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									                                         Jesse Kendall
             123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • 305 555 5555 •

                               CIVIL / ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER
Performance-driven international professional with more than eight years of experience as a civil and
environmental engineer. Accomplished and analytical expert with notable success in management of
investigation, assessment, and implementation of complex civil design, emergency, and disaster relief
projects. Advance multimillion dollar technical projects from concept to finished product; control site and
environmental investigations, design/development, finances, data analysis, personnel, and regulatory agency
interactions. Expertise in cross-cultural and cross-functional team management.

                                    PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE

ABC HUMANITARIAN AID, Miami, FL • 20xx-20xx
Civil / Environmental Engineering: Water and Sanitation Manager/Coordinator
Oversaw a $1.7 million water and sanitation operation, serving 130,000 end-users across 30 project
locations through a top team of eight technical professionals. Charged with strategic management, planning,
and coordination of the WatSan project. Coordinated security, local agencies, and members of the
organization in mission planning and supply delivery. Devised strategic plans focused on interventions,
current and future services, and project performance. Produced organograms, job descriptions, personnel
expectations, and training programs; reviewed to ensure optimal performance. Drafted proposals and
performance reports for donor agencies.

    •   Supervised installation of emergency water systems for the affected populations.
    •   Guided the transition of the program from outputs to monitoring and evaluation; restructured staff,
        and revamped activities execution and recording methods.
    •   Maximized sustainable water resources by constructing rainwater-harvesting tanks and installing
        hand pumps for drinking water in support of local residents.
    •   Developed project log frames aligned with the country’s strategy and controlled water and sanitation
        programming in collaboration with NGOs and UN agencies.
    •   Worked out a plan and implemented a household biosand filter program for use across several
    •   Managed borehole installation.
    •   Spearheaded teams focused on research and identification of suitable locations to install
        groundwater dams.

Civil / Environmental Engineering: Task Manager
Led a top team of contractors and managed key projects, including installation of an impermeable soil cap on a
ten-acre landfill site, investigation of groundwater contamination, wastewater treatment, and groundwater
sampling. Oversaw operations to ensure quality assurance and quality control, managed health and safety
issues, and coordinated laboratory services throughout each project. Analyzed data and wrote
comprehensive reports. Gained expertise in requirements of CERCLA and RCRA, and addressing federal
and state regulations. Coordinated proposals, PowerPoint presentations, and marketing materials in
development of projects.
                                           Jesse Kendall
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Civil / Environmental Engineering: Task Manager, Continued

     •   Complied with all testing standards. Verified testing consultant and facility qualifications and ensured
         testing laboratory procedures aligned with project objectives.
     •   Controlled testing documentation; validated and recorded instrument calibrations, test identification
         control systems, and test documentation.
     •   Analyzed the contamination source. Installed deep monitoring wells. Collected new/existing
         groundwater sample data from wells and geoprobe/direct-push groundwater samplings from the
         water table aquifer. Gathered water-level measurements.
     •   Codeveloped a comprehensive report that recommended technologies and implementation of a plan
         for nutrient removal technologies to reduce the concentration of total nitrogen (TN) and total
         phosphorus (TP) in the wastewater effluent.
     •   Played a key role in groundwater sampling at a closed landfill, utilizing low-flow groundwater
         sampling techniques and passive bag diffusion samplers to obtain groundwater samples for
         laboratory analysis.
     •   Co-designed and developed a site management plan, a generic field sampling plan, a quality
         assurance plan, and a health and safety plan.
     •   Participated in meetings with agencies and members of the organization in advancement of key

XYZ UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL • 20xx-20xx
Civil / Environmental Engineering: Graduate Assistant
Researched contaminant migration through the unsaturated zone.

     •   Collected, evaluated, and analyzed research data.
     •   Developed a thesis: Tracking Tritium through Vadose Zone of the Savannah River Site.

                                 EDUCATION & TECHNICAL TRAINING

M.S., Civil/Environmental Engineering
B.S., Civil Engineering


Management of Staff Safety, 20xx, El Geneina, West Darfur • Proposal Writing Workshop, 20xx, Khartoum,
Sudan • Project Management, 20xx, Malakal, Sudan • QA/QC Management Training, 20xx, Maryland • Lead-
Based Paint Inspector • Asbestos Inspector • OSHA Hazardous Worker Certification

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