; Detergent Powder Market in India
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Detergent Powder Market in India

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									Surf, Wheel, and Rin – Detergent Powder brands of HUL
The Indian detergent market is estimated to be around 4000Cr, comprises of Laundry
soaps, synthetic detergent powders, and bars.
The detergent powder market in India is segmented on the basis of three price categories:
    Popular
    Economy
    Premium/ Compacts

The Premium and Concentrates segment account for only 2% of the total market volume.

The major players in the organized detergent market are:
      HUL
      Nirma
      P&G
In which Nirma and HUL are close competitors and put together controls 30% of the
volume in the market. Nirma is the leader in the economy segment
In the premium detergent powder, HUL dominates with over 60% market share and rest
is largely controlled by P&G.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning of Surf

Launched in 1959, Surf was the first product in the Indian detergent powder market.
Surf Excel: India’s largest selling compact detergent powder
Surf Excelmatic: for the front-loaded washing machines
Surf excel liquid
Surf powder

      The segment for which the brand is intended is the customer of premium powders,
       which are sold in the price range of Rs.75/- per kg and above. In the premium
       segment, detergents sell in the price range of Rs. 80 –120/-; and the major brands
       are Surf, Henko, Tide, and Ariel.
      Surf Excel (mummy’s best friend) is positioned as the brand that a housewife will
       look to upgrade herself to get better cleanliness without damaging the clothes.
       The brand is clearly positioned as a premium and up market brand and the
       achievements show an upper-middle to upper class small family with a
       fashionable home and modern clothing collection.
      The ‘Surf Excel hai naa’ campaign is more intended at improving the brand recall.
      Surf excel is targeted at the upwardly mobile housewives who prefer to have
       cleaner clothes without damage, as also households that have washing machines.
Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning of Wheel

Wheel is a detergent brand that caters to the laundry needs of the mass market. It was first
launched in the year 1987. Wheel Green is the single largest detergent brand in India in
terms of market share and value.
    - Wheel powder
    - Active wheel

      The brand is intended in the popular range segment, which consists of powders
       sold in for Rs.18 – 22 per kg. The popular segment was founded as a result of the
       launch and subsequent success of Nirma.
      Wheel is positioned as a tough fighter of dirt and offers value for money. The
       ‘lalitaji” advertisement was created to identify the brand with common class.
      Wheel is targeted at the mass market and at people moving up the economy ladder
       from the lower-middle to middle-class segment

Rin was traditionally, the detergent bar brand from HUL. In 1990’s company launched
the Rin brand of detergent powders in order to fight the competitors by leveraging on the
strong brand enjoyed in the detergent bar market. The detergent powders from the Rin
family are:
    - Rin Shakti Powder
    - Rin Supreme

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning of Rin

      The brand is predominantly placed under the economy priced segment that
       emerged with P&G’s introduction of Ariel Supersoaker. This category consists of
       mid-priced segment detergents ranging from Rs.35 – 50 per kg.
      Positioned as the brand for superlative whiteness, it is focused on those who want
       whiteness of clothes above all else. It is positioned between Wheel and Surf excel.
       The brand is targeted more at customers who are happy with the Rin bar.

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