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					                                       Vol 5 No 17
                                                                Adelaidean        N    E W S    F   R O M    TH   E   U   N I V E R S I T Y      O   F   A   D E L A I D E                  SEPTEMBER 23, 1996

                                          Las Vegas breakthrough for Optimatics
                                          A company established by                    evolve and adapt to their environ-         Dandy for his PhD.                       Optimatics to date, savings of at
                                          University of Adelaide engineers to         ment.                                                                               least 10% could be expected.
                                                                                                                                    A specialist in irrigation systems,
                                          commercialise their groundbreaking             It can identify a range of low-cost     John Gransbury says his role is to          “The expansion of the pipe system
                                          work on the design of water distribu-       designs for new pipe networks, as          support the Parkside office, and         in Las Vegas is already being par-
                                          tion networks has won a contract to         well as for rehabilitation or expan-       develop the company’s marketing          tially implemented, and we are rac-
                                          optimise the design of a system             sion of existing networks, optimising      efforts.                                 ing against the clock to find a more
                                          being implemented in Las Vegas,             the assessment of factors influencing                                               cost-effective solution,” Mr Grans-
                                          USA.                                                                                      “I have slaved over thousands of
                                                                                      the pipe system layout, sizing of                                                   bury said. “We expect to be complet-
                                                                                                                                 designs by hand, so I know what a
                                             Dr Angus Simpson and Associate           components, cleaning and refurbish-                                                 ed by mid-October.”
                                                                                                                                 breakthrough the genetic algorithm
                                          Professor Graeme Dandy, from the            ing of pipes, and the operation of
                                                                                                                                 technique is,” Mr Gransbury said.           The Las Vegas contract resulted
                                          Department of Civil & Environmen-           pumps.
                                                                                                                                    “I’ve also developed reasonable       from the work of the group’s North
                                          tal Engineering, registered a busi-            The genetic algorithm technique                                                  American marketing agent, the
                                          ness venture called Optimatics                                                         contacts in the water industry. I
                                                                                      has consistently proven more effec-                                                 Chicago-based Jeff Frey of Frey
                                          through Luminis Pty Ltd last year.                                                     believe I can provide a constant
                                                                                      tive than other methods in identify-                                                Water Engineering, a colleague of Dr
                                                                                                                                 presence for the company, while
                                            In July this year the company of          ing lower-cost design options for pipe                                              Simpson from his university days in
                                                                                                                                 Angus and Graeme continue their
                                          Optimatics Pty Ltd was incorporat-          networks, and has now been pub-                                                     the United States.
                                                                                                                                 research and teaching.”
                                          ed, setting up offices in Parkside,         lished in a number of technical
                                                                                      papers in the United States.                  Mr Gransbury explained that the           “Optimatics is exactly the sort of
                                          and the Las Vegas contract is a
                                                                                                                                 Las Vegas contract was for a net-        business that the State Government
                                          major boost.                                   “It has a well-defined track record
                                                                                                                                 work in the south-western corner of      would like to promote international-
                                             The basis of the technology              of saving money,” said civil engineer                                               ly,” John Gransbury said. “It has a
                                                                                                                                 that city, which has seen a major
                                          behind Optimatics Pty Ltd is a              John Gransbury, who has joined                                                      lot to offer the world, and is another
                                                                                                                                 population increase in recent years,
                                          structured computer search proce-           Optimatics as a commercial partner                                                  excellent example of the benefits
                                                                                                                                 from 400,000 to around 1.5 million.
                                          dure called a genetic algorithm,            and managing director. Also work-                                                   that can arise from collaboration
                                          which works by analogy to genetics,         ing for the newly incorporated com-          The capital value of pipes in the      between industry and universities.”
                                          simulating the mechanisms of natu-          pany is Laurie Murphy, who was             previous design is $10 million, but
                                          ral selection by which populations          supervised by Dr Simpson and Dr            based on the track record of                                     —John Edge

                                                                                      New Finance Degree responds to
                                                                                      demands of the marketplace
                                                                                      A new undergraduate degree — the
                                                                                      Bachelor of Finance — will be offered
                                                                                      by the University of Adelaide to stu-
                                                                                      dents looking for future employment
                                                                                      in the finance, trade and merchant
                                                                                      banking industries.
                                                                                         This attractive new course is a joint
                                                                                      offering of the faculties of Economics
                                                                                      & Commerce and Mathematical &
                                                                                      Computer Sciences. The core subjects
                                                                                      to be undertaken by students are
                                                                                      drawn from the strengths within each
                                                                                      of these faculties.
                                                                                         Graduates of the Bachelor of
                                                                                      Finance are likely to gain employ-
                                                                                      ment with trading and merchant
                                                                                      banks, investment firms, consulting
                                                                                      specialists and private and public cor-
                                                                                      porations, including government regu-
                                                                                      latory authorities.
                                                                                         Openings for graduates are in trea-
                                                                                      sury and risk management, stock
                                                                                      broking, fund and portfolio manage-
Approved For Print Post 565001/00046

                                                                                      ment, international trade and deriva-
                                                                                      tives trading and pricing, many of
                                                                                      which are covered by professional
                                                                                      bodies.                                     Professor Jonathan Pincus, Head, Department of Economics, and Dr Chris Caton,
                                                                                                                                  Executive Vice-President, Bankers Trust Australia. Photo by Vivian Piovesan.
                                                                                         The new Finance Degree was
                                                                                      launched by the Treasurer and Acting
                                                                                      Premier of South Australia, Mr                 “The faculties involved are combin-     demonstrated at the launch. The
                                                                                      Stephen Baker, on Tuesday, 10               ing their expertise and, in responding     Executive Vice-President of Bankers
                                                                                      September. In his address Mr Baker          to the demands of the marketplace,         Trust Australia, Dr Chris Caton,
                                                                                      highlighted the developing role of          are offering students a degree pro-        announced that the best graduating
                                                                                      Adelaide as a centre for the electronic-    gram which provides relevant skills,”      Finance student would receive a
                                                                                      based finance industry, and the need        Mr Baker said.                             $2000 cash prize from Bankers Trust.
                                                                                      to provide suitably qualified staff            A high level of industry interest in
                                                                                      locally.                                    the new Finance Degree was also                                 Continued Page 5

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PAGE 2 SEPTEMBER 23, 1996                                                 ILLUMINATION                                                                                                   ADELAIDEAN

                                                Planning Suggestions                               activities. Why not contract out the                  level and for service courses.
                                                                                                   Registrar ’s division, including                         The difference in teaching staff

   Acting                    UP                           In his Guest Commentary
                                                          (Adelaidean, 9 September)
                                                          the Registrar states that
                                                          the cost of administration
                                                at The University of Adelaide is only
                                                10% of the budget. These comments
                                                                                                   Personnel, Finance, Information
                                                                                                   Technology, Management Informa-
                                                                                                   tion and Property Services? The
                                                                                                   private sector would certainly have
                                                                                                   the expertise to achieve consider-
                                                                                                   able savings in these areas.
                                                                                                                                                         percentages between the University
                                                                                                                                                         of Adelaide and Flinders University
                                                                                                                                                         is at least partially the result of dif-
                                                                                                                                                         ferent course distributions at the
                                                                                                                                                         two Universities. Proportionally
                                                                                                                                                         Flinders has a greater concentra-
                                                are misleading because they do not
  Reclaim the day!                              consider the administrative costs
                                                carried in the Academic Divisions.
                                                                                                                       A Lynn Martin
                                                                                                                 Department of History
                                                                                                                                                         tion in the Arts, particularly Social
                                                                                                                                                         Sciences; Adelaide concentrates
                                                                                                                                                         more on Science and Technology
                                                Many of these costs used to be calcu-                                                                    with consequential greater general
                                                lated with those of the central                    The Registrar responds:
           n a witty recent article in the                                                                                                               staff support.
    I      Financial       Review    Alex
           Millmow, an economics lecturer
                                                administration but have now been
                                                devolved to the divisions.                            I thank Dr Martin for the sugges-
                                                                                                   tions about the University’s financial
                                                                                                                                                            For the past five years the
                                                                                                                                                         University has constantly tested
  at Charles Sturt University, bemoans             The Registrar requests creative                 planning. Certainly all possibilities                 opportunities for outsourcing cen-
  the fate of the modern academic.              comments to assist the University’s                are under consideration, although I                   tral services where these are not
                                                financial planning, and he suggests                would suggest that it is less impor-                  mission critical and where both the
  After pointing out how relatively poorly      the possibility of contracting out                 tant to concentrate on who does the                   quality and efficiency of service can
  paid modern Australian academics are,         some of the “routine teaching”.                    work, and more on the quality and                     be sustained for reduced costs.
  he goes on to say that while academic         Since teaching is the core activity of             efficiency of our services. I have no
  income has traditionally been low, this       any university, the contracting out                                                                         I am currently researching
                                                                                                   dispute that a decline in teaching                    expenditure trends for different
  has been offset by high psychic income        of even “routine teaching” would be                standards would be most disadvan-
                                                a retrogade step in my opinion.                                                                          University activities over the last
  such as tenured, stress-free employ-                                                             tageous for this University which                     15 years and the effect that devolu-
  ment with stimulating work and plenty         Teaching staff are already a minori-               has such a strong reputation for
                                                ty at this University; only 41% of                                                                       tion of greater management respon-
  of time in which to do it.                                                                       excellence in research and teaching.                  sibility to Divisions has had on
                                                the University’s staff are engaged                 However I do not resile from my
  He then points out that the psychic           in teaching. In contrast the figure                                                                      these costs. I am also benchmark-
                                                                                                   view that there are many excellent                    ing these costs against those of
  income is now low because of what he          at Flinders University is 53%.                     subject packages available in                         other Universities in the GO8.
  calls the “scourge of managerialism” fol-        I believe that the University                   Distance Education modes which
  lowing the need to deal with the mas-         should consider contracting out                    might profitably be integrated into                                                         FJ O’Neill
  sive expansion of the higher education        other functions that are not core                  our courses especially at first year                                                         Registrar
  system through the eighties, with its
  increased pressure for efficiency, effec-                                                           GUEST COMMENTARY
  tiveness, public accountability and
  quality. He ends his article by suggest-
  ing that a rethink of the higher educa-
  tion system is badly overdue.
                                                Producing and Delivering the new doctor
  Millmow is quite right — and in fact          One of the important issues, that has not                    by                     any deviation from these guidelines
  the Minister has just announced such a        been highlighted in the discussion about                 Ted Cleary                 when she is the subject of litigation for
  review in the Budget.                         the claimed “oversupply of doctors” in                    Convener                  so doing
                                                Australia, is the minimum of 10 years inter-       Curriculum Committee        •    be able to practise Evidence Based
          n external review is fine but I       val between selection of the new matricu-            Faculty of Medicine
   A      think we also need to examine
          the higher education system
                                                lant and delivery of the medical practitioner
                                                into the health care system. This partly
                                                                                                                                    Medicine, including managing litera-
                                                                                                                                    ture databases, critically reading and
                                                                                                                                    evaluating random clinical trial data
  from “the inside”. We’ve allowed these        explains why it is so important for the Medical Deans to             and conclusions
  changes to happen to us and have never        delay decisions about intake cuts until reliable data on
  developed the tools with which we             numbers are available, as the present political decision • be better able to judge critically the value of informa-
                                                makers will be lost from memory by the time the impact               tion from drug companies
  might turn them to our own advantage.
                                                of their decisions affects the standard of health care • be more informed about cost benefit analysis of
  In another way we, as academics, have         delivery. Although politicians may overlook this time fac-           treatments, investigations and management strate-
  made the situation worse by not work-         tor, medical school curriculum committees have to deal               gies
  ing together to prioritise what is most       with it on a daily basis. Every decision we make has to • be able to deal with patients who are able to access
  valuable in higher education and then         include an element of prediction about the characteristics          information about their illnesses and the guidelines
  abandoning those activities that we can       of medical practice, and the needs of our medical gradu-            from the WWW or its successor
  no longer afford. We’ve tended to retain      ates, a decade and more ahead. We have continually to
  everything, take on the new demands                                                                           • be better able to manage public relations, especially
                                                ask what sort of doctor should we be aiming to produce
  and produce truly horrendous work-                                                                                in regard to the image of practitioners as “paternalis-
                                                and how shall we do it? I welcome this opportunity to
                                                                                                                    tic” and insufficiently aware of patients’ rights
  loads which are often close to humanly        share some personal reflections on these and related
  impossible and which have led to enor-        matters, which are likely to have relevance for other • be involved significantly in teaching undergraduate
  mous stress within the work place.            Faculties.                                                          medical students
                                                Let us begin by acknowledging that the New Doctor will          • be better at working in teams, whose members
           concrete example is the enor-
   A       mous number of subjects we
           offer. I question whether we
                                                need to be many of the things the Old Doctor was/is.

                                                In addition, the New Doctor will need to:
                                                                                                                    share responsibility for promoting “health” and deliv-
                                                                                                                    ering “care”
                                                                                                                • be able to make, and be willing to explain, decisions
  can any longer afford such a wide
                                                •    be more flexible in attitude and able to adjust to             with a major ethical component e.g. deciding who
  choice of topics for students. We should                                                                          shall have which treatment and who not(!)
  face the fact that while we can still offer        increasingly rapid change
  a range of quality subjects the numbers       •    be able to keep up with an ever more rapidly chang-        • have some tertiary educational experiences beyond
  in some of those subjects will be quite            ing and widening knowledge base                                medicine
  high. It’s certainly possible to teach        •    be better equipped and motivated to engage effec- • have an expectation of being paid at a reduced
  large numbers well.                                tively in continuing medical education (CME) and be            hourly rate.
  Often too, we apply for a range of small           able to attain and sustain levels of knowledge and
  research grants instead of thinking                competence sufficient to pass Clinical Competence What do we need to do, that we are not yet doing
  strategically and putting our efforts              renewal evaluations, which must be taken periodi- effectively?
  into attracting a Commonwealth                     cally in order to be able to continue to practise          I would like us to be able (more effectively than now) to:
  Research Centre with guaranteed fund-         •    be more self sufficient and be able to handle • provide help for staff, to recognize the outcome of
  ing for many years.                                increasing stress                                              research in education and the need to adapt their
                                                •    be able to make more effective use of computers for            style of teaching to take account of these data
           t’s up to us individually and col-
    I      lectively to start managing our
           working lives so that we do
                                                     learning, for practising, for records, for accounting, • convince staff that they can no longer (if they ever
                                                     for communicating, for smart cards, for......
                                                     be able to access “best practice” guidelines and
                                                                                                                    could) teach it all, and that they should help their stu-
                                                                                                                    dents to concentrate on principles and on helping
  have time to execute our core activities                                                                          students to find ways to link these principles to logi-
  of teaching and research at a high stan-           determine when they are immediately applicable
                                                     and when they need to be modified to meet the                  cal groupings of data relevant to the principles
  dard without risking killing ourselves.
                                                     needs of a particular patient, and be able to justify                                                Continued Page 6
  We must work out how we are going to
  do it ourselves and not merely react to
  increasing demands from outside. In
  other words, we need to reclaim control
                                                                                      Adelaidean                                               The newspaper of The University of Adelaide
                                                                                                                                                      Writers                     Contributors
  of our own time. We must reclaim the                                                           John Edge                                           David Ellis                   Adrienne Eccles
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ADELAIDEAN                                                               CAMPUS NEWS                                                    SEPTEMBER 23, 1996     PAGE 3

Regional network set to bring                                                                                                       News
SA researchers together                                                                                                     ALGAL TOXIN PROJECT
                                                                                                                            The increasing risk of problems to health
A high speed microwave and fibre          located in the north, central, south        “For example, they’ll now have        of toxic blue-green algae in water supplies
optic network designed to link            and southeast of the city.               very fast access to shared resources     in Australia is being investigated by
Adelaide’s major research zones will                                               such as high performance computing       Professor Ian Falconer (Deputy Vice-
                                             The city zone includes the Univer-                                             Chancellor, Academic) in a major research
be officially launched at the             sity of Adelaide, UniSA, CSIRO’s         facilities and expensive laboratory
University of Adelaide this week.                                                  equipment like the Confocal              project about to begin in Adelaide.
                                          Division of Human Nutrition, the
                                          IMVS, the RAH and the Women’s &          Microscope at the Waite Campus.          The Cooperative Research Centre for
   SAARDNet is a collaborative ven-
ture between the three South              Children’s Hospital, as well as the        “The technology also supports the      Water Quality and Treatment has funded
Australian universities, CSIRO and        Thebarton Commerce & Research                                                     a $360,000 research project on the
                                                                                   transmission of large amounts of
the Defence Science Technology            Precinct. The northern zone encom-                                                tumourigenic effects of cyanobacterial
                                                                                   voice, data and video information
Organisation (DSTO) at Salisbury. It      passes UniSA’s Levels Campus, Tech-                                               toxins in drinking water. This follows
                                                                                   over the same link,” he said.            from Professor Falconer’s earlier experi-
was set up with the help of the           nology Park Adelaide, and DSTO.
Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Comm-                                                    Mr Nissen said the network’s          mental work on tumour growth and blue-
                                             To the south are Flinders Univer-     state-of-the-art infrastructure would    green algae in drinking water.
ittee to replace AARNet, at a regional    sity, the Flinders/CSIRO Joint
level, following that network’s sale to                                            provide support for South Australia’s    The work is to be done in the Department
                                          Research Centre, Science Park            thrust in Information Technology
Telstra.                                                                                                                    of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology
                                          Adelaide and the Flinders Medical        teaching, research and development,      of the Medical School, where work is
   Chair of SAARDNet’s Board of           Centre, while in the southeast can       as well as the emerging Interactive      already in progress on the effects of blue-
Management — which operates under         be found the cluster of organisations    Multimedia industry here.                green algal toxins on liver cells.
the auspices of the South Australian      based at the Waite precinct, includ-
Vice-Chancellors’ Conference — is Mr      ing the Waite Agricultural Research        “The member organisations also         Professor Falconer said a key part of the
Peter Nissen, Director of the             Institute, several CSIRO Divisions,      benefit from cost sharing,” he said.     research is the interaction between can-
University of Adelaide’s Information      Primary Industries SA, the South                                                  cer-initiating agents which are present in
Technology Division.                                                                   The Parliamentary Secretary for      the environment (including diet), and
                                          Australian Research & Development        Information Technology, the Hon.
                                          Institute (SARDI) and the Aust-                                                   cancer growth responses to blue-green
   The University is also the net-                                                 Robert Lawson MLC, will officiate at
                                          ralian Wine Research Institute.                                                   algal toxins in drinking water.
work’s Facility Manager, with all the                                              the launch of SAARDNET, which
central equipment located and main-          By any assessment, it is a signifi-   takes place on Monday 23
tained here by ITD staff.                 cant grouping of research organisa-      September at 5.00pm in the               ASCILITE CONFERENCE
   There are four key and expanding       tions whose work can only be             Information Technology Division.         Plans are well advanced for the 1996
zones of research concentration and       enhanced by the new network,                                                      Conference of ASCILITE (The Aust-
industry collaboration in Adelaide,       according to Peter Nissen.                                        —John Edge      ralian Society for Computers in Learning
                                                                                                                            in Tertiary Education), which will be held
                                                                                                                            this year in Adelaide at the University of
Forgotten work                              Leading journal in                                                              South Australia’s City East Campus from
                                                                                                                            2-4 December.

to be revived                                                                                                               The three South Australian universities

                                            move to Adelaide
                                                                                                                            and TAFE have provided the members of
                                                                                                                            the organising committee, with the
                                                                                                                            Conference Secretariat based at the
The Elder Baroque Ensemble is pre-                                                                                          University of Adelaide’s Department of
senting the modern première of                                                                                              Applied Mathematics (tel 8303 5422).
Bononcini’s “lost” cantata Il lamento
d’Olimpi a on Friday 4 October at                                                                                           International keynote speakers include Dr
                                                                                                                            Frank Voon, a medical doctor with a
1.10pm in Elder Hall.                                                                                                       strong interest in computing and educa-
   The première is the result of a col-                                                                                     tion who in 1992 was a consultant to the
laborative research project between                                                                                         National Computer Board Policy and
the Elder Conservatorium’s Visiting                                                                                         Planning Division responsible for the
Research Fellow, Dr Margaret Bakker                                                                                         IT2000 plan for Singapore. Also present-
and Mrs Lesley Lewis, Lecturer in                                                                                           ing keynote addresses will be American
Early Music.                                                                                                                academic and Editor of the Journal of
   Dr Bakker discovered the “lost” solo                                                                                     Computing in Higher Education, Dr Carol
cantata in the manuscript stronghold                                                                                        MacKnight, the Head of IT at DeMontford
of the Huntingdon Library in 1977,                                                                                          University in the UK, Professor Stephen
while completing her PhD on the                                                                                             Brown, and the University of Central
Italian Cantata at Stanford University.                                                                                     Queensland’s Dr Lynn Zelmer.
   The cantata is a work for one or                                                                                         The ASCILITE96 web site can be found
more voices with instrumental accom-                                                                                        at:
paniment, and is possibly the most                                                                                          ascilite96/
important form of vocal music of the
Baroque period. Giovanni Bononcini                                                                                          CELEBRATING STRINGS
(1670-1747) — one of Handel’s col-                                                                                          Elder Hall is alive this week to the sound
leagues and rivals in the Italian oper-     Left to right, front row: Dr Lenore Coltheart, Ms Kate Taransky Howes,
                                            Professor Ernie Tuck. Middle row: Mr Greg Lewis, Dr Robert Catley. Back         of strings as the Australian National
atic scene in early eighteenth century                                                                                      Academy of Music’s String Program gets
London — was a prolific composer of         row: Mr David Standingford, Mr David Scullen. Photo: David Ellis
                                                                                                                            into full swing.
the popular cantata.
                                            Two lecturers in the University of      to publish the journal.          The    The Elder Conservatorium is hosting the
   Soprano Tessa Miller, Adelaide’s                                                                                         eleven-day program from 19 to 29 Sep-
leading exponent of Baroque singing         Adelaide’s Department of Politics       University’s scientific publishing
                                            are the new publishers of the 50-       group, TeχAdel, has been contract-      tember, which has gathered thirty talent-
style, will perform Il lamento                                                                                              ed young string players in Adelaide to
d’Olimpia, supported by the Elder           year-old journal, Current Affairs       ed for the editorial, typesetting and
                                                                                    production of the Current Affairs       work with acclaimed teachers and per-
Baroque Ensemble using instruments          Bulletin.                                                                       formers from Australia and abroad.
especially designed for performance of                                              Bulletin. By bringing the CAB to
                                               Dr Lenore Coltheart and Dr Bob                                               The young musicians, who range in age
music from this period.                                                             Adelaide, they have been able to
                                            Catley decided to take over the CAB                                             from 15 to 25, will undertake individual
                                            when the publishers, WEA, moved         reduce costs, freeing up more funds
   Lesley Lewis, a Churchill Fellow-                                                to promote and develop the journal.     schedules which include private lessons
ship winner in 1994, spent time in          to change the system of publication.                                            and sessions with accompanists, as well
Holland the following year researching         The journal had been based in           Dr Coltheart said the new pub-       as performances in masterclasses and
the art of Continuo Accompaniment,          Sydney since World War II, when it      lishers wanted to increase the CAB’s    concerts.
and some of the revolutionary princi-       was established as an educational       focus on Asian and other regional
                                                                                    issues. The journal would maintain      The program has been coordinated by
ples she discovered have been applied       journal for officers in the armed                                               William Hennessy, leader of the
to Il Lamento d’Olimpia.                    forces.                                 an independent, non-partisan
                                                                                    stance, promoting balanced debate       Australian String Quartet, which will
   “This brings the modern perfor-             Since then, it has established a     and discussion on current issues.       also present a subscription concert in
mance of this work closer to an accu-       solid and loyal readership among                                                Elder Hall on Thursday 26 September to
rate reproduction of the way the piece      people in the education sector and         The first edition produced entire-   coincide with the Program.
would have been heard nearly 300            business, by making University          ly by the new team will be pub-
                                                                                                                            The daily masterclasses and concerts are
years ago,” she said.                       research findings more accessible to    lished on 25 September. The major
                                                                                                                            open to the public, and further informa-
                                            the general public.                     focus will be on China’s labour force
   The performance is part of the                                                                                           tion can be obtained from the Elder
                                                                                    and foreign relations.                  Conservatorium Concert Manager, Anne-
Elder Conservatorium’s Lunch Hour              Dr Coltheart and Dr Catley have
Concert Series and is a free event.         formed a company through Luminis                        —David Washington       Marie Peard, on 8303 5925.
PAGE 4 SEPTEMBER 23, 1996                                              CAMPUS NEWS                                                                         ADELAIDEAN


                                         Interactive CD-ROM teaches
                                         SA school kids to like Science
                                         A new CD-ROM is encouraging young
                                         South Australians to discover exciting
                                         career possibilities in science. Called
                                         likeScience, the CD-ROM gives school
                                         students a multimedia voyage through
                                         the wide range of careers and study
                                         opportunities available to them.
                                            High-quality colour digital images
                                         and video clips are a feature of this
                                         interactive guide, helping to explain
                                         the courses available in the University
                                         of Adelaide’s Faculty of Science and
                                         the careers to which those courses can
                                            Almost 1000 copies of the
                                         likeScience CD-ROM and promotional
                                         posters will be distributed free to all
                                         secondary schools in the State.
                                            “If South Australia is to sustain its
                                         international competitiveness, we
                                         must encourage young people to take
                                         up studies and careers in the sciences,”
                                         said Professor of Natural Philosophy
                                         Paul Davies, who officially launched
                                         the CD-ROM on Friday, 6 September.
                                            “likeScience does precisely that, by
                                         making information about science
                                         courses and careers accessible and fun.    First-year science student Aidan Brooks demonstrates the new likeScience CD-
                                         The CD-ROM represents Adelaide             ROM. Photo: David Ellis
                                         Science’s commitment to fostering
                                         South Australia’s scientific expertise,”   Macintosh and IBM compatible/MS              ble for the authoring and navigation
                                         he said.                                   Windows computers and is simple to           design. Music was especially composed
                                            Professor Davies said the use of CD-    use and easy to install.                     for the CD-ROM by the University’s
                                         ROM technology to spread the word of         The project to develop the CD-ROM          Department of Music Studies.
                                         science was vitally important, as many     was headed by the Science Faculty’s             For more information about
                                         young people were well acquainted          Associate Dean (Teaching and                 likeScience phone Dr Pat James,
                                         with computers and CD-ROMs either          Learning) Dr Pat James, with Mr Ian          Faculty of Science: (08) 8303 5673.
                                         in the home or at school.                  Roberts from the Science Learning and
                                            likeScience works on both               Teaching Excellence program responsi-                                   —David Ellis

       CORRECTION                         Kudos for Lumen
 The last Adelaidean (9 September,
                                          The University of Adelaide’s twice-yearly magazine
 News in Brief, p.3, “Thailand Grant”)
                                          Lumen has won the Tertiary Magazine Award at the
 spoke of a UMAP grant awarded to
                                          recent conference of the Association of Development
 the Department of Economics to
                                          and Alumni Professionals in Education (ADAPE) at
 support student exchanges with
                                          Bond University.
 Thammasat University in Thailand.
                                             ADAPE presents Publication, Fundraising and
 It should be clarified that the grant    Special awards every two years to recognise outstand-
 was in fact awarded to the Faculty of    ing achievement among Australasian development and
 Economics and Commerce, and is           alumni professionals. This was the second presenta-
 intended to support both BEc and         tion of the national award.
 BCom students for exchanges with            Lumen is aimed at the University’s external stake-
 Thammasat University and Universiti      holders. Its 10,000 distribution includes Alumni
 Sains Malaysia.                          Association members, representatives of business and
                                          industry, government departments and agencies, public
                                          office holders, and international educational and
             Advertisement                research associates.
                                             Lumen is produced in the Public Relations and
                                          Marketing Office, and edited by Pamela Lyon. The
                                          magazine is designed by Cathryn Charnock Corporate
                                          Publications.                                                Pamela Lyon with the most recent Lumen. Photo: David Ellis.

                                          AIB symposium to be a forum for public debate
                                          The Australian Institute of Biology is        Expert speakers from South               education and research in biology.
                                          tackling a controversial issue in this     Australia and interstate will discuss       Each year the AIB’s annual sympo-
                                          year’s Annual Public Symposium.            issues of exploitation, culling, harvest-   siums are used as a forum for broad
                                          The theme of the symposium at the          ing and farming native animals, fol-        public debate on a “biological” topic of
                                          University of Adelaide on 27-28            lowed by panel debates and general          current relevance. The current execu-
                                          September is “Exploiting our Native        discussion. Topics include sustainable      tive of the AIB is based in Adelaide.
                                          Fauna: Culling, Harvesting, Farming?”      wildlife, kangaroos, crocodiles, emus,         The symposium will be held in
                                                                                     yabbies, abalone and other candidates       Lower Napier Lecture Theatre LG29.
                                             Attentive readers will note the         for aquaculture.                            Members of the public are welcome to
                                          question mark at the end of the title.
                                                                                        The public symposium is organised        participate. The fee is $70, including
                                          The symposium is designed to foster
                                                                                     by the Australian Institute of Biology      lunches and refreshments.
                                          debate among the public and relevant
                                          interest groups, following recent con-     (AIB) in a bid to help fulfil its aims —       Further details: AIB Secretary, Dr
                                          tentious issues such as koala culling      to advance the science and practice of      Margaret Davies, Department of
                                          and the extent of tuna farming in          biology, to improve communication           Zoology, on (08) 8303 5851.
                                          South Australia.                           between biologists, and to promote                                      —David Ellis
ADELAIDEAN                                                                CAMPUS NEWS                                                   SEPTEMBER 23, 1996   PAGE 5

Shedding light on post traumatic stress
University of Adelaide Prof-        McFarlane said.                      Nations Security Council and
essor of Psychiatry Sandy              “It was only in 1980 that for-    the World Health Organisation
McFarlane is one of the co-edi-     mal systems of diagnosis             to write a report on the trau-
tors and co-authors of a new        accepted post traumatic stress       matic effects of the Iraqi occu-
international book which sum-       disorder as a specific disorder,     pation in Kuwait.
marises the current state of        and that was really out of the          He has also made a signifi-
world research into Post            work done with veterans from         cant contribution to this new
Traumatic Stress Disorder.          the Vietnam War and also             book, having authored or co-
                                    through the advocacy of the          authored almost half of the
    The book, Traumatic Stress:     women’s movement, dealing            papers. Other senior academics
the Effects of Overwhelming         with victims of child sexual         from around the world have also
Experience on Mind, Body and        abuse and the victims of rape.       contributed, although Professor
Society, was launched in May                                             McFarlane said the book was
                                       “This book is an attempt to
this year in New York. It looks                                          not just for academics.
                                    summarise the knowledge and
at the background and history
                                    information that’s been gained          “Traumatic stress is an area
of post traumatic stress disor-
                                    in the first 15 years of research,   that has relevance to many
der, the kinds of acute reactions   not only to highlight the under-
people suffer because of trauma                                          fields, not only psychiatry but
                                    standing that we’ve developed        psychology, social work, law —
such as war and car accidents,      but also to identify many of the
the treatment of traumatic                                               it’s a very important area to
                                    problems and the issues that         understand in terms of social
stress, and the social and cul-     surround the field,” he said.
tural issues that surround this                                          policy. So the book has a broad-
disorder.                              Professor McFarlane first         er appeal to professionals
                                    studied post traumatic stress        whose areas of work deal with
    Sandy McFarlane (based at       disorder following South             these kinds of issues,” he said.
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital)       Australia’s 1983 Ash Wednes-
is one of three editors of the                                              “We believe it’s also an ideal
                                    day bushfires. That study            resource for health profession-
book, joining Dr Bessell van der    focused on a group of firefight-
Kolk from Harvard Medical                                                als, researchers and students.
                                    ers and school children who had      While summarising the past 15
School and Professor Lars           been traumatised by their expe-
Weisaeth from the University of                                          years of research into post trau-
                                    riences.                             matic stress disorder, the book
Oslo. Their collaboration repre-
                                       Like many of his colleagues       also discusses the future direc-
sents years of study and
                                    Professor McFarlane said he          tions of this work and lays the
research at the highest level
                                    was initially sceptical about        foundations for further research
into traumatic stress.                                                                                       Sandy McFarlane. Photo courtesy of TQEH.
                                    post traumatic stress disorder.      and clinical work.”
    “Post traumatic stress disor-   But since that first study he
                                                                            Traumatic Stress: the Effects
der is not a new condition, but     has conducted dozens more into                                                                Advertisement
                                                                         of Overwhelming Experience on
it’s had a very chequered histo-    victims of accidents, disasters,
                                                                         Mind, Body and Society is
ry in psychiatry for a variety of   torture and war. He is now sec-
                                                                         available from Guilford
reasons, including the way in       retary and a board member of
                                                                         Publications at a recommended
which society has been willing      the International Society of
                                    Traumatic Stress Studies, and        retail price of $78.00.
to deal with war veterans and
victims in general,” Professor      was asked by the United                                  —David Ellis

 Study of stress disorder
 A new treatment program which could help                This new study, being carried out in conjunc-
 people overcome post traumatic stress disorder       tion with researchers at the University of
 is to be trialled by University of Adelaide          Queensland, will investigate the effectiveness of
 researchers at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.         an anti-depressant treatment combined with a
                                                      cognitive behaviour therapy treatment.
    Rape, road accidents, disaster or even wit-       (Cognitive behaviour and drug therapy programs
 nessing severe injury can trigger post traumatic     are commonly used together in clinical practice,
 stress disorder, which is estimated to affect        but their interaction has not been systematically
 three people in 100. In some groups, such as         examined.) Evidence from other anxiety disor-
 those who have been sexually assaulted, up to        ders suggests this may have an additive effect.
 40% of victims can be affected.                         People who suffer post traumatic stress dis-
    Symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder        order are needed for the study. For the purpos-
 include intrusive and highly distressing memo-       es of the study these people must have been
 ries of the event, sleeplessness, avoiding           traumatised within the community, rather than
 reminders of the trauma, anxiety, and emotion-       through military service. The program will run
 al numbing which may persist for months, even        for 26 weeks with each person initially receiv-
 years, after the traumatic incident. About 20%       ing weekly therapy. There are no costs involved
 of people directly involved in a traumatic inci-     for people enrolling in the program.
 dent will still have the disorder seven years           For more information phone Professor Sandy
 after the event.                                     McFarlane on (08) 8222 6515.

New Finance Degree responds to                                                                                                    Advertisement

demands of the marketplace
From Page 1                                           Adelaide have also shown great enthusiasm for
                                                      the new course. They can undertake the double
   The first intake into the Bachelor of Finance      degree program in either Economics, Commerce
program will be in March 1997 with about 40           or Maths & Computing Science.
places available to school leavers. Additional           “Under new provisions these double degrees
places will be made available for current tertiary    can be completed in four years. It’s also possible
students who wish to transfer into the program.       to combine the Bachelor of Finance with Law,
   “There has been immense and continuing             making it even more attractive to some stu-
interest from potential students at Year-12 level     dents,” she said.
since the Finance Degree was announced provi-            For more information about the Bachelor of
sionally in this year ’s SATAC guide,” said           Finance contact Mrs Liz Geddes on (08) 8303
Administrative Course Adviser Mrs Liz Geddes.         4499.
   “Students already enrolled at the University of                                         —David Ellis
PAGE 6 SEPTEMBER 23, 1996                                                  CAMPUS NEWS                                                                          ADELAIDEAN

                                                                                         A ‘mooting’ of minds
                                                                                         in Vancouver contest
                                                                                         Two    University     of     draw included competi-       titions. Canada has
                                                                                         Adelaide law students        tion with India, the         about five or six of them,
                                                                                         and a graduate have          United Kingdom and           and their team also has
                                                                                         won the prestigious Com-     then South Africa in the     a coach,” said Ms Baillie.
                                                                                         monwealth        Student     grand final.                    “We don’t have any-
                                                                                         Mooting Competition in          “We couldn’t say that     thing like that. We had
                                                                                         Vancouver, Canada.           we were very confident,      a few tips from judges on
                                                                                                                      because we were com-         presentation, but most
                                                                                            Final-year law stu-       peting against the best      of our experience came
                                                                                         dents Ms Anna Baillie        mooters from all of these    from learning as we
                                                                                         and Ms Dolone Chak-          countries. Some have         went.”
                                                                                         ravarti and graduate Mr      many more tedious and
                                                                                         David Crocker last                                           “We do have excellent
                                                                                                                      onerous mooting competi-
                                                                                         month defeated the best                                   resources here at the
                                                                                                                      tions to get through with-
                                                                                         teams from eight Com-                                     University,” said Ms
                                                                                                                      in their own countries,
                                                                                         monwealth nations to                                      Chakravarti. “We have
Dolone Chakravarti and Anna Baillie with their winners’ shield. Photo: David Ellis                                    and so their level of com-
                                                                                         win the competition.                                      a fairly up-to-date inter-
                                                                                                                      petition is very high,”
                                                                                                                      said Ms Chakravarti.         national law collection,
                                   Advertisement                                            Mooting is the term                                    and there’s a lot of legal
                                                                                         used for arguing a hypo-        “We felt confident we     research involved in
                                                                                         thetical legal appeal        could do well,” said Ms      preparing for the compe-
                                                                                         case. For this competi-      Baillie, “but we did get     tition, so that was very
                                                                                         tion the case involved       the feeling that it was      helpful. In some coun-
                                                                                         two alleged internation-     going to be a very high      tries the students have
                                                                                         al drug traffickers who      standard. You can only       to travel from city to city
                                                                                         were also alleged to be      do your best, really. It     to look up the relevant
                                                                                         war criminals. Teams         was a tough competition      material, so we were
                                                                                         from different nations       and it was a great feel-     lucky in that regard.”
                                                                                         compete against each         ing to win.”
                                                                                         other, arguing either the                                    Apart from the shield
                                                                                                                         The Adelaide team         in which their names
                                                                                         case for the drug traf-      was formed last year fol-
                                                                                         fickers or against.                                       are engraved, the
                                                                                                                      lowing a mooting compe-      achievement of winning
                                                                                            The teams are then        tition at the University     the     Commonwealth
                                                                                         judged on the quality of     in which the three best
                                                                                                                                                   mooting competition is
                                                                                         their legal arguments        mooters were chosen.
                                                                                         based on their under-                                     certain to add to the stu-
                                                                                                                      They went on to win the
                                                                                         standing of international    Australasian Law Stud-       dents’ credentials.
                                                                                         law and their presenta-      ents Association champi-        “It was definitely a
                                                                                         tion style.                  onship in Hobart, quali-     good experience for us in
                                                                                            Ms      Baillie,   Ms     fying them for the           terms of learning how to
                                                                                         Chakravarti and Mr           Commonwealth competi-        argue a case in a formal
                                                                                         Crocker are the only         tion in Vancouver.           setting and also re-
                                                                                         Adelaide team and the           “It’s a different story   searching that case,” Ms
                                                                                         second Australian team       in India, where they         Baillie said.
                                                                                         to win the event. Their      have 11 national compe-                    —David Ellis

                                                               GUEST COMMENTARY CONTINUED

                             Producing and Delivering the new doctor
•   shift away from hospital based teaching towards        •    staff resistance to having to change “tried and            all the potential for mutual seduction and self
    community based education                                   tested” methods of teaching                                deception this brings
•   shift from training in diagnostic and curative         •    staff anxiety about experimenting with and adopt-     • insufficient hours in the day and
    medicine towards prevention and health promo-               ing new teaching methods                              • the apparently ever increasing burden of form fill-
    tion                                                   •    student pressure that we not “change the rules”,           ing and bureaucracy to “ensure that we are effi-
•   promote a change in the academic culture so that            by moving away from rote learning masses of                cient and accountable”.
    teaching is regarded as an academic discipline of           facts - whereby they gained entry into the Faculty    It is alarming to think that we have to do all these new
    equal stature with research, for the purposes of                                                                  things in addition to those we have been doing, and
                                                           •    the perceived need to maintain a strong depart-
    promotion and fund allocation                                                                                     that we must do them:
                                                                mental structure, in the interests of the staff and
•   develop effective outcome measures concerning               departments - especially for research and cohe-       • on a reducing budget,
    our medical graduates, and put in place proce-              sion
    dures for monitoring and responding to them                                                                       • with less staff and
                                                           •    a reluctance of academics in the Faculty to accept
•   experiment with the selection process to see if we                                                                • with access to patients, who less and less repre-
                                                                that the objectives of the medical course must
    can identify candidates who will be best suited to                                                                     sent the age groups or the major illnesses within
                                                                increasingly emphasize vocational training
    the future circumstances and new requirements.                                                                         the community and who are available to students
                                                           •    resistance to change in the hospitals from clinical        for less and less time.
What else should we be doing?                                   teachers, who feel the changes will undervalue
                                                                                                                      We are told we will have to become ever “more effi-
                                                                their contributions and undermine the status they
I would like to see us:                                                                                               cient” and “work smarter” and clearly, so we shall. But
                                                                have achieved over many years of endeavour and
                                                                                                                      none of our advisers appears to be addressing the
• educating teaching staff so that they are able to             community service
                                                                                                                      issue as to how this is to come about, in the little time
    accept, or even opt for, change                        •    financial pressures from governments whose            left to us. I have entered into the spirit of the game by
• keep what we have that is good; ruthlessly elimi-             major interests appear to be in immediately bal-      meditating on whether I would be better served by
    nate what obstructs our progress                            anced budgets and probably necessary reduction        viewing all this as “a stunning opportunity” or as “a
• reviewing our organizational structure with a view            in the rate of increase of expenditure on health.     marvellous challenge”?
    to determining whether the present departmental             This appears to me to be promoted without appar-      Meanwhile, I derive both inspiration and solace from
    structure is appropriate for the Medical School of          ent concern for a longer view or for a more           embracing the slogan: “Life is too short to drink bad
    the future and, if it is not, implement appropriate         informed and carefully targetted reduction pro-       wine!”. Think about it! It will improve both your quality
    changes                                                     gram, less directed to sectoral interests             of life and its quantity (provided you are “moderate”, at
• able to provide/allow a more diverse experience          •    inate conservatism of members of the educational      least in this). Here is an endeavour in which we can
    as preparation for a medical career                         and medical professions                               truthfully say: this is indeed “the lucky country” and
                                                           •    inability to get Universities to address seriously    this “the lucky state”.
What stops us?                                                  issues of determining what is “good teaching” and                                               Ted Cleary
The things that I see as being major factors in slowing         rewarding it as an equity issue, rather than simply                         Convener Curriculum Committee
change are:                                                     asking students to identify “good teachers”, with                                      Faculty of Medicine
ADELAIDEAN                                                            ALUMNI NEWS                                                        SEPTEMBER 23, 1996     PAGE 7

      A BRIEF                                   Don’t you dare write
 Gothic Revival Architecture talk
                                                me a dull Obituary!
 On Wednesday 16 October, the Alumni
 Activities Program offers an illustrated           Mary Hope St Clair Crampton         French at both secondary and ter-
 talk by 1996 Churchill Fellow Mr Brian             18 May 1901 - 8 August 1996         tiary level; at least one is a
 Andrews about Gothic Revival architec-                                                 “Balzacian” in her own right, and
 ture in South Australia.                                                               another even married a Frenchman!
                                                   Hope Crampton was Senior             She encouraged us to practise French
 The Gothic Revival style was very popu-        Lecturer in French Language and
 lar in Britain and more distant parts of                                               conversation at the “French Club”,
                                                Literature at the University of         where we acted scenes from Molière
 the British Empire in the nineteenth cen-
                                                Adelaide from 1930 to 1960. She         and played childish games. In 1935
 tury. The Mitchell Building is a fine
 example of this style.                         was born in Renmark, South              she wrote Gaudissart: A Guide to
                                                Australia, the only child of John       Better French Pronunciation and
 Mr Andrews’ talk will explore the features     Crampton (from North England)
 of Gothic Revival architecture, its sources                                            Brighter French Conversation
                                                and Amy, née St Clair (from             (Melbourne, OUP) which became a
 and influences, and the question of why        Scotland). She attended Girton
 the industrial age saw a revival of interest                                           textbook in Adelaide schools. She
                                                Girls’ School and then the              also taught some of us Spanish,
 in this medieval architectural style.          University of Adelaide where she        promising the delights of one day
 This talk (in the Benham Lecture Theatre       obtained her degree in Classics.        reading Don Quixote in the original.      A Ruth Tuck sketch of Hope
 at 7.00pm) is FREE, but to assist with         After some years in Europe she          She left an unfinished translation of     Crampton which hangs in the French
 planning please call 8303 4275 to indicate     returned with a Diploma from the
 that you are coming. Individual and                                                    a modern Spanish novel, La Frontera       Department. Photo: David Ellis
                                                Institut de Phonétique, Paris, and      de Dios, whose hero is a wonder-
 group bookings welcome.                        joined the staff of Adelaide            worker who disconcerts the village by
                                                University, where her father was        restoring a dead canary to life; just     books, and could express anger at
 Celebrating History                            Lecturer in French. Students of the     the thing to appeal to Hope! (The         “shabby behaviour” as readily as
                                                40s may remember her swinging           author: a priest, JL Martin Descalzo).    impatience with ponderous talk.
 The Cornell Chapter hosted a celebration       into the University grounds at                                                    She never mentioned her personal
 on 12 September to mark the publication        30mph on “Phut-Phut”, her trusty          She retired on her 60th birthday        feelings except in mock-heroic tones,
 in 1996 of no less than ten books by mem-                                              and set out on her travels. Before
                                                autocycle. Classes were smaller in                                                but she was sympathetic and per-
 bers of the Department of History.                                                     revisiting Europe and exploring
                                                those days, and colourful characters                                              ceptive about the feelings of those
 The Dean of Arts, Mr Paul Nursey-Bray,         were prized.                            Russia and Turkey, she spent a year       she loved, and befriended many a
 spoke briefly to welcome the guests who                                                with a religious community in New         person in distress. She liked to play
 attended. Professor Brian Coghlan, Chair          I can hear Hope saying: “Don’t       Guinea teaching English to
                                                you dare write me a dull Obituary!”                                               the role of bluestocking-cum-eccen-
 of the Cornell Chapter, moved a vote of                                                Ordinands for Anglican Ministry.          tric English gentlewoman (flavour
 thanks.                                        Dull she never was, with her witty,     She read them Homer!
                                                whimsical sayings and her depar-                                                  Edwardian) and one had to crack
 The gathering was an informal one and                                                     She finally settled in her “Humpy”     the code to discover the tender
                                                tures from the academic stereotype.
 guests had the opportunity to examine                                                  in the Adelaide Hills and took up         heart, the adventurous spirit, and
 the books and speak with the authors.             As a teacher she was infectiously    watercolours; her teacher was the         an old-fashioned “innocence without
                                                enthusiastic in her presentation of     painter Ruth Tuck. She had one            ignorance”.
                                                writers she liked, and devastatingly    Exhibition, the “Theodosia Series”:
 Golden Jubilee/SRC 50th                        dismissive of those she did not. She                                                 My last visit to Hope was at the
 The search for past members of the                                                     Theodosia was a china cat “Looking        Hahndorf Nursing Home, where her
                                                had a passion for the well-turned       at herself in a Mirror”, “Admonishing
 Student Representative Council is bear-        phrase and a distaste for the pedan-                                              sparkle was still undimmed, and
 ing fruit, and around one hundred have                                                 the Barbarians”, with other poses.        where the staff appreciated her per-
                                                tic. A badly-written essay would        She also wrote an illustrated
 been issued invitations for the Golden         earn, “You have indeed shown us                                                   sonality. She referred playfully to the
 Jubilee Commemoration, at which the                                                    Autobiography of her cat Troilus; all     Matron as “She who must be obeyed”.
                                                what French prose can be”, with a       her cats had Shakespearean names,
 fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of      glare from her famous lorgnette.                                                  In her bookshelf were: a Greek
 the SRC will be marked.                                                                except poor Petunia, who was              Grammar, the Book of Common
                                                   Her favourite French novelist        betrothed to the neighbour’s Tom          Prayer (Cranmer’s prose; she would
 The Golden Jubilee will be held on 24
 October, beginning with a commemoration        was Balzac: she published a study of    until it was revealed that the fiancé     have no truck with modernised ver-
 ceremony in Bonython Hall at 6.00pm.           an aristocratic bibliophile who had     was “not quite ... er ... all there ..”   sions) and the Poems of Robert
                                                inspired one of Balzac’s characters;    One day the new Vicar (who knew           Browning. She had no wish to “live
 The Graduates of 1946 will return to the       but better-known among the chosen       not Hope) was startled when she
 University to celebrate their half-century                                                                                       an unconscionably long time”, not
                                                few was her parody of literary criti-   explained that the bowl of rose-petals    even despite her reverence for the
 as graduates of The University of              cism, “The Wen on Grandet’s Nose”.      beside her easel was not her “sub-
 Adelaide. The Golden Jubilee Address                                                                                             Monarchy, to receive the Queen’s
                                                Her MA thesis, somewhat surpris-        ject”, but her lunch.                     Telegram on her 100th birthday.
 will be given this year by Dr Jim Bonnin,      ingly, was on Shelley compared to
 a former Head of the Institute for Medical                                                Some people were unnerved by              I once heard her quote some lines
                                                the “Parnassian” poet Leconte de
 and Veterinary Science.                                                                her quizzical gaze and her madden-        from Browning’s “Abt Vogler”; I
                                                Lisle. “Publish or perish” was not
 The ceremony will be followed by a                                                     ing refusal to “talk seriously” (she      think she would have liked them for
                                                yet the order of the day, and Hope
 Reunion Dinner in the Upper Refectory,                                                 could be downright rude: “Miss            an epitaph.
                                                will be remembered rather as racon-
 Adelaide University Union Building.                                                    Crampton, do you think more in
                                                teuse and scribbler of humorous                                                     “... my resting-place is here,
 Further information is available from the                                              French than in English?” — “Oh, I
                                                verses than for any “orthodox” schol-
 Alumni Office.                                                                         resolve that dilemma by endeavour-          The C Major of this life; and now
                                                                                        ing not to think at all.”) but she had      I will try to sleep.”
                                                   She planted seeds, however: many     a shrewd understanding of what
 Visit to Buckland Park Field Station           of her students became teachers of                                                     —Margaret Denat (née Johnson)
                                                                                        happens in the world as well as in
 Buckland Park Field Station, the
 University’s field station for research into
 Atmospheric Physics and High Energy
 Astrophysics, will open its doors to alum-
 ni on Sunday 27 October.                       Singapore seminar on higher education
 The field station is about 40km north of
 Adelaide near Two Wells, and was acquired      The University of Adelaide Chapter      Koehne, Manager, International            issue followed by questions and
 by the University in the early 1960s when      of Australian Alumni Singapore is       Projects Unit, University of South        answers.
 a large property was broken up.                                                        Australia
                                                hosting a dinner and seminar for                                                    The venue is the Medical Alumni
 The Department of Physics and Mathe-           alumni of The University of
 matical Physics established an antenna                                                    Themes to be addressed include         Centre at Singapore General
                                                Adelaide, the Flinders University of    the implications of the recently          Hospital, corner College Road and
 array covering one square kilometre for a      South Australia and University of
 radar system used to measure winds in                                                  announced federal funding cuts for        Outram Road, Singapore.
 the upper atmosphere. Since then other         South Australia and members of          Adelaide as a University City and
                                                                                                                                     The event will commence at
 radars have been developed and a large         Australian Alumni Singapore.            particularly how the changes might
                                                                                                                                  6.30pm on Wednesday 16 October
 array of particle detectors has been              The theme of the seminar is “The     impact on students wishing to come
                                                                                                                                  1996 and the Seminar follows a buf-
 installed to study elementary particle air-    future of higher education in South     to Adelaide to study at one of the
                                                                                                                                  fet dinner at 8.00pm.
 showers initiated by cosmic ray particles.     Australia: implications for interna-    three universities. Strategies by
                                                                                        both the higher education sector and         Registration: S$20 includes a buf-
 The Department and the Alumni                  tional students” and the speakers
                                                                                        government for coping with change         fet dinner and soft drinks. Cash bar
 Association join in inviting all alumni to     will be Dr Harry Medlin, Senior
                                                                                        and for encouraging international         available.
 come to Buckland Park for a barbecue           Deputy Chancellor, Chair Alumni
                                                Association, The University of          students to come to Adelaide will be        Bookings:  Dr Richard Hin
 and a tour of the research facilities. Why
 not make it a family day out? Further          Adelaide; Professor Ian Chubb,Vice      canvassed.                                Yung, Tow Yung Clinic, Tanglin
 details will be published in the next edi-     Chancellor, The Flinders University       A cross-institutional perspective       Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road
 tion of the Adelaidean.                        of South Australia; and Mr Bob          will be given on a most important         #05-01, SINGAPORE 247909.
PAGE 8 SEPTEMBER 23, 1996                                                        CAMPUS NEWS                                                                                     ADELAIDEAN

Engineering draws
crowds at Show ...
If you missed the University of            marina and a computer to display
Adelaide’s engineering display at          waveforms, and a model of a pre-
this year’s Royal Show, you must           stressed concrete bridge (Civil &
have been one of the very few.             Environmental Engineering)
   The Faculty of Engineering put             • a Lego model of a production
                                           line using a programmable control
on a lively exhibit in the Jubilee
                                           unit (Electrical & Electronic
Pavilion (Wayville Showgrounds)
to show the public how engineering
research and knowledge can be put             • a Polariscope and an active
to practical use.                          noise control unit (Mechanical
   Displays from each of the facul-
ty’s four departments included:               Tens of thousands of people are
                                           estimated to have seen these dis-
   • a model of the Penrice Soda           plays over the two weeks of the
Ash plant and a computer simula-           Show, helping to increase the pro-
tion of an industrial process              file of engineering in the wider
(Chemical Engineering)                     community.
   • a wave tank with a model                                    —David Ellis            Engineering display draws the crowds. Photo courtesy of the Faculty of Engineering.

.. and ‘Connection’ creates stir in Sydney

University of Adelaide jazz choir The       voice, Ms Connaitre Miller.                     France, Canada and Japan, and it
Adelaide Connection was a star                 “The workshop was extremely                  will be interesting to see if anything
attraction at the 4th World                 well attended (at least 900 people),            comes of this.
Symposium on Choral Music in                including many delegates from other               “It was very satisfying to know
Sydney last month. The group was            countries as well as about 300 high             that people were so moved by our
one of 27 choirs from 23 countries          school and primary school students,”            music that they wanted to have us
invited to participate, and the only        Ms Miller said. “The children were              come to their countries,” Ms Miller
jazz choir to perform in what is gen-       very excited by it and many declared            said. “I think the University of
erally recognised as a traditional          themselves ready to try that ‘scat’             Adelaide would have been extremely
choral festival.                            thing.”                                         proud of its representation by The
                                               Connaitre Miller said the group’s            Adelaide Connection during this
   During its trip, the group                                                               world class festival.”
appeared at the Sydney Opera                presence at the symposium had
House as part of the opening night          aroused considerable interest, with
concert, at the Sydney Conserva-            many other choir directors keen to               The Adelaide Connection has made
torium, in the Sydney Town Hall,            get information on its music,                    three recordings, which are available
and at The Basement, one of the             rehearsal techniques and perfor-                 at all good record stores: Makin’
most popular jazz clubs in Australia.       mance practice.                                  Whoopee, with Don Burrows;
Its Town Hall performance was as               “Perhaps the most exciting thing              Nice’N’Easy, which was nominated
part of a workshop on jazz choir            to happen all week was the reception             for the Best Australian Jazz Record
rehearsal and performance tech-             of numerous invitations to tour other            at the Australian Recording Industry
niques given by the group’s Director,       countries. We were asked to go to                Awards in 1988; and Gotcha.
Elder Conservatorium lecturer in            South Africa, Argentina, Austria,

 BEAUMONT: 3br, fully furn
 incl linen and cutlery.
                                $190 pw. Ph 8302 2047
                                (w) or 8332 1413 (h).
                                PARA HILLS: Non smoker
                                to share 3br house with 31
                                                                      Adelaidean     CLASSIFIED
                                                                                                                                power steering, air cond,
                                                                                                                                white duco, grey trim, exc
                                                                                                                                cond, only 88,000 kms.
                                                                                                                                VEJ 320. $13,500 ono. Ph
                                                                                                                                                                  $2.50 p/p @ 250 words
                                                                                                                                                                  p/p; Thesis, formatting/
                                                                                                                                                                  proof reading of your data
                                                                                                                                                                  entry; accurate spelling; city
 Heated pool. Close to          year old professional male.                                                                     8373 2256 (bus) or 8274           location; 7 day service; fax;
 buses. Ring Mary 8431          Cost $60 pw plus expens-        $60 pw. Ph 8371 7686.            base. $75. Ph 8271 3386.       1849 (ah).                        24 hour pager. Ph Anne
 5202.                          es. Ring Steven 8303                                                                                                              Every 8415 7866.
                                                                WANTED: 2-3 br house             GENUINE PERSIAN CAR-                DEPARTMENTAL
 DAW PARK: Lge spotless         5783 (wk) or 8263 7545          close to Uni for IT Manager.     PETS: Flowery, top quality,
 1br unit, lounge/dine,         (hm).                                                                                                                                      WANTED
                                                                Required 4-6 mth lease. Ph       tabrizi pattern: 1 @ 1m        MITSUBISHI MAGNA:
 kitchen, bathroom/laundry.     ST PETERS: Person (vege-        019 979 162.                     x1.5 m. $1,500 ono; 1 @        S/wagon, 1994, white,             BOYS’ BOARDING HOUSE
 Neat rear yard. Close to       tarian, non-smoker, 28 plus)                                     1.3m x 1.8m. $2,200 ono.       16,334 kms, manual, air
                                                                WANTED: Single profes-                                                                            ASSISTANT: An opportuni-
 shops and transport. $80       to share house with 2                                            Ph 8379 0828.                  cond, car immobiliser, mud-
                                                                sional, refs, seeks long term                                                                     ty exists in Campbell House,
 pw. Ph 8272 0666.              women and cat. $62.50 pw                                                                        flaps.    VOU 703.      To
                                                                house-sitting, 6 - 8 months.     HOLDEN CAMIRA: 1986                                              Pembroke School for a
 N A I L S W O R T H            + exp + bond. Ph 8362           Ring Margaret 8278 5365.         SL/X wagon, 1.9 EFI, air       arrange inspection ph
                                1360.                                                                                                                             Boarding House Assistant.
 (PROSPECT): Looking for                                                                         con, stereo rad/cass, tinted   Stephen Guest ext 35467.          The position of fers full
 2 women to share beautiful,    TUSCANY             (ITALY):            FOR SALE                 windows, tow bar, 10 mths      Tenders in a sealed enve-         board and lodgings for the
 vegetarian, non-smoking        Beautiful historic farmbouse                                     reg, good cond. VNB 044.       lope marked Tender No             duration of the School year.
 house. Lge rooms, open         between Florence & Siena.                                        $4,600 ono. Ph Sam 8303        W180, to the Purchasing           In return, the successful
                                                                BARINA: 1987. Electric                                          Manager, Waite Campus, by
 fireplaces, polished wooden    Fully restored and owned by                                      5832 or 8271 1182 (ah) or                                        applicant is expected to do
                                                                blue, auto, air, central lock,                                  Fri 27 Sep, ‘96.
 floors, loads of character     Melbourne architect. Avail                                       email: sakkach@arch.ade-                                         duties of 15-18hrs pw con-
                                                                alarm, stereo. Good condi-
 and imminent herb and          for rental from Nov ‘96.                                                                                    tact time which includes
                                                                tion. VHD 967. $6,350                                               MISCELLANEOUS
 vegie garden. Close to uni,    Accomodates up to 6 adults                                                                                                        supervising, tutoring and
                                                                ono. Ph 8268 4512 (ah).          LAND: 30m x 15m level
 city, transpor t & shops.      in superb location with won-                                                                                                      the pastoral care of boys
                                                                DATSUN 240K: 1976.               block, fenced on two sides,
 $60 pw + expenses. Ph          derful views. For coloured                                                                      GIVE AWAY: Ladies 2               from Years 7 to 12.
                                                                Has been cheap and reliable      soil report. Ocean/hills
 8342 0486.                     brochure and booking                                                                            wheeler bike. Old, no             Applications in writing,
                                                                but will need work. Owner        views. Southern area.
 NORTON SUMMIT: Lge             details ph (03) 9818 8859                                        $25,500. Ph 8326 5026          gears. Call Vicki 8303            including the names and
                                or fax (03) 9428 6897.          going overseas. SBX 991.                                        5406 or go to Students’           addresses of two referees,
 4br villa. Avail for 12 mths                                                                    (after 6 pm).
                                                                $750 ono. Ph 8342 0450.                                         Assoc Office, George              to: The Deputy Principal,
 from Jan ‘97. 20 min from      UNLEY: 2br unit. Air con,
                                                                EQUIPMENT: Mettler 0-16          LJ TORANA: 1973. RYM           Murray Bldg.                      Pembroke School, 342 The
 city. Garden, old orchards,    sep dining and lounge
                                                                kg Electronic balance: 0.1g      980. $500 ono. Ring                                              Parade, Kensington Park,
 bush, dam in tranquil set-     areas. B-in robes, 1st                                                                          HELP: Males 18 years or
                                                                accuracy, electronic inter-      George 8352 6064.                                                SA 5068.
 ting. Furnished if required.   storey, in group of 30 units.                                                                   older to participate in a
 $200 pw. Ph 8390 1829          $120pw + bond. Carport &        face. $600. Incubator:           MITSUBISHI         SIGMA:      study for a master of psy-        SOPRANOS/ALTOS/TEN
 (ah).                          garden area. 2kms from          170 Ltr, electronic temp         S/wagon, 1981, exc cond,       chology thesis connected          ORS/BASSES: To sing a
 NORWOOD: 2 br, blue-           Victoria Sq. Bus & tram         control, stainless steel. As     5 speed, air cond, T-bar,      with prostatic and testicular     broad range of predominant-
 stone cottage. Furn, includ-   very close. Onsite laundry,     new. $400. Variable pip-         roof rack, stereo, 7 months    (male) cancers. Participants      ly christian music in a small
 ing w/mach & crockery, etc.    coin op. Ph 8271 4925.          pettors: 1ml, 5ml, 10ml.         rego, good tyres, new bat-     will be required to complete      group. Repertoire includes
 Includes living rm & dining    WANTED: Person, 27-38,          $40 the lot. Ph Alex 8303        tery. SPF 102. $2,800          a questionnaire. Ph Peter         afro-american music, classic
 area, small garden, off-       non smoker pref, to share       5899 or 8356 3925.               ono. Ph 8332 3386.             Queale 8303 5693 or 8338          music, modern music, eth-
 street parking, close to bus   house in the Croydon to         FOAM           MATTRESS:                                        2386
                                                                                                 TOYOTA         CAMRY:                                            nic music and madrigals.
 & shops. Suit couple.          Dulwich areas. Rent approx      Double bed, wood box             S/wagon, 1991, 5 speed,        WORD      PROCESSING:             Contact Helen 8370 3615.

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