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YATZ EMAIL LOG by lindash



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									                     YATZ EMAIL LOG
Please use this list to check that you have received all emails sent
                        to all YATZ members.

22nd March         YATZ reminders
                   Reminders to all members about the Don’t Palm us off
                   presentation on 27th March 2010, when to expect holiday
                   rosters and renewal forms and the YATZ phone number
                   has changed.

12th March         Hello from Cyrelle
                   Welcome email from Cyrelle the new YATZ co-ordinator.

10th March         YATZ event 27th March
                   Invitation to all YATZ members to attend our Don’t palm
                   Us Off presentation and discussion on 27 march
14 December        January Holiday Activities
                   Email notification that holiday activities will be on the
                   website from 4.30pm on 14th December and how to apply
                   for dates.

30th November      Activities available on the web
                   Notification that holiday activities are available on the
                   web today and what to do to apply for dates.

30th November      Dream night volunteers requested
                   YATZ members aged over 16years invited to help out at
                   the Zoo’s dream night evening

20th November      November Newsletter is on the website
                   The latest newsletter is on the website with information
                   about the take Action challenge, Tasmanian devil rock
                   concert and holiday activity information.

             If you are not receiving emails please get in touch.
                                     9978 4556
18 November           December Roar & Snore and Zoo Snooze Dates
                      All YATZ over 16yrs old invited to attend Training day on
                      5 December and start attending Roar & Snore and Zoo
                      Snooze evening.

24th September        Information about the holidays
                      Notifying all members that rosters were being emailed out
                      to all members who met the availability deadline.
                      YATZ members are kindly asked to avoid emailing
                      unnecessarily and are asked to use Facebook instead.
                      YATZ members are asked to let us know as soon as
                      possible if they are unable to attend a date.

31st August 2009      October Holiday activities reminder
                      An email to all members reminding them to submit their
                      availabilities by the 7 September.

10th August 2009      October Holiday Activities
                      The October holiday activities are on the web. It’s very
                      important to email the availability form by 7 September.

8th July 2009         Time to check the website
                      The July newsletter is now on the website. There is also
                      extra Information to read about the holidays to read.

26th June 2009        Your July holiday dates
                      Rostered dates and extra information for those members
                      who submitted their holiday dates.

26th June 2009        Information about the holidays
                      Informing members that the rosters are about to be sent
                      out and what to do if you haven’t sent in your
                      October holiday activities will be on the website from 4th

24th June 2009        Important update – please read in full
                      An email reminding ALL YATZ members of the terms
                      they agreed to when they signed up for YATZ and
                      reminding them to regularly check the website.

15th June 2009        Thank you and farewell
                      An invitation to all old YATZ members, who have decided
                      not to renew their membership, to join the YATZ alumni.

                If you are not receiving emails please get in touch.
                                        9978 4556
10 June 2009          Membership received
                      Confirmation that new membership forms have been
                      received and are being processed.

10th June 2009        Membership renewal received
                      Confirmation that membership renewals have been
                      received and are being processed.

5th June 2009         Event details 6th June
                      Notification about a Year of the Gorilla and NAIDOC
                      training day.

18 May 2009           July Holiday activities
                      Details about the holiday activities available in the July
                      holidays. Availability forms must be returned by 12th
                      June. Rosters will be sent out by 29th June.

13th May 2009         A few reminders
                      Reminders about Black & White day, membership
                      renewals by 1st June and that cate will be out of the

12th May 2009         Holiday Activity information
                      Information about how to complete you holiday
                      availability form.

6th May 2009          Your YATZ membership renewal is now due
                      YATZ whose membership will expire soon are asked to
                      renew their membership by 1st June.

4th May 2009          May Update
                      Notification that the May newsletter is on the website
                      Reminder about upcoming dates

1st May 2009          Black & White day at Taronga
                      Information about the events held at Taronga in support
                      of the Tasmanian devil.

29th April 2009       Be a Devil on Black and White Day, Friday 15 May
                      Information on Tasmanian devil day

21st April 2009       Meet the Earth watch Scientist May 09
                      Meet the scientist at Sydney Aquarium

15th April 2009       Changes to tomorrow’s activity
                      An email to all YATZ rostered on for Education programs
                      and / or animal handling.

                If you are not receiving emails please get in touch.
                                        9978 4556
                     Notification that Animal handling starts at 11am from the
                     bird show
 th                                   th
8 April 2009         YATZ Update 8 April
                     Education doors will not open over the holidays.
                     Reminder to regularly check the website.

               If you are not receiving emails please get in touch.
                                       9978 4556

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