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MAY 6, 2010                                                                                            VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2

                        Sign more listings
                        Great Answers to Common Objections
  You cannot dream      Always have the right response, and you’ll see your listing inventory soar.
  yourself into a
  character; you must   Would you like to close more listing appointments? A quick way to bring this about is
  hammer and forge      developing great answers to common objections. Your answers should be short, punchy, and
  yourself one.         to the point. They should remove all possible objections so that you walk away with the listing.
                        And, yes, you should practice your answers so that you’ll never be at a loss for words.
  James A. Froude:
                        Here are some common objections, along with listing-tested answers from top performers in
                        the industry.
                        Objection: “I have a friend in the business.”
                        Your answer: ―I understand your feelings, but consider this: You may have to reveal more to
                        your friend than you would like. When we get into discussing the sale, your life, your finances,
                        and your bottom line are going to be laid out in the open—warts, blemishes, and all. Do you
                        really want to expose that much to your friend? Plus, as nice as you are and as perfect as we
                        all try to be, things happen. When you get irritated or mad, would you rather be yelling at your
                        friend or yelling at me?‖
                        Objection: “We’re not ready. We have to fix up the house first.”
                        Your answer: ―That’s a good idea. We want your house to be 100 percent ready when it goes
                        on the market so we can maximize its impact. Let’s get the paperwork signed right now, then
                        we can pick the target date for putting it on the market. Let me get my calendar out. When do
                        you think you’ll be ready?‖
                        Objection: “We want to try selling it ourselves.”
                        Your answer: ―I understand many people like to do a for-sale-by-owner. The main reason
                        they do this is to save money on the commission. But also keep in mind that most buyers will
                        offer a lower price for your house because they know you’re not paying a real estate
                        professional. The challenge isn’t in writing up the sale. The challenge is to find a buyer who is
                        willing to pay your price for your home. I can find a buyer who will pay your price. Chances are
                        it won’t cost you to use my services, because I can help you get the best price. In fact, you
                        may net more money than if you do it yourself.‖
                        Objection: “Another real estate practitioner says he can get more money for our
                        Your answer: ―I know you are probably interviewing other real estate professionals, but it is
                        not a good idea to select someone to work with based on home price. I could guess right now
                        at your home’s value and say it’s worth twice what anyone else says it’s worth. You could list
                        with me based on that, but perhaps I couldn’t sell it. It’s your home, Mr. Seller, and I can list it
                        at any price you want, but it’s better to find out what the market is likely to pay. I’m going to
                        come back to you with a CMA competitive market analysis. That will show you what the market
                        indicates your home will sell for. We’ll discuss the offering price at that time. Is that all right
                        with you?‖
                        Objection: “Lower your commission.”
                        Your answer: ―I’m sorry, but I just can’t take less. Here’s why: if you took $6 and laid it here
                        on the table, $3 of that would go to the buyer’s company, $1 goes to my broker, and $1 goes
                        to all the marketing work I do. Do you want to take the last dollar away from me?‖

                        These are just a few ideas for handling objections. Ask other practitioners in the office how
                        they handle these questions, and try their answers out as well. Master these answers to
                        commonly heard objections during listing presentations, and you’ll see your listings and your
                        success increase dramatically.
“The secret of     New Game and New Prizes – Time to get excited for our new game and contest
joy in work is     this year! More fun and new prizes! In fact, the game has started and you’ve been
contained in one   playing…..yes, that’s right! Come get all the details at our agent meeting on
word -             February 28 in the Roseville office. Don’t miss out; mark the meeting on your
excellence. To
                   calendar! We will also have a guest speaker that day.
know how to do
something well
                   Training –Check the Superstar Calendar for upcoming dates and times on our
is to enjoy it.”
                   training classes this year. Many of the topics have been chosen by you in our recent
                   survey. Our technology class will now be a workshop class. Please note, all classes
Pearl S. Buck:
                   and workshops will require an RSVP to Allison or Tawny if you are planning to attend.

                   Check Your Mail – To all agents and loan officers, please come by the office and
                   check your mail slots. Your mail has been stacked up and it needs to be cleaned out
                   and checked on regularly.

                   Remote Floor Time – Want Leads? Sign-up for Floor Duty! Call or email Allison at
                   the Fair Oaks Office to sign up for floor time in the morning or afternoon shifts.
                   Weekends are whole day shifts.

                   Property Organizer Online – Have your clients sign up on your personal company
                   web page for homes through our exclusive online Property Organizer! By doing so,
                   it will keep your clients and yourself informed of new listings and homes that meet
                   their search criteria. No limit to how many clients you can sign up!

                   Forward Voice Mail – Did you know that you can have messages from your office
                   voicemail automatically routed to your cell phone? See Tawny for more details.

                   Office Closed – On Monday, February 19th for President’s Day.

                   Pre-Qualify Your Clients – Did you know that your clients can be pre-qualified
                   through our website? By clicking into the ―Financing‖, then ―Get Pre-Qualified‖, your
                   client can enter their information and be pre-qualified for their loan! Simple!
                   Check it out! It will save you valuable time wondering if your client is qualified.

                   Las Vegas – This year’s National Association of Realtors Convention will be held in
                   Las Vegas, NV. The dates are November 13-16, 2007. If you haven’t attended a
                   national convention yet, now is a great opportunity to attend this one! Mark your
                   calendar and join the fun! Our office is planning to go together as a group. It is very
                   impressive when 30,000+ Realtors take over a city! More details, hotels and booking
                   can be found at the NAR website. Save the date!
                                                   February 2007
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                                                              New Game

                                   “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”
                                                              Vince Lombardi

                                                “Knowing is not enough; we must apply!”

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