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					You can have the best business website in the world but it’s useless if
nobody sees it. Here are some top tips to drive traffic to your online

The most important thing is to have top quality, unique content if you
want long term traffic from search engines. You want to attract repeat
visitors that will also tell others about you. The information on your
site must have informative, keyword-rich, useful content that enables
both search engines and people to find it.

Spend time thinking of different ways to provide useful information to
visitors and you’ll automatically start building free one-way links back
to your site because of its high quality. It’s also vital to keep adding
fresh, relevant content as often as possible. Add at least one article
per week as a bare minimum. Do it daily if you can.

The more often you add fresh information, the more chances are that your
site will be found because each new addition prompts the search engines
to find you again. Use lots of different words and phrases that can be
targeted when people search. Not every visitor will become a customer,
but some of them will. Others may return if your site is a useful one. If
they see your site time after time when they search, then they’re more
likely to become a customer.

Choose a memorable name for your business website. Lots of the good ones
are gone, but a bit of creativity can help you immensely. Remember that
if the .com domain is gone, you can still have .net or other domains,
even though they aren’t quite as popular. You can use numbers and letters
but make it as distinct and relevant as possible.

Publish a regular newsletter full of relevant information to your
visitors. If you attract subscribers, they’re more likely to return
because they’ll receive the constant reminder. Offering specials only
available to readers is an excellent way to get more subscribers and

Run a blog on your site so visitors can comment on your information and
products if they choose to do so. The more interaction you have the
better chance of attracting customers and keeping them. Offer freebies if
you can. Also offer reciprocal links so that your links appear on other
sites, which helps boost your site’s ranking in the search engines.
Post free ads on notice boards with links back to your site. They can
attract lots of people who haven’t necessarily been looking for what you
have to offer, but as they see your link, their curiosity gets piqued.

There are hundreds of top tips to drive traffic to your online business.
These are just a few of the important ones that can help steer you in the
right direction.