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									   Liberty Recording Solutions

                    The Liberty Digital Verbatim Interview Recorder is a PC-based audio
                    recording program designed to run on a standard PC using the Windows
                    operating system. The Liberty solution can record and playback on multiple
                    channels. It also includes bookmark and text notes features that allow tab
                    stops for instant cueing and text to be imbedded directly into the resulting
                    audio files. During times of tightening budgets and fiscal restraint, Liberty
                    Recorder is the economical alternative to other higher-cost digital recording
                    systems. Liberty Recorder is simply the most cost effective way for
                    Investigators/Investigations of any type to move into digital audio recording.

                                 “Papering The Case”
The difficulty of accumulating all evidence and managing it for the duration of the investigation
as well as being able to search and review has been a serious problem for users of technology.
Whether it be paper reports in Word, .jpg crime scene photos, telephone conversations from
911, audio captured by Digital Mobile Recorders in discrete interviews, phone conversations or
other pertinent digital files created by the myriad of devices in use by the department can now
be copied to our MYSQL database driven voice and data management systems provided by
DataWorxs Systems, Inc. The AudioWorxs package facilitates access to Liberty files, as well as
all other digital files by downloading and identifying them with our “Personal Companion”
software. This facilitates placing all files in a searchable and reviewable file structure accessed
by any secure user. Once the file has accumulated the right amount of evidence, it is copied
The files can then be sent to the Prosecutors Office. “Papering the Case” was never this
       Liberty Recorder can record two or more discrete channels,
        making it the ideal solution to address the needs of small or large
        interview rooms. A laptop configuration will allow the mobile user
        to create multi-channel recordings anywhere the need may arise.
        Liberty Recorder is available in hardware bundles that include the
        appropriate multi-channel sound interface to address your
        recording requirements. Options also include video recording to
        the same audio file.
       Liberty Recorder features include:      A  llows the isolation of any
        individual channel during playback. You can record from 2 to 32
        separate channels.
       A File Notes entry that allows text notes to be imbedded directly
        into an audio file.
       A Bookmark feature that allows bookmarks, with text, to be
        imbedded into the audio file. Subsequently, the bookmarks allow
        you to easily search and find specific points in the recording.
       The ability to monitor a recording as it is written to the hard drive
        so that you can ensure the recording volume levels are sufficient.
       Files are saved on the “C” drive and mirrored to a discrete media
        i.e.: CD-R or USB “Thumb” Drive, or a network server.

                 The Liberty Digital Interview Recorder
The following screen capture shows how a Investigator can use Liberty Recorder to add file
notes to a recording, monitor the progress of the recording, and add bookmarks at different
points in the recording.

                                                                                 General text
                                                                                 notes may be
                                                                                 assigned to
                                                                                 the audio file

                                                                                 Audio levels
                                                                                 may be
                                                                                 monitored in
                                                                                 real time and
                                                                                 associated text
                                                                                 may also be
                                                                                 saved with the

            The Liberty Software Based Player
The Liberty Player provides playback facilities for your captured audio files. It is available at no
cost. As many users as needed can download or copy to their PC a full fledged Player. The
Player lets you select and listen to individual channels in a recording or all of the channels at
once. The Player runs on any PC with Windows 98 SE or later that has standard audio
capabilities. An optional PC transcription package with a USB foot pedal for controlling playback
and a stereo headset for private listening is available.


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