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					University of Wisconsin-Madison Relay for Life
              Fundraising Guide
    Individual Fundraising
•   Loose change in a jar
     – Give each team member a water bottle with a Relay For Life
       sticker attached. Have participants collect dimes throughout
       the semester to place in the bottle. A full water bottle will
       contain almost $100!
•   E-mails
     – Check out your Relay online participant web page for
       template e-mails requesting donations and send them to
       family and friends!
•   Bake sale
     – Bake some treats and sell them at various locations around
       campus for a small donation.
•   Have a party with donations to Relay
     – Collect donations at the door for Relay For Life. Let
        your friends know where the money is going.
•   Facebook/Myspace
     – Send 20 Facebook messages asking for $5 a piece.
•   Have a Sponsor
     – Ask your parent or employers to become your
        sponsor. Ask them do match donations, for every
        dollar you raise ask them match.
          Team Fundraising
•   Car Wash
     – Ask a local gas station if you could host a car wash in their parking lot
       with all donations going to Relay For Life.
•   Spaghetti Dinner
     – Host a spaghetti dinner at your local community center or house. Have
       your team mates sell tickets to the event. Maybe even have a silent auction
       with donations you receive from local businesses.
•   Pie your House Fellow
     – Host a night in the Residential Halls where you can pie your house fellow.
       Charge a dollar per throw and see how many times your RA can get a pie
       in the face.
•   Drag Show
     – Find a place to have your show, find some willing people to dress up as
       the opposite sex, and charge a cover at the door to get in.
•   Coin Drop
     – Find a few old water jugs or or buckets, decorate them, and go around
       collecting loose change at your office, residential hall, or school.
•   Restaurant proceeds
     – Ask local restaurants to donate a percent of their proceeds for a day to
       Relay For Life. Pass out flyers for advertisement.
•   Matching funds
     – Ask your employer, parents, etc. to match the funds that your raise.
•   Work a sporting event
     – Get in contact with the Kohl Center or Alliant Energy Center and see if
       you could do a fundraiser at a sporting event, helping with concessions, a
       silent auction, etc.
•   Finals care packages
     – Send out letter that you have final care packages for sale. The parents will
       be willing to buy one to send to their hard working students. Fill baskets
       with fruit, a stress ball, and other goodies that will take away a little stress.
         Team Fundraising
•   Fundraising Billboard
     – One unique idea is to put together a fundraising billboard in support of
       breast cancer research. People pay a reasonable fee, say $100, to add a name
       to a billboard list honoring those who are struggling with or have the lost
       the battle with cancer.
•   Dinner Dance
     – Put together a fun dinner dance with live music and good food. It could be
       a formal affair with catered food or a rocking good time accompanied by a
       pig roast. Use a one price covers all approach, then add a cash bar or wine
       tasting to raise extra funds.
•   Fashion Show
     – Fashion shows are always fun and, if well promoted, can draw hundreds of
       women. Charge admission and offer lots of other fundraising activities. Add
       silent auctions for donated items or services such as spa treatments or
       private lunches with top designers.
•   Pancake Breakfast
     – A good location with lots of road signage can really pack them in for a
       pancake breakfast. Costs are low and opportunities to add-in extras are
       abundant. Offer raffle tickets, silent auction items, and sell ad space or
       sponsorships on your placemats.
•   Mardi Gras Fundraiser
     – Great parties like Mardi Gras events attract a fun-loving crowd. Book a good
       band and line up some Cajun food for a buffet. Sell beads, glow necklaces,
       party hats, etc. Run a cash bar and auction off something big like a trip to
       New Orleans.
•   Shop For The Cure
     – Another good idea is to work with local merchants to put together a special
       shopping experience aimed at women. Host in a convenient space like a
       convention center, church meeting hall, or even a shopping mall. Try to get
       as many items donated as possible while keeping things a win/win for your
       merchants. Don't forget to promote it to men also as a good place for gift
       Team Fundraising
–   Cow Chip Fundraiser
     – A country-style fundraising event involving raffling off chances for
       winning a $5,000 cash prize. The fun catch is that the winner is
       determined by where a cow answers nature's call on a field marked off
       in squares. Add in live music, barbecue, and family fun activities and
       you've got the makings of a major success on your hands.
–   Casino Night
     – Put together a full-fledged casino where adults gamble with play money
       for a good cause or just make the main event a Texas Hold'em Poker
       Tournament. Either one will draw a big crowd where you can add extra
       moneymakers like a buffet dinner, a cash bar, a whiskey tasting, cigar
       tasting, etc. Look to local merchants for partnerships and publicity.
–   Krispy Kreme Donuts
     – This is a good fundraiser if your workplace will let you sell
        them there and even better if your team is made up of people
        from different jobs. Announce that the week before relay is
        Krispy Kreme week and that each day you’ll have donuts
        available for a $1 donation each.
    Fundraising at Relay
•   Silent Auction
     – Have a silent auction at the Relay For Life. Make sure to
       have good advertising, so that Relayer’s know what is
       available for purchase.
•   Suntan Lotion Massage
     – Have a massage table at the Relay. Use suntan lotion instead
       of oils for your massage.
•   Bake Sale
     – Bake treats to sell at the Relay. Make sure to contact Relay
       logistics chair to organize space to sell goods outside of
       Shell track.
•   Kissing booth
     – Having a Kissing booth at the Relay. Charge $1 per kiss.
•   Line the track with quarters
     – Collect quarters and advertise to line the track with
       quarters! See how much money it takes to makes it’s way all
       the way around.
•   Face Painting
     – Fun for kids and college students alike! Glow in the dark
       sticks or necklaces are also good sellers.