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									This checklist is a guide only.
                                                              For further information please contact:
                                                              Building Division
  The immediate pool area is fenced.
                                                              Whangarei District Council
  The fence is at least 1.2m high.
                                                              Phone: 09 430 4200
  The fence is constructed of unclimbable material.
                                                              Fax: 09 438 7632
  There is no gap or space in the fence greater than 100mm.
                                                              Freephone: 0800 WDC INFO (0800 932 463)
  Horizontal railings are not less than 900mm apart.
                                                              Website: www.wdc.govt.nz
  A building that forms part of the fence must comply
  with the Act.
                                                              This is a general information document and for safety and legal
                                                              reasons Council advises that all work be checked against the
Gates                                                         current Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987.

  Gates open outward.
                                                                                                                                Pool Fencing
  Gate self closes and automatically latches.
  Is latch 1.5m from ground if on outside of gate?
  Is latch 1.2m from ground if on inside of gate?
Door & window access to pool

  Are there top-bolts on ranch slider and bi-fold doors?
  Are there restrictors on windows?
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General safety
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  Always supervise children.
  Learn First Aid & resuscitation.                                                        Mission
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                                                                              Private Bag 9023, Whangarei
                                                                          Forum North, Rust Avenue, Whangarei
                                                                          Phone: 09 430 4200, Fax: 09 438 7632
                                                                       Freephone: 0800 WDC INFO (0800 932 463)
                                                                              Email: mailroom@wdc.govt.nz
                                                                               Website: www.wdc.govt.nz
Pool Fencing Regulations                                   Spa Pools
All domestic swimming and spa pools in New Zealand are     Spa pools that are not in a building or enclosed structure
required to be fenced in compliance with the Fencing of    are required to comply fully with the Fencing of Swimming
Swimming Pools Act 1987. The primary aim of this Act       Pools Act 1987. This also applies to portable spa pools.
is to protect the safety of young children. Pool fencing   In October 2002, the Building Industry Authority (BIA)
is the responsibility of homeowners who must meet the      determined that lockable spa pool covers are no longer
standards required by the Act. Pools are defined as any     suitable safety barriers.
excavation, structure or product in which the maximum
depth of water exceeds 400mm, that is used, or capable
                                  of being used, for the   Pool fencing standards
                                  purpose of swimming,     If you are planning to install a swimming pool or spa pool
                                  wading or bathing.       you will need a council Building Consent.

                                The     fence    must                                                                    Did you know?
                                surround only the          Emptying a swimming or spa pool
                                pool and the area          Pools must remain empty until they have fencing that          Statistics indicate that incidents of child drownings at
                                immediately around         complies with the Act and has been approved by a              home have reduced by half since 1987, when the Fencing
                                the pool. This area        Compliance Officer. Swimming and spa pools sometimes           of Swimming Pools Act was introduced.
                                must contain things        become unstable when emptied. We recommend you
only used in association with the pool: for example,       obtain expert advice from a private swimming pool             It is estimated that so far more than 160 children owe
changing sheds or pool decking. It should not include      consultant to ensure your pool is emptied safely without      their lives to the “Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987”.
the clothesline or a vegetable garden; however,            damage to either the pool or environment.
buildings may form part of the fencing if they comply                                                                    85-90% of children who drown in home pools are legitimate
with the Act.                                                                                                            visitors to the property - not children who wander onto the
                                                           Sale of property with non-complying pool                      property.
If the boundary fence is made use of there is a danger     There is nothing in New Zealand law to stop a homeowner
that a neighbour may unwittingly make the fence            selling a property with a non-complying pool or pool          Studies have indicated that supervision and education
unsafe. For example, a neighbour’s trees, stacks of        fence. However, prospective property buyers should be         alone are not sufficient prevention strategies for pre-school
wood etc. within 1.2m of the fence may enable a child      aware that as soon as                                         drowning. In fact supervision fails 69% of the time.
to climb over the fence into the pool area.                a property with a non-
                                                           complying pool passes                                         Many cases of pre-school drowning occur with a caregiver
Many homeowners have argued that no children live in       into their ownership                                          on the property who has only taken their eyes off the
their house or that none live in their neighbourhood and   they will be responsible                                      youngster for a few minutes.
that the aesthetic appeal of their pool will be affected   for any remedial work
if they fence it. These are not acceptable reasons for     required to comply with                                       It is unrealistic to expect pre-school children to stay away
failure to provide adequate fencing under the Act. In      the Act.                                                      from an unfenced pool merely because they have been
cases where an issue or incident occurs because of a                                                                     told to.
non-complying pool Whangarei District Council and the      If you would like to know if a property for sale within the
property owner could be held responsible.                  Whangarei district has a complying pool fence, you can        Pre-school children cannot be expected to learn the elements
                                                           find out by obtaining a Land Information Memorandum           of water safety or how to react in an emergency.
                                                           (LIM) from Council. This will also help you see if there
                                                           are any other outstanding building consent issues on          Children drown quickly and quietly.
                                                           the property.

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