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					                       Whistle Blower
                                         Edition 2
Welcome the second edition of the Whistle Blower, our regular newsletter to keep you up
to date as to what is happening with the F&DJFL Umpires.

Umpire Numbers
We are still short of the number of umpires required to fill all of our allocated games.
With another eight umpires we could fill all games, but ideally would like another 12 or
so to cover injuries etc. so if you know of anyone giving up playing, suggest that they
make contact with us. It is a great way to stay involved in football, get fit and earn some
extra cash, and make some great friends. We do have the ability to provide a career path
to those that want to take their umpiring further. Please note that this opportunity is not
limited to boys or men, we have a few young ladies now running games with us, and are
open to taking on more.

Send Offs/50 Metre Penalties
Some of you have asked what our policy is regarding send offs etc. If a player or official
argues or remonstrates with a decision the umpire is instructed to move the mark 50
metres. This does not have to involve swearing. If obscenities used by a player he will
be asked to refrain from doing so before action is taken unless they are used towards an
umpire, another player or official or member of the crowd, in which case he/she may be

Players must remove ALL jewellery for the duration of the game, taping it up is not
acceptable, and refusal to remove jewellery may lead to a report.

Green Shirt Umpires
These seem to have been well accepted by the clubs, and can I pass on a special thank
you to the clubs that have gone out of their way to provide extra encouragement to the
learning umpires, it is greatly appreciated by both myself and the umpires. We will be
introducing a few more new umpires over the coming weeks, and do ask for your
ongoing support to this program. These umpires are the foundation to us being able to
grow our numbers over the next few years.

Holding after marks/free kicks
If a player has been awarded a mark or free kick and in a separate action the player on the
mark grabs or makes contact with him/her a 15/25/50 metre penalty will be awarded.
This is different to a few years ago when we first gave warnings to let the player go. The
reason for this is to allow the play to flow more freely.

Report on Umpires
Thank you to the coaches and or team managers that have been doing these. If you need
copies of the new form please contact the League Administrator and he can forward them
to you. This feedback is vital for me to ascertain how our umpires are performing, and if
there are any common problems or issues arising.

                       Mailing Address: PO Box 8217 Carrum Downs 3201
                                Email: rodney@exclusive.net.au
                               Website: frankstondjfl.vcfl.com.au
                      Whistle Blower
                                       Edition 2
Did you know that the umpires have a website? It is update weekly with news from the
umpires including notes from our coaching sessions. Feel free to visit it at

After three rounds we have experienced some great football, and I must say that it has
been great to see the support that our umpires are getting from the clubs, and with your
continued assistance I am sure we will have a successful season. If you have any rules or
areas you would like to see included in this newsletter please email me at

Paul Arztenhofer
Umpires Coach

                      Mailing Address: PO Box 8217 Carrum Downs 3201
                               Email: rodney@exclusive.net.au
                              Website: frankstondjfl.vcfl.com.au

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