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European Conference on Model Driven Architecture


									               Call for Participation
 European Conference on Model Driven Architecture®
           Foundations and Applications
                 ECMDA-FA 2006

               July 10th-13th, 2006, Bilbao, Spain


You are hereby invited to attend to the ECMDA-FA 2006 conference.
Model-Driven Architecture® (MDA®) is an initiative proposed by the Object
Management Group (OMG, for platform-generic
software development. It promotes the use of models in the specification,
design, analysis, synthesis, deployment, and evolution of complex software

ECMDA-FA is dedicated to furthering the state of knowledge and fostering the
industrialisation of the MDA methodology. Its focus is on engaging the key
European research and industrial figures in a dialogue which will result in a
stronger, more efficient industry, producing more reliable software on the
basis of state-of-the-art research results.

The conference is organised in three tracks of interest dealing with the
foundations and applications of MDA, as well as with the current offer of tools
and services around MDA. There will be additional workshops, a consultancy
corner, and tools exhibitions on these subjects.

Location and dates
ECMDA-FA 2006 will take place at Bilbao, Spain, from July 10 th to 13th, 2006.

Invited keynote speakers
Bran Selic, IBM Rational Software: “Wherefore art thou, model-driven
David Frankel, SAP: “Model-Driven Business Process Platforms”
July 10th, 2006
   - Second ECMDA Workshop on Traceability
   - Second Workshop on Aspect-Based and Model-Based Separation of
       Concerns in Software Systems
   - European Workshop on Composition of Model Transformations – CMT

July 11th, 2006
   - Second Workshop “From code centric to model centric software
       engineering: Practices, Implications and ROI”
   - ECMDA Workshop on Integration of Model Driven Development and
       Model Driven Testing
   - European Workshop on Milestones, Models and Mappings for Model-
       Driven Architecture (3M4MDA)

July 12th, 2006
   - Keynote: David Frankel, SAP
   - Three parallel technical tracks on: Foundations, Applications and Tools
       & Services.
   - Tools & Services Exhibition area
   - Social Event

July 13th, 2006
   - Keynote: Bran Selic, IBM Rational Software
   - Three parallel technical tracks on: Foundations, Applications and Tools
       & Services.
   - Tools & Services Exhibition area
   - Experts’ panel discussion

For a detailed agenda on technical presentations and access to the
registration system please visit:
Program Committee ECMDA-FA 2006:

Jan Aagedal           SINTEF
Mehmet Aksit          Twente University
Mariano Belaunde      France Telecom
                      Institute of Information Science and
Antonia Bertolino
Jean Bezivin          INRIA
Xavier Blanc          University of Paris VI
Manfred Broy          Munich University
Krysztof Czarnecki    University of Waterloo
Miguel de Miguel      University of Madrid
                      Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de
Jean-Luc Dekeyser
Serge Demeyer         Universiteit Antwerpen
Philippe Desfray      Softeam
Jürgen Dingel         Queens University
Gregor Engels         University of Paderborn
Tracy Gardner         IBM Software Group
Reiko Heckel          Leicester University
Simon Johnston        IBM Software Group
Gabor Karsai          Vanderbilt University
Roger Kilian-Kehr     SAP
Anneke Kleppe         Klasse Objekten
Tom Mens              University of Mons-Hainaut
Veronique Normand     Thales
Richard Paige         York University
Yves-Marie Quemener   France Telecom
Chris Raistrick       Kennedy Carter
Laurent Rioux         Thales
Bernhard Rumpe        Technische Universität Braunschweig
Branislav Selic       IBM Rational
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen   MetaCase
Andreas Ulrich        Siemens AG
Marten van Sinderen   Twente University
Gerd Wagner           TU Eindhoven
James Willans         Xactium
Clay Williams         IBM Watson Research Lab
Albert Zündorf        University of Kassel
Organising Committee ECMDA-FA 2006:

Jos Warmer       Ordina     Programme and Conference Chair
David Akehurst   Kent U     Workshop chair
Asier Azaceta    ESI        Local Arrangements Chair
Alan Hartman     IBM        Tools and Consultancy Chair
David Kreische   imbus      Webmaster
Robert Pastor    Thales     Public Relations Chair
Arend Rensink    Twente U   Publications Chair

ECMDA-FA Series Steering Committee:

Alan Hartman     IBM                  General Chair
David Akehurst   Kent U
Uwe Assman       Dresden TU
Asier Azaceta    ESI
David Kreische   imbus
Arend Rensink    Twente U
Jos Warmer       Ordina

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