Exciting things are happening in US Windsurfing You no doubt rec

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					           The bimonthly newsletter of the United States Windsurfing Association

US Windsurfing on the move

         xciting things are happening in US Windsurfing. You no doubt rec
         ognize a ‘new look’ for the newsletter. It is designed to provide more
         information at less cost. It also allows our new Executive Director,
Christine Brooks, to ‘get her feet wet’, so to speak, as she completes her first
couple of months on the job. She has much to offer and I believe you will see
some revitalizing and refocusing of our organization as we go about the busi-
ness of expanding our membership and identifying what we can do for you.
In this regard we will be soliciting ideas and feedback from you. Please read
Christine’s article on page 4 as a way to jump start this process.

         In the meantime, the many programs and services we have in place are going strong as we enjoy the
peak season for windsurfing. Most of these involve teaching, training, and junior development. There is
Nevin Sayres’ Free Kids Camp, Tinho’s Junior Olympic Festival for windsurfing, and 20 other Junior
Olympic Festivals designed for fun and games among windsurfers and dinghy sailors. Check with your
Regional Director for a JO in your area. Also, the successful ‘Fast & Fun’ sailing program, initiated last
year for 8-12 year olds, is continuing this year. It is a traveling road show, using Windgliders for windsurfing
and Hobie Waves for catamaran sailing. Again, check with your Regional Director, search, or
contact the US Windsurfing office, toll free, 877-386-8708 for sched-
                                                                                    In this issue
         The US Windsurfing National Championship is taking place          • Safety issues
in the short board mecca of the US, Hood River in the Gorge, Au-           • Women and windsurfing
gust 19-26. There will be racing for everyone and those attending          • How US Windsurfing works
will no doubt have many exciting stories to bring back to their friends    • Junior Grant recipients
and clubs. For the vast majority who aren’t into racing, there is plenty   • Two members share their
of fun to be had on the varied equipment available, from short boards           thoughts about racing
to long boards, from Formula boards to kite boards, and freestyle          • Sportsmanship of the year - call
and wave sailing on about anything. Enjoy whatever you have, and                for nominations
let us hear from you. Thanks for supporting US Windsurfing.                • 20th annual Lake Mille lac
        Fair winds,                                                        • It’s time to vote for the National
        Dick Tillman, USA 58                                                    and Regional Directors
        President                                                          • Regional and national calendar

               This issue of the newsletter is being bought to you by the American Windsurfing Industries Associa-
               tion (AWIA). The industry sector has been a long time supporter of US Windsurfing. The organiza-
               tion donated $5,000 to our Junior Grant Program this season. This was our largest donation and
               permitted us to provide $500 grants to sixteen individuals who are committed to introducing youth
               to windsurfing. As US Windsurfing works to promote the sport we are helping keep the industry
               sector healthy. The industry sector is, in turn, better able to support our mission and vision for
               windsurfers. It is, in essence, a symbiotic relationship.
                 Board of Directors
                     & Office Staff
             STATEMENT OF PURPOSE             To the editor. . . .
US Windsurfing is the national organizing
authority for windsurfing in the United

States and a Council of US SAILING. US
                                                    am writing to you to try to raise aware
Windsurfing promotes the sport by keeping          ness of safety issues that affect
communications open, solving problems              windsurfers, and to pass on some knowl-
relating to safety and access, offering       edge that might save a life. Here in Austin there
membership services and learning
opportunities, issuing sail numbers,
                                              was a fatality when a windsurfer who was in
creating event guidelines, sanctioning        the water was struck by a motor boat. The driver
events, and working to improve water          couldn’t see properly because the sun was in
quality                                       his eyes. Lately there have been hit and run in-
                                              cidents at other Texas sailing sites. There have
Dick Tillman, President                       also been deliberate acts of driving boats close
Renee Linskens, 1st Vice President            to sailors. A few weeks ago on a very windy
Kim Ball, 2nd Vice President                  day our local sailing site was closed by the pub-
Al Simmons, Secretary
David L. Weekes, Treasurer
                                              lic safety office after several people had to be
Charles “skip” Dennis, Communications         rescued by emergency services. I was very up-
Steve Sylvester, Events                       set by this latter incident. But, after speaking to the authorities I realized that they
Mike Gebhardt: IMCO/Youth/PanAM,              had to act this way because they had used their entire fuel supply searching for a
           Olympic Rep.
Doug Stryker, Safety/Access
                                              sailor reported to be in trouble. This sailor had made his own way to shore.

 NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS                  Here are a few tips for defensive sailing.
Dick Tillman:
Al Simmons:
Kim Ball:                     1.   Understand emergency procedures for rescuing a sailor in distress at your local
David L. Weekes:                                   sailing site. Know who to call.                2.   If you call emergency services give details so they can respond with the appro-
Charles “Skip” Dennis:                             priate level. Failure to indicate the immediate danger level will result in a full
Mike Gebhardt:                    response. Most of the time windsurfers are not in danger if they stay with the
Steve Sylvester:                   board and are suitably clothed to prevent hypothermia. In these cases, let the
Renee Linskens:                 authorities know that the sailor only requires is a tow back.
                                              3.   If you call an emergency service about a sailor in trouble keep track of that
AWIA: Scott See:                     person until the emergency service arrives on the scene.
IMCO: Mike Gebhardt:                          4.   Know how to perform a self rescue and understand the international signs for                                   distress.
                                              5.   Know your ability level and take good precautions. For example, if you are
                                                   overpowered try to stay where you will be pushed towards land. If you are in a
                            OFFICE STAFF           situation where you will be blown off shore then you will really be in trouble.
Christine Brooks, Executive Director
                                              6.   Motor boats are noisy so it’s relatively easy to spot them coming. However,
Mailing Address
PO Box 978, Hood River, OR 97031                   they come very fast. When you are approaching each other, your speed of thirty
Email:                                m.p.h. and their speed of 40 m.p.h. equals an impact speed of 70 m.p.h.
Web:                    7.   Don’t assume a boater has seen you. Monofilm sails are not easy to see under
Next newsletter deadline: July 10th                certain circumstances. When you are down in the water you are even less vis-
US Windsurfing News is published                   ible. Also, don’t assume that they know, or care about, right of way rules. Motor
bimonthly by US Windsurfing. Submis-               boaters frequently do not realize that sail craft cannot sail into the wind to avoid
sions are welcome and encouraged.                  them.
Contents may be reproduced without            8.   Don’t go out alone, and always keep an eye on other sailors in the vicinity.
permission provided full credit is given to
the author and US Windsurfing News. The
views expressed by individuals in articles    Scott Carter in L.A. has been making some enormous gains on the personal water-
and letters are not necessarily those of US   craft safety issues that were unfortunately initiated by a death. Hopefully there will
Windsurfing. Send address changes and         be some legislation coming out of this, but my message to you is this. Rely only
corrections to US Windsurfing, PO Box
978, Hood River, OR 97031. Subscriptions      upon yourself for your own safety.
are included with US Windsurfing                        Guy Miller
membership.                                             USWA South Central Regional Director.

                                                               PAGE 2
Female windsurfers - they really do exist!                                              US Windsurfing Re-
                                                                                         gional Directors &

            hen reading a typical         group located in the Columbia River
           windsurfing magazine it’s      Gorge (Hood River). The organization              Coordinators
           not always obvious that        is dedicated to promoting the partici-
women participate in this sport as well   pation of women in the sport of            1. PACIFIC: HI & Guam
as men. There are two women who de-       windsurfing. They meet during the sum-     Tom Pace:
serve accolades for keeping women in      mer months for instructional seminars,     2. SOUTHWEST: AZ, CA, NV
the windsurfing picture.                  industry tours, potlucks, and on-the-      Joe Roth:
           One is Beth Powell, owner      water sailing sessions.                    714-744-2880
of the Banana River Windsurfing Re-                Check out the Wind Women          Membership: Steve Moore (S.CA)

                                                                                     3. NORTHWEST:ID, OR, WA, AK
                                                                                     Darren Rogers:
                                                                                     541-386-6561 (w)
                                                                                     Committee members
                                                                                     Pepi Gerald:
                                                                                     Chck Queen:
                                                                                     Access: Fred Noble

                                                                                     4. ROCKY MOUNTAIN: CO,
                                                                                     Karen Marriott:

                                                                                     5. SOUTH CENTRAL: AR, LA, OK, TX
                                                                                     Guy Miller:
                                                                                     512-425-3448(w) 512-918-3164(h)

                                                                                     6. NORTH CENTRAL: IA, KA, MN,NE,
                                                                                     ND, SD,MO
                                                                                     Jeff Adamski:
                      The Windwomen show off their awards                            Membership: Mike Fox, 952-474-9228
sort in Cocoa Beach Florida. At 50 plus website
years old Beth is the envy of women of You will find it very motivating.             7. GREAT LAKES: IL, IN, KY,MI, OH, WI
                                                                                     Nat Siddall:
all ages. She is in great shape and can              If you are a woman and would    734-475-6758
challenge the best male windsurfers in like to learn how to windsurf, or if you      Membership: Jackie Butzen,
any race.                                   would like to improve your skills,
          During December women splurge on some lessons. You are worth
                                                                                     8. NORTHEAST: CT, MA, ME, NH, NY,
gather at the Banana River Resort for a it! If you are a male who would like to      RI, VT
Wind Women clinic where they learn introduce your female partner to                  Marc Lefebvre:
new skills from Petra Kanz and Beth. windsurfing buy her a lesson package. 
Clinic participants are treated to two               We need to do much more to      508-771-8678 (w)
                                                                                     State Directors
days of instruction, a killer party at the raise the profile of female windsurfers   Platt Johnson (RI)
Beach House, and a raku pottery firing and encourage more women to take up           Steve Howie (W. NY) 716-394-8150
of plaques that immortalizes their par- the sport. We are in desperate need of a     Joe Collins (CT)
ticipation in the WindWomen program. fund-raising group to support a Junior          Dave Rich (E. NY)
                                                                                     Philip Mann (VT)
Playing with clay and arts & crafts, Olympic Development Program for                 Michael Alex ILI.NY)
beach walks, and kayaking are some of girls. If you would like to help out on        Bon Conner (MA)
the many activities available during the this campaign, or if you have contacts
two days of fun, windsurfing and friend- with people who would be interested in      9. MID-ATLANTIC:DE, DC, MD, NJ,
ship. You can contact Beth at donating to the fund, please contact us                Bob Tanev:                  at                         703-780-4841 (h)
          The second individual is                   Female windsurfers deserve      Competition
Shelley Gimbal who has created a won- much more support than they have been          Alan Bernau (MD)
derful website for women. Wind receiving. If you can help this cause                 10. SOUTHEAST: AL, FL, GA,MS, SC, TN
Women is a nonprofit windsurfing please contact us.                                  Wright Finney:
                                                                                     850-487-6309 (w), 850-668-4841 (h)
            Check out the following websites that are designed for women
                                                  11. CARIBBEAN: PR, VI, Canal Zone
                                                Jamie Torres:
                                                                                     787-728-8716 (w)
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Are you promoting US Windsurfing?
          mix of volunteers and profes       recreational windsurfer but is more           have a strong competitive product suit-
         sional staff manage sports or       primitively structured. Events are not        able for marketing purposes. I have
         ganizations. In some cases the      connected in any way; there is no rank-       asked key event producers to work on
volunteers decide the policy — the pro-      ing system; no umbrella sponsorship           solving this problem.
fessional staff simply executes it and       program; no well defined means of de-
manages the office. In other cases, a        termining the all round windsurfer; etc.      WHY JOIN US WINDSURFING
professional staff does it all and the       In fact, if you race you may or may not                  If US Windsurfing is to pro-
Board of Directors is only ceremonial        be required to join US Windsurfing in         mote the sport we need to raise money.
in nature. The Board and professional        order to register for the event. When         Membership fees are our prime source
staff of US Windsurfing shares policy        an event has no connection to other           of funds. So, our task is to convince
decision-making and management.              events, then there is often little per-       windsurfers to support us. To explain
                                             ceived need for a national organization       why windsurfers will consider, or not
WHY NATIONAL GOVERNING                       and it is not pushed by the event pro-        consider, joining US Windsurfing I need
BODIES EXIST                                 ducers. However, even these “one-off”         to introduce you to the Means-End
          Historically, the prime reason     events are successful only if the sport       Chain that explains human behavior.
athletes joined a sport organization re-     is being vigorously promoted. Without                    As a windsurfer you have per-
volved around competition and/or the         promotion participation in the sport and      ceptions about whether or not US
chance to strive for championship hon-       events will eventually decline.               Windsurfing has anything to offer you.
ors. Indeed, the focus of the organiza-                 US Windsurfing sanctions a         These perceptions can be both tangible
tion was to select international teams.      national championship that is unusual         (concrete) and abstract. Junior Clinic
          The international competitive      in many regards because of its recre-         Grants are concrete and you will have
side of windsurfing falls under US           ational focus. The national champion-         some opinion on how valuable these
SAILING. US Windsurfing is a Coun-           ship of most sports plays a major role        grants are to windsurfing. But, you also
cil of US SAILING and only plays a           in international team selection. Sanc-        have more abstract perceptions about
minor role in the International Program.     tioning by the national organization en-      what this organization represents. Of-
The focus of US Windsurfing is mainly        sures that the competition meets certain      ten, it’s these symbolic perceptions that
on the recreational side. The bylaws         minimum guidelines.                           cause you to join or not join.
state that US Windsurfing is to “keep                   Because the windsurfing na-                   The Special Olympics is an
communications open, solve problems          tional event is recreational in nature        example of an organization that has
relating to safety and access, offer mem-    there is confusion as to what “sanction-      done a wonderful job defining and mar-
bership services, issue sail numbers,        ing” actually means. In this case, the        keting its symbolic meaning. While the
create event guidelines, sanction events,    value of a sanctioned event simply re-        Special Olympics caters to physically
and work to improve water quality”.          volves around its marketing potential.        and mentally challenged folk, it’s the
But, there is a growing pressure for US      If the national organization has done a       symbolism surrounding it that stirs us.
Windsurfing to become more involved          good job packaging the symbolic na-           These special athletes represent what
in promoting the sport and to encour-        ture of the sport, and if the national        life is really all about. It’s about mak-
age broad grass roots participation both     championship culminate in a “real”            ing the most of what we have been dealt.
at the recreational and international        champion, then the event should present       It’s about striving to be the best we can
competitive level.                           an economic opportunity for the event         be.
                                             producer. A well-packaged national                       It is very difficult to design a
MEMBERSHIP MOTIVATION                        event should attract a larger proportion      marketing campaign using symbolism
           Tennis players join the United    of windsurfers and lure many sponsors.        as a platform. For this reason market-
States Tennis Association (USTA) be-         Thus, more money can be made. In this         ing campaigns often focus on satisfy-
cause they want access to competition        situation, the sanctioning fee reflects the   ing a member’s functional needs. The
with tennis players who are at their abil-   value created for the event producers         coupon discount book you recently re-
ity level. The league links the competi-     by US Windsurfing.                            ceived with your membership renewal
tions together to determine a “cham-                    Like other windsurfing com-        is a classic example of meeting your
pion.” USTA is an industry-supported         petitions, though, the US Windsurfing         functional needs. Coupons work quite
organization. By meeting the needs of        National event is a “one-off” event that      well in the short term. But, in the long
tennis players the industry generates        has little relevance beyond that particu-     term, it’s the psychological connection
sale of products and services. The in-       lar event. It probably doesn’t even de-       that motivates loyalty and strengthens
dustry sector plays a very active role in    termine the best age group windsurfers        the bond. This is why it is so important
those sports that traditionally have not     in the country let alone the best overall     for sports organizations to develop their
fallen under the Olympic umbrella.           windsurfer. We have not maximized the         symbolic meaning and then to market
           Like USTA the competition         value of this competition. My point is        it vigorously.
side of windsurfing exists to satisfy the    that there’s a long way to go before we                  Windsurfing has a special

                                                             PAGE 4
Here’s how it works and why people join
symbolic quality. It looks like a diffi-      behave (having a good time, acting in-       my “family”. It makes me feel useful
cult sport to conquer and people have         dependently, showing self-reliance,          (a terminal value).
probably commented to you about how           showing competence). Terminal values                   If US Windsurfing is to attract
strong, or how athletic you must be.          represent our desire for psychological       the necessary financial resources to
Consciously, or subconsciously, you are       states such as feeling happy, success-       fight access and safety issues, or to pro-
likely to be proud of your athletic abil-     ful, proud of ourselves, loved, free, con-   mote windsurfing and develop a mar-
ity. The sport boosts your self-esteem!       nected to others, etc. Most of us don’t      ketable racing circuit, we need the sup-
Windsurfers also tend to be environ-          think about our consumption of leisure       port of all windsurfers.
mentally conscious, technically compe-        activities in terms of satisfying values.              As a member, you can explain
tent, pursue a healthier lifestyle, well      However, subconsciously it’s our val-        to the nonmembers who are complain-
educated, young in their outlook on life,     ues that are guiding us in the type of

                    Attributes                          Consequences                                   Values

       Concrete              Abstract            Functional          Psychosocial           Instrumental           Terminal
       attributes            attributes         Consequences         Consequences              values               values

and believe that life is really worth liv-    leisure activities we select.                ing about having to join US Windsurfing
ing to the hilt. In essence, there are some                                                in order to race, or to participate in the
really attractive symbolic features ac-       PEOPLE WHO DO NOT RACE                       other benefits, that they are bordering
companying the participants of our            So what about the non-racer, or the          on being a “freeloader.” They are try-
sport that should provide us with a qual-     club? How do they benefit by joining         ing to benefit from the work and re-
ity marketing platform to attract spon-       US Windsurfing?                              sources that US Windsurfing members
sors.                                                    One advantage of an organi-       are putting into developing the sport.
          At the far right of the means-      zation is the support provided when one      Some of the complainers argue that it
end chain lies the subconscious behav-        or more of the members have problems         does not require US Windsurfing mem-
ioral motivation mechanism of values.         to address. If I am sailing on a lake and    bership to contribute to the sport. This
We are subconsciously driven by val-          I have constant problems with motor-         might be true — and going it alone
ues and their strength depends on our         boats I am a single peep of protest. If I    might be an admirable quality in some
background experiences and upbring-           go to my organization and ask them to        circles. These individuals usually have
ing. The qualities I listed above (being      act on my behalf, I have a loud voice        a lot to offer but they can triple their
highly educated, environmentally con-         with some clout. I may never have a          contribution by joining forces with us.
scious, etc.,) are embedded in our val-       problem with motorboats, or with ac-         We are so much stronger if we present
ues that are, in turn, embedded in our        cess. But, the fact that I am able to sup-   a united front so we can accomplish
background experiences.                       port windsurfers who have these prob-        large goals — not teeny little ones.
          Values come in two levels —         lems stimulate emotions associated with
instrumental and terminal. Instrumen-         my instrumental values of caring, be-        We need every windsurfer to help out
tal values drive the way we prefer to         ing compassionate and supportive of          in this endeavor.
                                                                                                     Christine Brooks
                                                                                                     Executive Director

Why I changed the format of this newsletter
          This newsletter is vastly different in format to what you are used to getting. The old format, while very profession-
ally produced, required $2,400 per issue to print 4,000 copies and $1,000 for an editor and layout person. This cost of
$3,400 per issue was out of proportion to our total organizational budget. By doing the newsletter myself, and changing the
format, I can produce and print it for less that $1,000. My goal is to keep you informed in a cost efficient way. We can use
the remaining $2,400 per issue (14,400 per year) to fund other important projects that will benefit our sport. We especially
need to boost our supply of certified instructors.
          Some members have indicated to me that they would prefer to receive their newsletter over the internet, thus
saving us printing and postage costs. I can produce the newsletter as a PDF document that you can open with Acrobat
Reader. This is a free program you can download from the web. Please email me if you would like to receive your newsletter
in this way. Otherwise, you will continue to receive your newsletter through the mail on a bimonthly basis.
          — Christine Brooks

                                                             PAGE 5
                Sixteen Junior Clinic 2001 Grants Awarded

                                                                                           is the one with the biggest smile”. Hugh

     unior clinics are valuable on two        fers programs for the local children in
     fronts. First they spread the word       the area. She will use her grant to pur-     is looking for additional instructors. He
     about windsurfing — this is very         chase kid-specific gear so her students      pays about $15 per hour and the camps
important to our sport. Second they con-      will have positive experiences on equip-     run every Wed, Thurs. and Friday morn-
tribute to the national effort to improve     ment designed for them. Ellen will           ing throughout the summer. Contact
the health status of children. This is        publicize the opportunity for families       Hugh Stott ( or 808-
important to society generally.               to attend her clinics. By attracting fami-   575-2266)
           Only about one-half of US          lies Ellen believes she can educate both               MARYLAND: Annapolis
young people regularly participate in         parents and kids about the equipment.        Wind is a small Maryland based busi-
vigorous physical activity. As a result,      Contact Ellen        ness dedicated to fun on the water.
one out of five children between the          or 203-481-9084)                             Stuart Gray is using his grant to pur-
ages of 5 to 17 are obese, and about 40%                FLORIDA: Larry Couch has           chase insurance and additional equip-
of them show at least one risk factor         a windsurfing school called Hydro-           ment. Activities he uses to keep his stu-
for heart disease – high blood pressure,      therapy Windsurfing in Panama City           dents involved and to spread the word
obesity, or high blood cholesterol lev-       Beach, FL. He is the only windsurfing        about windsurfing include a video party
els. Windsurfing is a very physical sport     school in his area. Larry is starting a      where students watch videos and play
that can contribute to improved health        bimonthly Learn-to-Sail clinic in con-       with a simulator, a field trip to a local
status of our children. It is also a won-     junction with a local Catamaran Club.        race, a learn-to-windsurf day, a
derful lifetime sport. There are people       Clinics are free and will be conducted       windsurf parade and a windsurf
in their late 80s who still participate! In   at Carl Gray Park on North Bay. Larry        campout and clinic. Contact Stuart Gray
essence, windsurfing clinics geared to-       will use his grant to purchase suitable      ( or 301-464-
ward our young people are a very valu-        learning rigs and boards. Contact Larry      3443)
able service.                                 Couch ( or                         MASSACHUSETTS: Sean
           The grants US Windsurfing          850-249-WIND (9463))                         Gass is the Junior Program Director of
distributed for this summer are made                    HAWAII: Clare Seeger               Community Boating, Inc. (Massachu-
possible through the generous donations       Mawae and Jerry Leonard run the Youth        setts). His program is a nonprofit orga-
of the American Windsurfing Industry          in Motion program in Kaunakakai.             nization dedicated to teaching inner city
Association ($5,000), US SAILING              They each donate over 6 hrs a week           kids from Boston how to sail, windsurf
Foundation ($2,500), US Windsurfing           working with kids. Neither one of them       and kayak for only a dollar per sum-
membership (office support), and indi-        is certified and will use their grant to     mer. Sean has recently been focusing
vidual members (see the list of support-      attend a US SAILING certification pro-       on expanding his windsurfing program
ers on page 16).                              gram. Contact Clare Mawae                    to attract more kids. He will use his
           Upon completion of a finan-        ( or 808-553-4227)         grant to improve his equipment and hire
cial expense reporting form, and after                  HAWAII: Celeste Harvel is          a full-time instructor. Contact Sean Gass
they provide survey information about         from Windsurf Kauai. She offers              ( or 617-
their participants, each grant recipient      youngsters free-low cost lessons over        523-1038)
will be entered into a sweepstakes for        three Saturdays during the summer. She                 NEW JERSEY: Thomas
equipment suitable for youth. This            will use the money to pay instructors        Latham is running a junior windsurfing
equipment has been donated by HiFly           and to purchase equipment. Contact           clinic as part of the Recreation Program
(three junior sails), Windsurfing Hawaii      Celeste Harvel (808-828-6838).               of the Highland Lakes Country Club
(three small booms), Ezzy (one com-                     HAWAII: Hugh Stott works           and Community Association. This
plete kids rig). SBC Media has provided       with a ratio of one instructor to four       group provides the venue, insurance,
US Windsurfing with free space in their       kids; one board per group with three         lifeguard coverage, website and News-
Windsport magazine for promotion of           groups per camp (i.e. 12 per camp). He       letter advertising to the 6000 members.
the Junior Clinic Program. Here’s a list      wants to expand his board fleet so that      The windsurfing clinic runs every
of our grant recipients.                      he has the equipment to work with an         Wednesday for 8 weeks. Last year the
           CONNECTICUT: Ellen                 advanced group. He expects to bring          program had 42 juniors that were evenly
Faller owns Fast Forward that is based        about 200 new young sailors into             split between boys and girls ranging
in Branford, CT. She teaches                  windsurfing this summer all knowing          between the ages of 8 – 15. The US
windsurfing at Yale University and of-        the slogan “the best sailor on the water     Windsurfing grant is being used to cer-

                                                             PAGE 6
tify one of the instructors. Contact Tom   money toward an additional dry land                     VIRGINIA: Tom Cobin is
Latham ( or 973-        simulator. Last year 42 students signed       President of Windsurfing Enthusiasts of
764-5937)                                  up for the class. However, due to lim-        Tidewater (WET). WET does not cur-
          OREGON: The Columbia             ited equipment only 30 students could         rently have any US SAILING certified
River Windsurfing Association is a non-    be accepted. Contact Eric Cohn                instructors. Tom will use the US
profit corporation that maintains, im-     ( or 541-            Windsurfing grant to send a member
proves, and creates windsurfing sites on   386-7350)                                     through a US SAILING certification
                                                               O R E G O N :             program. For information on the WET
                                                            Merrilee Cooper is a PE      Learn-to-windsurf program contact
                                                            Teacher at the WyEast        Tom Cobin
                                                            Middle School in Hood        ( or 757-481-5760).
                                                            River, OR. Their physi-                WASHINGTON:               Jack
                                                            cal education program        Wilberscheid owns Vancouver Lake
                                                            instructs approximately      WaterPlay in Vancouver, Washington.
                                                            100 8 th grade students      He has the only windsurfing school in
                                                            each spring in begin-        the Portland Oregon/Vancouver, Wash-
                                                            ning windsurfing as one      ington area. Last year his school ex-
                                                            of its “lifelong” recre-     posed over 200 youth in the commu-
                                                            ational sports. The US       nity to windsurfing. He will use his
                                                            Windsurfing grant will       grant to develop a program for the lo-
                                                            pay for a certified in-      cal Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and YMCA.
                                                            structor and replace         His long-range goal is to create a
the Columbia River in Oregon and           equipment. Contact Merrilee Cooper            Windsurfing Merit Badge. He antici-
Washington. CGWA works with the            (541-354-2434)                                pates that 90 kids will benefit from the
parks and recreation programs of North-              UTAH :          The        Utah     program. A portion of the grant will be
ern Wasco County and Hood River Val-       Windsurfing Association was founded           used to certify an instructor and the rest
ley to provide affordable windsurfing      approximately seventeen years ago and         to purchase equipment. Contact Jack
lessons for the area youth. Their Com-     currently has seventy-five active mem-        Wilbersheid (
munity Windsurfing Program taught          bers. The club will use the US                          ALL OVER: Art Stevens runs
190 youth in 2000. CGWA also sends         Windsurfing grant to train one instruc-       the Fast and Fun program. This is a
equipment loners to middle schools for     tor and conduct their first Junior Clinic     novel approach to introducing kids to
their windsurfing programs. Contact        this summer. Contact Grant McAllister         sailing and windsurfing. The program
Diane Barkhimer ( or         (                     focuses attention on sailing programs
541-386-9225)                                        VIRGINIA: Dietmar Wells of          in local areas so that beginning juniors
          OREGON: Eric Cohn and            Beach Sports in Hampton Virginia will         will discover how they can become in-
Joe Dolan are teachers at the Hood         use his grant to repair and replace his       volved with sailing. The program is free
River Middle School where                  Junior Clinic equipment, to pay site          to children and is generally offered in
windsurfing is being offered as an elec-   usage fees, instructor compensation and       conjunction with events. A 48’ trailer
tive class. Students receive dry land      training, publication of training mate-       hauls the equipment to the site. Con-
simulator training, swimming condi-        rials, and completion certificates for stu-   tact Art Stevens to arrange scheduling
tioning, up-hauling, board balance and     dents. The goal of the program is to          (aj.stevens@worldnet.att.Net or 310-
self rescue training. Currently students   maintain a positive public image of           322-5700;
pay $20 to cover costs of the program.     windsurfing and to further the sport at       multihull/fast&fun.htm).
The US Windsurfing grant will be used      the Junior/introductory level. Contact
to lower the student fee to $10 and pro-   Dietmar Wells (
vide a limited number of scholarships.     or 757-851-3224).
The school will also put some of the

            Applications for Junior Clinic Grants are accepted every Feburary.
              Check out for the application process.

                                                          PAGE 7
‘ Racing — it’s not for me’ . . . Have you said this? Here are some
thoughts from a couple of our members on this issue

Pursuit of excellence is a question of motivation
By Beth Powell.
                                                                                           it is spontaneous.

         eople drop out of windsurfing,     be beginners, intermediates or advanced
         or decrease their participation    – it really doesn’t matter. They compete                  As you strive to develop the
         because they become bored.         with themselves to see how fast they           more advanced windsurfing skills re-
They become bored because they don’t        can go around those buoys. They try to         member to set attainable goals. Sailing
have goals. Without goals they lack         catch up and pass others — and these           adherence is directly related to a feel-
motivation. Goals and the accompany-        are the very same people who say they          ing of accomplishment. Stay within
ing motivation give us the energy to        don’t like to race. To me racing is a great    your limits so you don’t get frustrated.
keep going. This is especially impor-                                                      Try to find one skill that you want to
tant if you are trying to become more                                                      improve and work on that. Some skills
than an average windsurfer.                                                                take time to master. Jibing, for example,
                                                                                           is a life long career. I’ve used jibes to
          With the right instruction                                                       measure my improvement for years.
the basics of learning to windsurf are                                                     My first goal was just to make one.
fairly easy to pick up. When I am                                                          Once I did my first jibe I knew I had
teaching beginners I see progress ev-                                                      improved. I’m at the point now where
ery time they venture onto the wa-                                                         I like to see how close I can carve jibe
ter. After the initial learning curve                                                      around a mark. Improvement, even in
improvements come in small incre-                                                          small stages, can be a great reward for
ments and are more difficult to see.                                                       all your hard (fun) practice.
Becoming really proficient at this
sport can be a long and arduous road.                                                                 There’s that old saying that
It takes motivation to persevere if                                                        practice makes perfect. Well, I think it
you want to master the more diffi-                                                         should be “perfect practice makes per-
cult windsurfing skills. One thing                                                         fect.” To make sure you are practicing
you can do to motivate yourself to                                                         the right thing you might consider seek-
improve your skills is to race.                                                            ing professional instruction. Making
                                                                                           the same mistakes over and over again
          Over the years I’ve been in-                                                     isn’t conducive to making improve-
volved in many sports. Regardless of        deal of FUN! I have developed a num-           ments. As well, it can be extremely frus-
the sport, I have kept myself motivated     ber of lifelong friendships from the ca-       trating. When you do get help make
by competing. An upcoming race in-          maraderie and social aspects of racing.        sure you take notes. You don’t learn
spires me to train and practice. I hear                                                    new techniques overnight. They take
people say that they don’t like to race.              If you are in an area that does      practice and those notes will help keep
Yet, I have watched these same people       not have organized racing try the fol-         your practice perfect.
out on the water and there they are rac-    lowing. Find a couple of beach balls and
ing others. Certainly the race is not a     wrap them in an old sail bag. Tie a line       Beth Powell is the owner of the Banana
formal one – but, they are competing.       to the bag and then attach the sail bag        River Windsurfing Resort, Cocoa
How can they not compete? Anytime           to a milk carton filled with concrete.         Beach, Florida. At age 54 she is still
there are two windsurfers out on the        Voila! You have buoys. If you are sail-        one of the top female windsurfers in the
water there is competition. Let me give     ing alone it will give you something to        United States challenging women less
you an example.                             sail around. If there are others sailing       than one half her age.
                                            in the area don’t be surprised if they start
         If I set out two buoys and start   maneuvering around the buoys with
practicing my mark rounding it isn’t        you. Racing doesn’t have to be formally
long before others join in. They could      organized. It can be just as much fun if

                                                            PAGE 8
                      Racing improves your skills
                      By Mark Rush (Rushman R812)
                      The unknown racer and US Windsurfing member

                                             or jibe. I’ve seen windsurfers never re-      invaluable experience and dramatically
                                             ally learn how to do either of these          improved my sailing skills. It gave me
                                             moves very well because they don’t            tremendous confidence.
                                             practice them often enough. All they
                                             seem to care about is going fast. They                   It takes quite a bit of confi-

             hat’s windsurfing all           invariably fall whenever they have to         dence to be a good windsurfer. I have
            about? It’s about having         change direction.                             found that this confidence is gained by
            fun, of course…why else                                                        practicing skills. The need for speed is
would we do it so passionately? Mod-                   Learning how to tack and jibe       always there, but having the basic
ern equipment, instructional clinics and     can be a career. Just learning a basic tack   windsurfing skills are equally impor-
videotapes, time on the water, and the       and jibe and succeeding in all condi-         tant. I started with basic maneuvers and
will to try something new every time         tions is a major achievement. Then, af-       polished them to where I was confident
we go out on the water, are all the in-      ter you have mastered the basic jibe and      I could perform all these maneuvers
gredients for fun. Whenever I’m              tack, there is always more to learn. You      under all conditions. I worked on my
windsurfing that old saying, “nothing        have the planning tack, the lay down          upwind and downwind skills. I found
ventured, nothing gained” is constantly      jibe and the duck jibe. Jibing and tack-      that if I spent more time on skills in-
on my mind.                                  ing can become a life long goal.              stead of just speed, my overall speed
          One trap I’ve noticed                        It is my opinion that racing and
windsurfers fall into is to focus on speed   learning how to freestyle has helped me                 I also learned how to tweak my
to the detriment of the fundamental          improve my windsurfing skills. When           gear and invested in the latest equip-
windsurfing skills of tacking and jib-       I was learning to race I vividly remem-       ment. I signed up for clinics whenever
ing. It certainly is fun to go fast. How-    ber those Skippers meetings because I         I could. I particularly like group clinics
ever, this focus can get in the way of       didn’t have a clue as to what was going       because they are a good deal and I en-
our learning curve. You can only go like     on. But, despite my confusion racing          joy the camaraderie. Now I’m into vi-
a lightning bolt in one direction for so     forced me to go upwind and downwind           sualization — well, that’s another story!
long. Eventually you will have to tack       and to reach around the marks. This was

 Call for nominations for SPORTSMANSHIP OF THE YEAR
           US Windsurfing is soliciting      owner, event organizer or someone who         run in the Nov/Dec issue of the news-
nominations from individuals and local       always shows up for each work party,          letter. Then a committee of Board mem-
clubs for the 2001 US Windsurfing Na-        learn to windsurf day, etc. Sportsman-        bers selects the national winner from all
tional Sportsmanship Award.                  ship means different things to different      those submitted regionally. Expanded
           This award program recog-         people. It could be the unsung hero, the      information about the award recipients
nizes a special windsurfer in your local     “sparkplug” of your group, the back-          is covered in the Jan/Feb issue.
community or club. The US                    bone of your local club, or the sailor
Windsurfing Sportsmanship Award Pro-         who represents integrity on the race-
gram provides free certificates and low      course.
cost wooden plaques for member clubs                   Or, consider nominating the
or organizations to award to their best      sailor who has done the most for the          If you want to award a plaque contact
sports person.                               sport in your club or area. Perhaps it        US Windsurfing via phone or email. For
           The US Windsurfing “National      was a single exemplary act. You can           more information, please contact US
Sportsmanship Award” goes to an indi-        define sportsmanship in the way that          Windsurfing at
vidual who gives something of them-          best suits your own programs and goals.
selves back to the sport, thus enriching               Any US Windsurfing member           Please send nominations and photos to
it for all other windsurfers. It could be    can be nominated for this award. Write-       US Windsurfing. Deadline for submis-
an outstanding club member, shop             ups on those nominated regionally will        sions is September 10th, 2001.

                                                            PAGE 9
Member Benefits 2001 - use your coupons
                                                                              DDG/Windsurfing Hawaii provides two cou-

              hen you signed up for you 2001-02 US
            Windsurfing membership you received a                   pons, one for $10 off their Windsurfing Hawaii Harness, and
            coupon book that is worth $500 for windsurfing          the other for $5 off a Windsurfing Hawaii mast base exten-
related gear and services. These coupons more than pay for          sion.
the cost of becoming a member of US Windsurfing. Just                         The first coupon applies to their best selling SS
present the appropriate coupon at the time of purchase with         waist harness and GSX seat harness. Both models incorpo-
your current US Windsurfing membership card to redeem               rate the revolutionary TLS (thermoplastic lumbar support)
the coupon.                                                         system of support. This is a moldable plastic plate in the
          In the next few issues, participating businesses will     back of each harness can be custom formed to your body. It
be featured to provide you more more information about the          reduces the side pressure felt from hooking in by dispersing
coupon.                                                             the load horizontally across the TLS plate.
          Adventure Sports, Inc.: The Adventure Sports               US Windsurfing member SAVINGS= $10
Demo Tour of 16 states and 31 locations provides you a                        The second coupon applies to the new Gold base
chance to try the latest boards and rigs. In addition to the        extension featuring a new one-handed collar for easy adjust-
demo days at the local beach, you can participate in shop           ment and a Quick 6 Streamlined pulley that cuts rigging time
consumer nights where key features of 2001 products will            in half. No more crossed downhaul lines. You don’t have to
be explained.                                                       thread the downhaul line at all! Just loop, snap, and get on
          For more information on the Adventure Sports              the water. For more information, call 541-387-2101 or email
Demo Tour and Consumer Nights call 415.927.8835 or e-      US Windsurfing member
mail Amy Campbell at                             SAVINGS= $5
US Windsurfing member SAVINGS= $15                                            Gorge Sports has a wide variety of Curtis Fins to
          Hi-Tech Surf Sports: Hi-Tech Maui now has                 satisfy beginners, wave, slalom, freestyle, freeride, and race
performance boards that every water-starting sailor can en-         sailors. A fin of quivers will extend the range of your board.
joy at a production board price. The 2001 Hi-Tech’s include         You can plane earlier, cruise smoother, and settle the board
8’0", 8’2", 8’4", and 8’6" wave boards, and the 8’6" Blaster,       down just by changing the fin. Visit their website at
Hi-Tech’s most popular summertime board. For more infor-   for more information.
mation, call 808-877-2111 or email US              US Windsurfing member SAVINGS=$10
Windsurfing member SAVINGS=$75

                         20th Annual Lake Mille lacs
                         Crossing — Jeff Adamski:
                         Region 6
                         The 20th annual Lake Mille lacs
                         Crossing will be held September 23 rd
                         to the 25 th. This classic Minnesota
                         event draws sailors from throughout
                         the Midwest and Canada. Mille lacs
                         is a large lake located 90 minutes
North of the Twin Cities. Depending on the wind direction,                                     Fleet 8 staff.
a beam reach course of 15 – 18 miles is set up on the lake.              Within this group, 9 have logged 10 Crossings or more,
           Calling the race “Minnesota’s Ultimate Challenge”
is based on historical fact that Lake Mille lacs can indeed be
challenging. It has been said that the lake is so large it cre-               You don’t need to worry about safety. Fleet 8 en-
ates it’s own weather patterns.                                     joys loyal cooperation of the Mille lacs business community
           The race is organized by skill levels. It includes       and the Garrison, Minnesota Commercial Club who gener-
Open Class, IMCO One Design, Production Class and Sport             ously supply large fishing launches to accompany the racers
Fleet (novice). The start of the race is staggered and this keeps   across the lake and pick up those sailors who can’t make it.
the fleet together as they make the crossing.                       In addition, Fleet 8 has a flotilla of smaller support boats and
           Perhaps you are wondering how long it take to cross      speedy inflatables to provide navigation and assistance. It’s
Lake Mille lacs? The record time was set in 1999 at 44 min-         a great end-of-season event where sailors and their families
utes, 13 seconds. The conditions that year were very chal-          can share a super event and enjoy the magnificent fall colors
lenging with 84 racers starting and only 21 finishing. In           around the lake. The 20th annual Mille lacs Crossing prom-
another year with more cooperative weather, 129 started and         ises to be a blast!!!
104 finished.                                                                                               by Dennis Kenny

                                                           PAGE 10
                                     It’s time to VOTE!

US Windsurfing Board of Directors 2 year term: January 1, 2002 - December 31, 2004

Please vote for ONLY Five (5) candidates for National Director. Write in candidates accepted. See
specifics below.

Current National Directors up for election:
u David Weekes: Greenville SC; Construction Company Owner - current treasurer, Junior Clinic Program Committee
u Charles “Skip” Dennis: W. Roxbury, MA; Finanical Analyst - current communications committee chair
u Steve Sylvester: El Cerrito, CA; Computer Systems Manager - current events committee chair

Nominees to National Director positions:
u Nat Siddall: Chelsea, MI; Business analyst
u Alan Bernau: Hughesville, MD; Retail business owner
The five candidates with the most votes will appear on the 2002 Board of Directors to fill positions as National Direc-

Note: Mike Gebhardt: Ft.. Myers, FL; IMCO/Youth/PanAM, Olympic Rep. is replacing John Weiss who resigned and
is not up for vote this year

Add write-in candidates for US Windsurfing National Directors here:

Regional Directors: Vote within your region only.
u Region 2: Southwest: AZ,CA,NV; Joe Roth, Orange, CA; Sales Representative
u Region 4: Rocky Mnt: CO,MT,NM,UT,WY: Karen Marriott;. Manager of a windsurfing/ski shop and event promoter
u Region 6: North Central: N.Central: IA,KS,MN,NE,ND,SD,MO; Jeff Adamski, Elk River, MN: Tool and Die
u Region 8: NEast: CT,MA,ME,NH,NY,RI,VT; Mark Lefebvre, Hyannis, MA; Software Engineer
u Region 10: SEast: AL,FL,GA,MS,SC,TN; Wright Finney, Tallahasse, FL; Chemical Engineer
Print your name, US Windsurfing Sail # and Expiration Date:

Signature:                                                     Date:

Please vote by mail, fax, or email. Return your signed paper proxy to US Windsurfing postmarked by September 20, 2001.
Or fax to 810-231-4924 by September 22nd. To vote by email, please list candidates you wish to vote for by name/position
and send to by September 22nd. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone number, USWA sail
# and expiration date for validation purposes.

                                          THANK YOU FOR VOTING
                                                      PAGE 11
                                   Events Calendar
                                      Aug 20-25 US Windsurfing National Championships, Hood River Event
 Note this date                       Site, OR, 877-386-8708, e:,

Calendar of Events                                                 Jul 7 Gorge Cup, Hood River, OR, Darren Rogers, 541-386-6561
2001 US Windsurfing Regional & National Calendar of
                                                                   Jul 14-21 Subaru Gorge Games, Columbia River Gorge, OR,
recognized and/or sanctioned US events.                                      541-386-7444,
Disciplines: C-Course Racing, F-Freestyle or other                 Contact Reg. Director, Darren Rogers for additions, changes or
Fun, LD-Long Distance, Sl-Slalom, Sp-Speed, W-                     corrections to schedule, e:
Wave events.
                                                                   4    ROCKY MTN - CD, MT, NM, UT, WY
Fleets/Classes: I- IMCO, S-Sport, O-Open, SLII-
                                                                   Jun 28 RMWA Race #3 at Aurora Reservoir. Contact Austin
Superlight II, F31-Formula31, SL275- Superlight II w/                       Topolnicki at
7.5 sail, 7.5ltd-7.5 Limited, Lb-Longboard, T-Techno,              Jul 12 RMWA Race #4 at Aurora Reservoir. Contact Austin
etc.                                                                        Topolnicki at
                                                                   Jul 22 RMWA Beach Part at Aurora Reservoir. Contact Mark
Designation: PR-Points Regattas, RC-Regional
                                                                            Scranton (
Championship                                                       Jul 22 RMWA Race #5 at Aurora Reservoir. Contact Austin
Please call contacts listed for information. Many                           Topolnicki at
dates tentative at time of printing, TBD-To be de-                 Aug 2 RMWA Race #6 at Aurora Reservoir. Contact Austin
                                                                            Topolnicki at
cided. TBA-to be announced, WP-wind permitting,
                                                                   Aug 11 RMWA Williamsfork Weekend at Williamsfork
LTW- Learn To Windsurf                                                      Reservoir. Contact Sue Frank
Making plans for the 2001 season? Be sure to                       Aug 11 RMWA Race #7 at Williamsfork Reservoir. Contact
contact your regional director and let us know what’s                       Austin Topolnicki at
                                                                   Aug 25-26 Larson’s End of Summer Swap. Contact
                                                                   or 303-423-0654.
                                                                   Aug 30 RMWA Race #8 at Aurora Reservoir. Contact Austin
1.   PACIFIC - HI, GUAM                                                     Topolnicki
Jul 7 Quicksilver Cup/MRS, Kanaha Beach, Maui, HI,                 Sep 6-9 Toucan Open, Lake McConaughy, NE, Karen Marriott,
          808-877- 2111, 808-871-6943 (f)                                   303-423-0654, e:,
Jul 21 Maui Fin Co. Open/MRS, Kanaha Beach, Maui, HI,                       Techno-F31 Series, Cliff Tudor, 800-why-sail,
          808-877-2111, 808-871-6943 (f)                                    e:
Aug 4 Sign Solution Hawaii State Championship/MRS, Kanaha          Sep 16 RMWA End Of Summer race (Series race #9) at Union
          Beach, Maui, HI, 808-877-2111, 808-871-6943 (f)                   Reservoir. Contact Mike Charbonneau at
Contact Reg. Director, Tom Pace for additions, changes or         
corrections to schedule, e:
                                                                   5.   SOUTH CENTRAL: AR, LA, OK, TX
2.   SOUTHWEST - AZ, CA, NV                                        Jul 5 Full moon bonfire, Mustang Isl. TX, Chip Ducrest,
Jul 6 St. Francis YC Twilight Series, On Marina, YC Race Office,              361-853-4367
           415-820-3713,, C                          Jul 14 AWC Summer Party, Mike Schultz, 512-835-2377,
Jul 7-8 Bay Challenge, St. Francis YC, On Marina, YC Race           
           Office, 415-820-3713,                     Jul 14 Bird Island to Causeway, Chip Ducrest, 361-853-4367
Jul 20 St. Francis YC Twilight Series, On Marina, YC Race          Jul 17 CCWA-TX Monthly mtg, Chip Ducrest, 361- 853-4367
           Office, 415-820-3713,                     Aug 4 Navy Regatta, Craig Greenslit, 361-242-4739,
Jul 21 Cal. Cup Race, 925-370-1570 for event site info,                       e:
 , C                                 Aug 4 Full moon bonfire, Mustang Is. TX, Chip Ducrest,
Aug 3 St. Francis YC Twilight Series, On Marina, YC Race                      361-853-4367
           Office, 415-820-3713,                     Aug 14 AWC Meeting, Mike Schultz, 512-835-2377,
Aug 4 Cal. Cup Nationals Prep race, 925-370-1570,                   
 , Sl, C Sl                          Aug 21CCWA-TX Monthly mtg, Chip Ducrest, 361-853-4367
Aug 17 St. Francis YC Twilight Series, On Marina, YC Race          Sep 11 AWC Meeting, Mike Schultz, 512-835-2377,
           Office, 415-820-3713,                      
Aug 31 St. Francis YC Twilight Series, On Marina, YC Race          Sep 18 CCWA-TX Monthly Mtg, Chip Ducrest, 361-853-4367
           Office, 415-820-3713,                     Oct 2 Full moon bonfire, Mustang Is. TX, Chip Ducrest,
Sep 7 St. Francis YC Twilight Series, On Marina, YC Race                      361-853-4367
           Office, 415-820-3713,                     Oct 13 AWC Swap Meet & Board Elections, Windy Point, Mike
Sep 15 Cal. Cup Race, 925-370-1570 for event site info,                       Schultz, 512-835-2377,
     , C                             Oct 16 CCWA-TX Monthly mtg, Chip Ducrest, 361-853-4367
Oct 27-28 Fall Olympic Classes, St. Francis YC, On Marina,         Oct 27 Aransas Triangle, John Williams, 361-758-2421
           415-820-3713,, I                          Nov 1 Full moon bonfire, Mustang Is. TX, Chip Ducrest,
Contact Reg. Director, Joe Roth for Additions, changes or                     361-853-4367
corrections to schedule, e:                  Nov 13 AWC Meeting, Mike Schultz, 512-835-2377,
3.   NORTHWEST - ID, OR, WA, AK                                    Nov 20 CCWA-TX Monthly mtg, Chip Ducrest, 361-853-4367
Jun 29-Jul 1 Gorge WindFest, Hood River Event Site, OR,            Nov 30 Full moon bonfire, Blue moon, Mustang Is. TX
         Darren Rogers, 541-386-6561 e:         Dec 8 AWC Christmas Party, Mike Schultz, 512-835-2377,

                                                          PAGE 12
                                       Events Calendar
                                          Aug 20-25 US Windsurfing National Championships, Hood River Event
     Note this date                       Site, OR, 877-386-8708, e:,

                                            August 1 Buzzards Bay Formula Series: Race #11 (FINAL),
Dec 8 CCWA-TX Christmas Party, Chip Ducrest, 361-853-4367                      Mattapoisett, MA
Dec 30 Full moon bonfire, Mustang Is. TX, Chip Ducrest,              August 6 CCWA Kids Club, Hyannis, MA
          361-853-4367                                               Sept 1-2 Cape Cod Formula Windsurfing Series: Race #1, #2,
Contact Reg. Director, Guy Miller for additions, changes or                    Hyannis, MA (
corrections to schedule, e:                    Sept CCWA Kids Club, Hyannis, MA
                                                                     Sept 8-9 Cape Cod Formula Windsurfing Series: Race #3, #4,
6.   NORTH CENTRAL - IA, KS, MN, NE, ND, SD,                                       Hyannis, MA
     MO                                                              Sept 22,23 Marthas Vineyard Challenge, Marthas Vineyard, MA
Jul 28-29) Red Oak Regatta, Sturgeon Lake, MN, Mike & Meri           Sept 29 September Winds Regatta, Wakefield, MA
          Gagan (651) 429-8205                                       Oct 6-7 Cape Cod Formula Windsurfing Series: Race #5, #6,
Aug 24-26 Calamus Rodeo Regatta, Calamus Reservoir,                                Hyannis, MA
          Burwell, NE, Bob Rice, e:             Oct 7 CCWA Kids Club, Hyannis, MA
Aug 25-26 Waconia Wind & Wave, Waconia, MN, Mike Fox,                Oct 13-14 Cape Cod Formula Windsurfing Series: Race #7, #8,
          952-474-9228, e:                                        Hyannis, MA
Sep 7-9 13th Annual Toucan Open, Lake McConaughy, NE,                Oct 20 Cape Cod Windsurfing Party, Hyannis, MA
          Larson’s Ski and Sport, 303-423-0654, Techno-F31           Oct 20 CCWA Fall Swap Meet, Hyannis, MA
          Series, Cliff Tudor, 800-why-sail, e:   Contact Reg. Director, Marc Lefebvre for additions, changes or
Sep 21-23 20th Annual Mille Lacs Crossing, Garrison, MN, Pat         corrections to schedule, e:
          Flemming, 952-472-1952, Mike Fox, 952-474-9228,
                                           9. MID-ATLANTIC - DE, DC, MD, NJ, NC, PA, VA,
Contact Reg. Director, Jeff Adamski for additions, changes or        WV
corrections to schedule, 763-441-1521, e:           Jun TBA Bena Windsurf Camp, Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760,
7. GREAT LAKES - IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI                              Jun 23 “Fun Day”/Learn-To-Windsurf (w/possible “race clinic”),
Jun 30 The WindGlider Kids Camp Kenosha, WI Ralph Ruffolo                      Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760, e:,
Jul 6 Door County Island Hopping Adventure, Fun island hop           Jun 23 Lakes Bay Challenge Cup, Atlantic City, NJ, Extreme
          from Fish Creek to Ephraim, WI in Lk Michigan, Steve                 Windsurfing, Jim Karabasz,,
          Vande Corput, 920-833-6470, e:           , Techno- F31 Series,
Jul 7-8 Door County Breeze, Ephraim, WI, camping, Steve                        Cliff Tudor, 800-why-sail, e:
          Vande Corput, 920-833-6470, e:           Jun 30-Jul 1 Petra Kanz Clinics, Gunpowder St. Pk, Chuck
Aug 4&5 Menominee Festival Regatta Menominee, WI Bill                          Schnee, 410-592-7681, e:
          Caley 906-863-6323                         Jul 7 Freestyle Competition, Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760,
Aug 25 Pewaukee Lake Crossing, Pewaukee, WI, MOWIND,                           e:,
          Rick Guindon, 262-691-7679,                                Jul 7 BABA’s LTW clinic, Gunpowder St. Pk, Chuck Schnee,
                                        410-592-7681, e:
Sep 8-9 Higgins Lake Regatta, S. St. Pk, Roscommon, MI,              Jul 15 BABA III, Gunpowder St. Pk, Mark Raginsky, 410-964-
          MOWIND, on-site camping, Nat Siddall, 734-475-                       4335, e:
          6758, e:, O, N, C, Sl               Jul 21 LOTTO Regatta, Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760,
Sep 15-16 Windward Sports Crib Run, Chicago, IL Mike Grillo                    e:,
          312-543-1444                                      (Rain: Jul 22)
                               Jul 28-29 Petra Kanz Clinics, Gunpowder St. Pk, Chuck Schnee,
Sep 29-30 WindPower Championships, Lake Winnebago, WI,                         410-592-7681, e:
          MOWIND, free camping/bon fire, Kevin Gratton,              Aug 3-4 Newton Sims Regatta/American Cancer Society Little
          920-922-2550, e:,                    Creek Cup, Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760, e: tc-
Apr-Sep Great Lakes Demo Tour, various Michigan locations, for       Aug 12 BABA IV, Gunpowder St. Pk, Mark Raginsky, 410-964-
          info/schedule, visit                                                 4335, e:
           Aug 18 BABA’s LTW clinic, Gunpowder St. Pk, Chuck Schnee,
Contact Reg. Director, Nat Siddall for additions, changes or          410-592-7681
corrections to schedule, e:                   Sep 8 “Fun Day”/Learn-To-Windsurf (w/posbl. match racing/
                                                                               clinic), Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760, e: tc-
8. NORTHEAST - CT, MA, ME, NH, HY, RI, VT                            ,
June 27 Buzzards Bay Formula Series: Race #7, Mattapoisett,          Sep 16 BABA V/MAS, Gunpowder St. Pk, Mark Raginsky,
          MA                                                                   410-964-4335, e:
July 1 CCWA Kids Club, Hyannis, MA                                   Sep 22 Fall SWAP, Tom Cobin, 757-481-5760,
July 7-8 Nevin Sayre Kids Camp, Falmouth, MA                                   e:,,
July 11 Buzzards Bay Formula Series: Race #8, Mattapoisett,                    (Rain: 23rd)
          MA                                                         Oct 7 BABA VI, Gunpowder St. Pk, Mark Raginsky,
July 14-15 Newport Regatta, Newport, RI                   410-964-4335, e:
July 18 Buzzards Bay Formula Series: Race #9, Mattapoisett,          Oct 21-28, 2001 Hatteras Island Windsurfing/kiteboarding
          MA                                                                   Championships.
July 25 Buzzards Bay Formula Series: Race #10, Mattapoisett,         Nov 3-4 Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic WET/MAS, Tom
          MA                                                                   Cobin, 757-481-5760, e:,

                                                              PAGE 13
                                       Events Calendar
                                         Aug 20-25 US Windsurfing National Championships, Hood River Event
    Note this date                       Site, OR, 877-386-8708, e:,

Contact Reg. Director, Bob Tanev for additions, changes or         Aug 18- 22 CORK (All Olympic Classes) Kingston, Canada,
corrections to schedule, e:                                 IMCO,
                                                                   Aug 29-Sep 7 Mistral World Championships, Athens, Greece
10. SOUTHEAST - AL, FL, GA, MS, SC, TN                                      IMCO,
Jun TBA Reggae Regatta, Lake Lanier Sailing Club, GA, Kevin        Nov 8-11 19th Islamorada Pro/Am, Islamorada, FL, Lesley
         Osburn, 770-448-7125, or Chris Voith, 404-255-6469,                Saunders,
         e:,        Nov TBA Techno 31 National Series Finals, Location TBA, Cliff
Jun 23-24 USA Junior Olympic Windsurfing Festival, Calema                   Tudor, 800-why-sail, e:
         Windsurfing at Kelly Park, FL, 800 4CALEMA,               Feb 22-24 2002 US Windsurfing North American Masters, F-Y/LTW                                            Championship XI, US Sailing Center-Martin County,
Aug TBA 4th Annual Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) Regatta,                     Jensen Beach, FL, Todd Hudgins, 561-334-8085,
TBA, Shell Point Sailboard Club, Paul Hansard, 850-216-2940,                e:,
Sep 7-9 11th Annual Juana’s Good Time Regatta, Navarre             CLINICS AND CAMPS
         Beach, FL, Panhandle Windsurfers, Steve Bogan,            Petra Kanz Windsurfing Clinics 2001
         850-433-5833, e:,          Jun 30-Jul 1 Int. Shortboard, Gunpowder St. Pk, BABA,
Sep/Oct TBA 14th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic,          Jul 7-8 Women’s Clinic w/Dottie Daniels, Ft Monroe, VA, Beach
          Shell Point Beach, FL, Shell Point Sailboard Club, Pam             Sports, 757 833 7691
          Hansard, 850-216-2940, e:,            Jul 21-22 Women’s Beg-Intrm. Longbrd w/Dottie Daniels, Dewey
, C, F, LD, Sl                                   Beach, DE, East of Maui, 302 227 4703
Oct 13-14 23rd Annual Fall Classic & Senior National               Jul 28-29 Adv. Longboard w/Squirrel, Gunpowder St. Prk, BABA,
           Championship, Lake Lanier Sailing Club, GA,                410-592-7681
          Atlanta Boardsailing Club, Kevin Osburn, 770-448-7125,   Two additional clinics in MD and Upstate NY are planned.
          Chris Voith, 404-255-6469,,
                                  Solo Sports Wave Camps at San Carlos, Baja Mexico San
Oct 27-28 Halloween Regatta, Lake Lanier Sailing Club, GA,                   Carlos,Baja, 949-453-1950,
          ChrisVoith, 404-255-6469, e:,     Jun 23-30 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Nov 2-4 Longboard/Shortboard Championships, St Petersburg,         Jul 7-14 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
          FL, Fleet 12/Tackle Shack, 813-546-5080 or in FL                   e:,
          800-537-6099,, C, F, I, SLII, O, S    Jul 21-28 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Nov 8-11 19th Islamorada Pro-Am, Islamorada, FL, Lesley                      e:,
          Saunders, e:, C, F, LD, S.           Aug 4-11 Sean Aiken Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-
Contact Reg. Director, Wright Finney for additions, changes or               8082(f) e:,
corrections to schedule, e:                     Aug 18-25 Jennifer Henderson Wave Camp, 949-453-1950,
                                                                             949-453-8082 Fax, e:,
                                                                   Sep 1-8 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Jun 28-Jul 3, Aruba Hi-Winds, Aruba, e:
                                                                   Sep 15-22 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Jun 30-Jul 1 Triple Corona 2, Isla Verde,PR, Jaime Torres,
, Pnts= 2
                                                                   Sep 29-Oct 6 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Jul 1-8 HIHO 2001, British Virgin Islands,,
           the Brandt’s Clinics start 6/25/01
                                                                   Oct 13-20 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Jul 14-15 Festival Olimpico Fajardo, Fajardo, PR, Jaime Torres,
, Pnts= 1
                                                                   Oct 27-Nov 3 Wave Camp, 949-453-1950, 949-453-8082 Fax,
Jul 23-Jul 29 FW PANAMERICANOS, Isla Verde, PR,
          Jaime Torres,, Pnts= 4,

Contact Reg. Director, Jaime Torres for additions, changes or
corrections to schedule, e:

Jun 23-24 USA Junior Olympic Windsurfing Festival, Calema
          Windsurfing at Kelly Park, FL, 800 4CALEMA,
Jul 2-12 Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship,
          Crozon-Morgat, France, IMCO
July 14-21 Subaru Gorge Games, Columbia River Gorge, OR,
          541-386-7444,, Multi-sport
                                                                   Do you need sail numbers? Contact
Aug 20-25 US Windsurfing National Championships, Hood              the Rushman: email
          River, OR, 877-386-8708,,

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