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									www.edenhills.sa.scouts.com.au                                 GROUP NEWSLETTER TERM 1, 2007

                                                         planting and massive organization that mobilises
Welcome                                                  hundreds of scouts around South Australia to
We wish to welcome everyone back to yet                  plant thousands of seedlings. This is always such
another term of scouting. A big welcome to any           a well organized day that targets damaged farm
families who are new to Eden Hills Scouts.               lands that need revegetation. When we have
                                                         enough numbers we hire a double deck bus and
                                                         all travel together in the one vehicle, driving past
Web Site                                                 previous years plantings to see how they are
The Eden Hills Scouts have a developing web site         doing. This is always a great social day as well
where information such as this newsletter, the           as highly rewarding.
Group’s calendar and section programmes, can be
found as well as photos and links to relevant web        See the following link for more iformation:
sites. The web site address is:                          www.sa.scouts.com.au/events/mdr/index.html
                                                         Lion’s Shed
Uniforms                                                 When: Each Saturday morning in March
Can all parents please ensure their children wear
their shirt and neckie to cubs and scouts. Neckies       The Lion’s Club allocates a number of Saturdays
and woggles should also be named.                        a year for the Eden Hills Scouts to come and
                                                         volunteer their time, collecting donations in a
Roonka Family Camp                                       provided vehicle and selling goods directly from
When: 24th-25th Mar 07                                   their site. This is a great money earner for us and
                                                         a lot of fun.
Each year Eden Hills book the Scout site Roonka
near Blanchetown for a family camp. We always            Please contact Neil Philbey to help out.
have a great time at Roonka with tenting,
caravanning facilities and dormitories available         Royal Show
for bunking the family down in. Our booking              When: 7th-15th Sep 07
includes the use of canoes and lifejackets so that
you can paddle up the Murray and take in the             2006 was our first year as volunteers at the Royal
beauty of this location. There is also a great           Show’s Farmyard Walk. This was a fabulous
billabong for catching yabbies, with a flying fox        money earner for Eden Hills and we hope to
that runs over it. If you have not already received      repeat it again in 2007. All those that volunteer
a booking form or require information and                for a few hours are given free entry passes to the
directions on how to get to Roonka, see the front        show for the day, making if a great money saver
page of the website and/or follow the links to the       for those that contribute as a family.
Roonka web site on the Links page of the
website.                                                 Rotary Fair
                                                         When: Mid November
Murray Darling Rescue
When: Sunday 23rd of Jun 07                              Rotary Fair is held at the same site that our Scout
                                                         hall is located on. The Scouts run a coffee and
Mid year Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, their families and         cake house out of our hall, providing a much
friends come along for the Murray Darling                needed relaxation area where a delicious cake and
Rescue and plant native seedlings. Each year a           drink can be had.
new location is chosen, the soil pre-cut for

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www.edenhills.sa.scouts.com.au                                GROUP NEWSLETTER TERM 1, 2007

This year we are looking for a parent to step up        which involves 90 youth and adult members from
and coordinate the preparation for the event and        every part of our isolated, southern continent.
manage the kitchen for the day. Please see Neil
Philbey or a committee member to volunteer for          When I arrive in London I will spend 3 days
this important position.                                sight-seeing and getting over jet lag before
                                                        moving to the Jamboree site. From then on it will
Christmas Breakup                                       be 10 days of jam packed adventure, where I will
When: Early December                                    do everything from high ropes climbing,
                                                        Trampolining and backwards cooking. Amongst
Blackwood Xmas Parade provides a fun time in            all this there will be some massive concerts as
which all Cub/Scouts are invited to walk in, along      well as time to relax and learn things about
with families and leaders. After the parade we all      different cultures.
walk down to our hall and have an end of year
sausage sizzle. This is a great night for just          On the 1st of August, 1907, Sir Robert Baden-
relaxing and socializing together, along with           Powell took a group of 22 boys on an
acknowledging all the hard work of the leaders.         experimental camp to Brownsea Island. The half
                                                        way point of the Jamboree will mark 100 years
Don’t forget the sausage sizzle!                        since this event and will be a celebration of how
                                                        much scouting has grown since 1907. It has
                                                        developed from 22 boys to over 28 million boys,
Camping Marque                                          girls and leaders in 216 countries and territories
Our camping marquee as been a bit on the sad            all over the world. Two Scouts from each
and old list for awhile.        Members of the          country will be able to celebrate this event by re-
committee applied for a grant to replace ours and       enacting the 1st Scout camp on Brownsea Island.
were successful.     So we now have flash,
waterproof marquee to use on camps. Many                After the Jamboree is finished I will travel with
thanks to Kerry and Nerida Dickenson and                the Australian contingent to Ireland. We will be
Natalie Stankovic for their efforts when applying       home hosted in the Dublin area and visit some of
to the Department of Recreation and Sport for the       Ireland’s most famous landmarks.
$1,562 grant.
                                                        After 5 days in Ireland we will board a plane back
World Jamboree                                          to London and another home. Finishing what will
By Kathryn Affleck, Eden Hills Venturers                be the adventure of a life time and something I
                                                        will never forget.
On the 22 of July this year I will be leaving
Australia and travelling over 15 000 km for the         Diary Dates
adventure of a lifetime. I am attending the 21st        See the website for the most up to calendar
World Scout Jamboree in Chelmsford, which is            information or contact Mark Burns if you do not
located just outside of London. The Jamboree            have Internet access.
will celebrate 100 years of Scouting and involve
40 000 Scouts of different races, religions and         Contacts
languages from every corner of the globe.
                                                        Neil Philbey - Group Leader        8278 6930
Don’t be confused; whilst the Australian                Mark Burns - Newsletter Scribe  0417 088 424
Jamboree is for Scouts, the World Jamboree is for                           Mark.burns@westnet.com.au
Venturers. You have to be over 14 to attend. I
am travelling as part of the Australian Contingent

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