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					   Publishers, Educators,
Developers, and Freelancers:
     Change Agents in
 Presented by Keith Garton and Randi Brill
How many years have you
 been in the educational
  publishing business?
Can we guess at the average number of years?
 It’s in the cards!
You’ll see index cards.
Please write down the ONE
 question you want to have
answered for you before you
     leave this session.
           It’s a
We’ll answer as many questions
         as time permits.
BUT, if we are not able to answer
 your specific question and you
 don’t feel it got answered in the
   PLEASE as us before you
 The Essential Question!
 Whether you’ve been in this
 industry for 5 years or for 35
  Can you do business
today the same way you
    did a year ago?
The Simple Answer—

   Not even close.!
• Every successful educational
  contributor, (publisher,
  developer, educator, or
  freelancer) has to work
  differently in today’s turbulent
  publishing environment.ago, won’t
  What worked even a year
 work now.
    So, what do we do?
• How do we all come to grips
  with the dramatic changes in
  structures, expectations, and
  internal support?
• Where do we all look for
  “what’s next” opportunities?
   What are the rules?
• How do we best capture and
  respond to the changing
  demands we all must face?
• Can financial restrictions bring
  powerful new opportunities
  when innovation is part of the
Meet This
   The Fab FOUR
• Publishers   • Developers
• Educators    • Freelancers
  FOUR Contributors
• Every contributor has a view.
• Every contributor has goals.
• Every contributor struggles.
• Every contributor worries at
• Every contributor contributes.
    Every contributor
     has a TOUGH time
  understanding the views,
goals, struggles, worries, and
       contributions of
     the other three!
Publishers depend on educators for
ideas, market data, and of course,
revenue. Publishers rely on developers
and freelancers to assist in the creation
of products that educators need and
Educators depend on publishers
to create strong products to meet their
classroom needs. Most educators don’t
know developers and freelancers assist
in the creation of these products or that
we could help them, too.
Developers depend on publishers for
business and accurate market data from
educators. Freelancers often work for
developers as well as publishers. It’s
rare that developers or freelancers work
directly for educators. Will it be?
Developers and publishers hire
freelancers to help create products.
Freelancers depend on publishers and
developers for their livelihood. Many
freelancers were educators at one time
and have a wonderfully strong sense of
the classroom.
 To succeed, contributors
    must collaborate.
To collaborate, contributors
     must understand.

So, a few introductions are in
Meet Seymour.
Seymour Sellmore.
Seymour is a publisher of K-6
products and books for
struggling readers.
•Seymour’s view starts and ends with products.
•He needs to hit his margins and cover his costs.
•His goal is to have five top-selling products.
•He struggles with debt. He can’t spend a lot.
•He worries about paying the staff and more layoffs.
•He and his boss worry about shareholder value.
•He has to stand up and defend his product in Texas.
•He can’t have any more errors! What a mess!
•He needs accurate, great product—fast and cheap.
Meet Kara.
Kara Kidsfirst.
Kara is an educator, a top
district administrator, and an
empathetic first-grade
teacher—all in one.
•Kara’s view starts and ends with the children.
•She’s responsible for increasing those test scores.
•She needs her teachers to cover the standards well.
•She struggles with money. Bus fuel takes a lot.
•Yet, she’s on the stimulus money committee.
•Kara worries about the safety of her kids and staff.
•She wants products that will help kids read better.
•She brings food for the kids who have no breakfast.
•Yesterday, Kara found a knife in the girls’ room.
Meet Donna.
Donna DoFulle.
Donna is a full-service
K-12 developer with a
creative staff of 60. Her
company is 20 years old.
•Donna’s view starts and ends with creative ideas.
•She needs to sell and deliver great product results.
•She needs her staff to create accurate products.
•She struggles with money. Payroll takes a lot.
•She worries about publishers cutting more projects.
•Donna worries about investing in new tech/staff.
•She needs a lean staff and reliable freelancers.
•She believes innovation is the key to engagement.
•Engaging students could mean fewer dropouts.
Meet Franklin.
Franklin Freenot.
Franklin is a freelancer. He
works out of his home. He
used to teach gr. 6. His
content area is science.
•Franklin’s view starts and ends with content.
•He needs to work and be able to get his kids at 4:00.
•He misses being part of a school. It’s isolating.
•He struggles with money, so he works all the time.
•He worries about where the next project is.
•Franklin worries about when his checks will come.
•He needs a faster Internet connection to work.
•He dreads calling new clients. He’d rather write.
•He can see himself in the classroom as he writes.
   All FOUR Contributors
• Share a passion for the power of
• Want the very best products possible.
• Are committed to creating excellent
• Worry about money in some way.
• Worry about selling/the economy.
• Struggle with balancing priorities.
• Genuinely believe there is a better way.
All contributors add value and
will benefit from new ways of

  Starting now.
You are a contributor and you
need ideas, so we are going to
 give each contributor group

    20 IDEAS—
          at least!
All contributors have many
     issues in common.
         Listen and
   More than 20 ideas
    can work for you.
• Forge New Partnerships:

• Create Innovative Products:    Did you
WHAT                            notice that
                                WHERE is
• Deliver to Market Sooner:      missing?
WHEN                            EVERYW
• Work in New Ways: HOW          HERE!
• Share the Risk: WHY
          Forge New
• Who else needs what you need?
• Who else needs what you offer?
• Can you offer your services or partner
  with others to expand your base of
• Can you expand your
  reach/opportunities by subcontracting to
  others for some work?
                 Immediate Actions!
                WHO: Forge New
                     Partnershipswith other local districts
  Partner with school districts • Partner
• Partner with tech/print pubs    • Invite 4 local publishers to visit
• Form alliance to find new       • Ask parents who they might
  markets                           know
• Sell online/ebooks/new          • Create a blog to network with
• markets 10 freelancers
  Meet new                        • others EVERY ad (FL/FT)
• Run ads to recruit new talent   • Ad any advertiser to your list
• Research 10 new publishers      • Contact five developers via
• Partner with 2 other              email
  developers                      • Engage in social networking
    Create Innovative
• What can you offer that is new to your
• What just seems logical to you but not
• What can you build out of assets you
  already have created?
• Can you build something new that others
  will want that will cost less to create?
                Immediate Actions!
       WHAT: Create Innovative
                         Productsyour teachers to contribute
   Use asset-reuse publishing • Ask
• Research innovation: all           • Motivate by offering incentives
  markets                            • Ask publishers to review the
• Hire people who innovate all         ideas
  day                                • Ask a developer to work for free
• Hold an idea contest in-house
• Research innovation: all           • Create new product ideas you
  industries                           trust
• Redistribute staff: shake it up!   • Share them with a trusted
• Play “What if We Couldn’t. . .”      developer
• Go big, go small, go trade!        • Collaborate with other
                                     • Make a simple prototype to
     Deliver to Market
• How can you shave 2 months off
• Can you beat others to the punch?
• Can you save money by spending less
  time on the project?
• Does an early release give you a sharp
  edge or does it tip off your competitors
  too soon?
                 Immediate Actions!
       WHEN: Deliver to Market
                            Sooner summers wisely and get
  Redistribute staff assignments • Use
• Hire more resources             help
• Offer a bonus for early     •   Publicize the end date
  completion                  •   Set a district goal; share
• Reuse existing content          updates
• Hire extra staff/TOP/FL     •
                              •   Volunteer for district to compete
                                  Invite anothertight
  resources                     assignments
• Create additional shifts    • Offer to work unique hours
• Partner with 24-hour        • Suggest you can help save
  resources                     time
• Cut unnecessary steps in    • Do blitz assignments
   Work in New Ways
• How else could you deliver results?
• Do all of your processes still work?
• How can technology help you to
  achieve faster, cheaper, and better
• Can you offer to be part of an early
  research team in exchange for other
           Immediate Actions!
         HOW: Work in New Ways
•   Do some projects 100% outside     • Build-Our-Own Content
•   Create new products with old      • Self-publish—with help
    content                           • Don’t become a publisher;
•   Work in 100% digital workflow       partner
•   Trade 100% internal reviews for   • Respect what/who you know
                                      • best!
• Offer to use all client content       Be willing to travel for work
• Offer to work on spec               • Be an innie/outie combo
• New internal/external               • Invite others in area: scope+
  workflows                           • Invite others, other areas:
• Do 100% virtual reviews               services+
       Share the Risk
• How can you function as a true partner?
• How can you benefit tomorrow from risk
• Can you help to publish high-risk programs
  by offering to take on some of the risk?
• Can you put together a group that is willing
  to help fund new, innovative programs?
             Immediate Actions!
            WHY: Share the Risk
• Sharing upside can open       •   Share the content ownership
  doors                         •   Offer to trade with other districts
• Offer up other markets as     •   Ask developers to share risks
  benefit                       •   Co-publish with publshrs/devlprs
• Require re-dos on sub-par
• Offer to cap services fees    • Offer to work on spec to show
• Pay extra when you are late     ideas
• Ask for on-time bonus
• Offer to work for royalty     • Offer to do one free sample
• Give volume discounts         • Offer to fix work of others for
                                • Offer money back if not thrilled!
      As a contributor,
    did you hear at least

   20 IDEAS—
    that could add value
to you and your enterprise in
  these tumultuous times?
What did you
hear today?
THE     BIGgest IDEAS!
• We all need to work differently.
• We all need to work together.
• Opportunities WILL come from new
  people, places, and new things we
• Opportunities look different and may be
  less obvious, but will come right into
  focus when we look differently for them.
Remember Dorothy. . .
Your BIG Question!
 Actually, ours to you:
Did you get an answer to the
ONE question you wanted to
   have answered for you
     before you leave this
Thank you!
And good luck to you all.

   (After all, Dorothy had
  a lot more in her corner
 than just the right shoes!)

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