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									What in the
World is Moodle
        Brian Pool
        Technology Coordinator
        National Trail LSD
What is Moodle?
   Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic
    Learning Environment
   Like WebCT or Blackboard
   Like ProgressBook on Steroids
   Free, open source, FREE software
   Can be used by any computer with Internet
    access (or can be intranet based.)
   Can be hosted on your existing school web
    server, hosted on another separate web
    server, or hosted on outside servers.
Short and sweet…
    FREE software that connects teachers with
     students and their parents.
    Students are connected…we need to
     connect with them!
    Make you own…use my guide.
    Our Moodle Server
    Moodle is broken down into
    Resources and Activities
   Resources are things to see, read, view,
   Activities are things to do (and there are a
   All the ways these are used in a Moodle
    course are up to your imagination!

   Links to other websites
   Internal Moodle webpages
   Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoints, pdf…)
   Pictures
   Videos
   Online File Directories
   Anything you want them to see.
   Assignments
   Blogs
   Journals
   Podcasts
   Audio Recorder
   VodCasts
   Wiki
   Webquest
   Choice
   Quizzes (Tests)
   Chat
   Surveys
   3 Types - Upload, online submissions, offline
       Allow parents access to student assignments
       Allow teachers to see if assignments are turned in
        on time or not (if online or upload)
       Allows for paper or non paper generated

   Are simply online writing journals that can be used in
    a number of ways…
       Class Lab Journals – to give students a place to keep class
        work and observations.
       Writing Journals – writing to write!
       Keeps each students entries together.
       Allows teacher to keep all journal entries for a class
        together in one place!
   Example Journal

   We have blogging enabled but no one is
    currently using is.
   Must teachers seem to prefer a forum with
    more guided discussion.
   Allow student generated casts to be shared
    via the web.
       New Students Projects that promote collaboration
        or independent projects. Example.
   Allow for teacher recorded lessons to be
    posted. Example.
   Daily or weekly school announcements.
   There are other free alternatives but through
    Moodle no outside account or additional
    setups are required!
Audio Recorder
   The Opposite of a Podcast!
   Have your students submit spoken
    assignments online!
       Great for a foreign language teacher!
       Only works with Internet Explorer.
   A great new idea for student projects.
       Weekly News Broadcasts
   Teachers can record lessons and post them.
       Record Smartboard lessons.
       Record with webcam
       Record Screen Capture Lessons with Media Encoder.
   Allow Students to review and repeat lessons
    online at workstation.
   Wiki is a collaboration document that
    allows multiple users to edit (like wikipedia)
       What is a wiki video.
       Uses in education…
           1
           2
           3
           There are more…

   What is a WebQuest?
       A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format
        in which most or all the information that learners
        work with comes from the web.
       Tens of thousands of teachers have embraced
        WebQuests as a way to make good use of the
        internet while engaging their students in the kinds
        of thinking that the 21st century requires.
   All the parts of a “traditional” webquest are
    integrated into the Moodle module.
       Example

   Like a one question survey
       Let students choose what chapter they want to
        cover next.
       Let students select topics for class projects.
        example      another example
Quizzes & Tests

   Create online quizzes/tests
       Multiple choice
       True/false
       Short answer
       Essay
       Matching
   Can Import from most other testbanks.
   Fully customizable.
   Great Data!

   Allows for open discussion during class.
       Students can help each other
       You can monitor it (in real time) and later in the
       NO outside guests or students outside your
       Open discussion outside of class.

   Customizable survey
       Can be anonymous
       Results can be private or viewable
   Examples
       Student feedback
       Staff feedback

   Grades can be maintained as a sole online grading
       We use it instead of other options 5-12
       Alternative to products like Progress Book.
   Basics
       Students can see their grades
       Parents can access grades.
   Customization was our key to success!
       Interim Reports.
       Upload to DASL
Why Moodle?

   It is an amazing tool to give any teacher.
   Its only limitation is the imagination of the
    teacher using it.
   It is FREE…but it requires someone to
    administer/make it in the first place.
       How to on our Moodle Site!
Useful links

   National Trail Home Moodle page
   Moodle home page
Thanks for coming!
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