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					OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL PARISH                                                                                              ASHTABULA, OHIO

                            PRAYER LINES
Kay Johnson 576-3002, Madeline Bernardo 969-1059, Sisters of Notre
Dame (440)279-1163, Ursuline Sisters (440)449-1200

                                                                                     Saint John / Saints John & Paul Alumni Association will be
                                                                                 accepting Herald Hall of Fame nominations until November 1. If you
                                                                                 would like to nominate a deserving Herald alumni or contributor and
                                                                                 would like a nomination form, please call the school at 997-5531 or email
     Thank you to Sandra and John Kozel, Bina Cellitti, and Bev
Foderetti for the beautiful fall foliage and flowers that have been gracing
our liturgical environment. Their gifts help to remind us of the beauty of        Saints John & Paul is BEEM-ING with pride! A drawing for a
God's creation, indeed! The liturgy committee will be updating the fall          2009 BMW 128i Convertible will be held at the Bocce
environment each week throughout the season and welcomes your                    Tournament Saturday, May 22, 2010. Ticket cost is $100 and the
autumnal donations of flowers or decorative grasses. Just stop by the            ticket seller wins $5,000. Purchase at or
church on Fridays at 3:00 PM to share your gifts. You might even like to         through the high school office at 997-5531.
lend a hand at decorating.                                                           You can help support Saints John and Paul School and enjoy
                                                                                 delicious Market Day frozen food products! November features extra-
                     FOR MARRIED COUPLES                                         special PIES along with many other delicious choices! The pies can be
     Rediscover the one you love! Not sure about your communication?             sampled in the vestibule after mass on October 24 and 25. Items can be
Seeking to renew your marriage commitment? Hoping to rekindle the                ordered online at or you take an order form and
romance? Give your relationship time to be renewed at a Worldwide                return it to either the elementary or high school by Thursday, November 5.
Marriage Encounter Weekend. The next will be November 13-15, at Lake             All orders made in person must be prepaid and checks can be made out to
Chautauqua Retreat Center, Bemus Point, NY. Register early, reservations         Market Day. For those ordering online our school code is 17050. The pies
fill quickly. For more information, call (814) 823-4600 or email                 can be picked up on Friday, November 13, 5:30pm-6:30pm at Sts. John &                                                            Paul High School. Monthly catalogs are also available in the church
                                                                                 vestibules or by calling the school at 997-5531.
                  WORLD MARRIAGE DAY 2010
     In preparation for next year’s World Marriage Day, couples who are                               HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
married civilly but not in the Church are invited to inquire about                    The Tri-Parish Community offers our congratulations to the Catholic
beginning the validation process (“having your marriage blessed by the           Daughters of America (CDA) who are celebrating their 90th anniversary
Church”). A special celebration will be held in February, near Valentine’s       this year. The CDA will celebrate their anniversary by attending Mass
Day, for those couples completing necessary canonical process for                together at 12noon on Sunday, November 8, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
marriage in the Catholic Church. Please contact the parish office before         Parish.
October 30 to inquire about beginning the marriage validation process.
The Pastor will then forward the request to the Tribunal of the Diocese.
                                                                                                         HALO GIVING TREE
                      “THE CROSS” PROJECT                                              As we anticipate Christmas, please consider adopting a person in
     A faith movie for all denominations about one man’s mission for             need as part of the Catholic Charities HALO (Giving Tree). The Giving
38years to carry a 12ft. wooden cross successfully into every nation             Tree will be up the weekend of November 28 and 29 for you to select a
around the world bringing people spiritual, physical, and relational             tag, purchase a gift, wrap it, and return the gift to the Mt. Carmel cry room
healing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are looking for people        on December 12 & 13. Please take a tag only if you can return the gift by
to contribute their time, donations, and talents for this fundraiser event.      December 13.
For more information, call Justine Manweiler at 964-7404.                                               HALO INFORMATION
                                                                                     Anyone who knows of a family or families in our parish who is in
    +++MEMORIAL FLAMES OPENINGS FOR 2009+++                                      need of help for Christmas, please contact Karen Millberg at 969-1061 by
These dates still have some openings for Memorial Flames:                        November 8.
     Saturday, November 14; Sunday, November 15,                                                       HALO DINNER DANCE
     Wednesday, November 18; Saturday, November 21,                                   Sponsored by the Halo Advisory Board and Catholic Charities, the
     Sunday, November 29; Wednesday, Dec 2; Friday, Dec 4,                       dance will take place on Saturday, November 21, starting at 6pm. The cost
     Saturday, December 5; Sunday, December 6; Wednesday, Dec 9,                 is $20 per person and includes dinner, open bar, raffles, and live music by
     Saturday, December 12; Sunday, December 13,                                 “Good Question.” For more information or to purchase tickets, please
     Wednesday, December 16; Saturday, December 19,                              contact Pam Richcreek at Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County at 992-
     Wednesday, December 30; Thursday, December 31.                              2121, or visit their offices at 4200 Park Ave.
If you are interested in any of the dates, please call the rectory to schedule
a flame. Thank you.
     We have also “opened the books” for 2010, and are now accepting
Mass intentions and Memorial Flames for 2010. Forms are available in the
church vestibule. Masses are scheduled on a first come/first served basis
so get your requests in early to get the date you’d like.
     This is a time honored way of remembering our deceased loved ones,
and as we approach the annual celebration commemorating all the faithful                                 El Grande Steak House
departed (All Souls Day), let us offer special prayers for all parishioners,                                  Rt. 20 West
family members, and friends who have gone before us.                                                           998-2228
OCTOBER 25, 2009                                                              THIRTIETH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

                                           +++ November 2009 +++
    Sunday              Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday             Thursday              Friday            Saturday
1 ALL SAINTS 2             The        3 St. Martin         4 St. Charles       5                   6                  7
 2nd collection for Commemoration of     de Porres            Borromeo
   SSJP school       All the Faithful  [Election Day]
CCD                     Departed
                       (All Souls)
                   8am Mass at St. Joe
                   3:30pm – Young
                                                       6:30pm – Bingo
                         people’s choir                7pm – Choir
                              rehearsal 7pm – RCIA              rehearsal 7pm – Bible Study
                   7pm Mass
                         at Mt. Carmel           @ MoS
8 32nd Sunday in   9 The Dedication 10 Pope St. Leo        11 St. Martin       12 St. Josaphat     13 St. Frances     14
  Ordinary Time           of the Lateran       the Great        of Tours                            Xavier Cabrini
  2nd collection for          Basilica                       [Veterans Day]
     El Salvador
3pm – Baptism prep
                        3:30pm – Young                     6:30pm – Bingo
       class at St. Joe                     7pm – RCIA
5pm – Confirmation           people’s choir                7pm – Choir
                                  rehearsal          @ MoS           rehearsal 7pm – Bible Study
   class at Mother of

15 33rd Sunday in 16 St. Margaret        17 St. Elizabeth 18 The Dedication of 19                   20                21    The
 Ordinary Time          of Scotland;        of Hungary       the Basilicas of St.                                     Presentation of the
  2nd collection for                                          Peter & St. Paul;                                         Blessed Virgin
                        St. Gertrude
                                                             St. Rose Philippine                                            Mary
    Food Pantry                                                   Duchesne
CCD                  3:30pm – Young
Breakfast at MoS         people’s choir                                                                               Texas hold-em
RCIA presentation                        7pm – RCIA        5pm – Finance
                                                                                                                          @ Mt. Carmel
of Candidates
                               rehearsal                             Committee 7pm – Bible Study
                                                     @ MoS                        7pm – Pastoral
 9am – STJ                                                 6:30pm – Bingo
 10am – MOS                                                7pm – Choir                      Council
 Noon - OLMC                                                            rehearsal
22 OUR LORD          23 Pope St. Clement I; 24 St. Andrew   25 St. Catherine    26                 27                 28
 JESUS CHRIST St. Columban; Blsd.             Dung-Lac and     of Alexandria      Thanksgiving        No School &
                      Miguel Agustín Pro
    THE KING                                 his companions [no school at SSJP]                      Parish Offices
CCD                                                                             9am Mass                 closed       Festival of Trees
1:30pm –             Bloodmobile                                                     at St. Joseph
  1st Reconciliation               at MoS
 parents meeting at
                                            7pm – RCIA
Mother of Sorrows
                                                      @ MoS

29 1st SUNDAY 30 St. Andrew
  OF ADVENT                          Adoration Chapel:                         Mass Schedules:
 2 collection for                     Sunday: 12:30pm to 9:00pm.               Saturday (Vigil for Sunday):
     Religious    3:30pm – Young      Mon. – Fri.: 9:00am to 9:00pm.              St. Joseph – 4pm; OLMC – 5pm; MOS – 5:30pm
 Retirement Fund      people’s choir Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm.               Sunday: St. Joe – 9am; OLMC – 8:00am and 12Noon;
No CCD                     rehearsal                                              MOS – 10am and 11:45am (in Spanish)
                                           All visitors welcome                Weekdays: 8:00am (Mon. & Fri. at St. Joe;
                   6pm – Altar &                                                  Tues. & Thurs. at MOS; Wed. at OLMC)
                                       E-mail:                                 Reconciliation: Saturdays at 3pm at St. Joe; 6:00pm at
                      Rosary meeting
                                               OLMC; 6:30pm at MOS (or by appointment)

                                               + Tri-Parish Activities Calendar +
                                                       +++ detach and save +++
OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL PARISH                                                                                        ASHTABULA, OHIO

                                                                                           PRAY WITH THE SCRIPTURES
                                                                                        Readings for the week of October 25, 2009
                                                                          Today: Jeremiah 31:7-9; Psalm 126; Hebrews 5:1-6; Mark 10:46-52
                                                                          Monday: Romans 8:12-17; Psalm 68; Luke 13:10-17
Saturday, October 24 – Vigil for Sunday                                   Tuesday: Romans 8:18-25; Psalm 126; Luke 13:18-21
  5:00pm John & Linda Izzi (daughters & families)                         Wednesday: Ephesians 2:19-22; Psalm 19; Luke 6:12-16
           Joseph & Helen Church (children & grandchildren)               Thursday: Romans 8:31-39; Psalm 109; Luke 13:31-35
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 – THIRTIETH SUNDAY IN                                  Friday: Romans 9:1-5; Psalm 147; Luke 14:1-6
                    ORDINARY TIME                                         Saturday: Romans 11:1-29; Psalm 94; Luke 14:1-11
  8:00am   Mike A. Laurello (wife, Norma)                                 Next Sunday: Revelation 7:2-14; Ps 24; 1 John 3:1-3; Matthew 5:1-12
  12Noon Mary, Victoria, and Gabe Lombardo (estate)
           Jane Vaughan (JoJo Simrak)                                                              MASS INTENTIONS
Monday, October 26 – Weekday                                                   Diocesan Policy states that parishes should only retain as many Mass
  8:00am     Mass at St. Joseph Parish                                    Intentions as can be celebrated within a year. If you are unable to schedule
Tuesday, October 27 – Weekday                                             a Mass Intention at your parish, please consider sending your Mass
  8:00am     Mass at Mother of Sorrows Parish                             Intention to the Diocesan Mass Stipend Fund for our retired priests and
Wednesday, October 28 – Sts. Simon & Jude                                 other priests in need of stipends. It is a wonderful service that we can offer
  8:00am     Mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish                        through your generosity. Please mail Mass Intentions to: Diocesan Mass
             Carmella Esposito (sisters & brothers)                       Stipend Fund; c/o Reverend John M. Jerek; 144 West Wood St.;
Thursday, October 29 – Weekday                                            Youngstown, OH 44503. Make checks payable to Diocese of
  8:00am     Mass at Mother of Sorrows Parish                             Youngstown.
Friday, October 30 – Weekday                                                                     TRI-PARISH FOOD DRIVE
  8:00am     Mass at St. Joseph Parish                                         It is again time for the Tri-Parish Fill-a-Bag Food Drive. This
  8:15am     SSJP School Mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish            supports the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Food Pantry at St. Joseph in keeping
             Carl “Spanky” Carano (Aunt Toni)                             the shelves stocked.
Saturday, October 31 – Vigil for Sunday                                        “Fill-a-Bags” will be available at the doors of the churches next
  5:00pm Dominic & Dominica Standy (family)                               weekend. Please take a bag and fill it with items from the list that is
                                                                          attached to the bag. Return the bag the following weekend to the food
                                                                          pantry or to the entrances of any of the churches. Thank you in advance
  8:00am   Linda Varckette Joslin (sisters)                               for your generosity.
           Canzonetta family (Loraine & Gary)
  12Noon Frank Noce (Jean & Lisa)                                                 ANNUAL BLUE MASS FOR SAFETY FORCES
                                                                               The Knights of Columbus and the Ashtabula Tri-Parish Community
                   MEMORIAL FLAMES                                        will celebrate a “Blue Mass” to honor the Ashtabula Area Safety Forces
Saturday, October 24:                                                     on Wednesday, October 28, at 7pm at Mother of Sorrows Parish. Please
  Victor & Rita Cimorell (children); Gilda Duva (husband); Carl           show your support for our area safety forces by attending this annual
  “Spanky” Carano (Aunt Toni); John Severino (Elaine Valerio);            event. Refreshments will follow the service in the parish hall.
  Filomeno & Lucia Valerio (daughter-in-law, Elaine); Pasqual & Carmel
  DiDonato (daughter, Elaine)                                                                        ALL SOULS DAY
Sunday, October 25:                                                             All Souls Day (November 2) is the day in the Church when we honor
  Linda Varckette Joslin (Mom & Dad); the deceased members of the         all the faithful departed. To commemorate this Feast day, the Tri-Parish
  Ackley and Juptner families (Henrietta Ackley); Pearl Benedict (Marie   Community of Ashtabula will have a special Mass on Monday, November
  Benedict); Christine Timonere (Donna & Vince Capuano); Ella &           2, at 7:00pm, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish. All those who have lost a
  Albert DiAngelo (Jean Vendetti); Nicholas Martello (Jean Vendetti)      loved one are invited to attend, and all those who have died in our 3
Wednesday, October 28:                                                    parishes this past year will be remembered during this Mass. [NOTE: this
  Lucille Arp (family); Frank Carlo (great nephews & great niece); Ned    Mass is in addition to the regularly scheduled Mass at 8:00am at St.
  Incorvia (Genevieve Ecklund & M/M John Elzeer); Gilda Duva              Joseph on this day.]
Friday, October 30:
                                                                                              STEWARDSHIP THOUGHT
  Fr. Arthur DeCrane (Fr. Joe Ruggieri)
                                                                          Today’s Psalm says, “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled
Saturday, October 31:
                                                                          with joy.” Good stewards demonstrate by their living and giving that they
  Eleanor Costa (family); Elizabeth Guerini (husband & family); Blanche
                                                                                    understand God as the source of all they are and have.
  Severa (husband); Della Johnston (John & Nancy Elzeer); Josephine
  Noce (Nancy Elzeer); Dolores Guerini (Jim & Donna Notte)
Sunday, November 1:
  Louis Tulino (wife & children); John Leombruno (MaryAnn & sons);
  Matt Canzonetta (Susan & Fausto Stafani); Sylvia Campisano (Cecelia                         Are you giving 10%?      5%?    1%?
  Gianell); Michael C. Zaller (M/M David Watson); John & Sarah                       STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE UPDATE
  Watson (M/M David Watson)                                               Sunday “target” amount:                               $9,000.00
                                                                          Sunday Collection 10/11:                              $7,189.00
                            NOTE                                          Weekly Average as of July 1, 2009:                    $7,135.00
 There will be no Mass at the Mission on Sunday, November 8.              Children’s Donations:                                    $18.50
                                                                          Envelopes Mailed Out:                                    911
                                                                          Envelopes Received:                                      316
OCTOBER 25, 2009                                                                      THIRTIETH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

      The Ashtabula Chapter of the American Red Cross is running its
annual fundraiser to support the Save the Family Campaign for relief to
victims of local fires. It is important to remember that all funds stay here
in Ashtabula. This is a very important fundraiser for the Ashtabula                The next meeting of our parish’s Pastoral Council will be on
Chapter of the Red Cross, because unfortunately we experience an               Thursday, November 19. The following Parishioners are on the
increase in home fires during this time of year, which in turn puts a big      council. If you have issues for the Council or the Parish, please
strain not only on our staff and volunteers but also on our funds. We are      contact them. We value your input.
very sensitive to the economic times, and for that reason have dropped the         Mrs. Stephanie Anservitz       998-5883
price to $15.00 this year from $25.00 last year. What you will receive for         Miss Rosemary Bernato          964-9562
your purchase is ten (10) sample glasses or two (2) full glasses of fine
                                                                                   Mrs. Durene Burns              997-5212
wine from one of our great participating wineries. Which are Buccia
                                                                                   Ms. Mary Capitena-Bento        992-9499
Vineyard, Debonne Vineyards, Ferrante Winery, Grand River Cellars,
Harpersfield Winery, The Lake House Winery, Old Mill Winery, Saint                 Ms. Jaime Carr                 992-0947
Joseph Vineyards, South River Vineyard, the Winery at Spring Hill. If              Ms. Marilyn Carr               992-0947
you would like more information about the passport, or to purchase your            Mrs. Jean Hermick              992-9145
passport you may contact the Red Cross at (440) 998-1020, or Robert                Dr. John Hoza                  224-3324
Dille at (440) 992-5051. My fellow board members and I would like to               Mrs. Lori Lamm-Riley           428-7262
thank all of the participating wineries and you for your continued support         Mr. Larry Lynagh               858-2881
of your local Red Cross.                                                           Mrs. Jeanne McCool             992-3129
                      THE GOSPEL OF LUKE                                           Mrs. Josephine Rufo            992-9387
     The liturgical season of Advent is an opportunity to become more
                                                                                   Mrs. Donna Torquato            964-2639
aware of the richness of the sacred scriptures. This course will focus on
significant themes in the Gospel of Luke especially the Advent readings.           Mrs. Janis Williams            964-0280
Participants will experience a better appreciation and understanding of        Ex-officio
God’s Word. Resources will be available to purchase at the first session.          Ms. Angela Ackley              998-4111
Please bring your Bible. Registration fee is $10. The classes will take            Mr. Bob Lanterman              998-4111
place November 30, December 7, 14, and 21 from 7 to 8:30pm at St.                  Mr. Pete Olsen                 998-4111
Joseph Church School Library.                                                      Fr. Joe Ruggieri               998-4111
                                                                                   Sr. Shirley Warner               964-3277
                 **ATTENTION ALL BAKERS**
This year on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, voting will take place at                 HOLIDAY HAPPENING CRAFT SHOW
Mt. Carmel Banquet Center. Throughout the day a Bake Sale will be                               Sponsored by Altar & Rosary Society of Mother of
going on. If you can bake for this event, please drop off your baked goods                      Sorrows Church, the craft show will take place at Mt.
at the rectory on Monday, November 2 from 8am to 4pm, or you can bring                          Carmel Community Center 1200 E. 21st St., Ashtabula
them to the center the day of the elections from 8am to 4pm. What a nice                        on Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7 from
way to help out your church. If interested, please fill out the form and                        5 to 9pm and 10am to 4pm. The cost for adults is $2 and
return it to the rectory via the collection basket.                                             $1 for seniors and students.

Name: _____________________________                                                                  HALLOWEEN PARTY
                                                                               The Parish Community Life Committee will host a Halloween Party on
Phone #: _____________________________                                         Friday, October 30, at 6:30pm in the school
                                                                               parking lot (or in the gym, weather
                                                                               depending). We are looking for donations of
                                                                               pumpkins and cornstalks. If you are able to
                                                                               donate either of these, please call the rectory
                                                                               at 998-4111. Thank you in advance for your
        BINGO is on Wednesday, October 28, at 6:30pm in the                    generosity. There will be prizes for best
          Bernard Vacca / Mount Carmel Community Center                        costumes and a pumpkin decorating contest.
                      Special Halloween Party                                  There will be food, games and fun for all ages.
           Free Donuts,Cider & Treats with paid Admission
BINGO Kitchen Workers for October 28: Donna Notte, MaryAnn
  Dunn, Bob Lanterman, Mary Beth Lacy, Karen Fenton                                   “THE CHURCH: THE ONE AND THE MANY”
                                                                                    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown announces the
Thanks to the October 14 BINGO Workers:
                                                                               Inaugural Lecture of the Bishop Benedict C. Franzetta Memorial Lecture
Bakers/Supplies: Palma Meola, Emily Ricker, Barb Severino, Audreen
                                                                               Series. The Most Reverend Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Archbishop of Cincinnati,
                                                                               will be at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Hall in Youngstown on Tuesday,
Kitchen: Carolyn Yarhaus, Barb Severino, Steve Severino
                                                                               November 10, at 6pm, and at Walsh University’s Barrette Center in
Floor: Ed Melaragno, Theresa Mackynen, Brenda Riesterer, Cindi
                                                                               Canton on Wednesday, November 11, at 6pm. Individual tickets are $25
  DiAngelo, Jody Foderetti, Wayne Jewell
                 ATTENTION! HELP NEEDED!!
     BINGO is in need of people to work in the kitchen and on the floor.        Remember to change your clocks next weekend so you’re not an hour
If you can donate an hour, or two, even once a month, please contact the       early for Mass/CCD. Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1. Turn
Rectory. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated! Call now!!                              your clocks back one hour.

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