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									                                                                      Aztec GP
                                                                                Request for support

Key statements Building on solid foundations,
                                      “Three Pillars”……
     Aztec GP seeks “Expressions
     of Interest” from prospective
                                      The founders of Aztec GP have designed, manufactured and raced their own
     partners to create working
     relationships for mutual         machine in the first phase of their project. The ultimate objective is compete
     benefit.                         in Moto GP by 2011.

                                      Our plan is unique and is built upon our three pillars, Integrity, Innovation and

     As the designers and             Independence. This embryonic brand offers differentiation, Integrity in our
     producers of the Aztec GP        approach, Innovation in design & technology and Independence, giving
     machine, all of the relevant     Aztec control in order to lead, not follow. Why is this likely to succeed when
     “Intellectual Property Rights”   others may not?
     are owned by the company.

                                      A mix of the right stuff………
     Aztec GP are well positioned
     to create unique                 The Aztec team has been assembled from the very best, including personnel
     opportunity’s with partner       from the world of F1, Moto GP, Superbike and 125 GP racing.
     brands in emerging and
     established markets.             Each phase of the project has its own unique challenges. As such we are
                                      seeking “Expressions of Interest” from prospective partners who may be
                                      ideally positioned to assist. As such we would welcome any feedback,
                                      especially from those who share our passion for machine development and
                                          The racing journey

                Success; journey or                    take a lead. As previously stated,
                                                       the various 125cc classes are
                                                       dominated by one or two
                Aztec GP is currently in the second    manufacturers. They are, to a
                phase of the project and will be       degree, resting on their laurels.
                competing again in the 125cc GP
                                                       The Aztec GP machine is bristling
                class at the 2009 British Superbike
                                                       with innovative design. This
                events. This championship series
                                                       includes, advanced electronics,
“Moto GP in 3   attracts the cream of British racers
                                                       class leading engineering and
                as well as many overseas
      years”                                           telemetry. In unison, delivering
                                                       machine performance and rider
                It’s sustained growth, television      control.
                and media coverage, along with
                                                       The fact that Aztec GP designs,
                record numbers of spectators,
                                                       manufactures and races their
                confirms it as one the UK’s most
                                                       own machine, is only part of the
                important motor sport events.
                                                       story. The personnel involved
                Today, it has grown to in excess of
                                                       have consistently delivered race
                300,000 watching at 12 events
                                                       winning technology on two and
                hosted at the UK’s premier
                                                       four wheels, more detail of which
                motorsport venues.
                                                       is set out in this document.

                The challenge
                                                       So far, so good…
                The British 125cc championship is
                                                       This “mix of the right stuff” has
                dominated almost exclusively by
                                                       already proven the projects
                Honda. As such our competition,
                                                       credibility, when during our
                44 riders from 30 teams, both
                                                       “proof of concept” phase the
                benefit and are constrained by
                                                       team achieved a third place
                the development of their
                                                       overall in a six race series.

                The key challenge for Aztec is to      The task
                develop its own race winning
                                                       As previously stated Aztec GP is
                machine which is unconstrained
                                                       now in phase two. This see’s the
                by any manufacturer, thus
                                                       introduction of our new chassis
                controlling our own destiny.
                                                       and further development. Our
                                                       next objective is to become a
                The approach
                                                       regular top 6 finisher in BSB . This is
                What makes us special? Aztec GP        in preparation for next years
                has recognised an opportunity to       attack on the championship.
                                                       Thus laying the foundations for
                                                       the step up to the GP arena.
                                                                       The brand
                                                                        More of the right

                                                                “Aztec GP is delivering
                                                                a premium product to
                                                                not only challenge the
                                                                major manufacturers,
                                                                but has the vision to
                                                                beat them”. Terry Rymer,
                                                                World & BSB champion.

                                                                “125 cc class is the
New for 2009, Aztec GP is proud to be associated with the
                                                                lifeblood of racing. It is
Lambretta brand. History shows this iconic brand has left its
mark on generations of people. As with all aspects of
                                                                an essential part of the
culture, fashions have come and gone, however Lambretta         rider development
has endured and continues to grow into the 21st century.        cycle”. Prototype
Aztec GP will add a new dimension to the Lambretta              racing allows talented
brand, exposing its range of products to a new and diverse      riders to gain
                                                                experience as they
We will also be continuing with our existing partner            strive to reach Moto
programs for 2009. Aztec GP will continue providing support     GP. Any project that
for those partners products and services at every
                                                                adds value to both
opportunity throughout the year.
                                                                technology and rider
If you would like to find out more about working with Aztec     development deserves
GP and its associated partners please contact Kevin Molloy      support.”
or Dave Russell for an informal discussion.
                                                                Ian Wheeler, Kawasaki Motors
Kevin Molloy: 07792 730658                                      Racing B.V.

Dave Russell: 07779 283802                                      “Lambretta is the
Aztec GP Limited
                                                                embodiment of an
Turweston Aerodrome                                             iconic brand, the blend
Nr Brackley
                                                                of Aztec engineering
NN13 5YD.                                                       and Lambretta brings
                                                                to life the aspirations of
                                                                a new generation”. Derry
                                                                Kunman, Lambretta.

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