonstrates                                                    focus, TEP, 504, etc)
flexibility and                                                    -scheduling
responsiveness in         -Strategizes with parents and staff in   -credit Review
adjusting instruction     developing individual plans              -alternative
to meet student                                                    graduation/credit
needs.                                                             recovery plan

                                                                   -description of
                                                                   curriculum units
                                                                   -description of career
d. Engages students
                          -Provides multiple types of activities   inventory/learning
in varied experiences
                          that provide varied experiences to       inventory activities
that meet diverse
                          meet diverse needs and promotes          -description of role in
needs and promote
                          social, emotional, and academic          special programs,
social, emotional, and
                          growth                                   projects, etc. such as peer
academic growth.
                                                                   mediation, student
                                                                   council, conflict
                                                                   managers, mentors,
e. Connects students’       -Communicates special need
prior knowledge, life       concerns regarding
                                                                     -meeting notes
experiences, and            student/family with staff where
interests in the            circumstances are likely to affect
instructional process.      academic/school performance

                                                                     -notes from meeting with
                            -Facilitate referrals to various youth   or phone conversation
                            organizations/agencies such as           with parents/students
f. Uses available
                            YMCA, Big Brother/Big Sister, New        -referral lists/information
resources. including
                            Horizons, Police Mentors, Family         -Build Respect, Stop
technologies, in the
                            Resources, Community Health,             Bullying computer
delivery of
                            College Connection, PSED,                program
                            YVC(Youth Volunteer Corps. Y             -schedule
                            camps,etc.                               -vocational rehabilitation

Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria
Standard 5
Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning.
The school counselor/social worker:

Criteria                        Counselor Duties                 Counselor Data Points

                                                                 -lesson plan w/ assessment
                                -Demonstrates                    -meeting notes showing
a. Aligns classroom             understanding of and uses        discussion of assessment data
assessment with
                                assessment data to develop       -test talks
                                effective intervention           -ITED/ITBS assemblies
                                                                 -principal observation

                                                                 -test talks
                                                                 -notes from student/parent
b. Communicates                                                  meetings
                                -Communicates assessment
assessment criteria and                                          -description of
                                criteria and standards to
standards to all students                                        communication activities w/
                                students and parents
and parents.                                                     parents

c. Understands and uses         -Collaborates with staff and     -meeting notes
the results of multiple         parents in using multiple        -various interest and/or
assessments to guide          assessments to develop           learning
planning and instruction,     effective interventions          style inventories used
                                                               -progress monitoring on 504

                                                               -lesson plan w/ assessmts
                                                               -notes of meeting w/ student
d. Guides students in goal    -Guide students in goal
                                                               to plan course selection
setting and assessing their   setting and assessing their
own learning,                 own learning
                                                               inventory activities
                                                               -progress reports
                                                               -test talks

                                                               -phone log and notes
e. Provides substantive,      -Advises parents and staff
                                                               -meeting notes
timely, and constructive      regarding student behavior,
feedback to students and      social interaction skills, and
                                                               -parent contact log
parents.                      emotional well-being

f Works with other staff
                              -Collaborates with staff and     -participation on student
and building and district
                              other district leadership in     meetings(solution focus, IEP,
leadership in analysis of
                              analysis of student progress     504, TAT, etc)
student progress.
Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria
Standard 6
Demonstrates competence in classroom management.
The school counselor/social worker:

Criteria                Counselor Duties               Counselor Data Points

a. Creates a learning
community that                                         -conflict resolution notes/sheets
                        -Negotiates conflict
encourages positive                                    -follow-up notes on negotiation
                        situations between
social interaction,                                    plans
                        students where
active engagement,                                     -Build Respect, Stop Bullying
and self- regulation                                   computer program
for every student.

                                                       -student behavior plan
                        -Develops behavior plans       -lesson plan outlining instruction of
b. Establishes,
                        for students                   appropriate behavior
                        -Models appropriate            -outline of classroom and/or group
models, and maintains
                        student behaviors for          rules
standards of
                        school success (life skills,   -Career volunteer class
responsible student
                        responsibility, work           -CHAMPS
                        completion, etc.)              -Character Counts
                                                       -7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

c. Develops and
                                                       -outline of classroom and/or group
implements classroom
                      -Implements and models           procedures and rules
procedures and
                      high expectations for            -transitional activities for students
routines that support
                      student learning                 entering as new or moving on to
high expectations for
                                                       next level
student learning,

                        -Reinforces the
                        understanding of skills
d. Uses instructional                                  -lessons that address life skills
                        necessary to be successful
time effectively to                                    -individual or group [plans and/or
                        in school (organization,
maximize student                                       activities used to teachlsupport life
                        active listening, following
achievement,                                           skills
                        directions, team work,
                        study skills, etc)

                                                       -student behavior plan
                        -Collaborates with
e. Creates a safe and                                  -participation in programs/activities
                        parents/teachers on
purposeful learning                                    that promote safe learning
                        behavior concerns for the
environment                                            environment (such as peer
                        school                         mediation, bullying
                                                       programs/presentations, speakers,
crisis teams, CHAMPS, Character
Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria

Standard 7
Engages in professional growth.
The school counselor/social worker will:

Criteria                Counselor Duties                      Counselor Data Points

                                                              -class notes
a. Demonstrates         -Continues to engage in activities,
                                                              -degrees of
habits and skills of    classes, workshops, and
continuous inquiry      conferences that facilitate
                                                              -copies of membership
and learning,           continued learning

                                                              -team meeting notes
b. Works                                                      -team-teaching with other
                        -Collaborates with
collaboratively to                                            staff
                        staff/parents/community to
improve professional                                          -referral information
                        improve professional practice and
practice and student                                          shared with
                        student learning
learning,                                                     parents/staff
                                                              -IEP, 504

                                                              -notes on presentations
c. Applies research,                                          and/or consultations to
knowledge, and skills   -Uses research, knowledge, and        staff
from professional       skills from professional              -student pre- and post tests
development             development opportunities to          -subscription/review of
opportunities to        improve practice.                     professional journals
improve practice.                                             -newsletters written for

d. Establishes and
                        -Establishes and implements
development plans
                        professional development plans        -career plan
based upon the
                        based upon the counselor’s needs      -description of goals/areas
teacher’s needs
                        aligned to the Iowa teaching          of study to promote
aligned to the Iowa
                        standards and district/building       professional growth
teaching standards
                        student achievement goals
and district/building
student achievement
Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria
Standard 8
Fulfills professional responsibilities established by the school district.
The school counselor/social worker:

Criteria                   Counselor Duties           Counselor Data Points

a. Adheres to board        -Adheres to board
policies, district         policies, district         -description ofjob roles
procedures, and            procedures, and            -principal observation
contractual obligations,   contractual obligations

b. Demonstrates
                           professional and
professional and ethical
                           ethical conduct as
conduct as defined by                                 -principal observation
                           defined by state law
state law and individual
                           and individual district
district policy,

c. Contributes to efforts -Contributes to efforts     -participation in building staff
to achieve district and   to achieve district and     development meetings
building goals.           building goals              -student meeting notes/plans

d. Demonstrates an         -Demonstrates an
understanding of and       understanding of and       -collaboration with staff/parents on
respect for all learners   respect for all learners   student plans
and staff.                 and staff

                                                      -facilitates referrals to agencies,
                                                      organizations such as YMCA, Big
                                                      Brother/Big Sister, New Horizons,
e. Collaborates with       -Collaborates with
                                                      Police Mentors, Family Resources,
students, families,        students, families,
                                                      Community Health, College
colleagues, and            colleagues, and
                                                      Connection, PSED, YVC(Youth
communities to             communities to
                                                      Volunteer Corps, and Y camps
enhance student            enhance student
                                                      -referral information exchange with
learning,                  learning
                                                      outside agencies (DHS, mental health
                                                      professionals, law enforcement
                                                      personnel, etc)

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