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									                                       W E A L T H DY N A M I C S
                                       COACHING SE S S I O N
                                       Discover Your 20/20 Wealth Vision

SESSION OVERVIEW                                                   YOUR INVESTMENT ($Subject to Change & inc ludes GST)
This 1 Hour Wealth Dynamics ‘One-On-One’                           § 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Session $396 includes
Coaching Session, facilitated by a Wealth Dynamics                   Wealth Dynamics Starter Pack:
Master/Practitioner/Coach, will assist you to                        § 1 Wealth Dynamics Profile (*Prerequisite)
identify the right path for you to wealth and success                § 1 ‘Your Life Your Legacy’ Book by Roger
in your life, career and business.                                      Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics
You can and deserve to create more wealth than                     § BYO Wealth Dynamics Profile? $396 Pack includes:
you have now. With wealth comes new                                  § 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Session
responsibilities! Learn ‘How To’ take responsibility                 § Mini Action Plan
for your own wealth and prosperity.                                  § 1 ‘Your Life Your Legacy’ Book by Roger
                                                                        Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics
What works for others won’t necessarily work for
you. Discover ‘How To’ shift your wealth creation                  HOW TO REGISTER?
from where you’re at to where you want to be.                      Go to our WebStore at www.vipcorp.com.au or
Register now and start living your dream life!                     email info@vipcorp.com.au to register your interest.
YOUR ‘HIDDEN ’ PATH TO WEALTH                                      WEALTH DYNAMICS FOR YOUR OWN GROUP?
In this session, you’ll discover what YOU have in                  §   Got a Venue in a Major City/Region?
common with Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey,                        §   Got 20+ *Guests to invite?
Jack Welch, Donald Trump, George Soros, Warren                     §   Choose from Wealth Dynamics Basics &/or Forum
Buffet, John D Rockefeller and Henry Ford…                         §   Or opt for Wealth Dynamics 1:1 Coaching Sessions
                                                                   §   Book Online or Contact Us & we’ll make it happen
In fact, you are just like one of them! Your
‘Wealth Dynamics Profile’ will identify which one                  VIP GIVING B ACK
of 8 profiles you are and how you too can tap into
your fastest path to wealth.                                       § $36 per Session purchased will be contributed via
                                                                     www.Buy1-Give1Free.com to a Charitable Cause
It’s easy to sabotage your wealth by choosing not                    aligned with creating ‘Community Prosperity’.
to follow your personal path or following without                  § Want Passive Income? VIPs ‘Learn & Earn’ Program
knowing the rules of success. Before you proceed                     is a great way to help others (and yourself) create
another moment down the wrong path, check your                       wealth and make a difference in your community.
map… Wealth Dynamics is your map to wealth!
                                                                   A BOUT US
                                                                   VIP provides innovative business growth and wealth
In your 1 Hour Wealth Dynamics Session you’ll gain                 strategies and solutions. Transforming profitable SME
an understanding of:                                               Businesses into high performance wealthy social
§ The world’s wealthiest people who all follow one                 enterprises aligned with synergistic Charitable
  of 8 different paths and different rules                         Causes. Turning ‘Go-Getters’ into ‘Go-Givers’. Our
                                                                   philosophy? Have More. Give More.
§ Which of the 8 Wealth Profiles you are and why
§ Each Wealth Profile’s key question                               Solutions? We aim to inspire and educate Business
                                                                   and Charity Owners and your teams in creating and
§ What Wealth Profiles you need in your team                       contributing more wealth within your community. We
§ What to focus on to achieve better results                       fully customise and deliver programs via phased
                                                                   coaching, consulting and events to suit your vision,
You’ve heard that what you focus on is what you                    goals, needs and budget.
get. Begin your journey to true wealth creation
today and gain the gift of 20/20 wealth vision!                    Sponsorship? VIP offers Local and Global Business
You’re now just 1 hour away from true wealth.                      Promotional Programs for Business Sponsors and Hosts
                                                                   — successful Social Enterprises and Businesses
WHO SHOULD BOOK A SESSION ~                                        actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility.
Time and/or Cash poor Adult and Youth
                                                                   Be Your True Potential! Achieve excellence, high
Entrepreneurs NOW wanting to achieve a higher
                                                                   performance and high profits as a market leader
level of wealth in Life, Career, Investment,
                                                                   within your local or global community.
Enterprise and/or Charity/Not-For-Profit!
                                                                   Let us know how we can help you — contact
                                                                   (+617) 5408 1000 or email info@vipcorp.com.au
QLD po box 733 mooloolaba qld 4557 sunshine coast australia T 617 5408 1000 E info@vipcorp.com.au
N S W po box 466 neutral bay nsw 2089 sydn ey australia     T 6 1 2 9 9 0 8 5 1 2 8 W w w w .v i p c o r p . c o m . a u

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