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									Is Android Phone Better than iPhone ?
A huge battle started amongst these 2 giants and 2 distinct groups of users emerged in the
world with one siding with Apple and the other with Google.

Those who are comparing the iPhone vs Andriod will find the following points
interesting. These points go to show why the latest version of mobile phones
manufactured by Apple is far better than those manufactured by Google

iPhone – How Good is it Really ?
"I-PHONE" and that's the new created reality, in the current paradigm of smart phone

The camera and video recording features are way better than the Motorola Droid, so,
there is absolutely no debate on that, and the phone is completely pretty, sexy.

With a 24-month carrier commitment from AT&T the iPhone is still pretty pricey

Although the iPad is Apple's next technological advancement into the personal tech space,
I doubt the Apple iPhone will stop here, many believe that they will continue to add
features and options and one day your smart cell phone, will do everything, including
project a holographic image of whomever you are talking with at the time.

The reality is as the 4G wireless networks come online, the possibilities become pretty

Here are some reasons mentioned advantages Android
compared to iPhone
Notification System. Unlike the iPhone, Android has a single notification system that
developers can tap into when developing applications.

Easy Connectivity Settings. The Android devices also have an easy way to access the
various connectivity settings. On the iPhone you have to dig into the settings menus to
turn Wi-Fi ON or OFF or to change a phone network, GPS or Bluetooth configuration.
Android makes it much simpler to control your connectivity.

Web Browser. One of the most compelling reasons to choose Android is the web
browsing experience. The Android browser is incredibly fast and very capable.
Integration with Google. Obviously, an Android device will be tightly integrated with
Google applications. Android syncs its contacts with Gmail.

Multiple Carriers. Android devices are available on a number of carrier networks so you
truly have choice over who you want to use for your mobile service.

Open-Source. Finally, Android is an open-source system. Open-source means
developers and hardware makers have much more control over how they can customize
the Android devices.

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iPhone ?

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