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               BUSINESS MEETING 5/10/05

         Chief Dan McKenzie called the business meeting of the Waverly Volunteer Fire
Department to order, Chaplain Frazee led the department in devotions. Greg Brase and
Dick Ormston were introduced as visitors.
                 The minutes of the previous meeting were read and there being no
corrections or additions were approved as read. The Treasurer’s report was given and
the bills against the department were listed, a motion to accept the report and to pay all
bills was made by Herb Meyer, with a second heard from Jason Dorman, motion carried.
         Roll was answered by 31 members, 2 were excused, and 1 absent.
         Nate Koehler said their new baby was doing well. Megan has passed her
Firefighter 1 class. We also received a plaque and pins from MDA. It was decided that
we would again be doing the boot drop on the Thursday before Labor Day. Motion was
made by Herb, 2nd by Megan, motion carried. Some discussion on location followed.
Herb also thanked members for help at the Safety Fair. Dave Nelson said that the VFW
would like to host a meal for the volunteers on June 4th, sign up will be on the board.
         In committee reports Jason reported on 807, bids were received on Monday May
9th. The committees recommendation was that we go with the Ford. The price of the
Truck was $27,150.00 plus accessories. The total would be $34,325.03. Pat made a
motion to accept the committees recommendation, 2nd by Will and pass this on to the
City Council and Rural Board, motion carried. Jeff reported for the building committee
that things were moving along. Motion was made by Herb 2nd, 2nd by Glenn that we still
table the money issue on the museum until June, motion carried. Jason reported on the
rescue power unit, there was a demo from Clarey’s here. They had also demo’d another
unit. The committees recommendation was to purchase the unit from Clarey’s. Matt
made a motion to purchase that unit, 2nd by Will, motion carried. The aerial truck
committee will meet tonight as will the audit committee.
         In old business, Bob Fiser said that the Heritage Days committee was asking if
and how much we would be donating to the Fireworks. It was decided that $1000.00
would be donated. Bryce made a motion to Donate a $1000.00 from the Fall pancake
breakfast towards the 2006 fireworks, 2nd by Randy Meyer, motion carried.
         In applications for memberships Jim McKenzie reported on the new prospective
members. Reid Menken was discussed and would need to get a physical. Lisa Burman
was also discussed and was recommended by the committee. Herb made a motion, 2nd
by Roy to table vote on Lisa until next month so we had gear for her.
         In new business Bryce asked about preplans being out of date, He said he would
head up a group to update plans. Roy talked about a class with Mike Keaton for
explosives, this class will be held on May 24th at the Starlight Motel in Ames. Rob said
that clothing has been ordered and will hopefully be here by parade time. Shane talked
about a couple of hydrants out of service or that had been removed. Bob Edgar said the
Stihl class will be held May 18th at 6:30 at the station. Dan mentioned that Sunday May
15th Greene will be burning their elevator. Shell Rock will be participating and we will be
covering there area that day. On May 24th there will be a region 2 table top test on a
disaster. A reminder that County meeting is Wed. May 11th at Readlyn, Fire School sign
up is on the board, 39th street will be closed for construction work. Upcoming fireworks
was discussed.
         Fire calls for the month were read and discussed.
         Motion to adjourn by Kevin, 2nd by Jerry, motion carried.

       Respectfully Submitted
Jeff Soash, Secretary

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