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									                CITY OF ELKO, NEVADA


                     TO FURNISH


                       July 2009

                      CITY OF ELKO

                                             SET NO.   .
                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

Invitation to Bid ........................................................................................................................... 1

Bidding Information ..................................................................................................................... 2

Special Terms and Conditions ..................................................................................................... 3

Cab & Chassis Specifications....................................................................................................... 5

Hydraulic Bid Specification ....................................................................................................... 12

10 C.Y Dump Body Specification .............................................................................................. 14

Bid Proposal Forms .................................................................................................................... 25
                                          CITY OF ELKO
                                        INVITATION TO BID

Sealed bids will be received until 3:00 P.M., local time, on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at the
office of the Elko City Clerk; 1751 College Avenue; Elko, Nevada 89801, for the following:

                   56,000 GVW CAB & CHASSIS WITH DUMP BODY
Proposals received after that time will not be accepted. Bidders mailing their bids assume the risk
of late delivery.

The submitted bids will be opened at the Elko City Hall immediately after the published deadline for
acceptance of said bids with City staff present. All interested parties are invited to be in attendance
at the bid opening.

The City Council may formally accept or reject the bids at their regular meeting after 4:00 P.M.,
local time, Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

Specifications and other information may be obtained at the office of the Elko City Clerk.

The City of Elko reserves the right to accept or reject any or all items specified in the bid request as
is deemed in the best interest of the City of Elko.

Dated this 14th day of July, 2009.

                                                   CITY OF ELKO,
                                                   CITY COUNCIL

                                                     Dennis Strickland
                                                     Public Works Director

Publish: Elko Daily Free Press
             July 17, 2009

                                          CITY OF ELKO
                                      BIDDING INFORMATION

The City of Elko reserves the right to accept or reject any or all items specified in the bid request
and reserves the right to waive any minor technicalities in the preparation of these bidding
documents or specifications.

The award may be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. The lowest responsive
and responsible bidder will be judged based on price, warranty, conformance to specifications,
materials, or equipment offered and their adaptability to the required purposes, and the best
interest of the public--each of such factors being considered.

A.   Sealed bids are to be filed with the Office of the City Clerk; 1751 College Avenue; Elko,
Nevada; prior to 3:00 P.M., local time, Thursday, August 6, 2009.

B.     All bids shall be enclosed and sealed in an envelope and endorsed:

                         56,000 GVW CAB & CHASSIS WITH DUMP BODY

C.     The submitted bids will be opened at Elko City Hall immediately after the published deadline
for acceptance of said bids with Elko City staff present. All interested parties are invited to be in
attendance at the bid opening.

D.      The City Council may formally accept or reject bids at their regular meeting after 4:00 P.M.,
local time, on Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

E.     Item to be bid:

                    NEW 56,000 GVW CAB & CHASSIS WITH DUMP BODY

F.      Bids will be accepted only on the form provided, along with completed specification sheet
indicating compliance of unit offered and any other information as requested in bidding documents.

                                        CITY OF ELKO
                               SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

A.     Bidder is required to submit descriptive data or printed specifications describing unit offered.
Failure to comply with this request may be cause for non-acceptance of bid.

B.      ADHERENCE TO SPECIFICATIONS: Deviations to any of the requirements set forth in
this bid shall be so stated in written form in space provided or attached on separate sheet if
additional space is required.

C.     Service and Parts Availability: May be determining factor in award of this bid. State name
and location of nearest service and parts facility:

                                            Phone No: _____________________________

                                                   (Please Print)

D.      Delivery: Unit shall be transported to the City of Elko Street Department; 232 South 10th
Street; Elko, Nevada; completely furnished and ready for operation.

E.       Warranty: Minimum warranty shall be manufacturer's standard warranty. Copy of
warranty must be furnished with submitted bid. Successful bidder shall provide warranty
service within twenty-four (24) hours after notification that such service is required on any vehicle
that is inoperative due to failures covered by warranty. In the event such service is not provided
within the specified time, the City of Elko may elect to have the repairs made or make the repairs in
their own shop and bidder shall reimburse the City of Elko for all costs incurred for such repairs.

       All warranty and recall service shall be performed at an authorized service facility.

       Successful bidder shall be responsible for any service or inspection required at specified
intervals to keep warranty in effect. Any costs for this service of inspection shall be included in bid.

F.      Bidder shall be prepared to give a complete demonstration of the merits of the vehicle
offered under the normal working conditions of the City of Elko Operations Departments any time
prior to an Award being made.

G.     Questions pertaining to bidding documents shall be directed to the City of Elko Public Works
Director; 1751 College Avenue; Elko, NV 89801 or by calling (775)777-7241.

H.      The laws of the State of Nevada shall govern the validity, construction, performance and
effect of the contract or lease, which to successful bidder shall execute. Jurisdiction and venue
for any action related to the contract or lease shall be in the District Court of the Fourth Judicial
District, Elko County, Nevada.

                           CITY OF ELKO, NEVADA
                            SPECIFICATIONS FOR
               NEW 56,000 GVW CAB & CHASSIS WITH DUMP BODY
  GENERAL: Vehicles furnished under this specification shall be the manufacturer's current
  conventional design for the type and the allied equipment specified. All necessary accessories
  customarily furnished whether stipulated herein or not, with such modifications and attachments as
  may be necessary to enable the vehicle to function reliably and efficiently in sustained operation.
  Further, all vehicles furnished under this specification shall comply with the most current Federal
  Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Federal Environmental Protection Agency Emission Control
  Standards for new motor vehicles and the requirements of Nevada Revised Statutes.

  Truck offered shall be the manufacturer’s current model. Dump truck will be used by the City of Elko
  for vocational dump truck duty during the summer season and plowing snow and hauling salt and sand
  mix in mountainous terrain during the winter season at altitudes from 5,000 to 6,000 feet.
  Manufacturer shall furnish the best gear ratio for this duty. Road speed shall be 70 MPH +/-2 MPH.

              Specify Mfr. & No. ___________________________________________

              Specify Road Speed __________MPH @ ______________RPM

  Dump truck offered must bear a certification plate stamped 56,000 GVW or higher, and dump truck
  offered shall conform to this rating in all component parts.

              State G.V.W. Rating______________________________

AIR CLEANER: To be manufacturer's heavy-duty dry type with a dash mounted service indicator.
Cleaner must be approved by the engine manufacturer. Air cleaner will be equipped with a
summer/winter valve. Valve will be activated from cab.

AIR CONDITIONER/HEATER: Factory installed. Maximum BTU/HR available with radiator or
grille mounted condenser.

              Specify BTU/HR Rating _____________________________

AXLE, FRONT: Front axle will have minimum capacity of 16,000 lbs., with oil lubricated wheel
bearings. Seals shall be Stemco Type or equal with visual sight covers

NOTE: A set back front axle is not acceptable. Maximum distance from front of bumper to centerline of
axle is not to exceed 40". Identification numbers will be required on all axles.

              Specify Front Axle Capacity______________________________

AXLES, REAR: Minimum combined capacity of 40,000 lbs., single speed, single reduction with inter-
axle locking differential with air shift.

               Specify Rear Axle Capacity______________________________

BACK UP ALARM: Shall be equipped with electronic type back up alarm. Db range 87 to 107
mounted so that alarm is clearly audible. Must be OSHA approved.

BATTERY: Heavy-duty "MAINTENANCE FREE" dual batteries, 12-volt with minimum CCA rating
of 2500 at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The end user prefers that the battery box be mounted on right step side as
far forward as possible.

               Specify C.C.A. Rating at 0 Deg. F. _________________________

BRAKES: Shall be equipped with non-asbestos lining. Minimum front 16-1/2" x 6", minimum rear 16-
1/2" x 7"; service brakes shall be "S" cam type on front and rear wheels, full air with warning buzzer; air
gauge shall be dash mounted; compressor shall be piston type, water cooled, and have not less than 15.7
cubic feet per minute capacity; to be engine crankcase lubricated; air receivers, three with minimum total
capacity of 5800 cubic inches; rear brake chambers to be type 30, front brake chambers to be type 20 (or
equal) with a 2.50" stroke. Brakes shall be provided on front and rear wheels and shall be equipped with
dust shields or backing plate. Truck shall also be equipped with a "Bendix Westinghouse AD-ISEP
w/heater" or equal heated air dryer, installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Air dryer
must be easily accessible. Truck will be equipped with automatic slack adjusters on all wheels. Air service
shall be installed and included on the rear of the truck frame for towing trailers equipped with air brakes.
Airlines, hand control valve, and breakaway valve shall be installed by the truck manufacturer or body
installer. Glad-hand style air couplers, with dust covers shall be installed on top of the very rear cross
member in a horizontal position. Truck will be equipped with automatic slack adjusters on all wheels. Air
brake chambers on rear axle shall be installed so as not to protrude past plane of rear tiers, so as not to
interfere with dumping into paver.

               Specify Front Brake Size ___________           Specify Rear Brake Size___________

               Specify Mfr. & No. of Air Dryer_________________________________________

               Specify Total Cubic Inches of Air Receivers _____________________

Parking brakes shall be spring actuated with manual release. Spring parking brake chambers shall be
provided on both rear axles. A parking brake "ON" warning light will be installed. Brake system shall
comply with Federal Law.

BUMPER: Front only, to be manufacturer's heavy-duty steel channel type. Bumper to extend full width.
Manufacturer shall provide a minimum clearance of 12 inches between the rear of the bumper and the
front of the radiator.

               Specify Clearance __________________________________

CAB: Aluminum cab 119” BBC minimum required to include: a 90-degree tilt fiberglass hood with
fenders and splash guards fully attached to hood, stainless steel door hinges or rust resistant internal door

hinges, 55-degree door opening, interior noise reduction package, and thermal cab insulation in floor,
walls and roof.

               Specify Cab Material Composition and BBC dimension _________________________

CAB-TO-AXLE DIMENSION: Minimum of 124 inches, maximum 126 inches.

               Specify Dimension __________________________________

CAB-TO-END OF FRAME DIMENSION: Minimum of 176 inches.

               Specify Dimension__________________________________

COLOR: The complete unit with the exception of the frame rails is to be painted White with DuPont
Chroma-One, PPG Del Fleet, BASF Glaso, Diamont Uno or approved equal, at a thickness of 5 mil. To
include the cab and bed; no chrome or aluminum accessories are to be painted. Any variation to the
specified color must be approved in advance by the City of Elko Public Works Superintendent.

COOLING SYSTEM: Shall be equipped with a heavy duty high efficiency cooling radiator with
increased coolant capacity , coolant anti-freeze rated to -40Ε Fahrenheit and shall be equipped with a
thermostatically controlled air operated fan clutch with dash mounted manual override switch. Fan shall
be fully shrouded. Cooling system shall be capable of maintaining a safe driving temperature in
extremely hot or cold weather. Shall be equipped with screen guard for radiator with a maximum 1/4"
mesh size.

               Specify Mfr. & No. of Fan Clutch_______________________________

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12-volt circuit breaker system with a minimum 130 Amp alternator. A seven
wire ATA trailer lighting cable with connector for trailer shall be installed at the rear of the truck frame.
A 4 GA. charge cable will be attached directly to the positive battery terminal through a 100 amp circuit
breaker with manual rest then to a quick disconnect P/N 15320- Phillips, to be mounted in the rear buck
plate. Connectors will be covered with a rubber boot for protection from the elements. All wiring and
connections will be soldered and enclosed in weatherproof tubing. Wiring from body of truck chassis
shall be run in a weather sealed junction box at rear of truck, Midland Model MB122010.

               Specify Mfr. & No. _______________________________________________

ENGINE: Shall be a fully electronic controlled, turbocharged, 4 cycle, 6 cylinder, diesel engine with a
manufacturers advertised brake horsepower/torque rating of 385hp/1450( at the manufacturer's
recommended rpm. Engine will be equipped with charge cooling and a 110-volt block heater with rigid
mount plug to outside. All engine maintenance must be accessible from under the hood. Engine must be
OEM certified. Dealer certification will not be acceptable. Engine compartment must be shielded from
front wheel splash. Engine must be IAW current EPA Emission Standards.

               Specify Mfr. & No. of Engine___________________________

               Specify Gross Brake H.P. Rating at Manufacturer's
               Recommended R.P.M____________________________________

ENGINE BRAKE: Engine bid shall be equipped with a compression type engine brake. Exhaust or
driveline retarders will not be considered.

               Specify Type of Engine Brake __________________________

EXHAUST SYSTEM: Shall be equipped with a vertical muffler and a vertical exhaust stack with
curved out exhaust and safety heat shield around the cab portion of the vertical exhaust stack.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Vendor is required to provide and install inside the cab, one (1) each, 5lb.,
refillable, ABC type Fire Extinguisher with metal head.

FRAME: Shall be equipped with a heat treated, 110,000 PSI with "C" channel reinforced frame having a
resistance to bending moment of 3,000,000 inch pounds minimum. Frame area from rear of cab to the
front of the rear drive axle will be clear for mounting of special equipment. Frame rails to be painted high
gloss frame rail black.

               Specify RBM___________________________________________

FUEL TANK: Aluminum tank mounted on the left side with a minimum capacity of 100 gallons with
one or more steps. Steps must be raised type (catwalk type grating) to prevent slipping. Tank must not
protrude more than 18" beyond rear of cab. Visual top portion of tank will be sprayed with a non-slip

               Specify Capacity ___________________________________

GAUGES: All gauges shall be registering type consisting of the following: Speedometer, tachometer,
engine hour meter, voltmeter, engine oil pressure, water temperature, fuel gauge, air pressure gauge with
warning buzzer, air cleaner service indicator, parking brake "ON" indicator light and all other
manufacturer's standard gauges.

GLASS: All cab glass shall be tinted.

GOVERNOR: Engine RPM Governor to be set for a road speed of 70 miles per hour +/-2 MPH.

GRILL: Stationary and separate from hood (needs to be compatible with snow plowing equipment).

HEATER & DEFROSTER: Heavy-duty fresh air type.

HOOD: Hood shall be forward tilting type. Entire fender must tilt with hood. Hood must have tilt assist.

HORNS: Shall be equipped with dual air horns and electric horn.

LIGHTS: Shall be equipped with the below listed lights (all lighting is to have minimal or no splices.
All splices are to be soldered and sealed with shrink tubing):

       a.     Headlights shall be halogen type with high/low beam. Headlights will be able to be used
              as daytime running lights.

       b.     Snowplow lights shall be high/low beam Signal STAT No. 677-WK or equal with standard
              seal beams. These lights will be hooked up to the main headlight indicator high/low beam
              light on dash. Plow lights will be mounted 78" from ground to center of plow lights.

       c.     Front turn signal and parking lights shall be fender mounted Class A double faced, front
              amber, rear amber/red or single faced with side cab amber turn signal and shall be
              equipped with 4-way hazard warning switch.

       d.     Rear combination stop/tail and turn signal lights: shall be equipped with Class A single
              faced red rear combination stop/tail and turn signal lights recessed into the rear corner
              posts of the dump body at a height of approximately 65 inches. 4-way hazard warning will
              be required.

       e.     Shall be equipped with L.E.D. Four-corner mounted amber warning lights to be grommet
              mounted in front bumper and rear corner post of dump box; to be three-wire system
              mapable. To also include one L.E.D. beacon light, cab-guard mounted.

       f.     Clearance lights and license plate light.

       g.     Back up light.

       h.     Shall be equipped with reflectors as required.

       i.     Interior lights:   Shall be equipped with dome and fully illuminated instrument panel

MIRRORS: Shall be equipped with two (2) retractable, heated, outside rearview mirrors (with dash
mounted switch). Mirrors will be mounted so that they provide clear vision beyond the sides of the dump
body. Approximate size 6" x 16", heated, West Coast type or equal. Shall include convex spot mirrors -
4" driver side, 6" passenger side.

POWER STEERING: To be manufacturer's standard.

              Specify Mfr. & No._____________________________

RADIO: Shall be AM/FM/CD. Factory installed.

SEAT: Driver's seat shall be a Bostrum Air Suspension Seat No. Talladega 915 with standard passenger
seats. Shall be equipped with shoulder belts for drivers and passenger seat. The height of seat back shall

be to the top of the rear cab window and equipped with a minimum of a 3 point safety belt or 4 point, if

               Specify Mfr. & No. of Driver's Seat ________________________________

SPRINGS: Front: Front springs to be heavy-duty leaf type; total spring capacity must not be less than
axle capacity. Aluminum spring hangers are NOT acceptable. Shall have front shock absorbers.

               Specify Capacity _________________________________

               Rear: Rear suspension to be Hendrickson HMX or equal. Capacity must not be less than
               axle capacity.

               Specify Capacity___________ Specify Suspension Mfr. & No. ___                  ___________

TIRES: Front: Shall be equipped with three (3) Goodyear #G291, or approved equal, 315/80R22.5
tubeless steel belted radial Highway rated tires, load range J 18 ply rating. All tires must be balanced prior
to delivery. The requested quantities reflect a spare tire of each size. Spare tire is to be mounted on spare
rim also provided by the vendor.

               Specify Mfr. & Size__________________________________

Rear: Shall be equipped with nine (9) Goodyear #G167 or approved equal, 11R22.5 tubeless, steel belted
mud and snow rated radial tires, load range H, 16 ply rating. All tires must be balanced prior to delivery.
The requested quantities reflect a spare tire of each size. Spare tire is to be mounted on spare rim also
provided by vendor.

               Specify Mfr. & Size_____________________________________

WHEELS: The three front wheels shall be 22.5 x 9.00 DC 10-hole Budd steel disc type, powder coated,
Brite White wheels, rated @ 9,000 lbs. The nine rear wheels shall be 22.5 x 8.25 DC 10-hole Budd steel
disc type, powder coated, Brite White wheels, rated @ 7,400 lbs. This quantity includes a spare wheel of
each size.

TOW HOOKS: Shall be equipped with a minimum of one (1) front mounted tow hook/eye.

TRANSMISSION: (Allison 4000-RDS-P) close ration, 6-speed, with double overdrive, includes oil level
sensor, with PTO provision, less retarder.
Includes: Transmission oil pan magnet in pan

               Specify Mfr. & No.________________________________________

WINDSHIELD WASHERS: Shall be equipped with electric windshield washers with large capacity

WINDSHIELD WIPERS: Shall be equipped with heavy duty, intermittent, cowl mounted, electric
wipers with heavy duty arms, blades, and linkage.

MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT INSTALLED: Shall be equipped with the below listed equipment:

       1.     Two (2) armrests
       2.     Two (2) sun visors
       3.     One (1) cigarette lighter/”Power Point”.
       4.     Metal grab handles, one (1) on each side of cab to provide assistance in entering vehicle.
       5.     Ether cold start equipment with electrical in-cab control.

              Specify Mfr. & No. _______________________________________________

All miscellaneous equipment listed as standard by the manufacturer shall be included.

LINE SHEET: Two (2) Line Sheets will be furnished with each truck.

NOTE: Trucks with a higher than 87dba inside cab (including all standard and add-on accessories) will
not be acceptable.

Factory confirmation of specifications ordered required ASAP after order is placed.


              Two (2) each shop manual
              Two (2) each parts manual
              Two (2) each operator’s manual
              Two (2) each electrical manual/schematics


The hydraulic pump shall be an axial piston pressure and flow compensated load-sensing type. The pump
shall have a displacement of 5.61 cubic inches per revolution. The pump shall have a minimum 2” inch
suction line and ½” control drain line plumbed directly back to the reservoir. The pump shall be rated for
4700 PSI. The pump shall have a Din type-mounting flange. The pump shall be Force America model
TXV92 load sensing pump or prior approved equal. A constant mesh PTO that is mounted to the MD
series transmission shall drive the pump. The PTO shall run at a 103% of engine speed.


   ·   The hydraulic reservoir will be of 35 gallons nominal capacity.
   ·   The hydraulic reservoir will be constructed of 10-gauge steel and be internally baffled.
   ·   Mounting bracket is to be designed and supplied by the reservoir supplier.
   ·   Mounting system should allow for a 1” frame clearance for frame obstructions.
   ·   Shall be mounted in a manner as to not transmit any truck torsional loads thru the tank.
   ·   The enclosure will use a gasket-less passive technology.
   ·   All valve fittings, hose ends, filter, filler breather, sending units and any electrical connections are
       to be protected by enclosure cover.
   ·   The cover will protect from both road and pressure washer spray.
   ·   Hose exit and entrance must allow for components to be mounted adjacent to the enclosure.
   ·   A 2” full flow brass ball valve shall be plumbed at the suction port of the tank.
       Electric level sending unit, wired to the control panel and back lit for “low oil” and “oil temp”

The valve/tank assembly shall be a Force America model “VT35 Valve/Tank Assembly” or prior
approved equal.


Hydraulic oil filter shall be mounted in the reservoir. Hydraulic filter shall be a 16-micron absolute and
rated for no less than 60 GPM. Filter shall be model TEF31016VG16SP-UG60E115 and include visual
and electrical bypass indicators. A warning light and buzzer shall be mounted in the cab and wired to the
electrical indicator.


Valve to be a closed center load sensing type. Valve to be o-ring ported. Mid-inlet section porting will be
#16 inlet, #20 outlet, #16 hoist section, #4 load sense port, and #10 or #12 for all other sections. The hoist
section shall be stacked to one side of the mid-inlet and all other sections will be stacked on the other side.
All ports shall be level with each other so as to lay flat on its base. There will be a main relief in the mid-
inlet section that will be set for the maximum system pressure.

Valve section to be arranged as follows:
       1. Hoist,              3-way single acting cylinder w/air actuator & hoist limit air valve

          Mid-inlet transition section
       2. Plow Lift,           4-way double acting cylinder w/air actuator
       3. Plow Angle,          4-way double acting cylinder w/air actuator
       4. Spare,              4-way double acting cylinder w/air actuator
       5. Conveyor/Spinner, - Spin-A-Veyor 14 gpm & 7 gpm

Valve assembly to be Force America model Add-A-Stack® or prior approved equal.

CONTROL CENTER (Spreader control):

The electronic spreader control shall be designed for precise Open Loop control of granular material. The
spreader control shall regulate the auger and spinner speeds. The auger and spinner shall be controlled by
individual detented dials, providing proportional control from closed to fully open on the control valve.
Front face panel shall have “standby” indicator light activated by pushing the auger dial, blast mode
adjustable for momentary or timed up to16 seconds with cancellation and flashing indicator light. Other
features shall include remote standby and blast inputs, reverse polarity protected, adjustable back lighting
via vehicle controls. The unit must provide operational modes for manual or open loop (ground speed
only). Spreader control model number to be Force America model SSC-2100 or prior approved equal.


Control console shall be floor mount (non-pedestal type) holding air controllers for the hoist and plow.
Warning lights for body up, low oil, oil temp, filter bypass. Provisions for electronic spreader control to
be mounted to the front. Valve control for the dump body shall be feathering with spring return to neutral
and center safety lock. The valve control for the plow shall be dual axis spring return to neutral for plow
raise/lower and plow angle. Console model FDAC-7-1100 or prior approved equal.

                           SPECIFICATIONS FOR 10 C.Y. DUMP BODY,
                                  AND HYDRAULIC SYSTEM


The dump body and hydraulic system shall be a new, latest current model of the manufacturer’s current
standard production. Though they are not specifically covered herein, all parts necessary to provide a
complete and efficient working dump truck after installation shall be furnished and shall include all
accessories customarily furnished with a unit of this type. Such parts shall conform to current engineering
practices of the industry relative to design, strength, quality of material, and workmanship.

Each unit shall be a complete working unit with all accessories and equipment in place and clean of any
manufacturing debris or oils when delivered to the City of Elko. All equipment and accessories shall be
approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

The successful bidder shall furnish and deliver two (2) parts books and two (2) shop service manuals
covering the dump body and complete hydraulic system.

Exemption certificates for all allowable excise taxes will be furnished by the City of Elko

No demonstrators will be accepted.

Complete specifications and descriptive literature shall accompany each bid, along with the completed
specifications and Questionnaire Appendix “A” of this specification. The Item Description column shall
also be completed.

Description column shall also be completed describing the item in sufficient detail to distinguish what is
being supplied from the vendor. It shall be the responsibility of the vendor to furnish the City with
sufficient data to determine if the unit offered conforms to bid specifications.


The dump body and hydraulic system described in these specifications shall be designed for dump truck
application. All bodies, hydraulic systems and components will be installed by a vendor normally
engaged in the installation of truck bodies and hydraulic systems.

Truck bid specifications F.O.B destination is City of Elko Public Works Department, 232 South 10th
Street, Elko, Nevada. Upon receipt of truck, it will be inspected by the City of Elko Fleet Department to
assure that it meets minimum specifications.

All units shall meet or exceed the following minimum specifications.

                                   Section I – Asphalt Style Dump Body


A.     Body Description
       1. Type – Horizontal side, contractor type asphalt body with center
          Longitudinal horizontal side braces.

       2. Size – 10 cubic yards.

       3. Length & Width – 15’ long floor by 7’ wide inside (outside
          Width must cover outside dual tier width but not exceed 8’ total

       4. Height – Not to exceed 34” at tailgate, and 46” side height at

       5. Warranty – Dump body, telescopic hoist, and air tailgate
          cylinder shall be 100% covered by a 3 year non-prorated
          warranty for defects in materials and workmanship at the
          delivered location and shall include labor and freight to replace
          the warranted item and freight costs to return the warranted item
          (if required).

          a. All other components of this bid shall be covered for a
             minimum of one year for defects in materials, workmanship,
             and installation at the delivered location and shall include
             labor and freight to replace the warranted item and
             freight costs to return the warranted item (if required).

          b. Warranty shall begin when the completed unit is placed
             in service.

B.     Body Construction

       1. All body components shall be constructed of high-tensile
          strength steel, minimum 65,000 PSI, unless otherwise stated

          a. Requirement – Steel certification shall be supplied at
             time of pilot inspection.

          b. Welding – All joints and seams will be closed with full-
             seam welding.

2. Longitudinal Members – Two (2) formed longitudinals, 8”
   minimum height, 9” maximum height, formed trapezoidal box
   beams with hard-rubber cushion strips. Shall extend the full
   length of body floor to the outside rear rub rail.

3. Floor – ¼”, one-piece, AR400 (180,000 PSI) tensile strength

4. Sides – 10-guage steel.

   a. Side horizontal braces shall be the sloped self-cleaning

   b. Top Brace – 7-guage steel, full-box type, formed
      construction. Must also be self-cleaning. (Use of
      inverted angle is not acceptable.)

   c. Center Braces – 12-guage steel, full-length, horizontal.
      A total of 3 center braces shall be provided in addition to
      the top and bottom brace. Braces shall form a full-double
      panel side design.

   d. Bottom Brace – Full-length formed and gusseted.

5. Body Taper – Body shall be a minimum of 2” narrower in the
   front than the rear to allow material to exit the rear of body.

6. Headboard – 7-guage steel with hoist enclosure.

7. Rear Corner Post – 7-guage steel, formed and welded securely
   to the main body. Must be wide enough to allow mounting of
   combination tail and stop light without obstruction.

   a. A taillight protruding beyond the dump-body side is not
      acceptable. See Section II, Item A, Sub-Item 2 – Stop,
      Turn, Tail Lights.

8. Rear Overhang – Shall be 17” from hinge center pivot to end
   of dump body floor.

9. Rear Rub Rail – Shall be a sloped 2-panel box design for
   strength (asphalt design).

   a. Outer Panel – 8-guage, high-tensile strength (100,000
      PSI) steel the full width of body.

   b. Inner Panel – 11-guage, high-tensile strength (100,000
      PSI) steel or 8” structural channel from the longitudinals
      to body side to form boxed section with outer panel.

   c. Access Doors – 12-gauge steel. Shall be provided on
      inner panel to allow access to adjustable latch finger

10. Side Bevel – Manufacturer’s standard connecting body side to
    body floor. Shall be a minimum 4” radius.

11. Rear Corner Gusset – Located under side bevel connecting rear
    skirt to rear corner post.

12. Dump Body Torque Tube – Shall be a 4” O.D. x ¼” wall pipe
    continuously welded to both inner and outer walls of the
    formed box beams and located approximately 40” from the
    rear of dump body.

13. Tailgate – 7-gauge steel, double acting design.

   a. Type – Manufacturer’s heavy-duty removable type
      capable of laying down flat with bed floor with tailgate
      lower latch pins latched.

   b. Style – Shall be a 15º sloped tailgate style (asphalt

   c. Perimeter – Full-box type 6 ¾” wide x 3” deep with full
      seam welds.

   d. Braces – Full rib braces in addition to the boxed edge
      brace (horizontal braces to be sloping type) gusseted
      and welded securely.

   e. Height – Tailgate shall be six inches (6”) taller than dump
      body sides.

   f. Tailgate Chains – 3/8”, 7,200 lb. tensile strength.

       1. Spreader chains shall be bolted to bottom skirt.
          Welding is not acceptable.

       2. Tailgate Drop Chains – Shall be mounted to the body
          by a clevis pin. Tailgate drop chains are not required
          on this bid.

        g. Tailgate Hinge – 1-1/2” thick steel. Pivot offset shall be
           a minimum of 12” with 1-1/4” pins. Pins shall be
           lubricated or equipped with greaseless bushings.

        h. Latch Pins – Shall be independently adjustable.

        i. Latch Fingers – Shall be 1-1/4” with 1” latch fingers.

        j. D-Ring – Shall be a D-40 size ring forged from C-1045
           steel lashing ring mounted to the inside top center of
           tailgate to facilitate removal of tailgate.

     14. Cab Guard – 7-gauge. Shall be standard sloping type 30” with
         side stiffeners, full width of dump body and 4” above truck

C.   Inverted Hoist Cylinder

     1. Design – Inverted, chrome-plated

     2. Requirement – Each stage shall be plated with a minimum of
        .5 mil hard industrial chrome.

     a. NTEA documentation on hoist, which includes cylinder,
        cylinder mounting on chassis and body and hinge-pin
        mounting, must be submitted with this bid.

D.   Self-bleeding Hoist Cylinder

     1. Design – Cylinder shall incorporate an internal self-bleeding
        feature which removes all air from hoist cylinder and return
        line on each hoist cycle.

     2. Requirement – Hydraulic fluid shall push the air out the
        cylinder back to the hydraulic reservoir and not directly
        to atmosphere.

        a. NTEA documentation on hoist, which includes cylinder,
           cylinder mounting on chassis and body and hinge-pin
           mounting, must be submitted with this bid.

E.   Hoist Trunnion Cradle

     1. Requirement – Hoist shall incorporate a device to reduce

        bending forces on hoist cylinder as the vehicle is driven over
        uneven terrain.

     2. Construction – Shall consist of an outer cradle mounted to
        truck frame enclosing an inner cradle attached to the cylinder.
        Cylinder shall mount to inner cradle utilizing a removable
        single pin design.

     3. Oscillation – Inner cradle shall be capable of pivoting up to
        five degrees within the outer cradle.

     4. Hoist that oscillates at bed contact points is unacceptable.

     5. Documentation – Vendor shall provide engineered design
        drawing of oscillating hoist cradle.

        a. Hinge Pins – Shall be stainless steel two-piece design
           and removable by driving pins inward. Pins shall be
           equipped with greaseless composite bushings. Holes in
           blocks and bushings shall be same size permitting easy
           removal and installation of hinge pins.

F.   Body Accessories

     1. Tailgate Control – Shall be a double acting air cylinder
        equipped with a minimum ¾” chrome shaft complete with
        lines, electrically operated control valve, and warning light.

        a. Control Valve – Shall be 12VDC operated via the on/off
           switch provided by the chassis manufacturer and shall
           activate a cab mounted auxiliary warning light.

        b. Both air cylinder and control valve shall work at
           temperatures of minus 40º Fahrenheit.

        c. Make and Model – “Springville” Silver Bullet air
           cylinder (Springville Manufacturing Company)

     2. Lifting Eyes – 3/8” plate with 1” diameter hole located on
        each corner of dump bed.

     3. Catwalk – Full length on each side of body, 1-1/4” wide
        minimum. Shall be self cleaning with a serrated surface.

     4. Ladder – Shall be located on the left front corner of dump body

        and equipped with hand holds so that operator can access top
        of sander body that is installed in dump body for winter

     5. Shovel Holders – Two shovel holders and one crowbar holder
        installed in from side of headboard in location determined by
        Fleet Maintenance Superintendent at time of pilot model

     6. Safety –

        a. Dual OSHA approved stiff legs required. One per side
           mounted to dump body.

        b. Bed Raised Switch – Shall activate a cab mounted
           auxiliary warning light.

G.   Body Preparation and Paint

     1. Body Rust Protection – Shall be applied to inside of long
        members and inside of left and right side and rear rub rails
        after manufacture. Rust protection shall comply to performance
        requirements of military specifications MIL-C-62218A;
        Corrosion Prevention Compound for New and Fielded Motor
        Vehicles and Trailers.
        (Auto Armor –

     2. Body Paint – Body shall be prepared for priming after
        manufacture with the following five stop power washer process:

        a. Step 1 – Degrease metal using high quality degreaser
           such as “Fremont” Degreaser.

        b. Step 2 – Body shall be pressure rinsed using 150º to 180º

        c. Step 3 – Body shall be washed using a Phosphate Cleaner
           such as “Fremont” 658 Cleaner-Phosphate.

        d. Step 4 – Body shall be pressure rinsed again using 150º
           to 180º water.

        e. Step 5 – Body shall be blown dry with compressed air.

     3. Prime Coat – Body shall be prime coated Gray with a Two-Part

        Urethane Primer sprayed to a dry thickness of 1.5 to 3 mils.

     4. Understructure – Shall be prime coated Black with a Two-Part
        Urethane Primer sprayed to a dry thickness of 1.5 to 3 mils.

     5. Curing – Primer shall be cured in a baking oven at 200º to
        225º for 20 minutes maximum.

     6. Paint – Shall be painted White to match truck chassis cab and
        sprayed to a dry thickness of .5 mils with an automotive color
        coating of DuPont Chroma-One, PPG Del Fleet, BASF Glaso,
        Diamont Uno or approved equal.

     7. Warranty – Vendor shall guarantee paint from fading and
        peeling for 3 years. Warranty shall begin when the completed
        unit is placed into service.

                                         Section II – Accessories

A.   Lights

     1. Requirement – Shall meet all State of Nevada requirements and
        Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

     2. Requirements – Stop and tail combination and clearance
        lamps shall be recessed into corner posts.

     3. Stop, Turn, and Taillights – Four (4) “Truck-Lite” LED
        Model 60 – No. 60085R lights, 2 for turn-taillights and 2
        for stop-taillights.

        a. Truck-Lite No 60085R is a kit consisting of 1-60885R
           lamp (red), 1-60700 grommet, 1-94706 adapter plug.

     4. Identification Bar – “Truck-Lite” LED Model 15 –
        No. 15050R.

        a. Truck-Lite No. 15050R is a kit consisting of 3-15250R
           lamps (red), 1-00808 id bar (stainless), 1-93943 wiring

     5. Side Clearance Light – “Truck-Lite” LED Model 10 –
        No. 10050R.

        a. Truck-Lite No. 10050R is a kit consisting of 1-10250R

              lamp (red), 1-10700 grommet, 1-93745 adapter plug.

B.   Wiring

     1. Dump Body Pigtail – One (1) ICC 7-wire for vehicle lights
        pigtail is utilized. Pigtail shall terminate in the ICC junction
        box in the left corner post Pigtails shall be wired as follows:
        Note: Some circuits will not be used on the Dump Body and
        are for sander use only.

        a. 7-Wire ICC plug:

              (1)   White – Ground return to towing vehicle.

              (2)   Black – Clearance, side marker and identification

              (3)   Yellow – Left-hand signal and hazard signal.

              (4)   Red – Stop lamps.

              (5)   Green – Right-hand turn signal and hazard signal.

              (6)   Brown – Tail and license lamps.

              (7)   Blue – ABS Signal.

              (8)   Wire Cable – “Betts” Snap Seal or equal, 12/10
                    seven (7) conductor.

              (9)   Plug – “Pollack” Model No. 11-704.

     2. Cab Plug – Body installer is responsible for installing and
        making all systems operational.

     3. Tie Downs – All wiring to be clamped and held in place
        by the use of rubber-insulated, bolt-on clamps.

     4. Wire Connections – All wire connections shall be the solder
        type. Crimp-on connections are not acceptable.

     5. Rear Socket – Shall be one (1) Pollack Model 11-724 trailer
        socket, mounted on the dump body rear skirt.

     6. Requirement – All wiring must be enclosed in wiring loom.

C.   Truck Accessories

     1. Exhaust Stack – Body installer will be responsible for
        installing a 90-degree aluminized or chrome exhaust turnout
        on truck exhaust stack such that final height of exhaust stack
        is 3” above top of cab guard.

     2. Auxiliary Cab Warning Lights –

        a. Requirement – “LED” style, integrated circuit panel with
           nine (9) warning lights and protective rear cover panel.

            1.    Dump Bed – Bed Raised.

            2.    Air Tailgate – Tailgate Released.

            3.    Hydraulic Oil – Low Oil.

            4.    Hydraulic Oil – High Oil Temperature.

            5.    Hydraulic Oil Filter – Oil Bypass.

            6.    Three (3) blanks.

        b. Make and Model: “Force America” model 22081
           warning light panel, or approved equal.

     3. Wire Connections – All wire connections shall be the solder type.

     4. Pintle Hook – 35-ton capacity installed on ½” steel plate
        with bottom hook mounted 26” above ground. Shall
        include two (2) D-50 D-rings to accept ½” safety chains.
        Pintle and ½” steel plate will be recessed 4” to allow for
        better clearance in paving applications.

     5. Coating – The rear steel plate, gussets, dump body hinge
        and all bare metal steel surfaces on truck frame shall be
        painted in the following manner:

        a. Step 1 – Surfaces to be clean and free of any rust

        b. Step 2 – Condition all bare metal surfaces with “Zero
           Rust” Prep Step Concentrate.

        c. Step 3 – Apply “Zero Rust” No 28-62SP Black

       Corrosion Control Coating to a dry thickness of
       3.0 mils.

6. Tool Box –

   a. Type – Underbody type mounted on truck right frame
      rail between cab and rear axle with cradle-type mount.

   b. Size – 18” height, 18” depth and 30” long.

   c. Door – Double panel stainless steel door with stainless
      steel piano type hinge.

   d. Material – 14-gauge stainless steel construction

   e. Latch – Stainless steel T-handle, single point latch with
      adjustable tension plate.

   f. Seal – Manufacturer’s standard continuous bulb type.

   g. Drop Chains – Manufacturer’s standard stainless steel
      for door.

   h. Mounting – Unit shall be mounted to truck frame
      utilizing a cradle-type mount constructed of stainless
      steel with stainless steel fasteners.

7. Reverse Warning Alarm – 300 Series Preco-matic self-
   adjusting mounted under truck cab.

8. Mud Flaps – Manufacturer’s standard installed in front of
   duals with anti-sail brackets and behind rear duals on
   removable brackets. A storage provision for removed mud
   flaps is to be provided on tailgate.

11. Glad-Hands – Vendor shall mount glad-hands with covers
    and trailer brake line on rear hitch plate. Glad-hands and
    covers will be supplied by truck manufacturer.

12. Fasteners – All bolts, washers and nuts utilized in the
    installation of the dump body, hydraulic system, and tool box
    shall be constructed of stainless steel.

                                           CITY OF ELKO
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