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      "When someone tells you, your idea is crazy,
               don`t listen to him !"
                       Michael Dell

MaxxBizz-Business concept presentation
             Actual situation? Many people …
        … are tired of contacting people?
        … don`t reach their goals?
        … invest too much of their money and time?
        … are looking for a real opportunity?
        … are being called again and again to have a look at something „new“?
        … earn too little, e.g. Euro 500.00 after deducting their expenses?
        … would like to do more with pleasure if it would really pay off?
        … “jump“ from one network to another, among them even leaders?

                   ore and more good netw
There have been m
                                                                   at are stable?
                                ore difficult to build downlines th
      It is becoming more and m
                         What is your view on it?

                It is time for a change, isn`t it?
               Many people`s goal?

                  financial security
for more/better health, fun, life quality, time with family, retirement, …..

              Many „candles“ = More energy!
              Many „candles“ = More security!
            Many „candles“ = More independence!

                 The strategy: 1 Job = 16 incomes!
       Benefit from 16 networks!

    Each of these business areas is a multi billion market!

conferences       Internet       languages      multi media

  trading                         gaining             sports

  vitality        games          anti aging       nutrition

         Plus 4 continental specials ! Here Europe:

house hold          bio           lotteries        jewelry
                 Become a GLOBAL AGENT!

    $    $   $    $   $     $     $   $   $   $    $    $    $   $   $   $

                                Your Global Agency

     1   2   3    4   5     6     7   8   9   10   11   12   13 14 15 16

Our MAXXBIZZ STRATEGY shows you the way into 16 selected prime networks!
     You will finance this strategy by means of your Basic Organization.

                          At least € 1´000 per month
                                come from your
                  BASIC ORGANIZATION
               Your Basic Organization (BO)
                A BO consists of at least 30 maxximizzer24 users!
You benefit from your customers and also from your business partners´ turnover!

    This is an EXAMPLE of 5 direct business partners using maxximizzer24
                          who have also customers!


          12345 12345             12345 12345            12345

         43 % revenue for 1st +2nd level starting when BO is complete!
       From this moment on you will receive at least € 1`000 per month!
 You can extend the width of your BO without limit and increase your revenues!
                      An exclusive product

                For just   € 39.00 each period it suits well
                           every networker`s needs.
          In the whole world there are more than 200 million of them,
                    And their number has been increasing!

 The maxximizzer24 is a customizable gateway with fantastic features designed
to meet the needs of your customers to follow up contacts and their applications!
                       Explanation of the term „period“:
                     1st period: 1st to 15th of each month.
                  2nd period: 16th to the last day of the month.
                   There`s no miracle!
           2 simple steps to identify many business partners:

 1.                                    2.

      The MaxxBizz Program                  for partners:

   You being a business partner yourself, as soon as you have at least
5 maxximizzer24 users you will receive a bonus of € 39.50 for each period.
          You will receive this bonus until your BO is complete,
        i.e. until you start to receive the payments out of your BO.
               You will see solid growth!

    You will receive at least € 1'000 per month permanently out of your BO
1   to acquire your membership and keep up with monthly orders with each
    of the 16 networks! This means you will receive products and services with a
    purchase value of € 1'000 every month!
    The partners in your BO will build their own BO and will follow you into the
2   16 networks. You turn to receive 16 commission checks every month. And
    you will receive products and services with a purchase value of € 1'000
    every month!

    You will have an increasing 16 fold downline, and you BO motor keeps on
3   roaring. Your 16-fold revenue will keep increasing permanently!
    Furthermore you will be delivered products and services in the purchase
    value of € 1'000 every month!

                Your financial security!?
          Recommended partnerships:

    BASIC partnership with 43 % revenue from 1st and 2nd
              maxximizzer24 BO level.

                           Or get the edge:

    PRO Partnership for at once 1.000.- € with 5 ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES:
•   40 % single commission for every 1st level new PRO.
•   20 % single commission for every 2nd level new PRO.
•   48 % permanently for each 1st and 2nd level BO partner.
         (advantage € 1.404 at least p.a.).
•   A surprise gift on obtaining global-agent title.
•   Discount of first 2 periods (i.e. first month is free).
           Simple registration process (Your advisor`s username)
                As soon as you have yourself registered
           you will be given your personal recruiting website!


                      There are no obligations!
You use our business services and maxximizzer24 as long as you wish!
     The day you might decide not to use our service anymore,
                    just stop paying your fees.
                   SIMPLE - FAIR – SUCCESSFUL
That`s it!

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