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									   Townsville Motorcycle Club Inc.                                                                               WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR!
                                                                                                         See you at the Club’s Monthly Meeting on Monday 18th
                            January 2010                                                                  January at 7.30pm, Brothers Leagues Club, Kirwan.
                                                                                                       (usually first Monday of the month except January for obvious reasons!)
                                                                       Grab an Agenda Form at the Sign On Table on your way in,
 Our New Committee Members for 2010                                                                   to quickly action any of your suggestions/ideas/questions for
                                                                                                      an early night! Quick game’s a good game!
PRESIDENT – Shane Dee 0407 740 517                                                                    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(                                                                                                             New News!
                                                                                                      *Jack Miller is racing to Spain! Yep the whole family is off
VICE PRESIDENT–                                                                                       to Europe in February for a season for Jack to try his hand in
Ian Barton 0417 006 201                                                                               the Spanish and German Grand Prix. Does it get any more
(                                                                               exciting than this! Jack has been taken on board by KAZU
&                                                                                                     KURODA after a whirlwind year on the state and national
VICE PRESIDENT–                                                                                       Road Racing circuit, which included placing 6th overall in the
Dave Sorohan 0438 411 790                                                                             ASBK championship, despite missing a round! GOOD
(                                                                              LUCK JACK! Keep us updated – hint hint, Sonya!

CLUB SECRETARY –                                                                                      *And there’s more! Another Davey is headed to Europe
Annette Franklin 0417 024 321                                                                         this year also, multi- state and national - titled Ashleigh will
(                                                                                join brother Mitchell and Josh Grajczonek.
TREASURER – Linda Lester
                                                                                                          DID YOU KNOW – Events don’t happen by magic!
MOTOCROSS RACE SECRETARY –                                                                             Working Bee every Saturday before an event – mowing,
Christine Barton 0410 472 392                                                                             whip snipping, clean amenities, hose the track etc.
(                                                                                            PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!
Motocross Committee Representatives                                                                   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Tania Millard 0417 714 053                                                                                        ATTENTION ALL CLUB MEMBERS!!
                                                                                                      Don’t forget Club Membership prices have increased as
                                                                                                      from the October AGM:
                                                                                                               JUNIORS $30, SENIORS $40, FAMILY $60
Chris Costa 0408 015 934
                                                                                                      Download form from and post with
                                                                                                      cheque or phone/email Annette.
                                                                                                      JUNIORS MUST DO A FIVE (5) HOUR COACHING
Val Ruffle 0422 721 346
                                                                                                      COURSE EVERY SINGLE YEAR BEFORE MQ Will
                                                                                                      RENEW their LICENSE – please ring Tania Millard /Rising
                                                                                                      Sun Honda 0417 714 053 or Scott Roots 0438 535 699
Dirt Track Committee Representatives                                                                  asap (at least 3 Months BEFORE Licence expires).
Belinda Weismantel 0419 628 182                                                                       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(                                                                    If you have any Newsletter info send me a quick email
 &                                                                                             This Newsletter gets sent
Robert Boswell 0450 374 216                                                                           out at the start of every month to the Bike Shops in Tville,
                                                                                                                  Ingham, Ayr & Ch Towers as well as
ROAD RACING RACE SECRETARY-                                                                                   
Veronica Goodna (                                                                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Road Racing Committee Representatives
Rex Diplock (
Ash Leavy 0438 626 083
                                                                                                      Accident Insurance that covers:
SPEEDWAY RACE SECRETARY –                                                                                  ·    24 hours a day 7 days a week
Belinda Weismantel 0419 628 182                                                                            ·    Motor cycle riders during practice and competition
                                                                                                           ·    Individual and Family plans
(                                                                        ·    No waiting period, covers from very first day of
...................................................................................................             covered injury
      TMCC Meets FIRST MONDAY of the MONTH                                                                 ·    Plans start from as little as $3.50 per week
           7.30pm Brothers Leagues Club Kirwan                                                               For further information please call Simon Cane on
                                                                                                                                4779 3450
         *(above Committee Members Only 6.30pm)
   ALL WELCOME – Next Meetings Mon 18/1/10
                   (No meeting 1st week January)
                2009 TOWNSVILLE MOTORCYCLE CLUB AWARDS                                                                               MOTORCYCLING QUEENSLAND 2009 STATE
MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONS of 2009                                                                                                                    & NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
50 cc Div 2 – 1st Caden Emmett 2nd Luke McNee 3rd Edwin Bailey                                                                     Here’s how the locals went – they’re everywhere!!!
65cc (U12yrs) – 1st Cody Hall 2nd Brayden Hall
3rd Isaac McNee                                                                                                           State Women’s Motocross – Senior Unlimited KIERA SMITH
Jnr Mini Lites 85/150cc – 1st Christopher Roots                                                                           State Speedway – Senior Solo JOSH GRAJCZONEK
2nd Sean Bawden 3rd Riley Barton                                                                                          State Senior Long Track /250cc 4strokeDAMIEN KOPPE
Girls Mini Lites – 1st Jessica Avenell 2nd Rianna Koppe                                                                   State Senior Long Track/WomenASHLEIGH DAVEY
Mini Lites 85/150cc (U16) – 1st Alex Rooke                                                                                State Senior Dirt Track/250cc 4 stroke AND 450cc 4stroke
2nd Christopher Lowe 3rd Bradley Alloway                                                                                  DAMIEN KOPPE
Junior Lites (u16) – 1st Alex Rooke 2nd Jake Avenell 3rd Kirt Denning                                                     State Senior Dirt Track/WomensASHLEIGH DAVEY
Senior Lites – 1st Seeton Battle 2nd Scott Gofton 3rd James Bradshaw                                                      *State Senior 1100cc Sidecars*JOHN Van EERDE (& Rob Patterson)
Senior Open – 1st Peter Bliesner 2nd Scott Gofton 3rd Chris Costa                                                         State Senior Road Racing 250/4stroke ProductionMAX DIPLOCK
Senior Unlimited – 1st Peter Bliesner 2nd Chris Costa 3rd Bryan Bell
Senior Women – 1st Tania Millard 2nd Tracey Couplos                                                                       NATIONAL SENIOR LONG TRACK/0ver 450ccDamien Koppe
Veterans – 1st Peter Cannings 2nd Clinton Mc Nee 3rd Bruce Lowth                                                          NATIONAL SENIOR LONG TRACK/WOMENSAshleigh Davey
50cc Div 2 1st Edwin Bailey 2nd Byliie Burgess 3rd Isla Panecassio                                                                        2009 State Number Plates Recipients
65cc (7-U9yrs) 1st Brayden Hall 2nd Kieran Lennox                                                                         Senior Motocross/Open#8 MICHAEL MUNRO
3rd Dillon Hall                                                                                                           Senior Motocross/Womens#1 KIERA SMITH
65cc (9-U13yrs) 1st Cody Hall 2nd Brenton McIntosh
3rd Dale Borlase                                                                                                          Junior Dirt Track
Mini Lites 1st Dale Borlase 2nd Haden McCloskey                                                                           #5 BRENDAN BOSWELL
3rd Sam Robson                                                                                                            #7 DALE BORLASE
Girls Mini Lites 1st Tileah Ihle 2nd Jessica Koppe                                                                        #9 BROCK TREACY
 3rd Nikki Keys                                                                                                           Senior Dirt Track
Mini Lites (13-U16yrs)1st Brendon Boswell 2nd Alex Zeigler 3rd Simon                                                      #1 DAMIEN KOPPE
Whitworth                                                                                                                 #2 CHUCKY LEE BURGESS
Jnr Lites (250cc/13-U16yrs) 1st Jake Rowe 2nd Simon Whitworth 3rd                                                         #4 JOHN VAN EERDE
Cameron Scott                                                                                                             #5 JAMIE WHITWORTH
ORM SNELL JUNIOR of the YEAR – DALE BORLASE                                                                               #7 KEIREN SCOTT
Senior Lites 1st Chucky Lee Burgess 2nd Jamie Whitworth 3rd Aaron                                                         #10 MITCHELL WEISMANTEL
Stewart                                                                                                                   Senior Womens Dirt Track
Senior Open/450cc 1st Mitchell Weismantel                                                                                 #1 ASHLEIGH DAVEY
2nd Chucky Lee Burgess 3rd Brenton Ross                                                                                   #2 MEGAN ALLEN
Senior Open/over 450cc 1st Aaron Stewart 2nd Darren Stout 3rd Kieran                                                      #3 TANIA MILLARD
Scott                                                                                                                     #5 KIERA SMITH
Senior Unlimited (a) 1st Chucky Lee Burgess                                                                               #6 JODIE MILLARD
2nd Mitchell Weismantel 3rd Damien Koppe                                                                                  #7 SARAH GREEN
Senior Unlimited (b) 1st Brenton Ross 2nd Matt Pilcher 3rd Kieran Scott                                                   #8 SAMANTHA VAN EERDE
Senior Womens 1st Tania Millard 2nd Sarah Greene                                                                          Junior Womens Dirt Track
 3rd Jodie Millard                                                                                                        #2 JESSICA KOPPE
Veterans 1st Tania Millard 2nd John Bailey 3rd Ken Warren                                                                 #3 TILEAH IHLE
Quads 1st Steven Zeigler 2nd Mark Briant                                                                                  #4 NIKKI LEE KEYS
...............................................................................................................           #5 RIANNA KOPPE
                           JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPION – Cody Hall                                                               #6 MIEKA BOUWMAN
                                    Most Improved – Jamie Kerby                                                           2009 Awards to Officials
                                  Most Consistent – Adam Franklin                                                         President’s Volunteer of the Year – GARY DAVEY
                               Junior Encouragement – Olivia Lowe                                                         Services to Coaching – TANIA MILLARD
                         SENIORCLUB CHAMPION – Tania Millard                                                              >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                                     Most Improved – Kyle Neven                                                                                     FOR SALE –
                                   Most Consistent – Michael Ellis
                                                                                                                          2007 KTM Mini Adventurer (50cc div 1)
                            Senior Encouragement – Sarah Greene
                                                                                                                          $1500 – Phone Eddie 0418 555 442 or 47 239068
                                                                                                                          Honda TRX 400EX – recent rebuild/receipts, Ready to Race Ex
                                     Lew Ruffle & Mick Franklin
ROAD RACING CHAMPIONS of 2009                                                                                             Cond. PHONE Cameron 0412 680 181/47740736
Perpetual Trophy of the Year – JEANETTE CLIFFORD
Pro SuperLite 1st Alby Lee Sye 2nd Scott McClymont                                                                        2001 Honda XR250 ROAD REGISTERED $3 300.
3rd Gary Ellem                                                                                                            PHONE 0403 178 793
AM Superlite 1st Ivan Clowes 2nd Michael Clowes
3rd Darren Everett                                                                                                        2005 RM85 $3000,
Formula RR 1st Max Diplock 2nd Joshua Cuming                                                                              Phone George & Tracey Couplos 47 888 211
3rd Scott McClymont
Formula 3 1st Rex Diplock 2nd Ivan Clowes 3rd Andrew Dennis                                                               2009 CR85 – immaculate/meticulously maintained – ALL
GP 125 1st Joshua Cuming 2nd Michael Barra 3rd Doug Penna                                                                 WORK DONE – VERY FAST $4600 Dale Burgess 49 424 300
Senior Motard 1st Tim Lusk 2nd Kurt Lewis 3rd Brant Jansen
Clubman Motard 1st Sam Crossley 2nd Jim Casey                                                                             2007 Suzuki RMZ250 Full Rocket Exhaust, near new
3rd Robert Crossley                                                                                                       Bridgestone tyres. One Owner $5250 Phone 0409 134 130
250 Production 1st Max Diplock 2nd Gai Diplock
3rd Rex Diplock                                                                                                           2009 Honda CRF 150R
Womens Unlimited 1st Veronica Goode 2nd Gai Diplock 3rd Melissa                                                           $5 200.00 Phone Debbie Barnes 4098 2627
Junior Corporate Challenge 1st Connor Clifford                                                                            Custom Made Seat (suit YZF 250) immaculate $130
2nd Alex Zeigler 3rd Mitchell Bell                                                                                        1 x Oxstar TCX boots (size 11) as new $100
Junior Corporate Best & Fairest – Alex Zeigler                                                                            Phone Annette 0417 024 321
Junior Corporate Best Presented – Mitchell Bell                                                                                                                                   Page 2 of 3
Junior Corporate Most Improved – Brea Dennis
                  CALENDAR 2010                           May 2010
Please Note, at time of going to print MQ still had not   1/2nd TULLY MX Gumboot Classic
 given final approval to some Townsville MX & DT &
                                                          8th ROAD RACING Practice/Come & Try
   SPEEDWAY Club Days – CHECK FEBRUARY                    (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
      NEWSLETTER and always remember -
                                                          15th NQ DIRT TRACK ? tbc
   1. Subject to CHANGE!
       – Check with Website Newsletter                    15th TNQMX rd 1 CHARTERS TOWERS
                                                          16th TNQMX rd 2 AYR (Clare Track) (and Saturday’s
       Newspaper/Motorcycle Classifieds)                   29 th Ayr vs NSW Speedway tbc
                                                          June 2010
   2. More Racing @ and                   5th TNQMX round 3 CAIRNS and                                 6th TNQMX round 4 TULLY and                12/13th ROAD RACING QUEENSLAND 400/250/GP 125                      & Motard CHAMPIONSHIPS (Shaws Rd)

   3. Remember to PRE NOMINATE for major                  19th Ayr DT
      events (NQ’s, Qld’s, etc)
                                                          July 2010
      Generally only local Club Days are                  3rd Ayr SuperMoto
      nominate/enter on the day.
                                                          17th Ayr DT
      SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS ENTRY                     17th ROAD RACING round 2 Closed to Club
                                                          (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
      FORM (there are many changes this year)
                                                          24th TNQMX round 5 MAREEBA
January 2010                                              25th TNQMX round 6 RAVENSHOE
16/17th Tully - Greg Moss MX Coaching
(BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL download form                         August 2010 or                  7/8th CH TOWERS MX KING of GOLDFIELDS

February 2010                                             7th Ayr vs NSW Speedway tbc
6th ROAD RACING Practice/Come & Try
(Kart Club, Shaws Rd)                                     7th ROAD RACING round 3 Closed to Club
                                                          (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
20/21st Honda Smart Jnr & Snr MX Coaching
(BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL download form                         21st TNQMX Final Round 7 TOWNSVILLE or
                                                          21st Ayr DT (May Steel Memorial)
March 2010
6/7th MQ Generic & Clerk/Steward Course (Townsville)      September 2010
                                                          4th ROAD RACING round 4 Closed to Club
13th ROAD RACING round 1 Closed to Club                   (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
(Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
                                                          18th Ayr DT
20th Ayr DT
                                                          October 2010
27/28th MQ Scrutineer/Race Sec/Prac Supervisor            2nd ROAD RACING Practice/Come & Try
(Townsville)                                              (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)

April 2010                                                9/10th WOODSTOCK CLASSIC MX /DT/ NATURAL

10/11th QUEENSLAND MX CHAMPS RD 2 DYSART                  16th Ayr DT (Presidents Cup)

17th Ayr                                                  November 2010
                                                          6th ROAD RACING round 5 Closed to Club
17th/18th ROAD RACING NQ Championship & ONE HOUR          (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
MEMORIAL(Kart Club, Shaws Rd)
                                                          20th Ayr DT
                                                          27th ROAD RACING Event
                                                          (Kart Club, Shaws Rd)                 Page 3 of 3.

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