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									  Eurydice Update: Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe

The Eurydice Network has just published the first edition of Key Data on
Teaching Languages at School in Europe. The report contains 37 indicators
which provide an overview of the many aspects of the provision of foreign
language teaching and teacher training for language teaching in 30 European

The report addresses a range of key questions, including:

      How many pupils speak one language at home and another at school?
      How is language teaching organised (in terms of when compulsory
      provision begins and ends, which languages are taught, how many have to
      be learnt for what amount of time and what are the official teacher/pupil
      ratio requirements)?
      What are the language learning participation rates?
      How many languages are learnt on average?
      What are the qualifications of those who teach them?

The report was compiled using data from the Eurydice Network, Eurostat and
findings from the PISA (OECD) and PIRLS (IEA) surveys.

Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe is available online at

Limited hard copies are available from
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