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CALL CENTER management and career development

Call center job descriptions

I/ Job description types of Call center department

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Call Center Operator
• Call Center Trainer
• Call Center Supervisor
• Call Center Director
• Call Center Manager
• Call Center Specialist

II/ Basic functions of Call center manager

• Forecast volumes of calls and manpower requirements.
• Maintains call distribution system by configuring the telephone PBX to automatically
distribute calls uniformly among customer service representatives.
• Makes necessary changes in staffing based on day of week, sales promotions, other
anticipated events, and PBX data.
• Monitors productivity of customer service representatives and generates reports.
• Reviews PBX data to monitor the length of time customers remain on hold.
• Monitors service calls to observe employee demeanor, technical accuracy, and
conformity to company policies. Answers questions and recommends corrective services
to address customer complaints.
• Maintains the correct recorded announcement menus, and makes changes as necessary
based on the time of day, day of week, or holidays.

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