Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Small Passenger Vehicle Requirements

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					                                       Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Small Passenger Vehicle Requirements | FACT SHEET

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Small Passenger Vehicle Requirements
Operators of wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) must ensure their vehicles
comply with a wide array of requirements which are detailed within legislation.
Documents of particular interest                Seating                                        Wheelchair restraints must not be able to
include:                                                                                       be partially fitted or capable of inadvertent
                                                Seating should be designed to be capable
• Passenger Transport Act 1994                  of folding clear of the area designated for
                                                wheelchair passengers. However, seating        The restraints must have the provision for
• Passenger Transport (General)
                                                should be retained to accommodate              rapid release in the case of an emergency.
  Regulations 1994                              passengers travelling with the wheelchair
• Road Traffic Act 1961                          user.                                          A minimum of a lap belt is required for each
• Australian Design Rules                                                                      wheelchair occupant, although a lap/sash
                                                                                               belt or harness is preferred.
• Disability Standards for Accessible Public    Stowage Area
  Transport 2002                                                                               A wheelchair should be secured into a
                                                A storage area shall be provided for           position where the occupant is facing
• AS2942-1994 Wheelchair occupant               wheelchair restraint systems when not
  restraint assemblies for motor vehicles                                                      forward. Under no circumstances shall
                                                in use.                                        the wheelchair and occupant be positioned
• AS3696.13-1991 Ramp surface finish                                                            to face the side.
• AS/NZS 3856.1&.2:1998 Hoists
                                                Wheelchair Hoists and Ramps                    All seatbelts and wheelchair restraint
  and ramps for people with disabilities
  – vehicle-mounted.                            The minimum requirement for a taxi fitted       webbing must be labelled and meet the
                                                with a hoist or ramp shall be compliant with   Australian Standards. The webbing must
                                                Australian Standards.                          be clean and undamaged.
Requirements for Certificate
of Inspection                                   Refer to AS/NZS 3856.1:1998 and AS/NZS
                                                3856.2:1998.                                   Heating and Air-Conditioning
Because it is unlawful for a WAT to be
operated without a current certificate of                                                       Vehicles shall be fitted with effective heating
                                                Where a wheelchair hoist is fitted, the hoist
inspection, it is important that the aspects                                                   and air-conditioning that provides for both
                                                shall meet the standards required under the
listed below be carefully considered before                                                    the driver and passenger needs.
                                                Disability Standards for Accessible Public
the vehicle is presented for inspection. It
                                                Transport 2002.
is equally important that no subsequent
changes to the vehicle are made which           Where a wheelchair ramp is fitted, the ramp     Interior Lighting
would make the vehicle non-compliant            shall meet the standards required under the
with the requirements.                                                                         Interior lighting shall be provided and must
                                                Disability Standards for Accessible Public     be adequate to provide illumination to the
                                                Transport 2002.                                wheelchair lift or ramp area.
Body Dimensions
The interior shall have a workable floor         Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint              Vehicle Conversion
area capable of accommodating at least          Assemblies
one wheelchair, scooter or other large                                                         Any changes to the vehicle seating
                                                Wheelchair and occupant restraints must        configuration must be approved by
ride-on mobility aid. (4500 series licence      comply with AS2942.
– minimum of 2 wheelchairs)                                                                    Transport Services Regency Park,
                                                                                               telephone 1300 882 247.
                                                Wheelchair restraints must be attached to
The minimum allocated space for each            each of the four corners of the wheelchair.
wheelchair or other mobility aid is 800mm       They must be attached to the wheelchair
                                                                                               Further information
by 1300mm.                                      frame and restrict any horizontal movement     Contact the Department for Transport,
                                                to less than 25mm when under stress.           Energy and Infrastructure:
The minimum headroom in an allocated                                                           Vehicle Services
space is 1410mm.                                Wheelchair restraint components must not       Kateena Street, Regency Park
                                                                                               PO Box 1 Walkerville SA 5081
The wheelchair entry/exit doorway must          pass through the wheels of the wheelchair.     Telephone: 1300 882 248
have an unobstructed vertical height of                                                        Internet:
                                                The restraints must be adjustable, be able     Fax: (08) 8348 9533
at least 1400mm.                                to attach and detach without the use of
                                                                                               This Fact Sheet is provided for information only.
                                                tools and incorporate captive hooks.
                                                                                               No responsibility will be accepted from the use
                                                                                               of the information contained in this Fact Sheet.

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