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									                NMEA News   NMEA Mission…To make known the world of water, both fresh and salt.
            Volume 26, Issue 1 Spring 2010   www.Marine-ed.org    Newsletter of the National Marine Educators Association

From the Pilot                                this one will bring about enhanced               our stalwart By Laws Committee
                                              attention. Further, it is the goal of            chair, Rick Tinnin. Rick is not only
House                                         the SI staff to bring partners                   the By Laws Chair, but he drafted
By J. Adams Frederick                         together in this effort.                         the By Laws in 1987 with Rob Moir
     By the time this reaches your                 In early January, the                       and he has been the Chair of the
desktop, laptop, or other wireless            Expanding Audiences (EA)                         Committee since that time—23
device, we’ll be “closing in” on              Scholarship Committee members                    years ago. Rick recently retired
spring in the Mid-Atlantic and that           received a generous offer through                from the University of Texas, but
will be a welcome change. We will             NMEA member, Barbara Wallace                     he assures me that he will continue
also have had our National Marine             at the Mineral Management Service                to teach half-time on his research
Educators Association (NMEA)                  (MMS) of $10,000 to support the                  vessel and in his new Wetlands
Executive Committee (EC)                      EA Scholarship Fund. In effect,                  Education Center. He also
meeting in Ocean Springs, MS, and             this “doubles” the scholarship                   indicated that he still plans on
we’ll be “closing in” on our Mid-                                                              attending the NMEA Conferences.
Year Board Meeting and Whale of                                                                We all wish Rick the best and
a Share-A-Thon at the National                                                                 we’re glad he will still be connected
Science Teachers Association                                                                   to the marine education
(NSTA) Conference on Science                                                                   community.
Education in Philadelphia, PA. In                                                                   The NMEA would also like to
the meantime, NMEA continues                                                                   extend its heart-felt condolences to
to garner attention from other                                                                 Lee Larkin, our longtime NMEA
potential collaborators who share                                                              Web keeper, and her family who
the vision of broadening its                                                                   recently lost her husband, John
opportunities.                                                                                 Olney, to cancer at the age of 62.
     The NMEA EC is partnering                Members of the NMEA Executive Board              There is a great tribute to Dr.
with the Smithsonian Sant Ocean               met in Ocean Springs, MS during February         Olney on the Virginia Institute of
Hall to assist in its review of a new         2010.                                            Marine Science Web site and it is
                                                                Photo by Johnette Bosarge      clear that he was a significant
Ocean Portal Web site that will
highlight all things marine and link                                                           contributor to our collective
to marine research and education.             funds and gives NMEA an                          marine science knowledge. For
Many EC members have given                    unparalleled opportunity to meet                 more information on Dr. Olney,
excellent commentary regarding                the mission of the EA Committee.                 visit:
the development of this site and              The MMS was also very supportive                 http://www.vims.edu/newsandevents
this information has been                     of the Mid-Atlantic Marine                       /topstories/john_olney.php.
submitted to SI staff for their               Education Association (MAMEA)                         Finally, I look forward to
review. From discussions I have               Chapter Annual Conference this                   seeing many of you in Philadelphia
had with the SI staff, we are                 past October. We greatly                         at the NSTA at the Mid-Year
assured that the NMEA will be                 appreciate the continued support                 Board Meeting, concurrent
highlighted as a partner and the              By MMS. Thanks to Tami                           sessions, and “loaded with lots” of
Bridge will be a featured site, as            Lunsford for connecting NMEA                     great educational materials for the
well. It is clear that sites such as          to such a great opportunity.                     Whale of a Share-A-Thon!
                                                  And now, some news about
                                            American coast any time during the
                                            fall, winter, or early spring. They also
                                            generate high winds, waves, and
                                            flooding, but they do not always move
                                            very quickly. Although Nor’easter
                                            winds are not as intense as those of
                                            many hurricanes, they “make up for
                                            it” in duration. Nor’easters may be        NMEA 2010: From the
                                            held in place for days by arctic           Mountains to the Sea
The Bridge                                  (Canadian) high pressure systems. As
                                            a result, the seas have time to develop
                                                                                       By Courtney Thompson
Satellites and Storms: Using                                                                The NMEA 2010 needs its
                                            to maximum wave size, pounding the         members to make a great conference!
Ocean Observing Systems to                  coast for prolonged periods.               Each concurrent session will address
Investigate Coastal Storms                        We can investigate basic             one or more conference strands and
By Kevin Goff & Susan Haynes                atmosphere-ocean interactions using        be of interest to the NMEA
Edited and Updated by                       some of modern oceanography’s most         membership: formal educators,
Carol Hopper Brill &                        valuable tools, satellites. From their     informal educators, university
Chris Petrone                               orbits high above the Earth, ocean         professors, researchers, and program
     Examine coastal storms—                observing systems provide global and       or agency administrators. It is
hurricanes and northeasters, or             regional perspectives that reveal the      recommended, but not required, that
nor’easters—in Satellites and Storms, a     effects that atmosphere and ocean          one or more of the Ocean Literacy
five part Data Analysis Teaching            have on one another. Thanks to             principles be addressed.
Activity (DATA) from the Bridge.            advancing technology, satellites now            The session strands for the
     The atmosphere and the ocean           collect all sorts of data: ocean           Conference are:
are both dynamic fluids, ever               temperature; water color (indicating            Audiences – Focus is on
circulating as they are driven by the       sediment load or phytoplankton             cultivating a global community of
uneven heating of the Earth and the         density, for example); wind speed and      water conservationists. Presenters are
Earth’s rotation on its axis. While we      direction; the roughness of the            invited to share strategies and
often think of the atmosphere and           ocean’s surface; and more. And we          programs that focus on reaching out
ocean as two separate systems—with          can access this information, plus data     to underrepresented audiences.
weather and wind moving the air,            from buoys, ships, and coastal                  Breakthroughs – Focus is on
currents and tides affecting the sea—       observing stations, using the Internet.    scientific research and new
in reality they are two sides of a single   In this series of activities, we’ll use    technologies that enable us to better
air-sea system. The ocean and               ocean observing systems to study the       understand the ocean, including the
atmosphere influence and interact           formation and impacts of coastal           role of freshwater as it applies to
with each other in very complex ways.       storms, and how meteorologists             inland waterways and its impact on
Reflecting this linkage between air and     develop forecasts for these typically      the ocean.
ocean, researchers in the fields of         destructive events.                             Partnerships – Focus is on
meteorology and oceanography often                For the full DATA, visit:            successful partnerships and
work together.                              http://www2.vims.edu/bridge/DAT            collaborations among educators,
     The east coast of the United           A.cfm?Bridge_Location=archive1007.         researchers, diverse audiences, and
States receives two main types of           html.                                      communities, as well as opportunities
severe coastal storms: Hurricanes and                                                  for teacher training, grants, awards,
Nor’easters. They differ in their                                                      and classroom funding.
region of origin, season, and duration                                                      Research – Focus is on
of impact.                                                                             behavioral patterns of students and
     Hurricanes develop over tropics                                                   educators in schools and other
in late summer and fall. These                                                         organizations as they relate to Ocean
powerful coastal storms are                                                            Literacy. Presenters are invited to share
characterized by high winds, waves,                                                    their specific projects.
storm surge, and heavy rain that                                                            Stem – Focus is on combining
results in flooding. They usually                                                      science, technology, engineering, and
migrate quickly at speeds of 10-25                                                     mathematics in order to provide
miles per hour.                                                                        inquiry opportunities to enhance
     In contrast, Northeasters, or                                                     students’ understanding of freshwater
Nor’easters, are not of tropical origin.                                               and marine ecosystems.
They can form off the North
     Sustainability – Focus is on          visiting:                                     Showcasing three of the four
conservation issues as they pertain to     Http://www.NMEAWeb.org/gatlinburg2        coasts (when the Great Lakes
the well-being of the natural world        010/ and clicking on “scholarships,”      coastline is included) for future
and the responsible use of natural         and then scrolling down to                conference hosts and sites will be:
resources. Specific topics may include     “Expanding Audiences Stipend.”                TEAMS, Gatlinburg, TN, 2010;
global climate change, policy initiates,   Nominations are due March 12. For         MME, Boston, MA, 2011; NAME,
and local success stories.                 more information, contact the             Anchorage, AK, 2012; SAME,
     Teaching – Focus is on                committee co-chairs: Mellie Lewis at      Mobile, AL, 2014, and SENEME,
successful classroom experiences           mellielewis@hotmail.com or Tami           Newport, RI, 2015.
using aquatic and marine themes.           Lunsford at
Presenters are invited to share their      tami.lunsford@gmail.com.
best practices.
     Tradition – Focus is on the long      Scholarship
standing traditions, practices and
cultures of regional, indigenous and
local communities as they relate to
freshwater and marine environments.
                                           By Mare Timmons
                                                The NMEA members may apply
Traditional ecological knowledge is
cultural practice based on generations
                                           for a scholarship to the Gatlinburg,
                                           TN Conference conducted from July
                                                                                     for NMEA
of place-based observations and            18-23. Scholarships awards are based
empirical, experiential information.       on financial need. Geographical           members are
Presenters are invited to share            location and order of receipt of the
perspectives, programs, and strategies     completed applications are not            as follows:
that embrace, support, and celebrate       considered in the awarding process.
traditional knowledge.                     Applicants must be an NMEA
                                                                                      Awards nomination
     For questions regarding the           member in good standing. Chapter            form—
conference, contact:                       membership is a plus, but not               http://www.marine-
nmea2010@ripleys.com.                      required. Early application is              ed.org/docs/nomform.p
                                                Those ineligible to apply include:     df.
Enhancing Audience                         NMEA officers, other voting                Scholarship and the
                                           members of the Board of Directors,          Expanding Audiences
Committee Report                           Institutional or Corporate members,
By Mellie Lewis & Tami Lunsford            and scholarship recipients within the       nomination
     The Enhancing Audience                past three NMEA Annual                      form http://www.marin
Committee is seeking nominations for
the 2010 NMEA Expanding Audience
                                           Conferences.                                e-ed.org/scholarships-
Stipend Awards. The goal of this                                                       stipends.html.
program is to recruit and assist           Conference
individuals from groups                    Committee
underrepresented in science or those       By Justine Glynn
who serve underrepresented or                    Chapters are planning their
underserved audiences to become a          hosting of NMEA Conferences earlier
part of the NMEA family.                   and earlier, with one exception: all
     Successful nominees will receive      years through 2015 are at least
free registration to the 2010 NMEA         unofficially claimed.
Conference, membership in NMEA                   A host for the 2013 conference is
for one year, and reimbursement for        still being sought. The Conference
some travel expenses. The amount of        Committee is available to help
travel support provided will be            individual chapters assume the
determined by the Expanding                responsibility of the hosting task. To
Audience Committee and announced           get started, chapter members may
to the successful nominees prior to        contact Justine Glynn, Conference
acceptance of the award.                   Committee Chair for some tips on
     All NMEA members may                  how to begin planning a conference:
nominate a colleague for this award.       Justine@gmri.org.
Nomination forms can be found by
                                          Connecticut who spent all of his          discussed with him how science was
                                          vacation time traveling the world,        a way of looking at the world,
                                          diving on some amazing reefs and in       asking questions, and seeking
                                          other ocean environments. He had a        answers and understanding.
                                          list of his fabulous dives and was             He seemed to comprehend, and
                                          thrilled to recount his tales.            yet, I think that he left that evening
                                          Recently, he had begun to focus on        somewhat deflated. I think that I
                                          Long Island Sound. Simultaneously         had failed to be his Jacques
Are You Really a                          he had “taken up” underwater              Cousteau. Yet, he was also
                                          photography. He was working on            simultaneously energized to know
Marine Biologist?                         developing his photography skills         that he could use the identification
                                          and was looking forward to giving         guides that I was going to use to
By Thaxter Tewksbury                      slide shows for his dive club. He         conduct his own research into those
     Those of us in the sciences are      needed help developing his                cool things that he was going to
familiar with the concept that            knowledge base of the marine              photograph. I had shown him how
professionals can know a little about     organisms he saw and                      to follow a dichotomous key and
many subjects, or a lot about a few       photographed.                             use other resources to identify his
subjects, but it is rare indeed to find         He showed up one evening with       photographs. He “headed-out” to
someone who knows a lot about             boxes of slides (remember slide           learn marine biology on his own.
everything. This does not mean that       carousels?) and we proceeded to go             He came back to join us at a
those outside of science understand       through them. I was doing well for a      couple of conferences and
this; TV shows consistently portray       long time with common names,              presented his photographs to
scientists as “know-it-all.” However,     scientific names, and life history, but   resounding acclaim from the
anyone who reads primary literature       then we started getting into smaller      teachers and scientists to whom he
sees the dissection of a problem into     and smaller organisms. I work less        presented. He even sold a number
even more, tiny components studied        frequently with the smaller               of his pictures. I am proud to have a
by ever more, focused professionals.      encrusting critters, and so I went        stunning close-up of a winter
     As I have moved from research        and got reference guides for              flounder on my office wall as a gift
science into science education I find     identification purposes.                  from him.
that I am responsible for an ever-              When I returned with the                 I think of him on occasion, and
broadening scope of topics for an         books, he asked why I needed them.        I ask myself, “Am I Really a marine
increasingly diverse audience. We         I told him that I did not know the        biologist?” And I “head-out” onto
find organisms that have strayed          scientific names of some of the           the water to “find-out.”
through our region that we have           animals in the photographs. He
never seen before. To questions           looked at me quizzically, bit his                 Members of NMEA’s
such as “What is that?” “What eats        tongue, and then said. “Did you say        Presidents’ Circle, comprised of former
it?” and so on, I spend a fair            that you were a marine biologist?          presidents and leaders, contribute to this
amount of my time saying “I am not        Where did you study? In what areas         feature. Gamming is meant to 1)
sure, but I will find out and get back    are your degrees? He asked these           inspire, create, and pass on wisdom; 2)
to you.”                                  questions gently, trying not to be         give recognition to unsung stars; 3) pass
     I had an experience with a           too aggressive. But the message was        on stories, ideas, and dreams: 4) give
member of the public that clarified       clear—Are you Really a marine              meaning to our work as marine and
the opinion that we scientists are        biologist?                                 aquatic educators; 5) learn from
supposed to be all-knowing that                 I explained to him about my          seasoned and experienced marine and
went like this:                           degrees, about my work with fish           aquatic educators.
     A gentleman stopped by Project       reproductive strategies, and about
                                                                                         Comments may be directed to
Oceanology looking for someone to         my transition into education. I
                                          explained how there are very few           President’s Circle Coordinator Bill
help him with a project and I                                                        Hastie at: hastiestuff@mac.com.
offered to help. It seems that he was     folks who know everything about
an accountant from western                anything, including marine science. I
Opportunities                            Discovery Hall
                                         Programs at Dauphin
                                                                                   Ocean Matters
                                                                                        Bring science to life and join
                                                                                   Ocean Matters this July on Grand
For Students                             Island
                                              The Discovery Hall Programs at
                                                                                   Cayman, British West Indies, for a
                                                                                   total immersion marine biology
                                         Dauphin Island Sea Lab is offering        program. High school-aged students
                                         various summer programs for both          will earn Open Water and Advanced
SEA High School                          students and teachers. Programs           Scuba certifications, participate in a
Seminars at Woods                        offered this summer for K-12              research project, and learn about the
Hole                                     students are the Summer High              challenges facing the coral reefs. For
    Students are invited to              School Course, Gulf Island Journey,       more information, visit:
participate in the Sea Education         Art-See Discovery, Treasure Island,       www.oceanmatters.org.
Association – SEA High School            and Oceans Alive!
Seminars at Woods Hole, MA                    Teacher workshops available
                                         include The Delta; Beaches, Birds         High School Students
where they will study the ocean
from the perspectives of marine          and Barrier Islands; Beneficial           Environmental Science
science, sailing, and maritime history   Bivalves; Regional Issues in the Gulf     Program
through coursework ashore and            of Mexico; Fins, Fishes and                    The 2010 PaCES-HIMB
practical application at sea aboard      Fisheries; and Reefs, Rhizomes and        Summer Environmental Science
one of SEA’s 134’ sailing research       Restoration.                              Program for High School Students
vessels. Programs are offered in the          For full descriptions, dates, and    will be an intensive, six-week
Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. For more      contact information, visit:               training program providing selected
information, visit                       http://dhp.disl.org.                      Hawaii high school juniors and
http://www.sea.edu/adademics/pr                                                    seniors with hands-on education
ogram_highschoolprograms.aspx or         Summer Sailing                            and research experiences in
email: admission@sea.edu.                Adventure Camps                           environmental and marine science.
                                              Sailor for a Day Camp is a           For more information and a
Exploring Ocean                          one-day excursion for children ages       downloadable application form,
                                         10 – 16. The boat departs from            visit:
Literacy                                                                           http://www.wcc.hawaii.edu/paces/
     This three-day course, “Friends     either Cape May or Jersey City, NJ
                                         on Wednesdays through July and            highschoolprg.html or contact: Dr.
of Casco Bay: Exploring Ocean                                                      Dave Krupp at: krupp@hawaii.edu,
Literacy through Science and             August. Each camp is limited to 25
                                         participants. The fee is $60 per          or call: 808-236-9121.
Children’s Literature,” will be set
along the coast of Maine and feature     camper. For more information, visit:
hands-on science activities that are     www.bayshorediscovery.org or call:        Marine Ecology Course
relevant to children’s literature and    856-785-2060                                   The Living Art Marine Center
current scientific data. Scheduled            Maritime Camp is a weeklong          (LAMC) is offering a four-day
from June 28-30, the activities,         camp for children ages 13-16.             course on marine ecology. Each of
which will run from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30     Campers live onboard the 1928             the four days will provide two
p.m. are learning appropriate for        schooner and become a part of the         lectures on local reef organisms,
grades 4-6 and are adaptable to          crew. Participants explore the            interspersed with fun and
other grades as well. The course will    ecology and culture of the New            educational activities to reinforce
be taught by Mary Cerullo,               Jersey coast, stand watch, anchor         the lessons. The early learners’
children’s book author and               out under the stars, visit ports, and     classes are geared toward ages 5-8
Associate Director of Friends of         engage in shore activities. The camp      and the advanced learners’ classer
Casco Bay. Teachers may earn 15          is limited to six participants. The fee   are for ages 9-12. For more
hours/1.5 CEUs through University        is $70 and includes on board              information, contact: LAMC at 808-
of Southern Maine Professional           accommodations, meals, and                841-8080.
Development Center. For more             activities. Camp dates are June 21-
information, visit:                      25 and July 28-Aug. 1. For more
www.usm.maine.edu/pdc or email:          information, visit:
mcerullo@cascobay.org or                 www.bayshorediscovery.org or call:
pdc@usm.marine.edu.                      856-785-2060.

Southwest                                                                             Advanced Marine Ecology
                                                                                 and Advanced Marine Lab
Marine/Aquatic                                                                   Programs, scheduled from July 25-
Educators Association
(SWMEA) Summer                           For Teachers                            30, will allow participants to take
                                                                                 their marine ecology snorkeling
                                                                                 experience one step further and
Opportunities                                                                    practice applied research, field
                                         Climate Science and                     methods while snorkeling! This
The Ocean Institute’s Marine
Sciences Careers/Internship
                                         the Oceans                              workshop also includes components
                                              Join the New England               designed to complement AP
Academy will be conducted Aug. 2-
                                         Aquarium staff from June 28 – July      Biology and Environmental Science
6 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day. This
                                         1 for this four-day, summer institute   programs. The fee is $575 and
program will expose 14-17-year-old
                                         where participants will cover the       includes meals and
students to the issues, concepts, and
                                         intricate relationship between          accommodations. Continuing
research techniques of today’s
                                         climate, the ecosystem, and the         education credit is available.
marine biologists and
                                         ocean. With a number of expert
oceanographers. Applications will
                                         guest speakers, topics such as ocean         Reef Check for SCUBA
be available in March at:
                                         acidification, rising sea levels, and   certified teachers, scheduled from
                                         renewable energy sources will be        July 25-30, invites participants to
     Marine Science Day Camp –
                                         discussed. Fee for this course is       take part in data gathering that is
Ocean Explorers – Participants are
                                         $200 or $350 with graduate credit.      then available to, and used by,
invited to experience scientific
                                         Housing is not available on site.       scientists worldwide. Join the
discovery at a working marine lab
                                         Participants will be responsible for    Marine Lab REEF CHECK team
through investigating the creatures
                                         their room and board. For more          this summer. Participants will learn
that inhabit Monterey Bay. Students
                                         information, contact the Teacher        the REEF CHECK protocols and
will discover how marine scientists
                                         Resource Center at: trc@neaq.org        then apply them in the field
work outdoors and will actively
                                         or call: 617-973-6590.                  throughout the week. The fee is
learn from field explorations, hands-
on activities, games, and crafts.                                                $700. Three semester hours
Grade appropriate for students ages      Key Largo Teacher                       graduate biology credit are available
7-14, the camp will be conducted at                                              for an additional fee.
Seymour Marine Discovery Center                Information and registration
at Long Marine Lab in Santa Cruz,                                                    Reef Restoration Weekend
                                         details for the following workshops
CA. For more information, call:                                                  for SCUBA Certified Teachers,
                                         are available by visiting the Web
831-459-3800.                                                                    scheduled from July 30-Aug 1, will
                                                                                 teach participants how the Coral
                                                                                 Restoration Foundation is actively
Coastal Ocean and                        _Workshops.html.
                                                                                 restoring coral cover by growing
Science Academy                                                                  and transplanting staghorn corals.
                                              Introduction to Coastal
(COSA)                                                                           The program will include a lecture,
                                         Marine Ecology of the Florida
     Northeastern University’s                                                   two dive trips, tanks, meals, and
                                         Keys, scheduled from July 25-30, is
Marine Science Center in Nahant,                                                 accommodations. The fee is $299.
                                         an overview of the entire marine
MA will be hosting the Coastal           ecosystem of the Florida Keys,
Ocean and Science Academy                focusing on the interconnectedness      Bring Real-Life into the
(COSA) from Aug. 9-21. First-time        of the seagrass, mangrove,              Classroom
participants will be entering 9th or     nearshore and coral reef                     Middle and high school science
10th grade, and programs are offered     communities. Participants will be       teachers are invited to bring real-life
for three experience levels.             taught proper snorkeling techniques     into their classrooms by attending a
Participants will enhance their          and then snorkel each marine            workshop June 7 at the Sewee
knowledge of marine and coastal          community. The fee is $500 and          Visitor & Environmental Education
ecology, develop investigation skills,   includes meals and                      Center in Awendaw, SC.
and undertake stewardship activities.    accommodations. Three-semester          This workshop will inform teachers
For more information, visit:             hours of graduate biology credit are    of the resources available in
www.marinescience.neu.edu.               available for additional fee.           Northern Charleston County that
                                                                                 are managed by several federal
                                                                                 agencies. This will include current
                                                                                 research projects and data available
on endangered and threatened                18, 2010; Feb. 5, 2011; and April 16,     Aquarium of the
species. The staff will also provide        2011.
resource information about                       High School Institute for 9th-       Pacific
biological projects within the              12th grade teachers- Join us to           Teacher Family Day
agencies and with other related             investigate current marine science             Teachers are invited to bring
community resources. A free lunch           topics with colleagues and experts.       two guests as they enjoy the
will be included in the program. For        Explore issues and research through       Aquarium for free June 25 for
more information, contact: Julie            inquiry-based activities, lectures by     Teacher Family Day. Learn about
Binz at: juliebinz@earthlink.net or         researchers, and local field              school programs, visit the
telephone: 843-928-3368.                    experiences. Learn how to integrate       classrooms, touch animals, and
                                            technology into your curriculum. A        explore the galleries. Reservations
Monterey Bay                                stipend is provided. Dates are July       may be made through the Guest
                                            26-30. Application deadline is April      support Center by calling 562-951-
Aquarium Institutes                         20, 2010.                                 1630. For information on all
       The Monterey Bay Aquarium is              Oceans, Literacy and Science         summer opportunities at the
offering the following free teachers’       Institute for K-5th grade teachers        Aquarium, visit:
institutes. For more information on each,   residing more than 150 miles              www.aquariumofpacific.org/teachers/.
visit:                                      from Monterey – Visit Monterey to
http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/lc       engage in curriculum that integrates      Teacher Summer
/teachers_place/edu_programs.aspx.          science and English language arts.
       Splash Zones Institute for                                                     Institute on Antarctica
                                            Network with educators from                     Liberty Science Center and the
preK-2nd grade teachers –                   around the country and explore you
Stimulate your sense of discovery                                                     Rutgers Institute for Marine and
                                            connection to the ocean through           Coastal Sciences are offering a
and wonder through hands-on                 inquiry-based activities, local habitat
activities and inquiry-based                                                          Teacher Summer Institute Aug. 8-
                                            explorations, and expert speakers.        11, focused on an upcoming
investigations while learning how to        Lodging and meals are provided.
integrate science, math, and                                                          research mission to Antarctica to
                                            Dates are Aug. 1-6, 2010.                 probe the Ross Sea Ecosystem and
language arts. Explore ocean and            Application deadline is April 30,
schoolyard habitats and examine                                                       its tie to climate. Learning
                                            2010.                                     appropriate for grades 6-9 Earth
ways to inspire ocean conservation.
Dates are June 28-July 2, 2010; Oct.                                                  science teachers, the institute will
2, 2010; January 22, 2011; and April        Approaches to Inquiry                     offer opportunities for live audio
2, 2011. A stipend is provided.             Workshop                                  connections from the research
Deadline is April 1, 2010.                       Teachers of grades 5-10 are          vessel for teachers’ classes. For
       Coastal Systems Institute for        invited to learn to use inquiry as a      more information, visit:
3rd-5th grade teachers– Come                powerful teaching tool using              http://lsc.org/lsc/edprograms/prof
experience hands-on, inquiry-based          methods developed at the                  dev or call: Anthony Bisulca at: 201-
activities for your classroom that          Exploratorium’s Institute for             253-1290.
integrate math and language arts.           Inquiry and the Port Townsend
Explore the rocky shore, sandy              Marine Science Center in                  The Whale Camp
shore, and kelp forest habitats and         Washington State. Scheduled for                For students and teachers who
examine ways to inspire ocean               Aug. 17-21, the workshop offers           love the ocean, Whale Camp offers
conservation. A stipend is provided.        credit/clock hour options. The fee        many face-to-face encounters to
Dates are July 12-16, 2010; Oct. 16,        is $200 and includes meals and            closely observe and study whales,
2010; March 12, 2011; and May 7,            lodging. For more information,            dolphins, porpoises, seals, and
2011. Application deadline is April         contact Judy D’Amore, education           puffins in their natural habitat.
1, 2010.                                    specialist of the Center at:              Through direct observation,
       Middle School Institute for          jdamore@ptmsc.org or 360-385-             scientific data collection and hands-
6th-8th grade teachers – Dive in            5582 ext. 204. Teachers may also          on experiences with marine science
and discover how to integrate long-         visit the Center’s Web site at            equipment, the Whale Camp on
term science projects into your             www.ptmsc.org.                            Grand Manan Island is a place
curriculum. Network with experts                                                      where exploration, inspiration, and
and colleagues, investigate current                                                   learning abound.
issues and research, explore ocean                                                         Also available are: summer
conservation issues and integrate                                                     employment positions for teachers;
technology. A stipend is provided.                                                    three-hour credit graduate course
Dates are June 21-25, 2010; Sept.                                                     for teachers; one, two, and three-
week summer sessions for students;        Stewardship, One World Ocean,              OR. The Conference will feature
and field trip programs for school        Climate Change-focusing on the             workshops, speakers, and a host of
groups. For more information,             Gulf of Mexico, Fisheries                  field experiences. Other attractions
visit: www.whalecamp.com, email:          Management, Energy in the                  of the event include kayaking on the
whalecamp@verizon.net, or call:           Oceans/Oil and Gas, Water                  Siuslaw Estuary or coastal lake and
888-54WHALE.                              Quality/Watersheds, and/or Ocean           visiting the Oregon Dunes National
                                          and Human Health. This Online              Recreation Area, Cape Perpetua
COSEE SE Ocean                            Workshop—sponsored by the                  National Scenic Ares, Siuslaw
                                          National Science Foundation—will           National Forest, the Heceta Head
Sciences Education                                                                   Lighthouse, Honeyman State Park,
                                          be coordinated by the Institute of
Leadership Institute                      Marine Mammal Studies,                     and beachcombing miles of sandy
     Participating educators from         University of Southern                     beaches and browsing the quaint
North Carolina, South Carolina, and       Mississippi-Gulf Coast Research            shops in Old Town. To register, or
Georgia will work in collaboration        Laboratory-Marine Education                to obtain more information, contact
with regional scientists to                                                          Fawn Custer, registrant at: 541-270-
                                          Center, the Dauphin Island Sea
understand evidence of                                                               0027 or EnvtGSdrFawn@aol.com,
                                          Lab, Mississippi State University,
southeastern climate change                                                          or visit: www.pacname.org.
                                          Loyola University, and the
including rising sea levels, increasing
                                          University of Florida. More
sea surface temperatures, and                                                        Creeks and Kids
                                          information will be available at
changing ocean acidity. This free
professional development                  <www.cosee-central-gom.org>                Watershed Workshop
opportunity will take place from          after April 15, 2010.                           Want to include watersheds and
June 23-July 1 at North Carolina                                                     flowing water in your educational
State University in Raleigh and the       B -WET Shifting                            plan? This workshop is the place to
Trinity Center in Morehead City,                                                     be this summer. Located near the
                                          Baselines Institute, The                   base of the Strawberry Wilderness in
NC and will include field-based,
classroom and lab activities
                                          University of Southern                     Eastern Oregon, this camp offers a
designed for classroom use. To            Mississippi- Gulf Coast                    staff of classroom teachers,
apply, visit: http://www.cosee-           Research Laboratory-                       education specialists, and biologists
se.org/teacher/?join=203. For                                                        that excel in helping participants
                                          Marine Education Center.                   acquire the knowledge, skills, and
questions contact EV Bell at:                 This intensive, field-study offered
Elizabeth.vernon@scseagrant.org.                                                     confidence to use their local streams
                                          May 7-8 and June 28- July 1, 2010          and watersheds as learning sites.
Application deadline is March 31.
                                          focuses on understanding watersheds        Conducted at a residential camp in
                                          by examining changes that occur over       the Malheur National Forest, the
Centers for Ocean                         time and from inland to coastal            workshop offers lodging in bunk-
Sciences Education                        habitats. Teacher participants will use    type cabins. Workshop, curriculum
Excellence:Central                        maps, aerial photographs, oral history,    materials, and food and lodging are
                                          journaling, and diverse field techniques   provided. The fee is $45. PDUs and
Gulf of Mexico-Online                     to gain a broad understanding of the       three hours of graduate credit are
Summit for Precollege                     watershed surrounding the Gulf Coast       available. For more information,
Teachers, Informal                        Research Laboratory. These                 contact Lin Howell, Creeks & Kids
Educators, and                            Workshops are funded by NOAA’s B-          Director, at 503-681-6429, or
                                          WET Program. For more information          linh@ci.hillsboro.or.us.
Scientists.                               contact Dr. Jessie Kastler at
     This Online Summit offered           Jessica.kastler@usm.edu, ph: 228-
July 5-23, 2010, is being
                                                                                     Salish Sea
implemented for participants who                                                     Expeditions’ Spring
have previously been involved in
                                          No Educator left                           Teacher Trainings
any of the COSEE:CGOM                                                                Salish Sea Expeditions invites
scientists and educator Two-Day           Inside: Exploring                          educators to two, free teacher
Workshops or Summer (face to              Ocean and Watershed                        training sessions on board the Carly,
face and online) Institutes that               The Northwest Aquatic and             a 61-feet sailing vessel. One session
were offered from 2003-2009. Six          Marine Educators (NAME) is                 is scheduled for April 10 from 9
of the 2010 Online topics will be         inviting educators to attend its           a.m. - noon and departs from Elliott
selected from the following seven         Annual Conference, which will be           Bay Marina in Seattle, WA. The
themes: Environmental                     conducted July 7-10 in Florence,           other session is scheduled for May
15 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and departs     Southwest                               Coral Reef Workshops
from Cap Sante Marina in
Anacortes, WA. Lunch is included        Marine/Aquatic                          for Educators
in both sessions. These                 Educators Association                        The Gulf of Mexico
opportunities will provide an                                                   Foundation and Conoco Phillips
                                        (SWMEA)                                 will present the 15th Annual Down
introduction to facilitating student-
designed, field-based science
                                        Summer Opportunities                    Under, Out Yonder Workshop
research. Both 3 and 6 credit hours                                             from July 10-14 for K-12 and
                                             Coast Alive! Six Day Institute     college entry biology educators
sails will focus on building
                                        will be conducted July 11-16 from 9     nationwide. This five-day, teacher
knowledge and skills in coordinating
                                        a.m.-5 p.m. for upper elementary        workshop will include three days of
inquiry-based, learning approaches
                                        and middle school teachers.             scuba diving in Flower Garden
and orient participants to a variety
                                        Participants will learn about the San   Banks National Marine Sanctuary.
of field research methods that will
                                        Francisco Bay Region and visit          For more information, visit;
help students investigate both
                                        several East Bay Regional Parks to      hhtp://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/educat
marine and terrestrial environments.
                                        wade into wetlands, explore beaches     ion/teachers/professional.html and
Space is limited. To register or
                                        and upland habitats with expert         http://gulfmex.org/duoy.htm.
inquire, contact Education Director,
                                        naturalists and scientists. An
Nikken Palesch, at:
                                        outdoor experiment and learning to      Rivers to Reefs
nikken@salish.org or call 206-788-
                                        integrate math and language arts
7848.                                                                           Educators Workshop
                                        with science is also included in the
                                        activities. Participants will also           This week-long, teacher
IZEBelize Adademic                      receive curricular materials,           workshop led by the Georgia
Summer Programs                         standards-based activities, and         Aquarium and NOAA’s Grays Reef
    IZEBelize is offering academic      priority trips for students. Stipends   National Marine Sanctuary Staff,
summer programs for both teachers       are offered and college credit is       will offer activities that allow
and students. Dr. Gary Gaston of        available. The fee is $65 ($71 for      teachers to wade into the water
the University of Mississippi Marine    non-residents). For more                world as they learn about
Biology Department; Dr. James           information, visit:                     watersheds, water quality, current
Darwin Thomas from the Nova             www.eurekaseries.org. To register,      aquatic issues, and river, marsh and
Southeastern University                 call 888-327-2757.                      reef ecosystems. It will take teachers
Oceanographic Center; and Ms.                Summer Learning at the             from the headwaters of the
Cara Rieckenbier, Environmental         Downtown Aquarium Denver –              Ocmulgee River to the Georgia
Education Coordinator from              The downtown Aquarium in                Coast aboard a research ship that
Minnesota will provide instruction.     Denver will offer one-day               sails 20 miles offshore to Gray’s
For more information, visit:            workshops for teachers to learn         Reef National Marine Sanctuary,
www.ize2belize.com.                     about a variety of topics. Each         where participants will see the reef
                                        workshop will be conducted from 9       in real-time through the use of
                                        a.m. – 5 p.m. and recertification       remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
                                        credit is available through the         technology. Two workshops will be
Herring Gut Learning                    Colorado School of Mines. For           offered June 6-11 and July 11-16.
Center Residential                      more information, or to register,       For more information, visit
                                        contact Colleen Shipley at 303-561-     http://sanctuaries.noaa.giv/educati
Workshops                                                                       on/teachers/professional.html and
     The Herring Gut Learning           4565.
                                             The Roundhouse Marine              http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/te
Center Professional Development                                                 achersAndKids/professionalDevelo
Institute in Port Clyde, Maine is       Studies Lab and Aquarium
                                        located at the end of the Manhattan     pment.aspx.
hosting two, four-day residential
workshops for K-8 educators. The        Beach Pier will offer non-paid,
dates and topics are: July 6-9:         summer educational and aquarist         LiMPRTS Teacher
Aquaponics: Dynamic Science for         internships. Applicants ages 18 and     Workshops
the K-8 classroom; and July 13-16:      older will assist with the camp              Educators interested in learning
Effective Techniques for Teaching       program, as well as help care for the   about rocky intertidal and sandy
Science in the Alternative Education    animals in the tanks. A summer          beach monitoring techniques along
Classroom. For more information         volunteer program for students ages     with “setting up” a field monitoring
or to register, visit:                  14 and older is also offered.           site with students are invited to
www.herringgut.org.                                                             participant in the professional
                                                                                development opportunities available
through LiMPETS. For more               261-6422; Laura at                        Tropical Marine
information, visit:                     lbrands@oceanfutures.org or call
http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/educati     805-899-8899 ext 104. For more            Biology
on/teachers/professional.html and       information visit:                        Workshops
http://limpetsmonitoring.org/resou      http://www.oceanfutures.org.                   The Tropical Marine Biology
rces_workshops.php.                                                               in Australia International
                                        Sea Turtle and                            Education Program invites
Natural History Bike-                                                             educators to snorkel off Heron
                                        Diamondback Terrapin                      Island in the Great Barrier Reef
touring Courses                         Conservation                              Marine Park June 8-30. The
     Two courses are offered this                                                 Program also offers opportunities
summer for teachers, one in the San     Workshop
                                             The Georgia Sea Turtle and           for the exploration of mangrove and
Juan Islands of Washington State,                                                 eucalypt forests on Stadbroke
and the Gulf Islands of British         Diamondback Terrapin
                                        Conservation Teacher Workshop,            Island, the observation of Australian
Columbia – Canada’s Great                                                         wildlife, and learning about
Southwest. The week-long courses        scheduled from June 14-18 at the
                                        Sapelo Island National Estuarine          Aboriginal natural arts from the
involve learning natural history and                                              indigenous community. For more
offer five, quarter credits each. For   Research Reserve in Georgia is open
                                        to formal and informal educators of       information, visit:
more information, visit:                                                          http://www.pc.maricopa.edu/au.
https://sites.google.com/site/natur     all grade levels. All participants will
alhistorywithchris/.                    receive curricular and resource
                                        materials. Three PLUs are available.      The Tropical Marine Biology
                                        Topics will include: life history,        Teachers Workshop in the
Summer Institute for                    anatomy, morphology, management,          Tropical Whitsundays,
Faculty Development                     rehab, and research. For more             Queensland, Australia invites
     The Marine Advanced                information, contact Georgia              educators to develop field teaching
Technology Education (MATE)             Graves, SINERR Teacher Training           skills in mangroves, rainforest, and
Center will offer its 11th Annual       coordinator, at 912-266-2473 or           seashore habitats June 1-7.
Summer Institute for Faculty            georgiabeachwalk@bellsouth.net.           Opportunities also include
Development. “Intermediate Level                                                  participation in conservation
Remotely Operated Vehicle                                                         projects monitoring corals, reef
                                        Coastal Ecology                           fishes, and sea-grass. For more
Building for Classroom Projects”
will take place July 26 – Aug. 1 in     Teacher Workshop                          information, visit:
Monterey, CA. for more                       The Coastal Ecology Teacher          http://www.pc.maricopa.edu/pepe.
information, visit:                     Workshop, June 22-25 at the Sapelo
www.marinetech.org or click:            Island National Estuarine Research        Maury Project
http://www.marinetech.org/educati       Reserve in Georgia is offered to
                                        formal and informal educators of all      Workshop Training
on/summer_institutes/2010_infor                                                        Maury Project Summer
mation.php.                             grade levels. All participants will
                                        receive curricular and resource           Workshop training is being offered
                                        materials. Two PLU’s will be              July 12-23 at the United States
Jean-Michel Cousteau                    available. Topics will include:           Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.
Summer Workshop                         estuarine and marine ecology,             This two-week workshop is
     Join Jean-Michel Cousteau’s        coastal species identification and        designed for master, precollege
Ocean Futures for a five-day, four-     adaptations, commercial and               teachers and supervisors of science
night teacher workshop. The             recreational fisheries and                who teach or supervise the teaching
program will be taught by senior        management, and climate change.           of units with significant
marine biologist, Dr. Richard           For more information, contact             oceanography content. Each
Murphy, in el Capitan Canyon at the     Georgia Graves, SINERR Teacher            participant will be supplied with a
ocean in Santa Barbara, CA and will     Training coordinator, at 912-266-         variety of instructional resource
focus on inquiry-based learning with    2473 or                                   materials, including those to be used
classroom materials, videos, and        georgiabeachwalk@bellsouth.net.           in subsequent peer-led, teacher
lessons on marine ecology and                                                     training sessions. The deadline for
sustainable living. The fee is $850                                               applying is March 19. For more
and includes meals, materials, and                                                information, visit:
lodging. For more information,                                                    http://www.ametsoc.org/amsedu/
contact: Laney at                                                                 maury/summer.html.
laneyh@mesa.k12.co.us or call 980-
Summer Teacher                               maneuvers from a certified              reflective conversations about the
                                             American Canoe Association              importance of ocean exploration on
Workshops                                    Instructor in Sarasota Bay. The fee     a global scale. Areas of focus
     Chris Cunningham, a teacher at          is $35.                                 include climate change, energy,
Marshall Middle School in Olympia,                                                   human health and ocean health.
WA., is offering two courses this                                                    This course is free for all
summer for teachers. The courses             Summer Interns’ Turtle
                                                                                     participants and will be available
are in the San Juan Islands of               Work                                    24/7. Optional graduate credit ($90)
Washington State, and the Gulf                    Summer interns will perform a      or a certificate of completion is
Islands of British Columbia—                 variety of tasks on the Blackbeard      available. To register, please visit
Canada’s Great Southwest. Both of            National Wildlife Refuge in             http://coexploration.org/oe/
these week-long, bike tours explore          Townsend, GA from May through
natural history and offer five quarter       August (12 weeks). Stipend is $100
credits each. For more information
or to register, visit:
                                             per week, no benefits. Housing is
                                             available on the refuge at no cost. A   Chapter
https://sites.google.com/site/natur          valid driver’s license is required
alhistorywithchris/.                         along with the ability to do
                                             strenuous work outdoors and night
MOTE Marine                                  in rough summer weather
                                             conditions in coastal Georgia.          FMSEA
Laboratory Programs                          Applicants must be U.S. citizens and    By Jim Wharton
     For more information on the following   at least 18 years old.                      The 2010 Florida Marine
MOTE Marine laboratory activities, visit:         Those interested should sent a     Science Education Association
www.mote.org/summerprograms or               cover letter, resume, and contact       (FMSEA) Conference will be
contact: Brad Tanner, School programs        information for three references by     conducted May 14-16, 2010 in Key
Coordinator, Mote marine laboratory, at:     April 2 to: Intern Coordinator,         Largo with a theme that will focus
bradtanner@mote.org or 941-388-4441          Harris Neck National Wildlife           on the uncertain future of corals
ext 351.                                     Refuge, 5000 Wildlife Dr., NE           and the role education can play in
     Teachers In Free – With                 Townsend, GA 31331.                     securing them. Changing Reef: Corals
proof of employment, teachers are                 For questions, email Debra         on Acid will feature keynotes from
admitted free to Mote Marine                 Barnard at: debra_Barnard-              Dr. Billy Causey, Southeast Regional
Laboratory and can receive valuable          Keinath@fws.gov.                        Director for the National Marine
information for the classroom.                                                       Sanctuary program, and Sherman’s
Teachers are invited to plan field                                                   Lagoon creator Jim Tooney. For
trips or simply enjoy visiting their         NOAA Office of Ocean
                                                                                     more information, visit:
favorite animals. The Aquarium is            Exploration and                         http://twitter/fmsea,
open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.                   Research: 2010 Online                   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/f
     Collecting Critters –                                                           msea-2009, and
Interested in collecting critters for        Professional
the classroom? Earn a Florida Fish           Development
and Wildlife Conservation                         Why Do We Explore? Okeanos
Commission Collection certificate            Explorer Online Teacher
during this teacher workshop June            Professional Development Series,        GAME
23 from 9 a.m. – noon. Mote                  Offering #2. Date: June 21 – July 2,    By Mare Timmons
educators will explain the latest            2010. This two-week online                   The Georgia Association of
information on state regulations,            professional development offering       Marine Education (GAME)
collecting processes, and fishing            will introduce participants to the      members are playing an extensive
gear. Lesson plans regarding                 new Education Materials Collection      role in the hosting of NOSB in
National and State standards will be         for the NOAA Ship Okeanos               Savannah March 6. In addition to
discussed. Participants will also            Explorer, the first Federal ship        giving the annual donation for the
practice collecting techniques in the        dedicated to ocean exploration. This    regional Bowl, many members are
field. The fee is $35.                       offering has been designed to           serving as runners, judges,
     Kayaking 101 – Safe, enjoyable          include a keynote address by ocean      moderators, or time keepers. This
paddling requires both knowledge             explorers who have made significant     event is being conducted for the
and skill. During this adventurous,          ocean discoveries, hand-on and          first time at Savannah State
two-hour program, participants will          inquiry-based lessons for all grade-    University under the direction of
learn basic safety, strokes, and             levels, and facilitated online          Dr. Dionne Hoskins. The GAME’s

newsletter is available online at:
     On a sad note, the GAME
member and research scientist, Dr.
Peter Verity, passed away
unexpectedly in December. He was                                                              The NYSMEA
a wonderful scientist and educator.                                                           members attend a
Those who were at NMEA 2008                                                                   January workshop in
may remember Peter’s contributions                                                            New York.
to the panel of scientists. He will be                                                           Photo by NYSMEA.
greatly missed.

GOMMEA                                   They’re Real!” and Dr. Kenneth          Inside – Exploring Ocean and
By Teresa Torrent-Ellis                  Oliveria’s “Unsolved Mysteries of       Watershed.” For more information
     This spring is a busy time for      the American Eel.” In addition, 19      about the NAME, visit:
the Gulf of Maine Marine                 workshops are scheduled for the         www.pacname.org.
Education Association                    morning, from which students will
(GOMMEA). The Chapter is                 choose two. Approximately 300
rebuilding its Web site and social       students from at least a dozen area     NYSMEA
networking capacity with focus on a      schools are expected to attend.         By Sarah Richards
refreshed Web presence, a new                 The MME’s Annual Meeting                The NYSMEA members have
“blog” newsletter, and more              will be conducted at Woods Hole         been keeping busy during the winter
effective use of its Facebook page.      Oceanographic Institution on May        months... working on our new
In addition to its communications        1. Titled “Alien Invasion,” the focus   strategic plan, getting ready to
upgrade, GOMMEA has co-                  of the presentations will be invasive   launch our improved website,
sponsored some ocean-themed              species. The day will include           planning for our June annual
events such as the Nor’easter Bowl       keynote presentations, workshops,       conference, and taking interesting
which was conducted Feb. 6 at the        field-trips, and door prizes.           trips to local sites. In January,
University of New England. The                Several MME members and            members were treated to a behind-
Chapter is reviewing submissions         Board members, through their            the-scenes tour at the New York
for NOSB/NMEA’s “Living on the           respective institutions, are planning   Aquarium with veteran educator
Ocean Planet” student video              professional development                and NMEA member, Bob
contest. To help support a new           opportunities for teachers along the    Cummings. And, in February, a
project for high school students,        MA coast. These sites include           group of hearty souls ventured to
“Sustainable Ocean Studies,” it will     Waquoit Bay NERR, New England           Freeport, Long Island for a seal-
be co-sponsoring a fundraising           Aquarium, and New Bedford               watching boat expedition.
evening featuring a presentation by      Whaling Museum.                          Unfortunately, the boat trip was
National Geographic                                                              cancelled due to rough seas, but the
photojournalist, Brian Skerry, on                                                intrepid group still managed to find
March 17 at Waynefleet School in         NAME                                    plenty of sea life to view... at
Portland. For more information,          By Deborah McArthur                     Captain Ben's Fish Market!
contact Theresa at: Theresa.torrent-          The Northwest Aquatic and
                                         Marine Educators (NAME) is
                                         actively working on a new Web site
                                         that will better represent its          By Judy Lemus
MME                                      members and activities. The annual
                                                                                      OCEANIA conducted its
By Bob Rocha                                                                     general membership business
                                         sleepover at the Seattle Aquarium is
     The Massachusetts Marine                                                    meeting and social in January. The
                                         scheduled for March 6. This is an
Educators (MME) will hold its 27th                                               Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale
                                         opportunity for members and their
Annual High School Marine Science                                                National Marine Sanctuary provided
                                         families to network and share time
symposium March 17 at University                                                 the venue at the Oceanside offices
                                         together. The Oregon Chapter
of Massachusetts – Dartmouth. This                                               on Oahu. A raffle was conducted
                                         members are continuing to plan the
year’s symposium, “Mysterious                                                    during the social for two prizes: a
                                         Summer Conference in Florence,
Ocean Highway,” will feature                                                     membership to NMEA, and
                                         OR, July 7-10. The Conference
keynote presentations from UMD’s                                                 registration to an international white
                                         theme will be “No Educator Left
Dr. Amit Tandon’s “Floating                                                      shark conference scheduled on
Islands of Trash and Seaweed?                                                    Oahu in February.
    New Board of Directors and          live and silent auction raised more          the Inner Space Program at URI
Officers were also announced. The       than $2,100 which will help support          and a seal-watch trip in eastern LIS.
new Board members include Kate          stipends, grants, travel awards, and         Information about upcoming events
Achilles, Liz Foote, and Terry          other opportunities for                      are available on the SENEME Web
Reveira. New officers include           membership. The auction was a                site: www.seneme.org. For more
Kanesa Duncan, Chair-Elect, and         lively event with Dr. Leslie Sautter         information, contact: Lauren Rader
Chris Brammer, Secretary.               serving as MC and several SCMEA              at: lrader@oceanology.org.
                                        members modeling the items up for
SAME                                    auction! The Winter 2010                     SWMEA
                                        “paperless” issue of the newsletter,         By Elizabeth Keenan
By Chris Verlinde
     The Southern Association of        Sea Scripts, was circulated to the                The Southwest Marine Aquatic
Marine Educators (SAME) is              membership in late January. For              Education Association (SWMEA)
actively planning for the 2014          more information about the                   plans to make 2010 a busy year. In
NMEA Annual Conference in               SCMEA, contact Elizabeth Vernon              March the SWMEA will host a
Mobile, AL. The Chapter has             (EV) Bell at:                                seminar at the USC Wrigley Marine
identified Springhill College as the    Elizabeth.vernon@scseagrant.org or           Science Center on Catalina Island,
venue. A list of field-trip sites and   843-953-2078.                                CA. This workshop will focus on
ideas for off-campus activities are                                                  marine protected areas, as well as
being compiled.                                                                      island ecology. Registration details
     Plans are also under way the the                                                are available on SWMEA’s Web site.
Chapter’s Annual Meeting that will                                                   It’s also time to elect new board
be conducted in Louisiana, Oct. 22-                                                  members. Elections will be
24, 2010. Two venues, LUMCON                                                         conducted in the first half of the
and Ticfaw State Park, are being                                                     year. Additionally, SWMEA will
considered. The SAME welcomes                                                        participate in a marine science
new Chapter Board Member, Tricia                                                     strand at the California Science
LeBlanc, President-Elect. Tricia is                                                  Teachers Association (CSTA)
with the Audubon Aquarium of the                                                     Conference in the fall. The SWMEA
Americas and already has                                                             has maintained its bimonthly
contributed much to the planning                                                     conference calls and quarterly
for 2014 and the 2010 Annual                                                         newsletter. The latest of which is
Meeting.                                                                             available at: www.swmea.org.

                                        SCMEA member, David Johnson models
SCMEA                                   a belly dancing belt prior to the auction!
By EV Bell                                                      Photo by SCMEA       By Courtney Kroll Thompson
     The South Carolina Marine                                                            The Tennessee Educators of
Educators Association (SCMEA)                                                        Aquatic and Marine Sciences
experienced excellent participation     SENEME                                       (TEAMS) are well into the process
for its annual fall conference,         By Lauren Rader                              of hosting NMEA 2010 this
“Marine Extremes” on Nov. 6-7 at              Planning for the 2010 Long             summer by doing a preview event
the Fort Johnson complex in             Island Sound Educators                       for members April 30-May 2 in
Charleston, SC. The conference          Conference, scheduled for April 30,          Gatlinburg. This event will provide
provided a wealth of concurrent         at the Maritime Aquarium in                  the TEAMS members with the
sessions, outdoor sessions, and         Norwalk is under way. The                    opportunity to become familiar with
exhibits designed to learn about        Conference will address issues               the conference area and events so
those “extreme” marine habitats         surrounding Long Island Sound and            its members are ready when
such as deep water corals and areas     its watershed with all sessions              participants attend NMEA 2010:
such as the Charleston Bump.            aligned with Ocean Literacy Principles.      “From the Mountains to the Sea.”
During the conference, 2009             Registration materials are available
President, Elizabeth Joyner, passed     on the Southeastern New England

                                                                                     Join NMEA!
the torch on to new president, Scott    Marine Educators (SENEME) Web
Meister, and Beth Burkett was           site.
named President-Elect. The                    Events are hosted throughout           For a membership applica-
SCMEA Board also welcomed three         the year to encourage new members            tion or to join online, see
new members: Katie McMillian,           to the SENEME. Upcoming events               website www.marine-ed.org.
Karen Fuss, and Brian Thill. The        include a tour and presentation on

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