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					                                                                                                                        Performance Review

NAME                                                           ANNUAL REVIEW DATE              TIME ON                      YEARS                    MONTHS

                                          ACCOMPLISHMENT OF POSITION TASKS AND PROJECTS

                  TASKS AND PROJECTS                                    LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE                        COMMENTS ON PERFORMANCE

   This list should not be considered a complete description        Indicate only one rating for each task   Should consist of a statement indicating results
   of all employee tasks and projects.                              and project:                             achieved; also may consist of comments
                                                                    O, EP, E, SP, S, SM, U.                  indicating the employee's proficiency on job-
                                                                                                             related skills.

 JUNE 2006
JUNE 2006
    Development of Annual Operating Budget for
     presentation to the FAC for review and approval
    Maintained accounting records and presented
     quarterly budget review reports for both checking
     and saving accounts
    Developed a Championship Budget for host
    Officials/Assignors (Assignors payment schedules,
     officials upgrade timeline, evaluations)
    Processed applications for Automatic Qualifiers to
     NCAA Championships
    Planned SCIAC Meetings/Dinners (FAC, AA, NCAA
    Attendance at meetings (Local: FAC, AA, SAAC,
     Sport Committee. National: NCAA,
    Record and distribute Meeting Minutes
    Maintain and further develop conference Website
     (administrative page, schedules, standings)
    Report statistics to the NCAA for conference
     sponsored team sports
    SCIAC Annual Banquet (assisted CLU with
     planning and on site event staff)
    Year in Review Program
    Submitted applications for NCAA Grants/Impact
     Forms resulting in additional funding for the
    Order and distribute all conference awards and
    Maintained Conference archives
    Conference Directory and Sport Committee Master
    Athlete of the week
    Conduct Foul Reporting
    Inform the FAC of opportunities to nominate
     members for NCAA Committee vacancies
    Secured the SCIAC WORTH Softball Sponsorship
    Provided support to the SCIAC Championship host
    Working with Sport Committees to update and
     distribute SCIAC Bylaws

                                                           OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS
List contributions made by the employee in addition to those described in the Accomplishment of Position Task and Projects Section. If more space
is needed, attach additional sheets of paper.
                                                                    JOB-RELATED SKILLS
 Evaluate the employee's proficiency on job-related skills. Each skill is accompanied by four benchmark descriptions which define levels of proficiency
 from "low" on the left side of the scale to "high" on the right. Rate the employee by identifying which benchmark is most typical of the employee's
 performance. The "Does Not Apply" column should be used where a particular skill is not applicable to the employee's position.
 PLANNING AND ORGANIZING: Setting objectives; establishing work plans; considering priorities in completing assignments; forecasting problems
 and changes.

Minimal planning without                Work plans and daily work behavior       Plans in detail; considers objectives,   Planning is exceptionally           Does
considering objectives or priorities.   are consistent with work group           priorities, and interrelations between   complete; objectives clearly        Not
                                        objectives and priorities.               tasks required.                          identified, spots potential         Apply
                                                                                                                          problems; follows up effectively.

PROBLEM ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING: Obtaining and evaluating pertinent information to determine source of and alternative solutions to
problems; recognizing when a decision is necessary; willingness to make necessary decisions even if available information is incomplete.

Has difficulty in obtaining or          Adequate routine decisions are           Recognizes when additional               In addition to obtaining and        Does
evaluating pertinent information        made when required, considering          information is necessary for             evaluating pertinent information    Not
and/or puts off making decisions        information that is readily available.   nonroutine decisions; makes              and making sound and timely         Apply
considering facts at hand.                                                       timely decisions considering the         decisions, is exceptional at
                                                                                 best information available.              considering the long-term
                                                                                                                          effects of decisions.

WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS: Writing concise, organized and clear communications that meet appropriate objectives.

Difficult to discern the meaning of     Writing is generally acceptable;         Routine, regularly prepared              Writing is organized, succinct,     Does
written communications because          however, should strive to improve        documents are reasonably clear,          complete, and meets stated          Not
of errors, incomplete or disorgan-      overall writing quality.                 logical, and complete.                   objectives; prepares nonroutine     Apply
ized presentation of ideas, and/or                                                                                        communications on complex
the inclusion of incorrect or                                                                                             subjects; can adapt writing
irrelevant information.                                                                                                   style depending on objectives
                                                                                                                          and intended readers of the

ORAL COMMUNICATIONS: Conveying ideas persuasively, either speaking extemporaneously or in a prepared presentation.

Unclear; may be rambling and            Generally clear and to the point;        Clear, to the point, and understood;     Exceptionally clear and con-        Does
lacking proper emphasis; does           may have some difficulty explaining      generally defends points well when       vincing oral communications;        Not
not listen and respond to the           complex points and defending             questioned.                              maintains logic and clarity of      Apply
point.                                  those points when questioned.                                                     communications in pressure

WORKING WITH OTHERS: Maintaining positive working relationships with peers and superiors; accepting instructions and assignments; assisting others to
accomplish work group objectives.

Indifferent toward work objectives      Gets along well with supervisors         Respects and is respected by             Strong, positive force in work      Does
and assisting others; may place         and peers; strives to achieve work       others; regularly provides assist-       group morale; provides              Not
work group objectives behind            group objectives.                        ance, reinforcement and support          appropriate assistance and          Apply
personal or social objectives;                                                   to others.                               support to others, even in times
may be a source of conflict.                                                                                              of high work pressure; can be
                                                                                                                          counted on to maintain a posi-
                                                                                                                          tive working relationship.

JOB KNOWLEDGE: Application of technical and procedural know-how to get the job done.

Knowledge is limited to certain         General knowledge is sufficient to       Broad general knowledge and in-          Exceptional knowledge;              Does
areas; insufficient to handle           handle most routine tasks.               depth expertise in most areas;           sufficient to handle any            Not
most tasks.                                                                      can handle advanced and unusual          assignment, even the most           Apply
                                                                                 tasks.                                   complex.

MOTIVATION TO ACHIEVE: Being results-oriented; desire to excel on the job; working steadily and actively.

Takes action only when                  Does assigned tasks diligently;          Accepts responsibility for getting       Exceptional motivation;             Does
instructed; must be prodded             accepts responsibility for work          the job done; initiates independent      challenged by difficult assign-     Not
to keep working.                        beyond regular duties when               action.                                  ments; can be counted on to         Apply
                                        necessary.                                                                        exert whatever effort is re-
                                                                                                                          quired to produce high quality
                                                                                                                          results within set deadlines.
                                                                                                                 Global I.D.                   (Initials _____/_____)

INNOVATION/CREATIVITY: Developing and implementing new solutions, new procedures, new concepts and designs and/or new applications of existing
designs or procedures, demonstrating imagination and originality.

Does not generate new ideas;          Assists in generating new ideas,       Develops new ideas, concepts or            Develops new ideas, concepts,         Does
has difficulty accepting new          concepts or designs, usually when      designs on own initiative; stimulates      or designs on own initiative;         Not
ideas developed by others.            coached or stimulated by others;       others in the development of new           stimulates others in the devel-       Apply
                                      can accept new ideas generated         ideas.                                     opment of new ideas; also
                                      by others.                                                                        effectively determines and pur-
                                                                                                                        sues the necessary details for
                                                                                                                        implementation of new ideas.

CONCERN FOR QUALITY: Setting high standards for own personal performance; striving for quality work; putting forth extra effort to ensure quality work.

Does not set personal standards       Recognizes the need for quality        Sets high personal standards for           Sets exceptionally high per-          Does
nor accept responsibility for         work; generally produces quality       quality work; strives for high-quality     sonal standards for quality           Not
quality work; satisfied with work     work on the most important             work in completing assignments.            work; continually strives for         Apply
of minimum quality.                   aspects of the job.                                                               high quality work in all aspects
                                                                                                                        of the job; puts forth extra effort
                                                                                                                        to ensure high-quality work.

SAFETY AND HOUSEKEEPING: Using equipment properly and safely; promoting safe operations on the job; keeping the work area clean.

Improperly uses equipment;            Uses equipment properly; obeys         Uses all equipment properly and            Uses all equipment properly           Does
does not obey safety regula-          safety regulations; maintains a        carefully maintains it; obeys safety       and carefully maintains it;           Not
tions; maintains an unclean           clean and orderly work area.           regulations and encourages others          obeys safety regulations and          Apply
and disorderly work area.                                                    to do the same; maintains a clean          encourages others to do the
                                                                             and orderly work area.                     same; eliminates potential
                                                                                                                        safety hazards; maintains a
                                                                                                                        clean and orderly work area.

DEPENDABILITY: Following instructions and appropriate procedures; attention to detail; keeping supervision informed of developments; regular attendance.

Instructions and procedures not       Acceptable attendance and              Seldom absent or tardy; follows            Exceptional reliability; follows      Does
adequately followed; does not         punctuality; generally follows         instructions and appropriate               instructions and appropriate          Not
respond in a timely manner to         instructions; responds quickly         procedures; keeps supervision              procedures; keeps supervision         Apply
request from supervision on           to requests from supervision on        informed.                                  informed of the need for
progress of work; or has              progress of work.                                                                 exceptions to instructions
unacceptable attendance                                                                                                 and progress of work; rarely
and/or punctuality.                                                                                                     absent or tardy.

DELEGATION AND CONTROL: Defining goals and procedures; assigning work appropriately; following up to ensure work is completed.

Does little to define goals and       Establishes general goals and          Establishes specific goals and             Emphasizes high quality and           Does
procedures; does not follow up.       procedures; periodically checks        procedures; emphasizes the need            quantity of work; establishes         Not
                                      and follows up on progress.            for high quality and quantity of work;     specific goals and procedures;        Apply
                                                                             continually aware of progress.             ensures continual performance
                                                                                                                        feedback to subordinates;
                                                                                                                        makes the best use of sub-
                                                                                                                        ordinates' abilities.

EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT: Involving employees in the identification and solution of work-related problems.

Individually identifies and solves    Individually identifies work-related   Shares work-related problems with          Either involves subordinates          Does
work-related problems by using        problems; obtains any necessary        subordinates by getting their ideas        individually, or members of a         Not
whatever information is available     information of a specific nature       and suggestions before making the          group, in the identification          Apply
at the time.                          from subordinates before making        decision.                                  and solution of work-related
                                      the decision.                                                                     problems before making a
                                                                       OTHER COMMENTS

  If more space is needed, attach additional sheets of paper.
                                                        OVERALL PERFORMANCE RATING

Evaluate the employee's overall level of performance in the accomplishment of position tasks, projects, other contributions, and proficiency on job-related
       OUTSTANDING (O) - Overall performance is characterized by exceptionally high quality and quantity of work in the accomplishment of position
       tasks and projects: frequently assumes responsibilities which are above the position requirements; uses job-related skills in a superior manner;
       requires substantially less supervision than typical for the position and experience level of the employee.

       EXCELLENT PLUS (EP) - Overall performance approaches the definition of outstanding in the accomplishment of position tasks, projects, other
       contributions, and proficiency on job-related skills.

       EXCELLENT (E) - Overall performance is characterized by high quality and quantity of work in the accomplishment of position tasks and projects;
       uses job-related skills in a more than acceptable manner; requires a degree of supervision that is typical for the position and experience of the

       SATISFACTORY PLUS (SP) - Overall performance approaches the definition of excellent in the accomplishment of position tasks, projects, other
       contributions, and proficiency on job-related skills.

       SATISFACTORY (S) - Overall performance is characterized by acceptable quality and quantity of work in the accomplishment of position tasks
       and projects; uses job-related skills in an acceptable manner; requires more supervision than is typical for the position in order to produce work
       in high quality and quantity.

       SATISFACTORY MINUS (SM) - Overall performance indicates the employee fails to accomplish assigned position tasks and projects, and/or
       uses job-related stills in an inadequate manner; requires an inordinate amount of direct supervision in order to produce work of acceptable quality.
       The employee may possess the talent to earn a higher rating if special training and counseling are given or if the employee is transferred to
       another more suitable position.

       UNSATISFACTORY (U) - Employee has had a reasonable period of time (initiated by a documented evaluation of Satisfactory Minus) to improve
       performance. Employee continues to fail to accomplish assigned position tasks and projects, and/or continues to use job-related skills in an
       inadequate manner. Upon consultation with the local Industrial Relations Manager, the employee will either be reassigned to a position of lesser
       responsibility or terminated.

                                                                    Annual Review Committee
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