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									                        Waubonsie Valley High School Music Department

                                   Audition Schedule
Friday, May 26; 3:00 - 6:00 PM; Info Meeting and Choreography Session - GREEN Cafeteria
        You MUST attend and learn the routine to be performed for the choreography audition.
Dance attire is not required, but it is recommended. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to
move in. Flip-flops, other types of sandals, tennis shoes with deep tread, and/or bare feet are
definite no-no's. Any type of shoe that has a flat leather sole is ideal. In order to accommodate
both current high school students and current 8th grade students, the schedule will be as
        3:00 - 3:45    Learn choreography (8th graders may arrive late)
        3:45 - 4:00    Mandatory Informational Meeting (attendance taken)
        4:00 - 6:00    Learn choreography (students may leave once they know the

Tuesday, May 30; 3:00 - 6:00 PM; Choreography Audition - GREEN Cafeteria
       You will perform the dance routine learned at Thursday's session in small groups of 4-5.
Both the choreography and vocal auditions are "closed" auditions, which means the only people
allowed in the room will be auditioning students and the evaluation panel.

Wednesday, May 31; 2:40 - 8:00 PM; Vocal Auditions - GREEN Choir Room 121
        These will be closed auditions scheduled in advance. Students will be scheduled in
pairs in 5-minute time slots. Appointments will be posted outside your choir room no later than
Friday morning, May 26. You can sign up in advance with Mr. Myers (mark_myers@ipsd.org or
375-3275), Ms. Kurtovic (ines_kurtovic@ipsd.org or 375-3272) or by simply indicating your top
three choices on the attached audition registration form. If you would like to request a specific
audition partner, please also indicate that on your registration form.
        For the vocal audition, please prepare at least one minute but no more than the best two
minutes of a song that demonstrates the full range of your voice. Your audition will be stopped
after two minutes, so please choose your cuts in advance. Mrs. Brown will be available to
accompany. If you would like to rehearse with her before the day of auditions, please call her at
375-3273 or e-mail at anne_brown@ipsd.org. You also have the option of using CD or taped
accompaniment or singing a cappella--however, both of these options are discouraged for
several reasons. You will not be allowed to accompany yourself.

Thursday, June 1; Possible Callbacks - GREEN Choir Room 121
       If additional auditions and/or callbacks are necessary, a schedule will be posted before
school on June 1 outside of your school's choir room.
       Important Things to Know about WV Show Choir 2006-2007
What will the structure of the Show Choirs be?
        It is our goal to provide a great experience for as many students as we possibly can.
Participation is open to curricular choir students in grades 9-12. Choirs will be grouped
according to ability level. At this time, we intend to have two groups: an advanced level mixed
choir of approximately 20 female and 20 male singer-dancers, and an intermediate level
women's choir with a minimum of 16 singer-dancers.

What is the time commitment for Show Choir?
        Weekly rehearsals will run from 6:00 - 9:00 PM on Mondays for the mixed choir and on
Tuesdays for the women's choir. Extra rehearsals might also be scheduled Monday (girls) or
Thursday (mixed) evenings prior to important performances. You will receive a full schedule of
rehearsals and performances when school starts in the fall. We will again be performing on
every choral concert, presenting a Vocal Pops Concert, performing at the Cary Grove Festival,
and at 3-4 full day show choir invitational festivals hosted by other high schools. These are full-
day commitments on Saturdays in January, February, and March. The typical festival day
consists of a daytime performance in the morning or early afternoon, hanging out in the
cafeteria for lunch (free time with your friends or meeting new friends from other schools!),
watching performances by groups from other schools, a late afternoon awards ceremony, and
an evening "Finals" performance. Depending on our daytime rating, we would stay to perform in
the evening finals or to watch the other groups selected to perform. A tentative calendar of
events for next year is included in this packet. If you anticipate having irresolvable conflicts with
any of the performances listed, please do not audition. For every show where singer/dancers
are missing, we lose valuable rehearsal time re-blocking and re-positioning the show. This is
unfair to other members of the choir who have honored their commitment to the ensemble. It is
likely not an option to be involved in a winter sport or activity and show choir.

What is the financial obligation for participating in Show Choir?
         Based on last year, throughout the year, the total costs for participation could be as
much as $300. This breaks down as follows: $200 costume fee (due immediately), $50 for
overnight trip (due late January/early February), and $50 for other miscellaneous costs
(workshop/clinician fees, show choir t-shirt, props or small costume pieces--due as needed
throughout the year). Additionally, if a student is new to the show choir, they will also need to
purchase additional costume pieces that are the same from year to year: character shoes and
for girls, tights and dance briefs. This is very reasonable compared to the fees required by other
competitive show choir programs. Student participation fees at other schools can be as high as
$1000-$2000. We work very hard to make the cost of participation as reasonable as possible.
The Choir Parents Association organizes two very successful fundraisers, Entertainment Books
in the fall and the Mulch Sale in the winter/spring that help to reduce these financial obligations.
It is never our intention for students to not be involved in extra-curricular performance
groups on the basis of financial difficulty. Please contact Mr. Myers or Ms. Kurtovic if you
have any concerns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your student is accepted as a member of the show choir, the $200
costume fee will be due by June 15. The major costume pieces will be ordered and
purchased at that time, and we must have money in our accounts to cover those costs.
Again, please contact Mr. Myers or Ms. Kurtovic if this is a problem.

More questions? Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail Mr. Myers or Ms. Kurtovic! 
 Tentative Performance/Rehearsal Schedule
         WV Show Choirs 2006-2007
Regular Rehearsals are Monday evenings for Mixed Show Choir and Tuesday evenings
for Girls Show Choir. On the week of a performance, additional rehearsals are likely to
         be scheduled on Thursday evening (Mixed) or Monday evening (Girls).

August 2006
     26 Saturday: Welcome Back Clinic Day and Preview (Mixed only)

October 2006
     12 Thursday: Possible WV Choral Concert
     14 Saturday: Event at Naperville Frontier Park
     17 Tuesday: Possible WV Choral Concert

December 2006
      3 Sunday: Cary-Grove H.S. Show Choir Festival (Cary, IL)
     14 Thursday: Prism Concerts #1 and #2
     16 Saturday: Prism Concerts #3 and #4

January 2007 (several additional evening rehearsals during this month)
     13 Saturday: Winter Clinic Day (Mixed only)
     20 Saturday: Milton H.S. Show Choir Contest (Milton, WI)

February 2007 (several additional evening rehearsals during this month)
       3 Saturday: Manteno H.S. Show Choir Contest (Manteno, IL)
     16-18 Fri. - Sun.: Overnight Trip/Contest (possibly Wisconsin, Minnesota or Iowa)

March 2007 (weekday evening choral concert, date TBA)
      10 Saturday: Mundelein H.S. Show Choir Contest (Mundelein, IL)

April 2007
       17 Tuesday: Vocal Pops Concert

May 2007
     15 Tuesday: Possible WV Choral Concert
     17 Thursday: Possible WV Choral Concert
 In order to audition, please complete the attached commitment form and
  return it to your school choral director by Tuesday, May 23, so that the
      May 31 vocal audition times can be posted in a timely fashion!

WVHS Show Choirs: Audition Registration Form

Student Name ______________________________                Gender   M or F

Current School (circle one)       Granger     Hill    Still WVHS

Grade Level Next Year (circle one)      9     10      11   12

Parent/Guardian Name(s) _________________________________
Home Address __________________________________________
Home Phone # __________________________
Cell Phone #    __________________________
E-Mail Address __________________________

Please indicate the top three choices for your May 31 vocal audition by
choosing a 30-minute window starting on the hour or half-hour. (Examples:
"7:00-7:30" or "3:30-4:00") If you have a major conflict and require a
specific time, please contact Mr. Myers or Ms. Kurtovic immediately by
phone or e-mail.

Choice #1: _________    Choice #2: _________         Choice #3: _________

Audition Partner Request (optional): _______________________________

I have reviewed the expectations for the audition process and for
being a member of the Waubonsie Valley Show Choir. I agree to do
everything possible to fulfill these obligations and expectations.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________________________

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