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									Welcome to MIS!

The Parent/Teacher’s Club would like to extend a sincere welcome to
all the new families at Mary Immaculate School. We hope this book of
terms and events will help you throughout the school year. We also
encourage you to use the Parent Handbook and the Kindergarten
Handbook…as things come up, these resources should help answer
questions. If you still have a question, please feel free to call your
Buddy Family, anyone on the Newcomer Committee or the PTC
Board. If we do not have the answer, we will get it for you.

The Parent Teacher Club (PTC)
Updated April 2009
MIS Newcomers Guide                                                                                                                                      MIS Newcomers Guide
AUCTION: Our PTC Heart of Gold Live & Silent Auction is usually held around               CANDYGRAMS: Students or parents can send a “telegram” with candy to another
Valentine’s Day. The auction is one of our largest fundraisers. It presents many          student (or to your own child) for $1.00 each, usually at Valentine’s Day. This is a
volunteering opportunities and is a great way to meet other families at MIS.              drill team fundraiser.

BACK TO SCHOOL PICNIC: This PTC social event is held in                                   CAP RECYCLING: A PTC program, Aveda Re-Cap, established for recycling the
August/September. Previous picnics have been held on the school playground or             caps of all plastic bottles including water, soda, sports drinks, shampoo, laundry
parish hall/cafeteria. Watch for more information from Mustang email.                     detergent, etc. Look for more information through Mustang mail.

BACK TO SCHOOL REGISTRATION: A can-not miss day usually held at the                       CATHOLIC SCHOOL’S WEEK: This special event occurs during the last week
beginning of August. Notices will be sent out from the school via mail and/or email       of January. The various events include Open House, student appreciation day, ice
with the exact date. There are 2 sessions, morning and evening. During these              cream during lunch, skating party, teacher appreciation day, parent appreciation day
sessions, you can pick up school supplies, pick up your magazine t-shirt and packet,      and Grandparents Day. Watch for more details in Mustang email.
sign up for the school lunch program, check out the Used Uniform Sale, purchase
and order school sweatshirts and other spirit wear, purchase or order auction t-shirts,   CHILI COOK-OFF: This is a great PTC adults-only event where teams compete
pay your PTC family dues, verify your directory information and order extra               for the honor of the best chili at MIS complete with a table decorating contest. After
directories, pay your Room Parent Fees, purchase SCRIP, pay athletic fees and much        the judges have received their samples, everyone is invited in the tasting. This
more.                                                                                     evening is coupled with the Texas Hold’em/Bunko night and is usually held in
BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION: Please save Box Tops from General Mills
products. It does not matter what date, if any, is on the Box Tops….according to          COMMUNICATION FOLDERS (Kid Mail): Communication folders go home
General Mills, they will accept any and all Box Tops. This is an 8th grade fundraising    EVERY THURSDAY and are to be returned on Friday to the teachers. This is a
project. The Box Tops collection box is located in front of the library.                  communication tool used by the school. Please check with your child every
                                                                                          Thursday. Most of the information is sent home with the youngest child of the
BUCK A JEAN DAY: A dress down day, when the students do not have to wear                  family.
their uniform. The guidelines are that the students may wear knee-length shorts,
capri’s, jeans or pants in good condition (no torn clothing). Students must wear MIS      COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT: The PTC Board committee that helps to
t-shirts with sleeves and athletic shoes (tennis shoes). This is a fundraiser and the     coordinate all of our community building events and fundraisers.
students bring in a dollar for the privilege of dressing down. If they do not wish to
pay the dollar, they can wear their uniform. All the proceeds benefit a particular        CONTENT MASTERY/ALPHAPHONICS: Content Mastery is available for
grade or school department.                                                               students that are finding particular subjects challenging. This is also where students
                                                                                          go to make up tests. Alphaphonics is available through the 3rd grade for students with
BUDDY FAMILY: A GREAT opportunity for you to meet a new family to the                     dyslexia.
MIS community and help them feel welcome! You help them learn the ins and outs
of Mary Immaculate and make some new friends in the process. You are usually              DECATS: The DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Students
paired with a family with the same age children, so when they start school they           (DECATS) is for students completing third through fifth grade in a Catholic
already know someone. Watch for the sign up during the volunteer recruitment.             elementary school in the Diocese of Dallas. Space is limited and specific criteria
                                                                                          must be met. For more details on the criteria and nominating process, please go to
CAMPBELL SOUP LABELS: We save Campbell’s labels all year. These labels          
can be redeemed for a variety of items. In the past they have been used for physical
education equipment for the school. The Campbell’s collection box is located in
front of the library. This fundraiser is sponsored by the PTC.
MIS Newcomers Guide                                                                                                                                    MIS Newcomers Guide
DIRECTORY: Our school directory is published after school starts. It is a phone         GRANDPARENT’S DAY: Usually the last day of Catholic School’s Week. This
directory for our school families. Families receive a directory with their paid PTC     day is dedicated to the special people in your student’s lives, their grandparents,
dues. Additional directories are available for purchase during Back to School           Godparents, aunt, uncle or special family friend. They are invited to come to school,
Registration or at the school office. You may purchase a business or personal ad by     attend mass followed by a small reception and then go and visit the students in their
contacting the PTC Vice President.                                                      classrooms.

ELECTIONS: a) PTC Board and committee positions are 2 year volunteer                    GREAT EXPECTATIONS NIGHT: This is a parent’s only event and is hosted by
positions. Applications are sent out and accepted beginning in January. Positions are   the principal and the teachers. “Meet the teacher night” begins with a presentation by
open to all Parent Teacher Club members. b) Advisory Council positions are 3 year       the principal and introduction of the teachers. It is followed by three sessions for
volunteer positions. Positions are open to all school and church members and            parents to meet their child(ren)’s teacher(s) and to learn about the upcoming school
applications are accepted in the spring.                                                year and their/our “Great Expectations”.

END OF YEAR PICNIC: This PTC social family event is held in May. Previous               HOSPITALITY: This PTC Board committee oversees teacher appreciation and all
picnics have been held on the school playground or parish hall/cafeteria. Watch for     other hospitality needs. The Committee Chairpersons for Hospitality also act as
more information from Mustang email.                                                    hostesses at all meetings of the Parent Teacher Club and PTC sponsored activities.
                                                                                        They also coordinate Little Extras volunteers.
EVERYDAY FUNDRAISERS: Some of our Everyday Fundraisers are Box Tops,
Campbell’s Soup Labels, Nestle Pure Life Labels, Ink Jet/Cell Phone Recycling, Cap      INK JETS/CELL PHONE RECYCLING: Do not throw those ink jet cartridges
Recycling, and Family Dinner Night. Look for more information regarding these           or your former cell phones away. Let the PTC recycle them for you. Look for
easy ways to help raise money for MIS.                                                  collection boxes in front of the library.

FAMILY DINNER NIGHT: A night where mom does not have to cook and the                    LUNCH PROGRAM: Students may either bring their lunch to school or purchase
school earns up to 15% of all purchases of the MIS families that patronize Chili’s,     lunch through the food service program (DineRite). The lunch program has a plate
Chick-fil-a or Cici’s on a particular night of the month.                               lunch or students may choose from the a-la-carte menu. Menus are distributed in the
                                                                                        communications folders and are available online on the school’s website. You may
FIELD DAY: A day of games for students K-5th held at the end of the school year.        set up an account for your student or they may purchase their lunch with cash. To set
A hot dog lunch is provided to all students and volunteers by the PTC.                  up an account you may do so at the Back to School Registration. All payments for
                                                                                        the school lunch program are made to DineRite. Students have 20 minutes to eat.
FESTIVAL OF TABLES: This great PTC event is a women’s only luncheon and                 Children are monitored in the cafeteria and on the playground by paid parent
fashion show. The hostess or hostesses of a table of eight decorate their table and     positions. If you are interested in working at one of these positions please contact the
mail invitations to their guests. Watch your Mustang email for more information.        school office. Parents are welcome to come have lunch with their child at anytime.
                                                                                        Parents may bring in a lunch or dine on some of the fine cafeteria food.
FRONT DESK GREETER: Volunteers welcome visitors to MIS during school
hours and offer assistance. Visitors are required to sign in.                           MAGAZINE SALES: A major school fundraiser that provides funds directly to the
                                                                                        school’s budget and begins in September. You will pick up a packet and student t-
GOING GREEN: The school is beginning their efforts to GO GREEN by utilizing             shirt(s) at the Back to School Registration. Additional shirts will be available for
our email system as much as possible. We currently use the communication folders,       purchase for both students and parents. Students are allowed to wear their magazine
but will begin aggressively phasing that out. The majority of communication will be     t-shirt on turn-in days (see Buck a Jean Day for guidelines). Students and families
sent through email instead of a piece of paper through Kid Mail. Make sure the          are asked to sell subscriptions to support the program. Orders can be submitted with
school has the most current and accessible email for your family at all times.          order forms or online at The school’s account number is 425000302.
MIS Newcomers Guide                                                                                                                                      MIS Newcomers Guide
MANNA PROGRAM: This program is one of the easiest ways to raise money for                 OPEN HOUSE: An event that is held during Catholic Schools Week. It allows
the church and school and it will not cost you any money! Albertson’s, Kroger and         families to come in and see what their students have been doing as well as check out
Tom Thumb offer separate programs to MIS. Kroger and Tom Thumb are connected              next year’s classrooms. The teachers are available for any questions.
to your grocery card and Albertson’s has an additional card that connects MIS to
your grocery purchases. Present the card at checkout and the barcode scanned tallies      PARENT TEACHER CLUB (PTC): The purpose of the Parent Teacher Club is to
the amount purchased by MIS families on a quarterly or yearly basis. Each quarter         bring into a closer relationship the spiritual and educational forces of the home and
for Tom Thumb and Albertson’s and each year for Kroger, the store sends us a check        school. It encourages parents and teachers to cooperate in the education of our
ranging from 1-5% of what our families have purchased at their store.                     children. In addition, the Parent Teacher Club provides the MIS community with a
      Kroger: you must register your Kroger Plus card to MIS with the Kroger             variety of activities and opportunities for parents and families to become involved. It
          school letter (this must be updated each year with a new letter), after which   is the hope of the Parent Teacher Club to build a strong sense of fellowship through
          you all purchases will be tallied.                                              fundraising and community building activities. Please check your directory for a
      Tom Thumb: just ask the checker to connect your Reward Card to #1246               listing and contact information for the current Board members.
          for Mary Immaculate.
      Albertson’s: give the checker your Albertsons Community Card at check              PARKER UNIFORM: This is where you are to purchase school uniforms including
          out. You must present this card each time you check out.                        shoes. There are stores located at 2540 Old Denton Rd in Carrollton, 4887 Alpha Rd
Visit the Mary Immaculate website for more information.                                   in Dallas, 3001 Hwy 121 in Euless/Grapevine and 4909 W Park Blvd in Plano or you
                                                                                          may purchase online at Our school ID number is
MARY IMMACULATE CHURCH CONTRIBUTIONS: A reduced tuition rate                              DA022013.
is available to Catholic families in the Mary Immaculate Parish who support the           PTC GENERAL MEETINGS: There are a minimum of two general meetings a
parish at a minimum of $800.00 per year.                                                  year. Babysitting is provided. For babysitting, the children must be at least 3 years
                                                                                          old and potty trained. The meetings provide information on PTC events, allow
MARY’S BIRTHDAY: The celebration of the Virgin Mary’s birthday falls on                   parents to ask questions they have regarding the school and provide time for
September 8th. Her birthday is celebrated at school with white cupcakes with blue         fellowship.
icing (organized by room parents and provided by parents).
                                                                                          PARISH FALL FESTIVAL: The all-day fall festival benefits the Mary
MUSTANG MAIL: In an effort to decrease the amount of paper used for copies, a             Immaculate Catholic Community. It includes game and food/drink booths, cakewalk,
weekly email system has been established. A Week at a Glance email is sent out on         flea market, raffle, carnival rides and more! School families are asked to help man
Sunday and the Mustang Mail is sent out on Thursdays. Make sure the school has the        the game booths and are assigned by grade. Look for more information in the fall.
most current email address for your family.
                                                                                          ROOM PARENTS: During volunteer recruitment, parents can sign up to be a room
MUSTANG STAMPEDE: A memory wall found inside the main entrance of the                     parent. With direction from the teachers, these parents assist with all grade parties,
school gym. Since we cannot replace the bricks of our 50 year old building, a             special classroom activities and field trips. Please check your directory for a listing
Stampede of Mustangs has been created. Look for your chance to order in the spring.       of your classes’ room parents.

NEWSLETTER: Our monthly newsletter, the Mustang Express, is filled with                   ROOM PARENT FEES: These fees are contributed by each family and aid the
information about the school and PTC events. Contact the PTC Secretary for                room parents in purchasing various items for class parties and outings (ie., craft
deadlines and information. Look for this via Mustang email.                               materials, bottled water, etc.) The items and fees vary by grade; for details, check
                                                                                          with your head room parent.
OCTOBER ROSARY MONTH: A daily rosary is prayed by parents and church
members during the month of October in the church chapel. Each class will join the        SAFE ENVIRONMENT: The safety of the children, staff and visitors to MIS are
parents one day. Look for your class’ date from your room parents.                        of utmost importance. To that end, we screen volunteers and adhere to all
                                                                                          requirements of the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program. All volunteers, of
                                                                                          any capacity, are required to complete the Safe Environment training. Go to
                                                                                 for detailed instructions and forms.
MIS Newcomers Guide                                                                                                                                        MIS Newcomers Guide

SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL: The MIS School Advisory Council is a                                USED UNIFORM SALE: Takes place during Back to School Registration in
consultative body to the pastor and principal. Meetings are open to all parents or           August as well as during Open House. Families send in used uniforms; money
guardians of Mary Immaculate School. The monthly meetings are usually held on the            collected can be donated to the PTC or returned to the seller.
3rd Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the church meeting room. Please check your directory for
a listing and contact information for the current Board members.                             VISION CAMPAIGN: Vision is the annual giving drive for Mary Immaculate
                                                                                             School which is held in the fall of each year. Funds are traditionally raised for
SCHOOL PICTURES: Individual pictures are taken in the fall and spring. The                   special projects and for the school’s endowment. All donations to Vision are tax
students are required to wear their uniform for one set of the pictures for the school       deductible.
yearbook. The second set is taken in church attire. Class pictures are taken in the
spring and students must wear uniforms and school sweatshirt.                                VOLUNTEER SERVICES: The success of our school continues to rely on the
                                                                                             high level of volunteerism by all parents. For information on where your skills are
SCRIP: Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. When you purchase scrip,               needed and all other volunteering opportunities, please contact the PTC Volunteer
you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like     Services Committee or check the school website under PTC.
cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other
essentials. With every purchase you earn revenue for MIS. MIS buys the scrip from            WEBSITE: Visit the MIS website at The member’s only
Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells the certificates to families for full   section requires a login which contains your family ID. You can obtain your ID from
face value. The discount, from two to fifteen percent or more, is MIS revenue. Each          the school office.
MIS family is required to either deliver a one time buy-out at the beginning of the
school year or purchase a minimum amount of SCRIP dollars.

SKATING PARTY: Twice a year there is a roller skating party for all families at
Interskate in Lewisville (usually from 3:45pm – 5:30pm). The first skating party is
held at the beginning of the year, which is a fundraiser for the PTC, and the second
one is part of Student Appreciation Day during Catholic Schools Week.

SNOW DAYS: If Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD closes due to weather, Mary
Immaculate will also close. School closing information is announced by KRLD and
Channel 5. If we do not use our allotted snow days, additional days off in the spring
are added. Please check your school calendar for the alternate dates.

develops awareness of the lives of the saints, Catholic principles, traditions and
beliefs for the students.

STUDENT MASSES: Student mass is every Friday at 8:15 a.m. Each week a
different class has the responsibility of lectors, choir, altar servers (if of the
appropriate age) and presenters. Families are always welcome and encouraged to

TEXAS HOLD ‘EM/BUNKO NIGHT: A great adults-only PTC event that is
coupled with the Chili Cook-off and is usually held in January. Professional dealers
are on hand for a Texas Hold’em Tournament and Bunko tables are set up to try your
hand with the roll of dice. Look for more information through Mustang email.
MIS Newcomers Guide                                                                                                                                   MIS Newcomers Guide
                    Class Activities and Field Trips                                         Field Trip: In the past, the 3rd grade has attended a play at the Majestic
Kindergarten                                                                                    Theatre in the fall.
      Halloween Pageant: The students wear their Halloween costumes to school          4th Grade
        in the morning for a musical program and then change to their uniform and             Basic Aid Training (BAT): A six week training session for all of the
        have a reception in their classroom. Parents are encouraged to attend.                  students to be certified for Basic Aid, i.e.: CPR exposure, fire safety,
      Kindergarten Mass: Usually in May, a special mass and reception.                         personal hygiene, personal safety, etc.
      Field Trip: The Kindergarten class usually goes to the Science Place at Fair           Enterprise City: A special day for the students to see in action what they
        Park in the spring.                                                                     have been learning in their classrooms. They will perform all of the duties
1st Grade                                                                                       of running a small town and usually takes place in the spring.
      Johnny Appleseed Day: A great time for the kids as they learn about              5th Grade
        Johnny Appleseed and take a walk over to Kroger to purchase their own                 Family Bingo Night: A fundraiser for the field trip they take to Sky
        apple.                                                                                  Ranch/The Pines in the fall of the following school year.
      Gingerbread Man: The hunt is on for the Kindergarteners to find the                    Field Trip: The 5th grade will go on a cultural or scientific field trip in the
        Gingerbread Man. The students get to explore all the hallways of the school             Spring.
        and then return back to class for a special treat.                              6th Grade
      Thanksgiving Feast: The students dress up as pilgrims and Native                       Spaghetti Dinner: A family event and fundraiser for the 6th grade held in
        Americans for a special lunch representing the first Thanksgiving.                      the fall.
      Christmas Program: Parents are invited to come and listen to their students            Sky Ranch/The Pines: A 3-day overnight field trip in late October/early
        perform a special Christmas musical..                                                   November.
      St. Joseph’s Day Mass: A special reception and mass just for dads in honor             Field Day Off Campus Activity: The 6th Grade class usually goes ice
        of St. Joseph’s commitment to Jesus.                                                    skating during field day.
      Field Trip: The 1st grade class usually goes to the Fort Worth Zoo in the        7th Grade
        spring.                                                                               Austin: A one day trip for the class to explore our capital city.
2nd Grade                                                                                     Stations of the Cross: Assist in the presentation of the Stations of the Cross
      1st Reconciliation: A special student rosary making workshop with their                  every Wednesday during Lent.
        eighth grade prayer partner usually in October. 1st Reconciliation is usually         Field Day Off Campus Activity: In the past, the class has either gone
        in December.                                                                            bowling or to Speed Zone for a day of fun.
      1st Communion: 1st Communion Workshop is a day of activities to excite           8th Grade
        the students for their 1st Communion commitment and is usually held 1-2               Other Activities: In the Fall the students attend a team building educational
        weeks before 1st Communion. As part of their 1st Communion celebration,                 outing.
        the students will wear their first communion outfits for the student Friday
        mass after which they will change and walk to Jaycee Park for a day of play
                                                                                              Lip Sync: A cannot miss event where the students team up and perform
                                                                                                musical acts by lip syncing to their favorite songs. The students create their
        to celebrate their commitment.
                                                                                                own costumes and pick their music to perform.
      Field Trip: The 2nd grade class usually attends a children’s play at the
        Children’s Theatre in the late fall/winter.
                                                                                              Class Trip: The 8th Grade class trip is in the spring.
3rd Grade                                                                                     Spring Musical: A fun musical program put on for the school and families.
      Pow Wow: A great time for the students to learn some Native American                   May Crowning: The morning begins with the Living Rosary and the
        culture. They receive Native American names and make Native American                    crowning of our Blessed Mother. Graduation pictures are taken that day.
        inspired crafts.                                                                      Graduation: A 2 day event for our Mary Immaculate 8th grade students
      Mother’s Day Breakfast: A special reception and mass just for moms in                    which includes their graduation ceremony followed by a reception and a
        honor of Mother’s Day.                                                                  special student party hosted by the 8th grade families.
MIS Newcomers Guide                                                                                                          MIS Newcomers Guide
                          Traffic Flow Procedures                                             Mary Immaculate School
Drop Off Procedure:                                                                                 14032 Dennis Lane
    You must enter the school parking lot through the Longmeade entrance.                      Farmers Branch, TX 75234
    If you are parking your car and walking your student into school or to the
                                                                                                  Phone (972) 243-7105
       crosswalk, find a parking spot and walk your student to the crosswalk to the
       left of the school entrance. You will see pylons and a school staff member                  Fax (972) 241-7678
       directing traffic.
    If you are staying in your car and using the carpool lane, stay to the right                Principal: Nancy Russell
       and pull up as far as traffic allows. If you are the first car, drive forward
       until the “Stop Here” sign. Students must exit their vehicles on the                     Accountant: Helen Dahlvig
       passenger side. Please do not wait until you are the first car for your student
       to exit your vehicle. They may exit the vehicle as soon as you are stopped          School Secretary: Sandy McGrenaghan
       next to the sidewalk.
    You must exit the school parking lot at Dennis Lane.

Pick Up Procedure                                                                                    Church Phone:
     You must enter the school parking lot through the Longmeade entrance.                          (972) 243-7104
     If you are parking your car and walking your student into school or to the
        crosswalk, find a parking spot and walk your student to the crosswalk to the             Pastor: Fr. Michael Forge
        left of the school entrance. You will see pylons and a school staff member
        directing traffic.                                                                    Church Secretary: Ann Young
     If you are staying in your car and using the carpool lane, you MUST enter
        the church parking lot on Valwood Drive, drive down Mustang Alley (the                         Website:
        street on the backside of the school) and turn right on Longmeade. Then           
        turn right into the school parking lot (see diagram below) and pull up as far
        as traffic allows. If you are the first car, drive forward until the “Stop Here”
        sign.                                                                                       Dismissal Times:
     You must exit the school parking lot at Dennis Lane.
                                                                                                  Kindergarten     3:05
                                                                                                  Grade 1-3        3:10
                                                      Dennis Ln
                                                                                     l            Grade 4-5        3:15
                                                                                     w            Grades 6-8       3:20

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