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					A newsletter for friends and employees of Georgia’s public libraries                                            volume 7, issue 5 I April 2010

Governor proclaims March 10 ‘Georgia Library Day’
On the heels of a two-week post-
                                         David Baker

ponement due to a legislative break,
nearly 150 library advocates braved a
series of morning downpours March
10 to voice their love for and support
of libraries with members of the
Georgia General Assembly.

     With Georgia Library Day
originally scheduled for Feb. 25, the
event’s sponsors — Georgia Library
Association (GLA), Georgia Associa-
tion for Instructional Technology,
Georgia Library Media Association
and Georgia Public Library Service —
had to scramble for a makeup date
when the General Assembly ad-
journed Feb. 18 and began a two-
week break from the legislative
session to work on balancing the
Fiscal Year 2011 budget.

   All worked out in the end,                          From left: Carol Stanley; Judy Serritella, coordinator of library media services for the Georgia
however, with even Gov. Sonny                          Department of Education; and Dr. Lamar Veatch accept Gov. Sonny Perdue’s Georgia Library Day
             See Library Day, page 2                   proclamation.

GLASS meetings show support for Talking Book Centers
The results are in from the series of                  citizens with visual or physical                    serves every corner of the state,
12 public meetings held around the                     disabilities that prevent the use of                offering a variety of programs and
state in the first quarter of 2010,                    regular print materials.                            support services, including the
and those people who live within an                                                                        distribution of Braille and audio
easily traveled distance of a Georgia                       “Those who attended our                        materials from the National Library
Talking Book Center (TBC) want their                   meetings were quick to point out                    Service for the Blind and Physically
center to remain as is.                                that they enjoy the personalized                    Handicapped that are circulated to
                                                       service they receive from the                       eligible borrowers in the United
    Georgia Libraries for Accessible                   committed and knowledgeable staff                   States by postage-free mail. GLASS
Statewide Services (GLASS)                             members at Georgia’s TBCs,” said                    network members are strategically
conducted the meetings to give                         Lyn Hopper, assistant state librarian               located throughout the state, and
patrons the opportunity to share                       for library development.                            the network maintains affiliations
suggestions for service                                                                                    with each of the state’s nearly 390
improvements. The goal is to provide                        The GLASS network of 11                        public libraries.
more efficient, effective service to                   libraries and one outreach center                                       See GLASS, page 2
                                                                                          Library Day
    David Baker

                                                                                          Continued from page 1
                                                                                          Perdue joining in the festivities by signing a proclamation
                                                                                          declaring March 10 Georgia Library Day. State Librarian
                                                                                          Dr. Lamar Veatch formally accepted the proclamation
                                                                                          from the governor at 11:00 a.m. in the Capitol.

                                                                                              A number of speakers addressed the crowd, including
                                                                                          Sen. Jack Hill (D-Reidsville), chairman of the Senate
                                                                                          Appropriations Committee, and Sen. Seth Harp (R-
                                                                                          Midland), chairman of the Senate Higher Education

                                                                                              “With good libraries, we can do anything,” Harp said,
                                                                                          as he explained Georgia’s need to build and maintain a
                                                                                          highly educated work force. “We compete with the
                                                                                          world, and an educated Georgia is the linchpin in our
                                                                                          future success. Libraries are critically important as a source
                                                                                          of knowledge, and knowledge is power.”

                                                                                               Following the morning presentations, attendees
                                                                                          visited the state Capitol to speak with elected officials,
                                                                                          then returned to the Floyd Building for lunch with their
                                                                                          legislators. According to Carol Stanley, president of GLA,
                                                                                          the sponsoring organizations hoped to convince legisla-
                                                                                          tors of the need to maintain FY2009 budget levels for the
                                                                                          state’s public libraries and to recognize all types of libraries
                                                                                          and the value of their combined services to all citizens.

                                                                                               “We have wonderful advocates across the state,” said
                                                                                          Veatch, “and their presence at Georgia Library Day this
                                                                                          year, especially in light of tight budgets and troubling
                                                                                          economic times, made a powerful statement to our
                  More than three dozen of the nearly 150 library advocates who           elected officials that Georgia’s citizens believe in the value
                  attended Library Day paused for a group photo under the Capitol dome.   of their libraries.” I

                  Continued from page 1                                   GLASS Director Stella Cone said             “Many patrons like being able to
                       “People who live farther away                 that duplication of and within             visit their accessible library, but they
                  from a center may not get the same                 collections needs to be reduced, and       are also happy with service by
                  browsing opportunities as those who                that TBC staff members often must          phone, as long as they have a toll-
                  do live near a TBC,” Hopper said,                  spend too much of their time               free number and a consistent and
                  “and mail service from the Atlanta                 processing mail. “The time spent on        trusted person to help them.”
                  and North Georgia centers to patrons               mail clearly would be better spent
                  in South Georgia seems much slower                 providing personal service to                   Cone noted that GLASS patrons
                  than to and within the northern half               patrons,” she said. “If there’s            and staff who attended the
                  of the state. So we clearly have work              anything we have learned from              meetings were nearly unanimous in
                  to do to solve these and other issues.             these meetings, it’s that the personal     voicing their belief that outreach
                  But because of the overwhelming                    touch from a trusted readers‘ adviser      services should be as localized as
                  need and support for this service,                 is among the most important                possible — ideally in every county or
                  there will be no changes to the                    aspects of what the GLASS network          in small, multicounty areas.
                  GLASS network in fiscal year 2011.”                provides.                                                       See GLASS, page 7
                  Georgia Public Library Service News   April 2010
Tift County librarian wins first Georgia Libraries Photo Contest
Victoria “Vickie” Horst has been a photography buff                             More than 70 entrants submitted photos of magical
for many years, and her interest paid off in February                      library moments that were captured digitally between
when her entry was judged the overall best photograph                      Jan. 1 and Feb. 14. A panel of judges selected winners
in the inaugural Georgia Libraries                                                                 and honorable mentions

                                      Victoria Horst
Photo Contest.                                                                                     representing 10 categories.

     Jointly sponsored by the                                                                            From the category winners,
Georgia Library Association                                                                         judges then selected Horst’s
(GLA), Georgia Public Library                                                                       photo as “best overall” and
Service, Georgia Association for                                                                    awarded her the grand prize of
Instructional Technology and                                                                        a library/reading gift basket
Georgia Library Media                                                                               valued at $100 from GLA and a
Association, the contest                                                                            certificate suitable for framing.
encouraged library supporters to                                                                    First-place winners from the
show their love for Georgia’s                                                                       remaining categories received a
libraries — and win a prize                                                                         certificate and a gift bag
valued at $100 in the process.                                                                      containing an assortment of
                                                                                                    library-related gifts, while
     “I’m thrilled,” said Horst,                                                                    honorable mention winners
who serves as director of the                                                                       received certificates.
Tifton-Tift County Public Library,
part of the Coastal Plain Regional                                                                  A series of posters
Library System. “I have been                                                                    incorporating all winning photos
taking pictures for almost 15         This photo by Victoria Horst was judged “best overall”    was displayed during Georgia
years, and this is the first time I   and winner of the “best photo of a library-sponsored or   Library Day on March 10.
have won a photo contest.             Friends-sponsored event” category. Wearing a costume          “These photos made for a
                                      native to her country, Gabriela Meneses of Peru reads to
                                                                                                wonderful display,” said Julie
                                      a number of young patrons, including (from left)
     “Gabriela Meneses came to        Adonnis Easton-Tolbert, Kourtland L. Tolbert, Shakeria    Walker, deputy state librarian.
the library as part of a joint        Eckford and Mariya Browlee, at the Tifton – Tift County   “They certainly drew the
program with the Tifton Museum        Public Library on Feb. 12.                                attention of our legislators and
of Arts and Heritage called ‘Peru:                                                              helped us show them how much
The Tifton Connection: Culture, Art and Caring.’ The                  Georgians value libraries and library services.”
program gave the citizens of Tifton a fantastic opportunity
to experience aspects of Peruvian culture on a very                       Winning photographs also will be displayed and their
personal level. There were opportunities to try food, to              creators recognized at the 2010 Georgia Council of Media
learn about native crafts and to look at some brilliant               Organizations conference in Athens this fall. Winning and
photography of the country. Her native costume was                    honorable mention photographs from all 10 categories
absolutely stunning; it would have been a shame not to                can be viewed online at
have taken this picture of her reading to these children.”            georgialibraryassociation/sets/72157623555847346/. I

Chattahoochee Valley wins $200,000 Knight Foundation grant
The Mildred L. Terry Public Library in                 benefiting library users in 20          communities served by the library
Columbus, a branch of the                              communities across the country.         have already benefited greatly from
Chattahoochee Valley Libraries (CVL),                                                          the new technology,” said CVL
has more than doubled its number of                         With the foundation’s support,     Director Claudya Muller. “In
public-access computers, thanks to a                   the branch has created a “commu-        addition to helping individual users,
$200,000 grant from the John S. and                    nity center environment” where          local businesses have been taking
James L. Knight Foundation. The                        patrons have access to the Internet     advantage of the computers, copiers,
grant is part of a $5.5 million                        and an ever-growing range of            printers and projection systems in the
Knight Foundation initiative                           activities and applications. “The       meeting rooms, as well.” I
                                                                                              April 2010   Georgia Public Library Service News
                     Summer Reading Program aims to make big splash
                     Georgia’s public libraries are encouraging children to                   the Beach, On Meadowview Street and Trudy. He has also
                     “Make a Splash @ Your Library” in the 2010 edition of                    collaborated on numerous books with other children's
                     the annual Summer Reading Program. The goals of this                     writers, such as Pamela Duncan Edwards, Margie Palatini
                     year’s activities and materials are to promote family literacy           and Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Henry's first novel, A Nest for
                     and demonstrate to kids that reading is fun. Nearly 1.5                  Celeste, was released in February.
                     million people attended a children’s program at one of the
                     state’s public libraries in 2009, and circulation of children’s               The artist for the teen program, "Make Waves @ Your
                     materials last year exceeded 18.7 million items.                         Library," is Ursula Vernon, author and illustrator of
                                                                                              Dragonbreath, Nurk, Digger and several other projects.
                          According to Elaine Black, director of Youth Services               Her work has been nominated for an Esther Award and
                     for GPLS, studies have shown that school-age children                    for several Webcomics Choice Awards. The self-described
                     who continue to read throughout their vacation from                      “creator of random oddities” will soon publish book three
                     school maintain or improve writing, vocabulary and                       of her Dragonbreath saga, Curse of the Were-Wiener.
                     reading skills, while children who do not read are more
                     likely to see their skills decrease. “Reading as few as five                  This is Georgia’s third year as a member of the
                     books over the summer months can help children main-                     nationwide Collaborative Summer Library Program, a
                     tain their reading levels so that when school begins, they               consortium of states working together to provide high-
                     are not behind in reading skills but ready to move for-                  quality summer reading program materials for children at
                     ward,” she said.                                                         the lowest cost possible for their public libraries. By
                                                                                              combining resources and working with a commercial
                         Henry Cole is the artist for this year’s children’s                  vendor to produce materials designed exclusively for CSLP
                     program. He is the author and illustrator of numerous                    members, public libraries in participating states can
                     acclaimed books, including I Took a Walk, On the Way to                  purchase posters, reading logs, bookmarks, certificates
                                                                                              and a variety of reading incentives at significant savings.
    Margery Bouris

                                                                                                   “It’s also great for families that travel between states
                                                                                              to visit relatives during their summer vacations,” Black
                                                                                              said. “They can be part of the same program across 45

                                                                                                   Black said the consortium has delivered an extremely
                                                                                              unified and high-quality program every year since its
                                                                                              inception. “The themes and slogans are voted on each
                                                                                              year by the membership,” she explained. “State library
                                                                                              staff members make suggestions, and their master list is
                                                                                              whittled down to a top five. Representatives from each
                                                                                              member state then vote for their choice from that list.”

                                                                                                   Public libraries across Georgia will support this year’s
                                                                                              summer reading effort by offering reading logs, book-
                                                                                              marks and stickers — and by hosting activities such as
                                                                                              storytimes, puppet shows and other special events such as
                                                                                              arts-and-crafts programs and magic shows. As with
                                                                                              Georgia’s previous programs, children receive rewards for
                                                                                              achieving reading goals. Kids can sign up and get their
                                                                                              reading materials at public libraries across the state,
                                                                                              beginning in May.

                                                                                                  “The teen program is equally outstanding,” Black
                                                                                              said, “because it encourages teens to be creative — and
                     Joseph Fuller, 12, and Justin Stallworth, 7, share a story at the West   have positive social interactions with their peers and
                     Georgia Regional Library System’s Whitesburg Public Library.                                                     See Reading, page 5
                     Georgia Public Library Service News   April 2010
Hawks, Thrashers sponsor sixth

Check-It-Out Reading Challenge
The Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers             conducted online. Any child enrolled
will once again join Georgia’s public       in grades pre-K-12 in the state of
libraries this summer by challenging        Georgia may participate by having a
young readers to read — and earn            parent or guardian log on to
basketball- and hockey-related    , either
rewards in the process. Designed to         on a home computer or a public-
enhance this year’s “Make a Splash          access computer at the library. Parents
@ Your Library” summer reading              and guardians may register each child
program, the 2010 Hawks-Thrashers           in their household for the program.
Check-It-Out Reading Challenge will
welcome young readers entering                   “Both the Atlanta Hawks and                  From left, library staff members Crystal Yancey
                                                                                              and Elizabeth Szaruga joined Thrash last
classes from pre-K to grade 12 for          Atlanta Thrashers are committed to
                                                                                              summer to welcome children to the Collins Hill
the 2010-11 school year.                    helping kids develop a lifelong love              branch of the Gwinnett County Public Library.
                                            of reading, and we challenge
     Hawks mascots Harry the Hawk           ourselves to deliver inspirational                of the state’s public libraries and their
and SkyHawk will make appearances           education programs in order to do                 friends and families. “It's great to
at Atlanta-area libraries to promote        this,” said Tracy White, Hawks and                have this support for summer
the program, as will Thrashers              Thrashers senior vice president of                reading from our partners, especially
mascot Thrash. The popular reading          sales and marketing, and chief sales              in times of economic challenge,” said
program has grown steadily, from an         officer. “In 2010, we hope to, once               Elaine Black, director of Youth
initial two counties in 2005 to a           again, grow the number of students                Services for GPLS. “From the begin-
statewide initiative in 2008. Since the     throughout the state of Georgia who               ning of our relationship — which has
program’s inception, the teams have         take the reading challenge and earn               introduced many new families to
awarded nearly 60,000 Hawks and             the opportunity to join us in the fall            summer reading — public libraries
Thrashers tickets to the young              at Philips Arena for a Hawks or                   have benefited from our connection
readers who have participated.              Thrashers game.”                                  to the Hawks and Thrashers.”

     Souvenir bookmarks promoting               As part of their partnership with                 For additional information on the
the program will be available at            GPLS, the Hawks and Thrashers will                Check-It-Out Reading Challenge and
participating library branches begin-       each sponsor three “Georgia Public                other Hawks and Thrashers pro-
ning in late May. Registration will         Libraries Nights” next season, with               grams, visit and
begin on June 1 and will again be           discounted admission for employees       I

Continued from page 4                                            the grand prize winner will receive $5,529 toward a
adults. The artwork this year does an especially good job        Path2College 529 Plan account, and the home library of
of reinforcing the idea that libraries can be cool places for    the winner will receive $1,000 to be used for its children’s
teens to gather.”                                                and teen’s department. Information will be available and
                                                                 entries can be submitted online beginning May 1 at
    In connection with this year’s summer reading      
programs, the Path2College 529 Plan, Georgia’s state-
sponsored 529 college savings plan, will also partner with            Georgia public libraries’ annual Summer Reading
public libraries across the state to offer the inaugural         Program is made possible by a grant from the U.S.
“Make a Splash — Save for College Sweepstakes.” As a             Institute of Museum and Library Services to Georgia Public
result, one lucky participant this year will win more than       Library Service under the provisions of the Library Services
$5,000 to apply toward their future education. The               and Technology Act. Visit for
Path2College 529 Plan, managed by TIAA-CREF Tuition              additional information about “Make a Splash @ Your
Financing Inc., will sponsor the sweepstakes, which will         Library,” “Make Waves @ Your Library” and other literacy
launch May 1 and run through July 31. At its conclusion,         activities. I
                                                                                         April 2010       Georgia Public Library Service News
    NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                             ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

         The DeKalb County Library                                                          6 p.m. The free event will take place                  Chelsea Kovalevskiy, children’s
    board of trustees and library staff                                                     at the AFPL Central Library at One                and teen’s specialist coordinator for
    invite the public to the dedication of                                                  Margaret Mitchell Square in Atlanta.              the LaFayette-Walker County Public
    the expanded and renovated Embry                                                        A one-day think tank on library                   Library, has been chosen as one of
    Hills branch. The ceremony will                                                         buildings and design, the                         10 national finalists in James
    include a ribbon cutting, tours of the                                                  educational seminar will bring                    Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead teen
    building and refreshments. Festivities                                                  together leading architects, librarians           library programming competition.
    begin at 11:00 a.m. on April 3. The                                                     and vendors to address the                        Kovalevskiy designed “ShamROCK,”
    library is located at 3733 Chamblee-                                                    challenges and opportunities of                   a public library program plan to
    Tucker Road in Chamblee.                                                                building new and renovating or                    bring teens into the library with a
                                                                                            retrofitting existing buildings. The              teen band concert performance. The
        The Cobb County Public Library                                                      day will provide an abundance of                  library was given a Kodak video
    System’s Merchant’s Walk Library                                                        information on green design                       camera by the ReadKiddoRead
    closed Jan. 22 and reopened as the                                                      practices and cost-saving tactics as              Foundation to document the March
    East Cobb Library Feb. 1 in a new                                                       well as focus on designing specific               12 event, and the resulting video will
    location. A ribbon-cutting ceremony                                                     spaces (technology centers, work/                 be entered into the final round of
    took place March 9. The new East                                                        study spaces, teen centers, etc.). The            judging on May 30.
    Cobb Library is located at 4880                                                         program is limited to 100 attendees.
    Lower Roswell Road in Marietta.                                                         For more information and to register,                  D. Ceabron Williams, head of
                                                                                            visit:                    Information Technology Services at
         The Forsyth County Public                                                          designinstituteGA.                                the Flint River Regional Library in
    Library System held a dedication                                                                                                          Griffin, graduated from the Georgia
    ceremony March 21 for its new                                                                Gayle Holloman has been                      State Defense Force’s Initial Entry
    Hampton Park branch on                                                                  named administrator for the Atlanta-              Training course at the Georgia Public
    Settingdown Road in north Forsyth                                                       Fulton Public Library System’s Central            Safety Training Center in Forsyth.
    County. The 23,000-square-foot                                                          Library, where she will provide                   He has been promoted to the rank
    building features a collection of                                                       leadership and management of eight                of private in the 1st Battalion, 5th
    60,000 items; 38 public computer                                                        departments. Holloman has worked                  Brigade, of the Georgia State
    stations; self-checkout stations;                                                       for the library system since 1994.                Defense Force. I
    drive-up book drops; a magazine
    room; a 100-person meeting room;
                                                       Courtesy DeKalb Library Foundation

    and a dedicated children’s room.

        Sponsored by the American
    Library Association, National Library
    Week 2010 will be held April 11-17.
    This year’s theme is “Communities
    Thrive @ Your Library.”

        Georgia Public Library Service
    has announced that the 2010 GOLD/
    GALILEO Annual Users Group
    Conference will be held Friday, Aug.
    13 at the University of Georgia
                                                                                            Impressive match
                                                                                            The DeKalb Library Foundation achieved a major milestone this winter, increasing its endowment
    Center for Continuing Education                                                         to fund literacy programs by $250,000. Through donations from individuals, corporations, civic
    Conference Center & Hotel in                                                            associations and other foundations, the organization raised $125,000 before Dec. 31, enabling
    Athens.                                                                                 it to receive a matching $125,000 grant from the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation.
                                                                                            Fitzgerald Foundation Chairman Lin Stradley and Executive Director Jackie Stradley presented the
                                                                                            matching grant check to the foundation at a reception Feb. 19 at the Decatur Library. From left:
         In partnership with Library
                                                                                            Laura Hauser, DeKalb County Public Library literacy services coordinator; Donna Brazzell, DeKalb
    Journal, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library                                                  Library Foundation executive director; Fred Turner, DeKalb Library Foundation president,
    System will host the seventh Design                                                     accepting grant check from Chairman Lin Stradley and Executive Director Jackie Stradley of the
    Institute on April 30 from 9 a.m.-                                                      Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation; and Darro Willey, DeKalb County Public Library director.

    Georgia Public Library Service News   April 2010
Advocates honored at workshop

                                                                Victor Simmons
Friends of Georgia Libraries (FOGL) has announced that
Jenny McCurdy of Decatur will receive the 2010 FOGL
Best Friend Award. The honor is given to an outstanding
library advocate who has made a significant contribution
to statewide advocacy efforts on behalf of Georgia’s
libraries. McCurdy has been a prominent leader in the
Georgia libraries community for many years, is a past
president of FOGL and was one of the organization’s
incorporators. She will be presented with her award at
the annual FOGL spring workshop, to be held at the
Coweta County Central Library in Newnan on April 23.

     According to FOGL President Bede Mitchell, the
organization will also present its first Fabulous Friends
Award to the Friends of Union County Library. The new
award honors a Georgia-based friends organization for
exemplary success in supporting its local library. The
Friends of Union County Library will be honored for its
creative fundraising activities, such as collecting a mile of
pennies and sponsoring fishing tournaments.                                      Wrestling, with a good book
                                                                                 On Jan. 30, six World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stars visited the
    “We are preparing an excellent program for this                              Atlanta-Fulton Public Library’s West End Branch to promote reading
year’s meeting,” said Mitchell. “In addition to our award                        and sign autographs as part of the WWE WrestleMania Reading
presentations, it will feature two wonderful speakers:                           Challenge. More than 100 children and parents attended the event.
                                                                                 The 27th WrestleMania will be held in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome in
Lynne Bradley from the American Library Association’s                            2011. From left: Young readers Jonah, Josh and Noah Hibbert, with
Washington Office and author Amanda Gable.” For                                  WWE stars Jimmy Wang Yang, Jayson “JTG” Paul and Shad Gaspard of
registration information, visit I                       the tag team Cryme Tyme, and Ray “Slam Master J” Gordy.

Continued from page 2                                                            services. Information of particular interest to the team
     “Library systems that don’t currently host TBCs                             includes:
would need staff and staff training for this, and that may                         I an examination of the effectiveness and efficiency
not be possible in the current economy,” she said, “so                                of the outreach center model (currently used by
we will be looking at ways to provide a more balanced                                 the LaFayette outreach center and Rome’s
distribution of service, raise awareness in the areas where                           Northwest Georgia Talking Book Library);
no local TBC exists, and better integrate patrons into our                         I a cost study comparing a centralized mailing
services through regular libraries. Mail distribution can be                          service to the current model;
handled anywhere, as long as delivery times are fast.”
                                                                                   I use statistics by county to compare levels of
                                                                                      service throughout the state; and
     Hopper indicated that other opportunities for
improving GLASS service include developing Friends                                 I an online survey and possibly more public meetings
groups for the GLASS outlets, partnering with other                                   to gather input from patrons who live in counties
service organizations, and using current TBC staff — as                               without a local library for accessible services.
well as interested patrons — to help train public library
staff in the initial sign-up and delivery phases of GLASS                             A short, online survey about Georgia’s TBCs and the
service.                                                                         services they provide is now available at
                                                                        GLASS encourages all
The planning team will continue to gather additional data                        users of the service, affiliated service providers, and
and will meet again this summer to determine and refine                          library staff — especially those in communities where no
the most effective methods for providing statewide                               TBC is located — to complete the survey by May 31. I
                                                                                                        April 2010   Georgia Public Library Service News

                                                                                               On March 29,
Georgia Public Library Service                                                                 employees of
1800 Century Place, Suite 150                                                                  GPLS honored
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304                                                                         Lyn Hopper,
                                                                                               assistant state
404.235.7200                                                                                   librarian for
404.235.7201 fax                                                                               library develop-                                                                       ment, who
                                                                                               retired March 31
                                                                                               after 25 years of
Lamar Veatch, state librarian                                                                  service to
                                                                                               Georgia’s public
David Baker, editor                                                                            libraries. She is
                                                                                               the author of
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