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									                                   Hillgrove High School
                                 Elective Course Offerings
    Number                              Course                                    Prerequisite(s)

23.0320023   Newspaper                                                        9th Lit/Composition Credit
             Focus on journalistic writing, editing, design, and expression   Application/Teacher Rec.
             while creating The Talon, Hillgrove’s school newspaper
23.0320011   Yearbook                                                         9th Lit/Composition Credit
             Focus on copy writing, design, sales, and marketing while        Application/Teacher Rec.
             creating Aviary, Hillgrove’s yearbook

                                    Social Studies
45.0120099   Current Issues                                                             None
             Examination of the political and economic issues that effect
             today’s society
45.0150099   Psychology                                                                 None
             Examination of different belief systems in psychology
45.0840095   AP European History                                                 W. History and teacher
             European history since 1450 with focus on cultural,                   recommendation
             economic, political, and social developments that played a
             fundamental role in shaping the modern world.
45.0160095   AP Psychology
             Introduction to the systematic and scientific study of the be-       General Psychology
             havior and mental processes of human beings and animals.
             Psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated
             with the major subfields of psychology are presented.

                          Modern/Classical Languages
60.0710011   Spanish I                                                            Grade 9-11 only
             Introduction to the Spanish language
60.0110011   French I                                                             Grades 9-11 only
             Introduction to the French language
61.0410011   Latin I                                                              Grades 9-11 only
             Introduction to the Latin language

                               Fine Arts
50.0211099   Visual Art: Comprehensive                                                  None
             Introduction to art history, criticism, and studio production
             using elements of art and principles of design
50.0313099   Drawing and Painting I                                           Visual Art: Comprehensive
             Exploration of drawing and painting techniques and media
50.0314099   Drawing and Painting II                                          Visual Art: Comprehensive
             Increased skill development of previous course with                Drawing and Painting I
             exhibition and presentation opportunities
50.0411099   Ceramics/Pottery I                                               Visual Art: Comprehensive
             Introduction to clay design using varied techniques, surface
             treatments, and firing
50.0412099   Ceramics/Pottery II                                              Visual Art: Comprehensive
             Development of introductory techniques as well as hand               Ceramics/Pottery I
             building and wheel throwing
50.0711099   Photography                                                      Visual Art: Comprehensive
             Introduction to photographic design, history, critique,           Drawing and Painting or
             negative enlargement and processing safety                            Applied Design

50.0431099          Applied Design                                                       Visual Art: Comprehensive
                    Emphasis on design elements, principles of artwork,
                    production, and computer use
                                                                                                Teacher Rec
50.0814095          AP 3D Design                                                        3D- Applied Design, Ceramics

                                                                                               Teacher Rec
50.0811095          AP 2D Design (Photography or Painting)                                  2D- Drawing I and II

52.0610099          Acting I                                                                       None
                    Focus on stage movement, pantomime, voice, improvisation
                    and character analysis
52.0210099          Fundamentals of Drama I                                                       Acting I
                    Focus on advanced acting skills, character study, scene
                    work, audition techniques, and dialect work
52.0220099          Fundamentals of Drama II                                                   Fund. Drama I
                    Production of one-act play and/or children’s theater
                    productions for the community and local elementary schools
52.0230099          Fundamentals of Drama III                                                  Fund. Drama II
                    Focus on play production elements and student                               Teacher Rec.
                    directing techniques
52.0410099          Technical Theater                                                            Acting I
                    Focus on stage management, lighting design, set design,                    Teacher Rec.
                    sound, publicity, and costume design as HHS tech staff.
52.0910099          Theater Marketing Y                                                        Fund. Drama II
                    Focus on publicity and marketing skills in the field of theater             Teacher Rec.
                    and performing arts endeavors
54.0221099 (fall)   Intermediate Mixed Chorus                                                      None
54.0222099 (spr)    Intermediate Mixed Chorus
                    Ensemble for interested students; no singing experienced
54.0231099 (fall)   Advanced Mixed Chorus
54.0232099 (spr)    Advanced Mixed Chorus                                                  Audition/Teacher Rec.
                    Ensemble for advanced male and female singers with prior
                    choral experience.
54.0261099 (fall)   Advanced Women’s Chorus
54.0262099 (spr)    A choir for advanced female singers with prior choral                  Audition/Teacher Rec.
53.0371099 (fall)   Concert Band
53.0372099 (spr)    Proficient level ensemble for students with previous                   Audition/Teacher Rec.
                    experience who may need more training on music reading
                    skill. Focus is on literature of moderate (levels II and III)
53.0381099 (fall)   Symphonic Band
53.0382099 (spr)    Advanced level ensemble for students with previous                     Audition/Teacher Rec.
                    experience and a moderate level of music reading skill.
                    Focus is on advanced (levels IV and V) literature.
53.0391099 (fall)   Wind Ensemble                                                          Audition/Teacher Rec.
53.0392099 (spr)    Mastery level ensemble for students with previous
                    experience and a high level of music reading skill. Focus will
                    be on the most difficult high and college level repertoire (level
                    VI and above).
53.0571099 (fall)   Concert Orchestra
53.0572099 (spr)    Intermediate class for students with 1) previous experience 2)         Audition/Teacher Rec.
                    ability to read music 2) skills in individual and ensemble string
53.0581099 (fall)   Chamber Orchestra
53.0582099 (spr)    Advanced class for students with 1) solid performance                  Audition/Teacher Rec.
                    fundamentals 2) individual and ensemble skills using
                    advanced musical selections/literature.
53.05910099 (fall)   Mastery Level Orchestra                                         Audition/Teacher Rec.
53.05920099 (spr)    Students in this class are expected to have mastered
                     advanced techniques and will perform the most advanced

                              Business/Career Technology
07.4411099           Computer Applications                                                  Grades 9-10 only
                     For students who have not completed middle school
                     keyboarding or do not feel proficient in MicroSoft Office.
11.4130099           Computing in Modern World (ITF)                                        Grades 9-11 only
                     Hardware, HTML, and beginning programming
11.4310099           Fundamentals of Web Page Design                                Computing in the Modern
                     Site planning and design using markup language                         World
11.4320099 (spr)     Advanced Web Design                                          Fundamentals of Web Page Design
                                                                                      th  th
                     Advanced topics in Web Design                                  10 -12 grade students only
07.4110099           Accounting I                                                                  None
                                                                                       th     th
                     Basic record-keeping for businesses; great for future          10 -12 grade students only
                     business majors
07.4120099           Accounting II                                                            Accounting I
                                                                                       th     th
                     Management and corporate accounting; great for future          10 -12 grade students only
                     business majors.
06.4160099           Business Essentials                                                           None
                     Business management for future business owners and
06.4150099           Legal Environment of Business                                    Business Essentials
                     Legalities of contracts, sales, and employment                    Grades 10-12 only
06.4170099 (spr)     Entrepreneurial Ventures                                      Legal Environment Of Business
                                                                                      th   th
                     Starting, operating, and maintaining a new business            10 -12 grade students only
48.5610099           Introduction to Graphic Communications                                 Grades 9-11 only
                     Graphic design (computer aided) basics
48.5620099           Graphic Design and Production                                   Introduction to Graphic
                     Image capture, digital file output, illustration                    Communications
48.5630099           Advanced Graphic Output Processes                            Graphic Design and Production
                                                                                       th     th
                     Increased skill development of previous course                 10 -12 grade students only
48.5670099           Advanced Graphic Design                                      Graphic Design and Production
                                                                                       th     th
                                                                                    10 -12 grade students only
20.4232099           Human Growth and Development for Early                                        None
                                                                                       th     th
                     Childhood                                                      10 -11 grade students only
                     Addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors
                     associated with supporting and promoting optimal growth
                     and development of infants and children.
20.5261099           Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Young Children                 Human Growth & Dev.
                                                                                       th     th
                     Introduces the theory, practices, and requirements for         10 -12 grade students only
                     establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy learning
                     environment for children.
20.5251099           Introduction to Early Childhood Care and                      Human Growth & Dev. and
                     Education (LAST CLASS IN PATHWAY)                             Health, Safety, and Nutrition
                                                                                       th     th
                     This course prepares the student for employment and/or a       10 -12 grade students only
                     Post-secondary education in early childhood education and
20.4410099           Foundations of Interior Design                                                None
                     Identification of design elements and principles, housing                     9-12
                     choices, and careers
20.5310099           Introduction to Culinary Arts                                                 None
                                                                                       th     th
                     Food preparation                                               10 -11 grade students only
20.5321099           Culinary Arts I                                              Introduction to Culinary Arts
                     Commercial kitchen food preparation
20.5331099           Culinary Arts II                                                        Culinary Arts I
                     Increased skill development of previous course
10.5111099          Broadcast Video Production I                                                  Grades 9-11 only
                    Operations of TV studio, basic filming and editing
10.5121099          Broadcast Video Production II                                                            BVP I
                    Increased skill development of previous course
10.5131099          Broadcast Video Production III                                                          BVP II
                                                                                             th        th
                    Increased skill development of previous course                         10 -12 grade students only
10.5141099          Broadcast Video Production Applications                                                 BVP III
                                                                                             th        th
                    Increased skill development of previous course                         10 -12 grade students only
48.5410099          Introduction to Engineering Drawing & Design                                  Grades 9-11 only
                    Computer aided design, sketching, lettering, drawing
48.5420099          Engineering Concepts and Drawings (Survey of                          Introduction to Drafting &
                    Engineering Graphics)                                                          Design
                    Dimensions, tolerance, pictorals, sections

48.5450099          Architectural Drawing & Design I                                       Engineering Concepts
                    Architectural design: house plans with details

48.5460099          Architectural Drawing & Design II                                      Architectural Drawing I
                    Schedules, plumbing, heat/air, specifications
48.5430099          Solid Modeling and Design (3D Modeling &                               Architectural Drawing II
                    3-D drawings, wire frames, solid models
48.5440099          Technical Manufacturing Concepts & Drawings                           Solid Modeling & Design
                                                                                             th        th
                    Advanced architectural concepts                                        11 -12 grade students only
48.5470099          Structural Detailing                                                  Teacher Recommendation
                    Advanced architectural concepts                                          12 grade students only
26.4210099 (fall)   JROTC Navy I                                                                             None
28.4220099 (spr)    Naval history, navigation, maritime geography, seamanship
                    procedures, drill, leadership, programs, and organization.
                    JROTC Navy II                                                                           JROTC I
                    Nautical plotting and navigation; physical fitness, military drill,
                    commands and ceremonies
28.4230099 (fall)   JROTC Navy III                                                                     JROTC I - II
28.4240099 (spr)    Increased skill development of previous course
                    JROTC Navy IV                                                                      JROTC I - III
                    Increased skill development of previous course
28.4250099 (fall)   JROTC Navy V                                                                       JROTC I - IV
28.4260099 (spr)    Increased skill development of previous course
                    JROTC Navy VI                                                                      JROTC 1 - V
                    Increased skill development of previous course
28.4270099 (fall)   JROTC Navy VII                                                                     JROTC 1 - V
28.4280099 (spr)    Increased skill development of previous course
                    JROTC Navy VIII                                                                JROTC 1 - VIII
                    Increased skill development of previous course

                                   Health/Physical Education
17.0110098          Health
36.0510098          Graduation requirement                                                                   None
                    Personal Fitness
                    Graduation requirement
36.0210099          Team Sports                                                                              None
                    Activities include basketball, football, volleyball
36.0220099          Life Sports                                                                              None
                    Activities include badminton, tennis, golf
36.0530099          Aerobic Dance                                                                            None
                    Activities include variations of cardio exercises
36.0560099          Body Sculpting                                                                           None
                    Weight training (females)

36.0660099        Advanced Body Sculpting                                  Body Sculpting
                  Weight training (females)
36.0540099        Weight Training                                              None
                  Introduction of lifting skills and activities
36.0640099        Advanced Weight Training                                 Weight Training
                  Higher intensity activities
36.0520099        Physical Conditioning                                     Teacher Rec.
                  Conditioning for HHS athletes
36.0620099        Advanced Physical Conditioning                        Physical Conditioning
                  Conditioning for HHS athletes

                                   Other Courses
00.0005010        NovaNet (Seniors Only) .5 credit                   Application/Counseling Rec.
00.0005011        NovaNet (Seniors Only) 1.00 credit
36.0610096        GHSGT Review Class (A/B)                                Counseling Rec.
00.0017000 *      Minimum Day/fall semester (Seniors Only)           Application/Counseling Rec.
00.1212000 *      Minimum Day/spring semester (Seniors Only)         Application/Counseling Rec.
70.0110099 **     Mentorship I (Juniors/Seniors Only)                   Application/2.5 GPA
                  Clerical office skills used in school setting
70.0120099 **     Mentorship II (Seniors Only)                              Mentorship I
                  Clerical office skills used in school setting             Admin. Rec.

       * Minimum Day: Seniors must pass all portions of the GHSGT (Eng, Math, Science, Social
                      Studies, Writing).
                      Minimum day seniors must pass all classes to maintain athletic eligibility
     ** Mentorship:   Mentorship may not be taken with minimum day; students must be on track
                      for graduation.


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