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									                                When God Doesn’t Heal

Many Christians are often left bewildered and confused because they believe in God,
have prayed for healing but remain sick. So why doesn’t God heal?

The Bible associates sickness with sin. That is to say, when Adam and Eve took the fruit
in the garden, sin and evil entered the world which brought with it sickness. So usually
for sickness to be dealt with, sin must be dealt with first though God doesn't always
follow this principal and sometimes heals people who haven't yet asked for forgiveness.

The second issue that Jesus makes clear is the issue of Faith. Many times Jesus
says..."your faith has made you well." he emphasizes that the sick persons faith made it
possible for healing.

The first step in seeing healing in your life is to put yourself in the position to be healed.
That is... honest evaluation of your life, recognition and repentance of sin and faith that
believes God can heal.

The confusion happens when Christians have put themselves in a position to be healed
and God still has not healed them. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first is the misconception that God's will is always that a sick person should be
healed. This is not necessarily the case.

Take the example of wild animal eg. a lion that has a broken leg. The animal will most
likely die if it is not helped. A park ranger finds the lion and pulls out a tranquilizer gun.
The lion naturally tries to escape thinking that the ranger is trying to kill him. The ranger
shoots the lion and once the lion is unconscious, puts the lion in a cage in the back of
his truck. When the lion wakes up, he still thinks he is going to be killed and tries to find
a way out of the cage. Later the ranger bandages the leg and keeps the lion for several
weeks until the lion is healthy again.

The point is, the lion thought the ranger was trying to hurt him. He was shot at and put
in a cage. Though the lion thought things were getting worse, the ranger was actually
fixing a bigger problem.

In the same way sometimes God does things to fix a bigger problem when we think he's
ignoring us or refusing to hear our prayers. We cannot assume God's will for each of us
is the same as our will for each of us. Sometimes God doesn't heal in order to fix
another problem or to do something much greater and we just can't see it.

The last issue which deserves you attention is theological and requires an understanding
of the Kingdom of God. When Jesus came to the earth, he was and is the promised
Messiah and with Him came the kingdom of God entering the world.
The Kingdom of God is God's kingly rule on earth. It has two moments: a fulfillment of
the Old Testament promises in the historical mission of Jesus and a consummation at
the end of the age, inaugurating the age to come.

So God's will is that sin and death (sickness) are defeated and have been defeated
through the death and resurrection of Christ. So God's kingdom is made up of those
who submit to God's kingly rule. The problem is that the kingdom of God will not come
in full until Jesus returns again. When he does, there will be a new heaven and a new
earth. Sin, death and suffering will be no more.

We live in a period of time where the kingdom of God is "now and not yet" which means
that though sin and death were dealt with through Jesus, we still live in a world where
though our position is righteous before God, our condition remains as sinful beings in a
broken and sinful world.

So what does this have to do with healing? It means that God can heal here and now
because God's kingdom is here, but God doesn't always heal because his kingdom isn't
here in its fulfillment. So sickness and suffering remain and will remain until Jesus
returns and the kingdom of God is consummated.

When people aren't healed they often start to think God is not good. "If God was good
he would heal me." We must recognize that God is good and created a perfect world
with no sin, suffering and death. We get sick and die because we sinned. Suffering was
not God's plan for his creation, it is the result of the sin of man that we still see
everyday and will live in until Jesus returns.

God can do what he likes... he is God, if he chooses to heal he can and if he chooses
not too, he can. We must do all we can to position our selves for healing and pray for
healing but we must also accept that if God doesn't heal us there is a reason for it.

We must not take healing as proof of God's love for us, sometimes the most loving thing
God can do is allow someone to die, just like the lion that was caged to have his leg
bandaged. God's love for us is unchanging and equal to every human.

Let’s not try and be God by telling God what he must do. Let God be God and be
prepared to accept and trust his judgment whatever he chooses to do.

Peter Pellicaan
(Outreach Pastor)
Rangeville Community Church

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