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					Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP)
Release 7.0

Update Sales Training

                        Mitel | Confidential
Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) Release 7.0

   With Release 7.0, the areas seeing significant enhancements
    –   Large single site and Networked Enterprise
    –   Hardware consolidation
    –   Small to medium enterprise
    –   Large or mission critical Contact Centers
    –   Installation and maintenance
    –   Open standards support
   All of these enhancements drive business process

                            3300 ICP Sales Training               2
3300 ICP Release 7.0

Flexible             Introducing a new 3300 ICP controller – the Mitel MXe
Deployment and       Supports 200 devices as standard and 1,400 with an
Scalability (TCO)     additional Processor
                     Analog Service Units II

Improved            ACD Resiliency                      Call Park
Functionality       Network Hunt and Pick-Up            Console Directory
(Enhanced Revenue)   Groups                               Enhancement
                     Alpha Tagging                      Group Listen

Innovation and       SIP Trunking
Ease-of-Use          LLDP

Reduced TCO          Management Enhancements to
                      Provisioning and Maintenance
                     Voice Quality Reporting

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                            3

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential
The 3300 Family



MX                                          MXe

                                            Q3 2006


                  3300 ICP Sales Training             5
3300 Controllers
                                                                         8 user
 4 user variants                                    CXi
    –   CX(i) - 64 user
    –   MXe - 40 to 1400 user
    –   MX - 200 user *
    –   LX - 1400 user *
 Complete IP solution with
  unparalleled integration of
  desktop and applications
                                                                        1400 user

                                                           * MX and LX available while
                                                                  supplies last

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                              6
3300 MXe Controller                                                Q3 2006

    Scalable from 40 to 1400 users
      – Install the MXe controller just the same as the legacy
        MX/LX controllers
    Perfect for anything from a small branch office planning to
     expand to a large single site enterprise office

                          3300 ICP Sales Training                     7
3300 MXe Controller                                                                Q3 2006

   Supports the following new capabilities:
     –   Redundant system power and hard drive
     –   Resilient Combo Cards
     –   Higher density Analog Main Board - Supporting embedded analog in larger
     –   Rapid Spanning Tree
     –   Gigabit Ethernet

                                 3300 ICP Sales Training                              8
Redundancy in the 3300 MXe Controller                                 Q3 2006

   Hard Drive
    –   There are two modes of operation for the hard drives:
         – Standard mode
         – Redundant mode
    –   Redundant hard drive decreases the failure rate due to hard
        drive failure
    –   Can be installed and replaced while Controller is running
   Power Supplies
    –   The MXe comes with a single PSU out of the box
    –   The power supply complex can be expanded by installing a
        second PSU
    –   Can be installed and replaced while Controller is running

                            3300 ICP Sales Training                      9
3300 Analog Service Unit (ASU II)                                                  Q3 2006

   Replaces ASU and Universal ASU
   New “Chassis” approach
     –   No longer includes embedded analog services, but has two hot swappable slots for
         the new analog cards
   2 Available cards:
     –   Card 1 = 16 analog extension ports
     –   Card 2 = 12 analog extension ports and 4 LS trunks with System Fail Transfer (STF)

    Reduces costs and space required for peripheral cabinet!
                                 3300 ICP Sales Training                             10
Embedded Digital Trunk Module (T1/E1 Combo Card)                                       Q3 2006

   Supports a single digital link and connection to secondary controller
   Ensures continued network access
   Requires
     –   Two controllers within 10 meters of each other
     –   Network Link Licenses on both controllers
     –   Can be installed on any controller that supports the Embedded Digital Trunk
                                 3300 ICP Sales Training                                 11
Trunk Redundancy

   Strengthening solutions for standalone customers
     –   New T1 / E1 Redundant Trunk Card
   Benefits
     –   Saves purchasing a second / spare PRI link to support a local network
   Allows a single embedded PRI link to fail over to a secondary
     –   Single PRI link module
     –   Loops to the secondary controller in the event of a primary failure
     –   Controllers must have IP networking and be within 10 metres of each
          –    Both Controllers require a Network Link Licence

                                  3300 ICP Sales Training                      12
How Does it Work?                                      Q3 2006

             Must be the new module


 PSTN                       Resilient
                              Link             IP Network

             Can be the new module
              or an existing module

                     3300 ICP Sales Training             13
 Part       Description                    Comments

 50005084   3300 Power Supply              Required for dual power on the 3300 MXe
 50004750   Hard Disk Drive                Required for dual hard drive support on the
                                           3300 MXe System
 50005086   RAID Controller                Required for synchronizing dual hard drives on
                                           the 3300 user MXe system
 50005160   Combo T1/E1 Module             For digital link resilience

 50005105   ASU II with AC power supply    Chassis for new line cards – each ASU II
                                           connects via CIM and can support a maximum
                                           of 2 line cards
 50005103   16 port ONS                    16 analog extension ports

 50005104   4 plus 12 port combo           4 analog trunks and 12 analog extension ports

                                3300 ICP Sales Training                              14
Application Processing Card (APC)                             Q4 2006

                                                & Services
    IP-PBX                   or                  Gateway

         CXi                                        CXi

                     3300 ICP Sales Training                    15
Application Processing Card (APC) Bundle                              Q4 2006

   No longer do you need a separate server to run all the Mitel IP
    enriching applications!
   Application Processor Card (APC) is a PC on a card bundled with a
    hard drive preloaded with system software
   Available for the CX(i) controller, the APC hosts the 6000 Managed
    Application Server that can run the following services:
     –   Teleworker Solution
     –   Mobile Extension
     –   Live Business Gateway

                               3300 ICP Sales Training                   16
Application Platform
   Known as:
                                                                Hardware Option 1
    –   The 6000 Managed Applications Server (MAS)
    –   The Mobility Server
    –   The Application and Services Gateway
    –   The Live Business Gateway
   Three Components:
                                                                Hardware Option 2
    –   PC Hardware (A standalone PC or the APC)
    –   The Server Software (Available for download from
        the AMC)
    –   The Software Blades (Applications from the AMC)

     Application         Application              Application
      Blades               Blades                  Blades
                       Server Software
                        PC Hardware
                             3300 ICP Sales Training                         17
System Management

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential
Mitel Enterprise Management Solution

                                                                    Single Web-


 “We used to spend nearly $20,000 each quarter on service calls for small changes
 to the phone system. With the new Mitel solution, we now remotely manage the
 phone system ourselves, and have even been able to scale back our IT support due
 to the remote management features.”
                                       Mark Haggerty, regional manager, IT operations TQ3Navigant

                               3300 ICP Sales Training                                          19
Network Management Enhancement
               - Enterprise Manager Release 3.0
   Reduced TCO
     –   Faster system deployments and
     –   Reduced system administration
     –   Automated reporting
     –   Increased system availability

                                                            Release 7.4
   Larger Enterprise Support
     –   Increased scalability
     –   HP OpenView Plug-in
                                                                 Release 3.0
   OPS Manager Migration
     –   Reduced upgrade costs
     –   Simplified upgrade process

                                  3300 ICP Sales Training                      20
 LLDP-MED – Automatic Configuration Enabler

                                                                                              Enterasys CDP
                                                                                               LLDP - MED

                                                                                               Nortel NDP
                                                                                                Cisco CDP
                                                        Competitive Discovery Methods
      Lowers Deployment Costs                                           * Extreme WP

      Increases Equipment Choices

                                                         Industry Standards Based
       3300 ICP and IP phones are                                                             x
                                                         Multi-Vendor Network Support
       LLDP compliant including April                                                         x   x    x   x
                                                         Chassis & Port ID
       2006 MED extensions                                                                    x   x    x   x
                                                         Port Description
        –    Just plug-in the phone and it               System Name                          x   x    x   x

             works with compliant LAN                    System Description                   x   x
             switches                                                                         x   x
                                                         System Capabilities
        –    3300 ICP obtains network                    Management Address                   x   x    x   x

             and location data from it’s IP                                                   x   x
                                                         VLAN ID
                                                         Voice VLANs
                                                         Network Policy
                                                         Auto Negotiation Requirements
Mitel: Technical Editor of the LLDP-MED specification
                                                                                              x   x
                                                         Power Information (PoE Capable)
                                                         Frame Size Requirements
                                      3300 ICP Sales Training Advertisements (E911 capable)
                                                         Location                             x   x   21
Mitel Plug-In for HP OpenView NNM

       Dedicated pull down
         menu for Mitel

                             3300 ICP Sales Training   22
New Options and Upgrades

 Part       Description                     Comments

 54002394   Enterprise Manager Reporting    Based on Crystal Reports
 52002032   Enterprise Manager Upgrade      Includes all options and OPS

 52002031   Enterprise Manager Demo Kit     Adds reporting option as well
 52001564   Standalone OPS to Enterprise    Now includes Enterprise Manager and 2 MSL
            Manager Standard Upgrade
 52001565   Standalone OPS to Enterprise    Now includes Enterprise Manager, IDS, IUM,
            Manager Enhanced Upgrade        and 15 MSL

                                3300 ICP Sales Training                            23
System Data Synchronization (SDS) Enhancements

   Speeds new deployments, simplifies changes, improves
    –   New “sharing scopes” to cover expanded communities of
        – Resilient ACD agent groups and members
        – Resilient hunt groups and members
        – Resilient user device configuration / administration data
        – Clustered pickup group – network pickup groups distributed
          across member hosts
    –   Enterprise Manager OPS interworking
    –   Sharing indication now provided on ESM form fields

     SDS enhancements continue to reduce installation
              and ongoing Sales Training
                    3300 ICP                                           24
System Administration Tool - Shared Forms

                     3300 ICP Sales Training   25
3300 ICP Configuration Wizard
   The 3300 ICP Configuration from aisgreatly accelerates the
    If available, use the settings Wizardprevious 3300 ICP
                     network information presented and easily
    configured from a single 3300
    initial configuration of thescreenICP
    configuration session

    Speeds up
 configuration and
  3.45, 2.12
    .25, 1
    7, 6.5

                         3300 ICP Sales Training                 26
3300 ICP User Configuration Form

   The User Configuration form displays a list of the users
    (including Hot Desk users) and devices that are currently
    programmed in the 3300 ICP system
   Use the User Configuration form to:
    –   Search for a user
    –   Quickly add, copy, change or delete user and device data,
        using a single form
    –   Import user configuration information to your 3300 ICP
         – Using the import functionality, you can quickly import large
           amounts of user configuration data

                              3300 ICP Sales Training                     27
3300 ICP User Configuration Form

                     3300 ICP Sales Training   28
Management Enhancements Summary

   Reducing the TCO of Mitel Solutions
    – Reduced deployment costs
        – New wizard configures systems in half the time
        – LLDP-MED, just plug in the phone and it works with any
          standards based network
    – Reduced administration costs
        – IDS updates for latest Active Directory server
        – Automated Report generation capabilities
        – OPS and SDS enhancements
    – Reduced support costs
        – Remote trace route and expanded 3300 ICP IP diagnostics

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                 29

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential
ACD Resiliency

   Delivering a virtual contact center for distributed businesses
     –   Allowing agents to be physically located anywhere
     –   Delivering agent resiliency in the event of a network problem
          – Agent remains logged in and agent state remains valid during a
            resilient handover
   Enhances the existing networked ACD solution
     –   Agents at disparate locations can belong to the same agent
          – Delivering true longest waiting call to longest idle agent
     –   Agents can log on at multiple locations without administration
   Increases the maximum number of ACD agents to 350 per 3300 ICP

                               3300 ICP Sales Training                       31
Resilient Contact Center – Large ACD configuration

  PSTN          PSTN           PSTN

                                                3300 ICP                              6100 CCM
                                              Call Controller

             Digital Gateway                                          Resilient           Voice Mail
                                                                    Call Controller
                                                                350 ACD
    3300 Call Controller provides call processing services, features, call
    3300 Digital Gateway provides PSTN access
         –   Calls are split evenly by the PSTN between the three gateways
         –   Additional gateways can be added to scale
         –   If one gateway fails, all incoming traffic can be diverted to other gateways
         –   Calls queue on the gateways and are routed to the call controller when
             agents becomes available Sales Training
                                 3300 ICP                                        32
Right Contact, Right Expert, though Virtualization

   What is a Virtual Contact Center?
    –   Multiple disparate contact center entities can now merged into
        one “virtual” entity
    –   Geographical boundaries are blurred allowing calls to be routed
        to agents “anywhere”
    –   Ensures calls are matched to the highest skilled agent
        regardless of location
    –   Concept not new but no longer prohibitively expensive

                            3300 ICP Sales Training                      33
Virtual Contact Centers

   New opportunity to address large Contact Centers with the
    introduction of ACD resiliency
   Uses Networked ACD to deliver resilient call queuing and
    uses Network Link resiliency to ensure continued PSTN
   Redundant power supply and hard drive
   Allows and ACD phone to continue receiving call on a longest
    idle basis even if certain pieces of hardware have failed
   No intervention from the agent upon failover to maintain login
   Virtual agents are not limited by distance to head office

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                   34
Virtual Contact Centers
       – Incoming calls are queued at the gateway

                                                                       ACD Supervisor
                                             3300 ICP
                                           Call Controller

       Secondary Call Controller                                     ACD
                                                                                    6100 CCM
           & Queuing GW                                           IP Phones

  PSTN                                                                                    PSTN

      ACD                                                                                   ACD
   IP Phones                                                                             IP Phones

               Secondary Call Controller                     Secondary Call Controller
                   & Queuing GW                                  & Queuing GW

 New York                                                                                 Los Angeles

                                     3300 ICP Sales Training                                     35
Virtual Contact Centers
       – Call Controller distributes to next available Agent

  PSTN                                                                 ACD Supervisor
                                             3300 ICP
                                           Call Controller

       Secondary Call Controller                                     ACD
                                                                                    6100 CCM
           & Queuing GW                                           IP Phones

  PSTN                                                                                    PSTN

      ACD                                                                                   ACD
   IP Phones                                                                             IP Phones

               Secondary Call Controller                     Secondary Call Controller
                   & Queuing GW                                  & Queuing GW

 New York                                                                                 Los Angeles

                                     3300 ICP Sales Training                                     36
Virtual Contact Centers
       – Gateways route calls locally if call controller fails

  PSTN                                                                 ACD Supervisor

                                             3300 ICP
                                           Call Controller

     Secondary Call Controller                                       ACD
                                                                                    6100 CCM
         & Queuing GW                                             IP Phones

  PSTN                                                                                    PSTN

      ACD                                                                                   ACD
   IP Phones                                                                             IP Phones

               Secondary Call Controller                     Secondary Call Controller
                   & Queuing GW                                  & Queuing GW

 New York                                                                                 Los Angeles

                                     3300 ICP Sales Training                                     37
Virtual Contact Centers – Business Benefits

   Blur geographical boundaries                   Cost reduction through
     –   Local entities can become                  consolidation and flattening
         national or international                   –      Hardware and application
     –   Follow the sun applications                        consolidation through
   Effective resource utilization                   –      Reduction in labor resulting in
     –   Leveraging skills and resources                    lower operational costs
         whether at HQ, Branch, ROBO,                –      Management simplicity and
         or at-home agents                                  savings
   Superior customer experience                   Business continuity
     –   Location independent matching               –      Re-route customers over IP
         of skills to customer calls                        according to changing
                                                            system/network conditions
     –   Manage traffic peaks more
                                                     –      24x7 service with no single
                                                            point of failure
     –   Extend HQ CC services to
         smaller sites

                                  3300 ICP Sales Training                                     38
ACD Resiliency - Summary

   ACD Routing
    –   Agent IDs are programmed in the cluster
    –   Agents automatically re-home to resilient controller
    –   Agent’s state on primary controller is maintained upon failover to backup
    –   Agents have full feature functionality in resilient mode

   ACD allows users to share one or more hot desk sets
    –   Will work within a cluster of networked 3300 ICPs
    –   Resiliency is supported for ACD hot desk users

   Once logged in, the agent’s profile is assigned to the phone

                                  3300 ICP Sales Training                           39
ACD Agent Make Busy on Login

   Agents can log into
    ACD sets and not be
    presented with ACD
    calls immediately
   What is:
     – Make Busy?
     – Do Not Disturb?

                          3300 ICP Sales Training   40
Networked Pickup Groups with Resiliency

   For multi-platform, single site solutions
   Network hunt and pick-up groups is another big step forward
    in delivering consolidated easy-to-use solutions for Distributed
   Hunt groups and pick-up group members can now be hosted
    on multiple controllers
   By allowing members to be distributed across different
    locations and systems customer service can be improved by
    delivering team working irrespective of physical location

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                 41
Networked Pickup Groups with Resiliency

    Users can now pick-up calls that are ringing on devices
     registered on up to 5 other controllers
    If node A fails, local resilient devices failover to node B and
     remain in service of a member of the networked pickup group

                                                                      3300 ICP
 Resilient phones in                                                   Node B
   the networked
    pickup group           3300 ICP
                            Node A                            Resilient Phones in
                                                                the networked
                                                                 pickup group

                                      Enterprise Manager

                  For larger systems, this means greater resiliency,
                                   3300 ICP Sales Training                          42
                         better administration, more flexibility!
Networked Hunt Groups with Resiliency


                                           Primary Link
                                                                    If the primary
                                                                   controller fails,
     PSTN                                           Secondary    support for the hunt
                                                                 group is transferred
                                                                  to the secondary
                            Fully Meshed                               controller

         Incoming calls to a hunt group can now hunt through devices on up to 8
          different controllers to find an answering party
         Maximum of 240 members per group

              For larger systems, this means greater resiliency,
                               3300 ICP Sales Training                          43
                     better administration, more flexibility!
Call Park Extended to Users

     You requested it for small to medium sized enterprises and now it’s
     Extension users and attendants can now park call (special hold
      state) and automatically initiate a page to announce the call to the
      requested party who can then retrieve the call from any extension in
      the system
       –   Formerly, only the attendant could park calls
       –   Automatic connection to paging equipment
       –   Initiate a Direct Page to the destination phone set
     Call can be accessed through the use of a feature access code or
      soft key prompt
     Works across network of 3300 ICPs

    Perfect for users who are often away from their desks – sales people or doctors!

                                  3300 ICP Sales Training                        44
Group Listen

   Group Listen allows others nearby to listen to the conversation over
    the telephone’s speaker, without the entire call being placed on
   The external microphone is disabled in Group Listen mode but the
    user is still using their handset or headset as required
   IP Phones supported
     –   Discontinued – 5207, 5215, 5220, 5240
     –   5212, 5224, 5235, Navigator
   Useful for professionals who would like
    the input of collegues regarding their call
   Useful for assistance with irate customers
   Note: To be used in accordance with local laws

                              3300 ICP Sales Training                      45
Alpha Tagging                                                          CLID ends up here

                                           “Alpha” info added

                     Call                                       Call

   Associates external numbers with names from the 3300 ICP directory
     –   System matches the incoming number to a tag from the telephone
         database and presents the desk phone with that tag
   After the call is tagged, the person receiving the call sees the
    originating caller name and number
   Personalize call handling and improve customer service in Contact
                              3300 ICP Sales Training                                46
DPNSS Interworking – Name Delivery During Divert

                                                      Call with ORIGINAL
                                                       name & number

    Now present the target station with the name and number of the
     forwarded party
    Applies to calls redirected either by Call Forwarding or Call
                            3300 ICP Sales Training                        47
IDA-P support

   IDA-P support
    –   Protocol supported on Digital T1 links used mainly in the Hong
        Kong region of China

                            3300 ICP Sales Training                      48

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential

     What is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)?
      –   An industry standard protocol initiates call setup, routing, authentication and
          other feature messages to endpoints within an IP domain
      –   SIP Trunks can be purchased in the form of a guaranteed amount of bandwidth
          per second (Often called a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the PSTN
          and the customer)
      –   Each conversation is compressed to take a specific amount of bandwidth
          (Codec g.711/g.729). Simply divide the guaranteed minimum amount of
          bandwidth by the codec selected to determine how many calls can be put
          through the SIP trunk at the same time. If more is required, simply increase the
          guaranteed minimum!

     Mitel’s SIP Strategy
      –   Phase one: SIP/MiNET phones
      –   Phase two: Use SIP to access to next generation network

                                    3300 ICP Sales Training                                 50
Mitel SIP Support - Status

   SIP Trunks
    –   Support for SIP interconnect to PSTN
   SIP Applications Integration
    –   Microsoft® Communicator (via Live Business Gateway)
    –   PC to phone
    –   Mitel Quick Conference
   SIP End Points
    –   Most Mitel IP phones are Dual Mode SIP / MiNET – have been
        for years!
    –   3300 ICP SIP end point support scheduled for this year

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                   51
SIP Trunking

   Business Driver: Rationalizing Access
     –   Enterprise connectivity to service provider via SIP
     –   Service provider provides PSTN gateway or end-to-end VoIP

   Value to Enterprise:
     –   Reduced access costs: voice and data on single interface
     –   Easier to implement carrier and facility redundancy
     –   Enhanced ability to increase (or decrease) capacity
     –   Improved Disaster Recovery Capability

                             3300 ICP Sales Training                 52
 Changing the Model

 So this:                       Carrier Cloud


                                                        Other Offices

                                 Carrier Cloud

 Becomes one connection for all services!        Customers


                        3300 ICP Sales Training         Other Offices
50,000ft and We’re Trunking!

                                   Conversation 3
                                                    Conversation 2

                                                                                            Conversation 1
                  Conversation 4


       Each channel contains 1 conversation for                                                                                                                           A conversation is digitized, divided into IP
               the duration of the call                                                                                                                                   packets and sent through the LAN/WAN.
                                                                                                                                                                              Each packet contains a piece of a
                                                                                                                        LAN/WAN                                                        conversation.

                                                                                                                         Conversation 6
 IP Trunk
                                                                     Conversation 3

                                                                                                                                                                  Conversation 3

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Conversation 1
                                                                                                                                                                                          Conversation 2
                                                                                                                                                 Conversation 3
   The PSTN sells a SIP Trunking                                    A conversation is digitized, divided into
  subscription based on guaranteed                                 SIP packets and sent to the PSTN. Each
  minimum bandwidth ensuring QoS                                  packet contains a piece of a conversation.
                              The LAN/WAN is tightly controlled using
                             VLANs on the LAN or QoS on the WAN to
 SIP Trunk
                                      ensure voice quality.
                                                                       Conversation 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Conversation 1
                                                                                                                                                                                           Conversation 2

                                                                                                                     3300 ICP Sales Training                                                                                   54
What happens in the PSTN Cloud?
PRI / T1E1

                                                   Conversation 2

                                                                                                                                                              Conversation 3
                                                                                                                                                                               Conversation 2
                                  Conversation 3

                                                                                     Conversation 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Conversation 1
                 Conversation 4

                                                                                                                                        Conversation 4





 PRI and SIP are industry standard forms of communication
      –      The PSTN can convert SIP and PRI back into voice and send it
             through their network as they see fit
 Why SIP?
      –      You don’t need to buy hardware!
      –      Depending on provider, SIP may be a less expensive subscription
 SIP Trunk
                                                                        Conversation 2

                                                                                                                                                     Conversation 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                Conversation 1

                                                                                                              3300 ICP Sales Training                                                                                                         55
SIP Trunk Re-Direct


     Montreal                                     New York

  If Storm Troopers invade the Montreal location, calls can be
   rerouted to the New York office on the fly
  In this case SIP facilitates the redundancy
                       3300 ICP Sales Training               56
Remote Offices through SIP Trunking

                                           SIP Gateway

                                                             Remote Office

                                         SIP Communication

                                                      New York
    The 3300 ICP can connect directly to the small remote SIP Gateway
     without the need of a SIP Gateway at the head office
    This allows the remote analog devices to be part of the network, and at
     the same time use the local PSTN

                            3300 ICP Sales Training                          57
 Microsoft PC to Phone

      Microsoft’s Office Communicator 2005 acts as a basic SIP
      A client can call from Communicator 2005 just like a Mitel
       deskphone, the PSTN

                      LCS                        3300 ICP

             SIP               SIP
            Trunk             Trunk

                                                              IP Phones
Office Communicator

                             3300 ICP Sales Training                 58
SIP in VoIP Service Provider Networks

   Major Carriers:
     –   AT&T, Verizon, Level 3 offer SIP-based VoIP services
   Telephony ASPs
     –   Covad,, CommPartners,, Telverse,
          –   Provide “IP Centrex” or “Virtual PBX” local service
          –   May include SIP phones / gateways for customer premises, proxy /
              redirect servers, PSTN gateways in local calling areas

   Service Status
     –   Carriers offering limited deployment
     –   Tier 2 carriers more aggressive than Tier 1

                                3300 ICP Sales Training                          59
In Conclusion

 SIP is the VoIP protocol for the long term
    – Flexible, Development simplicity, Industry

 Putting SIP to Work Today
    – Trunking, Applications, Desktop

 Mitel Continues to Protect Your Investment
    –   Solutions that evolve as standards evolve

                       3300 ICP Sales Training      60

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential
Mitel’s Commitment:
Innovation, Interoperability, and Ease of Use

   For the diverse needs of Enterprise Organizations
         – Provide choice and flexibility
         – Broadest IP portfolio in the market
         – Innovation and excellence in industrial design
         – Leadership in acoustic quality
         – Common desktop supports multiple protocols (SIP) and platforms
         – XML support
         – Module / Migration strategy to address unique Vertical and
           Horizontal business requirements
         – Demonstrate commitment to enhancements and innovation

                              3300 ICP Sales Training                       62
Desktop Challenges and Solutions for the Enterprise

 We need to have the                                 IP desktop portfolio
  right phones for the                                 targeting specific user
  right job / right user                               communities
 Our phones need to                                  Longstanding focus on
  be easy to use and                                   usability
  customized to ensure
                            Mitel                     Module / stand
  users can gain
                            Desktop and                strategy to increase
  maximum benefit
                            Applications               desktop and
 We need to be able to                                deployment flexibility
  integrate our phones
                                                      HTML toolkit for
  with business
                                                       application integration
                                                      Leadership in acoustic
                                                      Multiple protocol

                           3300 ICP Sales Training                         63
Continued Investment in Desktop Leadership

   A commitment to ease of use
    and user value
   Continued focus on the
   Innovation and vision
   Customization and
    applications integration
   Reduced installation /
    operational costs (elimination
    of paper labels)
   Differentiate Mitel from the

                               3300 ICP Sales Training   64
  IP Phone Lineup – Q3 CY06

  Accessories                                                                                 PC-Integrated
                     WLAN         GigE                                                        IP Phone
                     Stand        Stand                                       Executive
IP PKM 12                                                                     Phone
                                                                    Knowledge Worker /
                                                                    Apps Platform
                                                      Mainstream Business /
   LIM                                                Premium Key System Phones

                                              Mid-Range Business /
Conference                                    Key System Set                                       SoftPhone
   Unit                                                                                            • Your Assistant
                                  Low Cost Business                        Wireless
                                  Phone / Mainstream Key                   • SpectraLink NetLink
                                  System Set
                    Entry Level
                    IP Phone
             5201                         3300 ICP Sales Training            e340      h340          i640
Next Generation Desktop Family                                                  Q3 2006

   Large Graphics Displays, 24/48 Self-labeling keys
   HTML Applications Support (built in)
   Context-sensitive Soft Keys, Multiple pages of programmable keys
   Peripherals Support (Conference, LIM, WLAN Stand, Gigabit Ethernet Stand)
   Superior Acoustic Design with Wideband Audio standard

                    5330                                               5340

                                  3300 ICP Sales Training                         66
5330 IP Phone                                              Q3 2006

   Large 160 x 320 Graphics Display
   Self-Labeling Keys
   3 Pages of 8 Personal Keys w/ 2 Color
    LEDs (24 Programmable Multi-function
   3 Soft Keys (Context Sensitive)
   Non-Backlit - Large Font
   PC Companion Application for easy user
   Module Support (LIM, Conference Units)
   WLAN & GigE Stand Support
   Full-duplex Handsfree
   3300 & SX-200 ICP Support
   Dual Mode (SIP/MiNET)
   HTML API Support
   Wideband Audio Handset (7 KHz)
   Teleworker, ACD, Hot Desking Support

                                 3300 ICP Sales Training     67
5340 IP Phone                                                Q3 2006

   Large 160 x 320 Graphics Display
   Self-Labeling keys
   3 Pages of 16 Personal Keys w/ 2 Color
    LEDs (48 Programmable Multi-function
   6 Soft Keys (Context Sensitive)
   PC Companion Application for easy user
   Backlit Display with choice of font sizes
   Module Support (LIM, Conference Units)
   WLAN & GigE Stand Support
   Full Duplex Handsfree
   3300 & SX-200 ICP Support
   HTML API Support
   Wideband Audio Handset (7 KHz)
   Teleworker, ACD, Hot Desking Support
   Dual Mode Protocols (SIP/MiNET)

                                   3300 ICP Sales Training     68
HTML Desktop Toolkit                                                 Q3 2006

   Allows customization of phones to customers’ business
     –   Easily integrated with telephony functions
   Allows Developers to create graphically intensive phone
    applications using standard web-authoring tools such as
    FrontPage or Dreamweaver
     –   Lowers barrier to entry to develop applications
     –   Increases the value and appeal of the high-end display phones for
         Customers and SPs
   Cost-effective Applications Solution:
     –   HTML Applications will run within the phone without requiring
         additional servers. Application pages can be stored on the 3300
                        3300 available
    Vertical Market TemplatesICP Sales Training                        69
HTML Screens - Education Example
     General Status   Database Access – Class Attendance   Emergency

                         3300 ICP Sales Training                       70
HTML Screens - Hospitality Example
    Welcome Screen       Hotel Services        Potential Revenue Generating Services

                     3300 ICP Sales Training                                  71
IP Phone Peripherals: Wireless Connectivity                               Available
                                                                          July 15th

                     Wireless LAN Stand (WLAN)
                      –    Ideal for mobile workers
                            –   Customers with wiring constraints, sub-standard
                            –   Wireless greenfield sites (eg. Small Business)
                            –   Temporary locations
                            –   Teleworkers with a wireless LAN at home, etc.
                      –    Provides Wireless LAN Access for IP Phones
                            –   WiFi technology built into phone stand
                            –   Eliminates Ethernet Cable (Power still required)
                            –   Standards-based Module:
                                  –   WiFi support for 802.11 b and g

                      –    General Availability – June 2006

                      3300 ICP Sales Training                               72
Wirless LAN Stand Configuration                Available
                                               July 15th

                     3300 ICP Sales Training     73
Wireless LAN Stand - Business Challenges Solved                                              Available
                                                                                             July 15th

Challenge                                               Solution = Wireless LAN Stand
My company needs wireless                               A standards based Wi-Fi
LAN access for IP phones that we have                   telephone base that supports
already purchased                                       802.11b and 802.11g

I am setting up a temporary office and I                Ideal for locations with wiring constraints
don’t want to have to run wires

I need to move my teleworker phone                      Enabled as a teleworker phone for wireless
around at home                                          home usage

In the case of disaster recovery/disaster               Ideal for temporary location requirements
avoidance we need a business solution                   with Wi-Fi & power access

We can’t lose any features with our                     Usable in hot desking, mobile extension
wireless implementation                                 and teleworker mode

                                 Mitel Wireless LAN Stand
                                 Generally available: June 2006

                                      3300 ICP Sales Training                                  74
IP Phone Peripherals: Gigabit Connectivity                                          Now

   Customers with higher bandwidth requirements
         –   Gigabit at the desktop adoption curve
         –   Competitive advantage: Supported on a range of IP

   Provides capital Investment Protection
         –   Desktop evolves as the network evolves
         –   Dual Port 100/1000baseT built into phone stand
         –   Supported on 5215 / 5220 / 5212 / 5224 / 5235
             (Dual Mode) and future 5300 Series Phones

   Features:
                                                                   GA: May 2006
         –   Supports IEEE 802.3af PoE
         –   Provides Gigabit connectivity for both IP Phone and
             PC plugged into GigE Stand on IP Phone

                                3300 ICP Sales Training                              75
5550 IP Console 3.0 Enhancements

   Use an external directory instead of standard 3300 ICP
    embedded telephone directory
   Perfect for enterprises with large corporate directories
   Supports up to 15 new directory fields including 4
    customizable fields

                           3300 ICP Sales Training             76

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential
Goals for New Packaging Strategy

   Distribution simplicity
     –   Eliminate hardware and software bundles
     –   Eliminate raising part numbers with every release (and the
         associated MD etc of previous releases) which causes
         significant change for our channel partners
   Not materially affect existing pricing
   Ensure we reflect the needs of the broad range of customers
    we sell to and remain competitive
     –   3300 ICP is scalable from SMB to enterprises across many
   Increase the value of software within the overall solution

                              3300 ICP Sales Training                 78
3300 Release 7.0 Packaging – “A La Carte” Approach
                         1.   Choose your hardware platform

                         2.   Select the appropriate software package

                         3.   Add any other required hardware or software

– 3300 CX (Controller, AMB, Hard Disk Drive with system software)

– 3300 CXi (Controller, AMB, Hard Disk Drive with system software)

– 3300 MXe (Controller, AMB, AC Power Supply, Hard Disk Drive system software)

                              3300 ICP Sales Training                       79
4 Variants of the 3300 Controller – Available July 18th
 Part       Description                      Contents

            3300 CX Controller               Analog main board (supports 6 LS trunks and 4 analog
                                             extension ports)
                                             Hard disk drive loaded with 7.0 software
            3300 CXi Controller              Analog main board (supports 6 LS trunks and 4 analog
                                             extension ports)
                                             Hard disk drive loaded with 7.0 software
 50005362   3300 MX Controller               Analog main board (supports 6 LS trunks and 2 analog
                                             extension ports)
                                             Sys ID Module
                                             Hard disk drive loaded with 7.0 software
 50005363   3300 1400 User MXe System        Additional processor to support up to 1400 users
            *Mandatory for all systems       Analog main board (supports 6 LS trunks and 4 analog
            requiring hardware redundancy    extension ports)
                                             Hard disk drive loaded with 7.0 software
                                     3300 ICP Sales Training                                  80
3300 Release 7.0 Packaging – “A La Carte” Approach
                           1.    Choose your hardware platform

                           2.    Select the appropriate software package

                           3.    Add any other required hardware or software

Single Site:                                    Networked Organizations:
   Package 1                                           Package 4
        8 user, device and voicemail                   IP Networking and support for a
       licences                                        maximum of 64 users
        Single network link license
        5 ACD agent licenses                          Package 5
        Maximum of 64 Users                            IP Networking and support for a
                                                       maximum of 200 users
   Package 2
        Same as Package 1                             Package 6
        Maximum of 200 Users                           IP Networking and support for an
                                                       unrestricted number of users (1400)
   Package 3
        8 user, device and voicemail
        No ACD agent licenses
        Single network link license
        Maximum of 1400 Users
                                 3300 ICP Sales Training                                     81
3300 Release 7.0 Packaging – “A La Carte” Approach
                       1.    Choose your hardware platform

                       2.    Select the appropriate software package

                       3.    Add any other required hardware or software

        Part Number   Description   Comments

        54002390      SIP licence   Per channel licence as opposed to the old network
                                    link licence which was a per link licence

                             3300 ICP Sales Training                               82
                                      * See notes for additional hardware and part numbers
Pick-a-Package – Single Site
                                                    1.        Choose your hardware platform
    New York Head Office
  w/ two traveling executives
                                                    2.        Select the appropriate software package

                                                    3.        Add any other hardware or software

                                 APC with the Teleworker
     3300 CXi
                                     Solution Blade


                                   Add additional licensing
                                         from AMC
         15 Phones

                       3300 CXi with Package 1

                                    3300 ICP Sales Training                                             83
Pick-a-Package – Branch Offices

       New York                                                 Boston Very Small
      Head Office                                              Branch Office (VSB)

           PSTN                              Chicago               3 IP Phones*
                                           Branch Office
                                                 3300 MXe

3300 ICP            WAN                                                       *Hosted
                                                                WAN          IP Phones

                                                40 IP Phones

                                         3300 MXe with
                                           Package 4               10 IP Phones*
      200 Phones

   3300 MXe with                                                  LA Very Small
     Package 5                                                 Branch Office (VSB)

                      3300 ICP Sales Training                                     84
 Pick-a-Package – Branch Offices                                            Chicago
                                                                          Branch Office
                    New York                                     PSTN
            NY     Head Office
                                                                          35 Phones

3300 ICP

                                                                          20 Phones

      100 Phones
          What packages are appropriate for each site?                        LA
                                                                          Branch Office
          If each site requires resiliency support, what hardware and
           software packages should be selected?

                                   3300 ICP Sales Training                      85
                                 CX Controller                    MXe Controller

      Maximum capacity      64                             1400
      of hardware (active
      Primary Target        Small Office                   Small to Medium Offices
      Markets                                              Expandable to Large
      Single Site                                          Package 1 – 64 Users
                            Package 1 – 64 Users
                                                           Package 2 – 200 Users
                                                           Package 3 – 1400 Users

      Networked Site
                            Package 4 – 64 Users           Package 4 – 64 Users
                                                           Package 5 – 200 Users
                                                           Package 6 – 1400 Users

                                                     * See notes for uplift package information

                                 3300 ICP Sales Training                               86
3300 ICP Release 7.0 - Summary

3300 ICP Release 7.0 Update Sales Training

                         Mitel | Confidential
3300 ICP Release 7.0
Summary of Key Features / Functions + Associated Benefits
                 Description                                           Associated Customer Benefits                                Reseller Benefits

Features /                                     Customer Benefit          Customer Benefit –        Customer Benefit – “End
                                               – Business                “Technical Manager”       User”
                                               owners /

ACD Resiliency   Agents fail over to a         Improved customer          Ensuring continuity of                                   Opening a larger market opportunity
                 secondary controller.         service, leading to        service, improving                                       to sell into.
                                               enhanced revenues          customer service                                         Delivering market expectations on
                                                                                                                                   availability and survivability

Network Hunt     Allow calls to hunt (and      Feature transparency       Feature transparency     Feature transparency for all    Multi-platform solution acts as
                 pick-up) around a group of    across the organization    and more flexible        users and devices               a single entity. Reduces install
and Pick-Up      phones that belong to                                    engineering options                                      and main planning
Groups           different controllers

Alpha            Matching CLI to a name in     Better customer            Improving information    Being able to see the name of   Enhances the management of
                 the telephone directory       service delivery           to internal customers    the incoming caller             incoming calls for the
Tagging          and presenting the name                                                           Ability to offer a more         customer
                 to the receiving phone                                                            personalized service and
                                                                                                   improve customer service

SIP              Connecting to new             Connecting an              Using low cost SIP                                       Deliver lower cost solution
                 digital services and          organization together      gateways for small                                       Could be about a chance to go back
Trunking         small remote offices          for lower costs            remote offices                                           and talk to customers – improved
                                                                                                                                   prop for distributed sites with very
                                                                                                                                   small branches

Network Link     In the event of hardware      Higher customer            Higher service levels                                    Easier sales cycle as a redundancy
                 failure the PRI link can be   service levels without                                                              doesn’t require a second PRI link
Redundancy       switched to a redundant       the cost of a second
                 controller                    PRI link

                                                           3300 ICP Sales Training                                                                          88
3300 ICP Release 7.0
Summary of Key Features / Functions + Associated Benefits

   C-Level Executives and Business Owners benefit from:
     – Lower cost robust communications that improve customer

   Technical Managers benefit from:
     – Enhanced network communications with reduced network

   End-Users benefit from:
     – Enhanced group working and management of incoming calls

   Mitel Solution Providers benefit from:
     – Enhanced market opportunity, growing sales revenues and
         simplified configuration

                          3300 ICP Sales Training                89
Thank you

            3300 ICP Sales Training   90