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   Meeting announcements will be considered for
                                                      The Society of Nuclear Medicine 32nd Annual Meeting
   publication in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
   free of charge if the following information is     Date: Sunday-Wednesday, June 2-5, 1985
   included: 1) date, title, and location of meeting;
   2) sponsoring group; 3) topics presented; 4)
   whether or not commercial exhibits are held;       Location: Albert Thomas Convention and Exhibit Center, Houston, TX
   5) deadline date for submission of abstracts;
   6) number of CME credit hours; 7) registra-        Educational Program: 3 premeeting seminars for nuclear medicine prac-
   tion fees; and 8) contact person, address, and
   telephone.                                              titioners, referring physicians, and senior technologists; 600 scien-
       Important notices pertainingtoawards, cer-          tific papers, posters, and exhibits; 16 hour-and-a-half continuing
   tification exams, grants, and other announce-           education courses; 4-day technologist educational program; and
   ments deemed appropriate by the Editor will
   aiso be considered for publication. They should         commercial exhibits.
   be limited to a maximum of 200 words.
      All announcements must be submitted at          CME credit: 34 hr Category 1
   least 4 months before the meeting date or notice
   deadline, and will be published no later than
   the issue of the month preceding the meeting       Fees: $100 SNM members; S195 nonmembers
   or notice deadline. They are subject to editorial
   review and editing and should be pertinent to
   nuclear medicine. Please forward all announce-
   ments to: Jacqueline Samuels, The Society of       Contact: The Society of Nuclear Medicine, Education and Meetings
   Nuclear Medicine, 475 Park Avenue South.
   New York, NY 10016 (212)889-0717.                            Department, 475 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

                            Meetings Sponsored by The Society of Nuclear Medicine

MAY 25-27. 1985                              1101 Connecticut Ave.. Suite 700. Washing-   Category 1 credit available. Fees: $100/$150
Hawaii Chapter, Updates in Nuclear ton, DC 20036 (202)857-1135.                           members/nonmembers; $60/$75 tech mem-
Medicine Imaging, Turtle Bay Hilton.                                                      bers/nonmembers. Contact: Vincent J.
Kahuau. HI. Contact: Patrick McGuigan.                                                    Sodd. PhD, SNM SE Chapter, 5987 Tur-
550 S. Beretania. Honolulu. HI 96813 OCTOBER 17-20, 1985                                  pin Hills Dr., Cincinnati. OH 45244
(808)537-2211.                               Western Chapter, 10th Annual Western         (513)872-5360.
                                             Regional Meeting, American Canyon
                                             Hotel. Palm Springs. CA. Deadline for
SEPTEMBER 9-10, 1985                         abstracts: June 24, 1985. Fees: to be an-    OCTOBER 25-27, 1985
SNM and American College of Nuclear nounced. Contact: Kaya Karcher, 10th                  Greater New York and New England
Physicians, Joint International Sym- Western Regional Meeting, SNM. P.O. Box              Chapters, 2nd Northeast Meeting, Westin
posium on the Role of Noninvasive 4079. San Francisco. CA 94140                           Hotel—Copley Plaza, Boston, MA. Ef-
Imaging Modalities in Clinical Decision (415)647-0722.                                    ficacy of nuclear medicine procedures; car-
Making: Coronary Artery Disease, Mar-                                                     diology (acute care); cardiology (the fail-
riott Hotel. Washington, DC. Topics pre-                                                  ing myocardium); infectious disease;
sented include government and health in- OCTOBER 23-26, 1985                              emergency nuclear medicine; low-level
surance industry views on reimbursement Southeastern Chapter, Annual Meet-                nuclear waste; SPECT. Commercial Ex-
policy; approaches to containing cost of ing—Cardiovascular Imaging, Diplomat             hibits. Deadline for abstracts: September
clinical decision making and the use of Resort, Hollywood, FL. Presentations on           1. 1985. Category 1 credit available. Fees:
diagnostic algorithms; cost effectiveness of SPECT. thallium perfusion, gated blood       $85/$115 physician, scientist member/non-
ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT, MRI. pool, NMR. and ultrasonic imaging techni-          member; $55/$60 resident member/non-
and PET in coronary artery disease. 14 '/2 ques and analysis with quantitative            member. Contact: Mitchell Stromer, Sec-
hr Category 1 credit. Fees: $135 for entire methodology. Special presentation on          ond Northeast Regional Meeting, SNM,
program; $110 for 1 day. Contact: Barbra radionuclide absorptiometry for bone             Greater NY and NE Chapters, 360 Cedar
Hickey, Director of Membership Services. mineral content. Commercial exhibits.            Lane, East Meadow. NY 11554
American College of Nuclear Physicians, Deadline for abstracts: July 1, 1985.             (212)904-4180.

38A       Calendar                                                                             The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
            Meetings Sponsored by Organizations Other than The Society of Nuclear Medicine

  MAY 19-23. 1985                                 Feldman, Conference Coordinator, 3770 Company LTD, Taj Mahal Hotel, Apollo
  Fifth Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference,         Tansy. San Diego. CA 92121 (619)453-6222. Bundher, Bombay 400 039, India.
  Korean Nuclear Society and Korean
  Atomic Industrial Forum, Sheraton               JUNE 16-21, 1985                            AUGUST 26-30, 1985
 Walker Hill. Seoul, Korea. Interdependen-        Internal Radiation Dosimetry, University    Symposium on Nuclear Medicine and
  cy for a vitalized nuclear industry; exchang-   of Lowell, Department of Physics and       Related Medical Applications of Nuclear
  ing views on initiating a nuclear power proj-   Applied Physics, Hilton Inn, Merrimack.    Techniques in Developing Countries, In-
 ect. nuclear reactors, application of radio-     NH. Contact: Dr. Kenneth W. Skrable,       ternational Atomic Energy Agency, Vien-
  isotopes and radiation technology;              Dept. of Physics and Applied Physics.      na International Center, Austria. All aspects
 maintenance and operation of nuclear             University of Lowell, 1 University Ave.,   of nuclear medicine with special emphasis
 power plants. Commercial exhibits. Fee;          Lowell, MA 01854 (617)543-1045.            on its practice in developing countries. No
 $320. Contact: Mr. Kim. Jung-Ki, Secre-                                                     fee. Contact: Dr. R. Dudley or Dr. R.D.
                                             JUNE 24-29, 1985                                Ganatra. International Atomic Energy
 tary General, C.P.O. Box 6583. Seoul,
                                              New Advances in Nuclear Medicine,              Agency. IAEA-SM-283, Vienna Interna-
                                             NMR, and Angioplasty for the Practic-           tional Centre, P.O. Box 100. A-1400 Vienna,
  MAY 20-22, 1985                            ing Physician Including Seventh Annual          Austria.
  North American Society of Cardiovas- Nuclear Cardiology Symposium, Emory
 cular Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging Mag- University School of Medicine, Sea Pines SEPTEMBER 3-6, 1985
 azine and Contemporary Forums, Hyatt Plantation, Hilton Head Island, SC. Con- European Nuclear Medicine Congress,
 on Union Square. San Francisco. CA. Con- tact: Joanna Graves, Program Coordinator, The Barbican Hall, London. Contact: Dr.
 tact: Contemporary Forums. 219 Canyon Continuing Medical Education, Emory P.J. Ell, European Nuclear Medicine Con-
 Vista, Danville, CA 94526 (415)820-2800. University School of Medicine, 1440 Clif- gress 1985, Institute of Nuclear Medicine,
                                             ton Rd.. NE, 110 WHSCAB, Atlanta GA Middlesex Hospital Medical School, Mor-
 MAY 29-31, 1985                             30322 (404)329-5695.                        timer Street, London, WIN 8AA, England.
 Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Massa-
 chusetts General Hospital, Harvard Med- JULY 22-26, 1985                                SEPTEMBER 9-11, 1985
 ical School, Department of Continuing Summer School on NMR Proton Imag- Second International Symposium on
 Medical Education, Boston, MA. Contact: ing, Department of Bio-Medical Physics Technetium in Chemistry and Nuclear
 Paula Payne, Postgraduate Education Coor- and Bio-Engineering, University of Aber- Medicine, Villa Contarini Piazzola sul
 dinator, Dept. of Radiology. Massachusetts deen. Aberdeen, Scotland. Contact: Dr. Brenta, Padua, Italy. Chemistry, biochem-
General Hospital. Boston, MA 02114 M.A. Foster, Dept. of Bio-Medical Physics istry, design, preparation, quality control,
(617)726-8395.                              and Bio-Engineering, Foresterhill, Aber- and application of technetium radiopharma-
                                            deen AB9 2ZD, Scotland.                     ceuticals. Fees; $130. Contact: Secretariat:
JUNE 2-14. 1985                                                                         U. Mazzi, ICTR-CNR, Corso Stati Uniti,
Radiological Health Physics, University JULY 25-27, 1985                                4, 35020 Padova, Italy.
of Lowell, Department of Physics and Minnesota Symposium on Nuclear Med-
Applied Physics, Hilton Inn, Merrimack, icine, University of Minnesota, Radisson SEPTEMBER 10-11, 1985
NH. Contact: Dr. Kenneth W. Skrable. University Hotel. Minneapolis, MN. Cur- Symposium on Radiohalogens, Cana-
Dept. of Physics and Applied Physics. rent status of applications of indium labeled dian Association of Radiopharmaceutical
University of Lowell. 1 University Ave., blood products in medical research and Scientists, TRIUMF, Banff Centre, Banff,
Lowell, MA 01854 (617)543-1045.             practice; techniques in NM; and cardiovas- Alberta, Canada. Contact: Iain Trevena.
                                            cular and gastrointestinal NM. 14 hr Cate- PhD, President, CARS, TRIUMF, 4004
JUNE 10-14. 1985                            gory 1 credit. $120 physicians, scientists; Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver. BC, Canada
Planning for Nuclear Emergencies, Har- $60 technologists, personnel. Contact: V6T 2A3 (604)228-4711.
vard University School of Public Health, Betsy Parks, Program Assistant, Continuing
Boston. MA. Contact: Office of Continu- Medical Education, University of Minne- SEPTEMBER 11-14, 1985
ing Education, Harvard University School sota. Box 293,420 Delaware St. SE, Min- Fourth International Symposium on
of Public Health, 677 Huntington Ave.. neapolis, MN 55455 (612)373-8012.                Radiopharmacology, International Asso-
Boston. MA 02115 (617)732-1171.                                                         ciation of Radiopharmacology, Banff
                                            AUGUST 22-25, 1985                          Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Contact:
JUNE 16-19, 1985                            Ultrasound & Nuclear Magnetic Reso- M.W. Billinghurst, PhD, Chairman, Fourth
Southwest Imaging Conference, Depart- nance, Taj Continuing Education Pro- International Symposium on Radiopharma-
ment of Radiology, University of Arizona grams, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, India. cology, Secretariat, Radiopharmacy, Health
& University of New Mexico, Sweeney Contact: Guantarn Sen Gupta, Taj Continu- Science Centre, 700 William Ave., Win-
Center, Santa Fe, NM. Contact: Nomi ing Education Programmes, India Hotels nipeg. Manitoba R3E 0Z3, Canada.

40A         Calendar                                                                              The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
SEPTEMBER 12-B. 1985                           sonography, nuclear imaging, MRI. and           California, Room C324, 521 Parnassus Ave.,
International Symposium—Labeled and            digital radiography. 30 hr Category 1 credit.   San Francisco, CA 94143 (415)666-5731.
Unlabeled Antibodies in Cancer Diag-           Fees: $450 physicians, scientists; $395
                                               residents, techs. Contact: Conference Sec-      NOVEMBER 5-8, 1985
nosis and Therapy, American College of
                                               retary, Department of Radiology, West Park      Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Sym-
Radiology, Johns Hopkins, Medical Institu-
                                               Hospital, 22141 Roscoe Blvd., Canoga            posium, Radiopharmaceutical Dose In-
tions, Baltimore, MD. Contact: Suzanne
Bonn, Chairman, Program Committee.             Park. CA 91304 (818)340-0580 x280.              formation Center, Oak Ridge Associated
American College of Radiology. 925                                                             Universities, Oak Ridge, TN. Positron
Chestnut St., Philadelphia. PA 19107           NOVEMBER 4-8, 1985                              emitters, ultrashort-lived radionuclides, and
(215)574-3150.                                 Diagnostic Radiology Seminar, Univer-           radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies and
                                               sity of California, San Francisco, Maui         blood elements. Deadline for abstracts: July
OCTOBER 12-20, 1985                            Marriott Hotel, HI. For radiologists in clin-   15, 1985. Fees: to be announced. Contact:
Body Imaging Conference, West Park             ical practice; provides survey of selected      Audrey T. Schlafke-Stelson, Planning
Hospital, Maui Marriott Hotel, HI. Cor-        subdivisions for diagnostic radiology. Fees:    Committee Radiopharmaceutical Dosim-
related approach to the principles, indica-    $475 physicians, scientists; $375 residents.    etry Symposium. Oak Ridge Associated
tions, uses, interpretations and results ob-   fellows, techs, and nurses. Contact: Radiol-    Universities, P.O. Box 117, Oak Ridge, TN
tained with computed tomography, ultra-        ogy Postgraduate Education. University of       37831-0117 (615)576-3450.


AWARDS COMMITTEE, SNM                          travel, hotel, food, and incidental expenses    and radiochemistry science, NMR
                                               at the Annual Meeting: and. a suitable          physics and instrumention, nuclear
Named Lectureships—The Awards Com-
                                               honorarium for the lecturer (e.g., minimum      medicine computer science, and nuclear
mittee of SNM has established "named"
                                               of $500). c) Selection of the lecturer will     medicine laboratory science. Contact:
lectureships on a space-available basis in
                                               be made by the Scientific Program Chair-        Eugene Vinciguerra, DSc, Secretary,
either the Scientific Program or Continu-
                                               person or designee in consultation with the     American Board of Science in Nuclear
ing Education track of the June Annual
                                               sponsoring Chapter or Council.                  Medicine, 145 W. 58th St., New York,
Meeting. An SNM Chapter or Council may
                                               AMERICAN BOARD OF SCIENCE                       NY 10019 (212) 757-0520. Applications
apply to the Committee for a "named" lec-
                                               IN NUCLEAR MEDICINE                             must be received by May 15, 1985.
tureship (e.g.. "Blumgart Lecture" spon-
sored by the New England Chapter). The         The next examination of the American
                                                                                               AMERICAN BOARD OF
rules are as follows: a) Submit applications   Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine
                                                                                               NUCLEAR MEDICINE
 1 year prior to the June Annual Meeting.      originally scheduled for June 1, 1985 in
b) Sponsorship must be committed for a         conjunction with the 32nd Annual                The American Board of Nuclear Medicine's
minimum of 3 years at the time of initial      Meeting of The Society of Nuclear               Certifying exam will be given September
application, and requires that a minimum       Medicine will be held June 2, 1985.             7, 1985. Deadline for receipt of application
deposit of $3,000 (approximately $1,000/       Specialty areas that may be chosen for          is July 1. 1985. Information and application
year) be placed in a specially designated      the examination include: nuclear medi-          forms may be obtained from: Joseph F.
fund by the sponsoring body. The sponsor       cine physics and instrumentation, ra-           Ross, MD, President ABNM, 900 Veteran
must also pay for the following: Lecturer's    diation protection, radiopharmaceutical         Ave., Los Angeles. CA 90024.

42A        Calendar                                                                                 The Journal of Nuclear Medicine

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