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System job description


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SYSTEM management and career development

System job descriptions

I/ Job description types of System department

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Systems Technician
• Systems Programmer
• Information System
• System Technician
• Systems Architect
• Systems analyst
• Systems developer
• Systems engineer
• System administrator
• Linux administrator
• Oracle database administrator
• SQL Server Administrator
• Java Developer

II/ Basic functions of System manager

• Performs analytical, technical and administrative work in the planning, design,
installation, and on-going administration of non-routine or smaller computer systems and
local area networks to ensure efficient functioning of all systems. Identifies problems and
recommends solutions.
• Evaluates vendor products in terms of company needs to ensure that appropriate and
relevant products are obtained while maintaining cost effectiveness and company
• Interacts with end uses to determine software and hardware needs in an effort to provide
support in a time manner.
• Oversees set up of user accounts on company servers and runs necessary system
backups to ensure that company systems are secure and updated.
• Installs and maintains operating systems and third party applications.
• Maintains data storage, availability and backup integrity for the Redlands Institute’s
specific, varied and complex data needs.
• Coordinates with product development, telecommunications, database administration
SYSTEM management and career development

and web systems administration staff to enhance communication among various functions
to improve overall efficiency.
• Prepares and recommends operating and personnel budgets for approval. Monitors
spending for adherence to budget, recommends variances as necessary.
• Performs other information systems support and management duties as assigned or
• Manages activities of systems administration staff to ensure that employment decisions
are efficient.
• Plans, designs and upgrades networks to ensure that applications support and maintain
information systems in the company.

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System positions.

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