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					Alumni Broadcast Email Guidelines
The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) receives requests from many different sectors of the
University and external sources to disseminate broadcast emails to alumni groups. While
the ARO would like to meet all these requests individually, it is neither always possible to
do, nor is it advisable.

This is principally because of the danger of over-emailing alumni to the point that the
emails become a deterrent rather than an incentive to alumni to open any emails from the
University of Sydney. Currently, 37 per cent of alumni open their personalised emails
from the University – not an unusual figure against international benchmarks, but
indicative of the low response rates to email communications compared to personalised
print communications, and of the negative effects of over-emailing alumni.

To counter this problem, the ARO has introduced a procedure whereby the contents of
such broadcast emails can be included as editorial items in the regular alumni e-
newsletter, eSydney, that is distributed monthly.

This is a highly effective means of delivering items of interest to individual alumni groups
and has been proven to generate a high response rate.

SAM, the Sydney Alumni Magazine, is of course also available as a means of publicising
items to the entire alumni community, but it does require longer lead times.

The ARO strongly recommends that alumni groups or faculties use these mechanisms
(eSydney and SAM) as their major means of communicating with alumni. Many faculties
and schools also utilise inserts or advertisements in SAM as a means of bolstering their
communications in a cost-effective manner.

Individual emails to targeted groups may only be sent out under exceptional
circumstances with the approval of the Director of Alumni Relations.

The production schedules of both eSydney and SAM are available from the Alumni
Relations Office. For a copy of the schedule or enquiries, please contact Hazel Baker on
02 9351 8624 or at


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