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									Is Facebook Better Than Twitter ?
Facebook and Twitter are both social networking sites where you can keep track of
friends and family

Facebook and Twitter still get along though. There may come a time when Facebook
does purchase Twitter. Twitter is not much of a money maker, so unless this changes
purchase by Facebook may be likely.

Twitter has a huge number of users; its growth has been amazing.

On the other hand, Facebook is making strong profits. It uses targeted advertising to
generate revenue.

For now, though, Facebook and Twitter have the opportunity to make money and should
do so.

Why is Facebook So Popular?
Everyone's on it, The ability of Facebook to merge businesses and entrepreneurs in with
individuals is something that other social networks didn't do well. On Facebook there's
tons of commercial potential, and users don't seem to mind it.

No really annoying ads. Many of the ads on Facebook are repetitive, but they're not
repulsive, you will find things you really are interested, and this can lead to new hobbies
and good and relevant finds.

It's all about the games and apps. Facebook has a wildly extensive library of addictive
games and add-ons that keep people coming back to the site. Many of the social games
available reward their players for spending lots of time online

It plays to people's vanity. Many people post many updates every day on how their day
is going. If they have 100 or more friends they may feel that all of their friends are
keeping up to date with them

Why Twitter Has Become a Very Popular Site ?
Simplicity Twitter's own interface doesn't give you much in terms of bells and whistles
in its basic form. If you're the more tech-oriented, Twitter does offer advanced features,
like searches, trends, and the like.

Desktop and Mobile Applications Twitter lets you get into the service not only through
its web interface. . If you're the type who wants to see everything in one view, you can
use TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop on your computer. If you prefer to tweet while on the
go, you can use SMS

Your Friends are There The tipping point for any social media service is actually that
point where the service is getting widespread acceptance from your friends. . Almost
everyone who matters is already on Twitter. With this in mind, there is simply no
incentive to move elsewhere.

Mainstream Acceptance Twitter has made appearances in major traditional publications
such as the New York Times and Time Magazine, because of the widespread use . It
doesn't mean that Twitter is replacing mainstream media in being a reliable source of
news, but it sure is becoming a good medium for transmitting raw information as it

Celebrities Reading updates from celebrity Twitter users almost feels like being a
paparazzo yourself. Twitter gives celebrities a voice that's surprisingly genuine.

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