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Minority_ Women _ Disabled Business Enterprise _MWBE_ Directory

VIEWS: 127 PAGES: 41

									                 City of Greenville
           Greenville Utilities Commission

           Minority, Women &
       Disabled Business Enterprise
           (M/WBE) Directory

           We are committed to doing business with
       Minority, Women and Disabled owned companies.

Seventh Edition
May 2006
                         City of Greenville
                   Greenville Utilities Commission
                          M/WBE Program

The City of Greenville Financial Services Department is pleased to present the seventh
edition of the Directory of Minority, Women & Disabled Businesses for the City of
Greenville and the Greenville Utilities Commission.

Our Policy
It is the policy of the City of Greenville and Greenville Utilities Commission to provide
minorities and women equal opportunity for participating in all aspects of the City’s and
Utilities’ contracting and procurement programs, including but not limited to,
construction projects, supplies and materials purchases, and professional and personal
service contracts.

The City of Greenville and Greenville Utilities Minority and Women Business Enterprise
Program (M/WBE) is a voluntary goals program in construction, purchasing, and
professional and personal services based on "good-faith efforts". These goals are
established for a three-year period and achievement will be evaluated annually.

 The goals of the Commission for                 The goals of the City for utilization of
 utilization of minority and women               minority and women business
 business enterprises are:                       enterprises are:

       Minority business participation                   Minority business participation
   in construction services ...... 7%             in construction services…… ... 10%

      Women business participation                    Women business participation in
  in construction services ....... 4%             construction services .. . .. . . . . 6%

         Minority business participation              Minority business participation in
 in supplies and materials purchases               supplies and materials purchases. . .
 ............                     1.5%                                    . . . . . . . . 2%

         Women business participation                 Women business participation in
 in supplies and materials purchases               supplies and materials purchases. . .
 ............                     1.5%                                    . . . . . . . . 2%
         Minority business participation
 in professional and personal                          Minority business participation in
 services ..                       2%              professional and personal services. .
                                                                          . . . . . . . . 4%
     Women business participation
     in professional and personal                      Women business participation in
 services ..........           2%          28      professional and personal services. .
                                                                         . . . . . . . . 4%
                          Definition of MBE/WBE

Minority or Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE)- a business that is at least fifty-one
(51) percent owned and controlled by minority group members or women. An
MBE/WBE is bona fide only if the minority group or female ownership interests are real
and continuing and not created solely to meet the MBE/WBE requirement. In addition,
the MBE/WBE must itself perform satisfactory work or services or provide supplies
under the contract and not act as a mere conduit.

If you would like to be listed in our directory or would like additional information about
the MWBE Program, you may contact me at (252) 329-4462. You can reach me by fax
at (252) 329-4464 and via email at:

The MWBE Program is managed by the Purchasing Division of the Financial Services
Department of the City of Greenville. You may visit the Purchasing Office located at
1500 Beatty Street in Greenville, NC during normal business hours which are 8:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The City of Greenville’s website is and Greenville Utilities’ website is


Angelene E. Brinkley
Angelene E. Brinkley, CLGPO, MPA
Purchasing Manager/MWBE Coordinator

Cc: Wayne Bowers, City Manager
    Ron Elks, General Manager, Greenville Utilities
    Thomas Moton, Assistant City Manager
    Bernita Demery, Director of Financial Services

                          Table of Contents
Construction                                   6
A & B Consulting & Contracting Co.             6
All and Good Concrete Services, Inc.           6
Allen Grading Company, Inc.                    6
Allen Kellly & Co. Inc.                        6
Allied Fence                                   6
American Plumbing Rooter & Maintenance.        6
B. E. Schwartz Construction                    7
Barbour, Paul & Son                            7
Brinn Glass and Mirror, Inc.                   7
Brydge & Lee, Inc.                             7
Bunn-Brantley Enterprises, Inc.                7
Burney & Burney Construction Co. Inc.          7
Calico Racquet Court, Inc.                     8
Carolina Earth Movers, Inc.                    8
Coharie Construction Co. Inc.                  8
Construction Control Services Co.              8
Construction Supervision Services, Inc.        8
Cox, L. L. Construction                        8
Electrical Maintenance and Services, Inc.      9
Ellison Maintenance and Services, Inc.         9
EME Incorporated                               9
Frizzell’s Plumbing Co.                        9
Gibbs Electrical                               9
Hawkins Plastering                             9
J. J. Speedy Demolition Service               10
J. L. H. Ceilings                             10
Johnson Monroe Construction, Inc.             10
Kinston Contracting, Inc.                     10
LAC Group, LLC                                10
L. R. Griffin & Associates                    11
Lanier Construction Co. Inc                   11
Lanier Door Experts & Installation            11
Lyons Excavation Co. Inc.                     11
M & K Construction, Inc.                      11
Mansion Decorators of N. C. Inc.              11
Mattson, Alexander and Associates, Inc.       12
MIC Insulation, Inc.                          12
Millennium Transportation, Inc.               12
Mullins Precision Cleaning                    12
Mason’s Builders                              12
Multi State Contracting Corporation           12
NFE Technologies, Inc.                             13
P & D Precast Co.                                  13
Pasagon Insulation, Inc.                           13
Pasco Concrete Services, Inc.                      13
Precision Walls, Inc.                              13
Pullen Construction Company                        14
S. E. B. Construction, Inc.                        14
Tamter Electric Company                            14
Throb, R. E. Masonry Co. Inc.                      14
Turnage Brothers Contracting                       14
W. H. Whitfield & Sons Electric                    14
Vontone Enterprises, Inc.                          14
Warren, J. & W. Remodeling                         15
WASPCO Co.                                         15
Waters, Ernest Construction, Inc.                  15
Willis Enterprise, Inc.                            15
Woody’s Trucking Co.                               15
Young, Rufus S Co.                                 15
Williams, S. D. & Associates                       15
Distribution/Supplier                              16
A-1 Supply Company                                 16
American Uniform Sales, Inc.                       16
Brown Sales (International Business Investments)   16
Caro-San Maintenance Supply, Inc.                  16
Crystal Coast Cordage, Inc.                        16
East Coast Distribution Co.                        16
Hoop Tough, Inc.                                   17
Lee Chemical Supply Company, Inc.                  17
Oxford Maintenance Supply                          17
Patco, Inc.                                        17
Shepard Electric Supply Co.                        17
Signs Now                                          17
Stay Alert Safety Services                         18
VBS, Inc.                                          18
Wilmington Hospital Supply                         18

Manufacturer                                       19
Abracadabra Signs                                  19
Air Mania                                          19
Artcraft Sign Co. Inc.                             19
Cline Doors, Inc.                                  19
Combs Integrated Technologies Inc.                 19
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center                 19
Evans Street Printing                              20
Jenni-K Handcrafted Jewelry                        20
Strickland Industries, Inc.                          20

Professional Services                                21
Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.                           21
Chance & Associates                                  21
CLH Design, P.A.                                     21
Coastal Carolina Research                            21
Davis Environmental Group                            21
Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc.                   22
Events by Susan                                      22
Final Touch, The                                     22
H & K Training & Consulting                          22
Hankerson, Roland                                    22
Home Team Athletics                                  22
Hinton, David C.CPA                                  22
Ko & Associates                                      23
Maury Saw & Tool Co                                  23
LAC Group The, LLC                                   23
NFE Technologies                                     23
Poole, Charlotte L. CPA, P.C.                        23
Rohadfox Construction Control Services Corporation   23
Smith, Jill B., Architect, P.A.                      24
Stewart Engineering, Inc.                            24
Wilson Mott & Associates                             24
Yongue Architects, P.A.                              24

Retail Service                                       25
Air Mania                                            25
Allied Fence                                         25
Barbour, Paul & Son                                  25
Artcraft Sign, Co., Inc.                             25
ASAP Signs                                           25
Barrett’s Carpet & Linoleum                          25
BEC/Plastic Card Solutions, Inc                      26
Castle Uniforms                                      26
Eastern Tool, Inc.                                   26
Edwards Tile Co., Inc.                               26
Electro Micro Security Systems, Inc.                 26
Final Touch, The                                     26
Golden Touch Carpets                                 27
Home Team Athletics                                  27
Jackson Enterprises, Inc.                            27
Jones, Devon Floor Covering Service                  27
K & A Church Supply Store                            27
Keller’s Inc.                                        27
Laura’s Florist                                   28
Maury Saw & Tool Co.                              28
Now and Then Designs, Inc.                        28
Party Success Rentals                             28
SAI Computers                                     28
Sam’s Lock & Key Shoppe                           28
Seegars Fence Company                             29
Shirley K’s Uniforms                              29
Tri County Industries                             29
Veasey Ad Ventures, Inc.                          29
W. P. Rose Supply                                 29

Service                                           30
Abracadabra Signage & Graphics, Inc.              30
Adams Tower Services, Inc.                        30
Aesthetic Sign, Inc.                              30
American Auto Body, Inc.                          30
Anointed Electronics, LLC                         30
Any Occasion Housekeeping                         31
Application Systems Company, Inc.                 31
Blount’s Photography                              31
C & J Janitorial Services, Inc.                   31
Complete Business Services & Associates           31
Contract Service and Supply, Inc.                 31
Copymatic/Eastern Seals UCP                       32
Daily Drum                                        32
Dalton Creative                                   32
Dunn, Owen G. Company                             32
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center                32
Ebrons Lawn Service                               32
Gibbs Electrical                                  32
Harp Insurance Service                            33
Hicks & Sons Lawn Maintenance, Inc.               33
Holland Landscaping, Inc.                         33
I. P. M.                                          33
Jones Enterprises                                 33
“M” Voice The                                     33
Maid For You Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc.   34
Mansion Decorators of NC, Inc.                    34
McCloud & Associates, Inc.                        34
Mister Kleen Cleaning Services                    34
North Carolina Sound, Inc.                        34
Professional Services of Greenville               34
Remax Preferred Realty                            35
Step by Step Janitorial                           35
Triangle Cable Splicing, Inc.                         35
WOOW, AM 1340                                         35
Stepping Stones Child Development Center              35

Transportation                                        36
Daniels Trucking, Inc.                                36
I. P. M.                                              36
Mebane, N. L. Trucking Co. Inc.                       36
Morris & Associates Trucking Co. Inc.                 36
Phillips Trucking                                     36
Pierce Brothers                                       36
Pulley, K. M. Trucking Co. Inc.                       37
St. Clair Trucking, Inc.                              37

Wholesale                                             38
Jackson Enterprises, Inc.                             38
Keller’s Inc.                                         38
Mechanical & Maintenance Supply                       38
EJoyce Chemicals, DBA Greenville Maintenance Supply   38


A & B Consulting &                      Allen Kelly & Co. Inc.
Contracting Co.                         220-A Tryon Road
P. O. Box 1605                          Raleigh, NC 27603
Greenville, NC 27835                    Phone: 919-779-4197
Phone: 252-830-5395                     Fax: 919-662-0730
Fax: 252-752-7072                       Owner: C. Allen & Jean E. Kelly
County: Pitt                            Contact Person: Gene Hall
Owner: Ashley Fenner                    MWBE Status: W
Contact Person: Ashley Fenner           HVAC, Electrical, General Contractor
MWBE Status: M
Residential & Commerical
                                        Allied Fence
                                        5840 Lease Lane
All and Good Concrete                   Raleigh, NC 27617
Services, Inc.                          Phone: 919-783-8530
150 South Charles Blvd, B-126           Fax: 919-783-5416
Greenville, NC 27858                    Email:
Phone: 252-758-8198                     County: Wake
Fax: 252-329-8958                       Owner: Tony Crain
County: Pitt                            Contact Person: Ivy Parrish
Owner: Lee Lanier                       MWBE: W
Contact Person: Lee Lanier              Fencing
MWBE Status: M
Masonry and other stone work
                                        American Plumbing Rooter &
Allen Grading Company, Inc.             401 Halifax Road
P.O. Drawer 1838                        Rocky Mount, NC 27804
1452 Stevens Mill Road                  Phone: 252-443-3639
Goldsboro, NC 27530                     Fax: 252-972-3633
Phone: 919-736-2335                     County: Nash
Fax: 919-731-2465                       Owner: James B. Wallace
Email:        Contact Person: James B. Wallace
Owner: Lori Allen                       MWBE Status: M
Contact Person: Lori Allen              Plumbing
MWBE Status: W
Grading Contractor

B. E. Schwartz Construction            Brydge & Lee, Inc.
Co.                                    1210 Broad Creek Road
P. O. Box 976                          New Bern, NC 28560
Swansboro, NC 28584                    Phone: 252-633-1999
Phone: 910-326-5545                    Fax: 252-636-3283
Fax: 910-326-5545                      Email:
Email:           County: Craven
County: Onslow                         Owner: Robin Lee & Aleta Brydge
Owner: B. E. Schwartz                  Contact Person: Mitchell Brydge
Contact Person: B. E. Schwartz         MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: M                         General Contractor
Excavation work

                                       Bunn-Brantley Enterprises, Inc.
Barbour, Paul & Son                    389 Instrument Drive
P. O. Box 1129                         Rocky Mount, NC 27802
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526                Phone: 252-977-9111
Phone: 919-552-0747                    Fax: 252-977-4605
Fax: 919-552-0646                      Email:
Email:                                 County: Nash           Owner: Robert D. & William Brantley
County: Wake                           Contact Person: Tom Lambert
Owner: Barbara Barbour                 MWBE Status: D
Contact Person: Barry Barbour          Construction/Developer
MWBE Status: W
Ceiling & flooring installation
                                       Burney & Burney Construction
                                       Co., Inc.
Brinn Glass and Mirror, Inc.           P. O. Box 340
200 Kale Road                          3410 N. Memorial Drive
New Bern, NC 28560                     Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: 252-637-4996                    Phone: 252-752-8000
Fax: 252-637-3399                      Fax: 252-752-9100
County: Craven                         Email:
Owner: Mary S. Brinn                   County: Pitt
Contact Person: Mary S. Brinn          Owner: Owen Burney, Jr.,
MWBE Status: F                         Contact Person: Owen Burney, Jr.,
Glass and glazing & aluminum           MWBE Status: M
storefronts                            Commercial & residential construction

Calico Racquet Court, Inc.                    Construction Control Services
5095 Arendell Street                          Co.,
Morehead City, NC 28557                       P. O. Box 100
Phone: 252-240-2181                           5670 Old Lake Road
Fax: 252-240-2081                             Bolton, NC 28423
County: Carteret                              Phone: 910-655-1490
Owner: Joleen H. McCann                       Fax: 910-655-9470
Contact Person: Joleen H. McCann              Email:
MWBE Status: W                                Owner: John Jacobs
Tennis court construction (clay, hard,        Contact Person: John Jacobs
lighting), fencing, site work                 MWBE Status: M
                                              Commercial, masonry, & steel
Carolina Earth Movers, Inc.
2252 All Pine Taylor Road
Greenville, NC 27834                          Construction Supervision
Phone: 252-757-3042                           Services, Inc.
Fax: 252-353-4230                             300 Sigma Drive
Email:carolinaearthmovers@earthlink.          Garner, NC 27529
net                                           Phone: 919-779-3212
Owner: Bruce Coward                           Fax: 919-662-2168
Contact Person: Loyce Coward                  Owner: Robert Spivey
MWBE Status: M                                Contact Person: Robert Spivey
Excavation, grading, construction &           MWBE Status: M
landscaping                                   Underground utilities

Coharie Construction Co., Inc.                Cox, L. L. Construction
P. O. Box 558                                 4503 Corey Road
2010 Berskin Road                             Winterville, NC 28590
Salemburg, NC 28385                           Phone: 252-347-6782
Phone: 910-483-5847                           Fax: 252-756-6782
Fax: 910-483-5847                             Email:
Owner: Frank Arnette                          County: Pitt
MWBE: M                                       Owner: Lyman L. Cox, Jr.,
Masonry, curb, gutter & concrete              Contact Person: Lyman L. Cox, Jr.,
                                              MWBE Status: M
                                              Building & Construction

Daniels Trucking, Inc.                 EME Incorporated
207 Oakgrove Avenue                    1541 Pleasant Ridge Road
Greenville, NC 27834                   Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone: 252-830-1018                    Phone: 336-664-0003
Fax: 252-695-0066                      Fax: 336-664-0908
County: Pitt                           Email:
Owner: Jesse & Margaret Daniels        County: Guilford
Contact Person: Jesse Daniels          Owner: Dean D. Malone
MWBE Status: M                         Contact Person: Dean Malone
Hauling                                MWBE Status: W
                                       Environmental Contractor

Electrical Maintenance and
Services, Inc.                         Frizzell’s Plumbing Co.
P. O. Box 355                          300 Clairmont Circle
101 Branch Street                      Greenville, NC 27834
Black Creek, NC 27813-0355             County: Pitt
Phone: 252-237-7637                    Phone: 252-757-0486
Fax: 252-399-0517                      Owner: Milton Frizzell
Email:                 Contact Person: Milton Frizzell
Owner: Mary Ellen Johnson              MWBE Status: M
Contact Person: Mike Brewer            Plumbing, heating & A/C
MWBE Status: W
Electrical Contractor
                                       Gibbs Electrical
                                       4125 Pilley Avenue
Ellison Realty and Construction        Pantego, NC 27860
Co.,                                   County: Beaufort
101 Carteret Avenue                    Phone: 252-943-3540
Beaufort, NC 28516-7744                Fax: 252-943-2793
Phone: 252-728-4245                    Email:
County: Carteret                       Owner: Gary W. Gibbs
Owner: Grace & William Ellison         Contact Person: Gary W. Gibbs
Contact Person: Grace Ellison          MWBE Status: M
MWBE Status: MW                        Electrical Contractor

Hawkins Plastering                     Johnson, Monroe Construction,
P. O. Box 696                          Inc.
Morrisville, NC 27560                  P. O. Box 628
County: Wake                           Morehead City, NC 28577
Phone: 919-380-8644                    County: Carteret
Fax: 919-380-2900                      Phone: 252-728-7872
Email:              Fax: 252-728-6512
Owner: Marcus Hawkins                  Email:
Contact Person: Marcus Hawkins         Owner: Monroe Johnson
MWBE Status: M                         Contact Person: Monroe Johnson
Plastering Drywall/Installation        MWBE Status: M
                                       Wrecking, demolition & marine
J J Speedy Demolition Service
316 A Neville Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301                 Kinston Contracting, Inc.
County: Cumberland                     P. O. Box 1496
Phone: 910-483-0250                    113 East Gordon Street
Fax: 910-483-2956                      Kinston, NC 28503
Email:              Phone: 252-522-4247
Contact Person: Joe McLaughlin         Fax: 252-526-0254
MWBE Status: M                         Email:
Wrecking & demolition                  County: Lenoir
                                       Owner: Linda Lanier
                                       Contact Person: Linda Lanier
J. L. H. Ceilings                      MWBE Status: W
 P.O. Box 210                          Masonry, excavation work, highway,
190 Butler Ford Road                   curb/gutter & street repair
Vanceboro, NC 28586
County: Craven
Phone: 252-670-4711                    LAC Group, LLC
Fax: 252-244-2384                      4020 Wake Forest Rd., Suite 111
Contact Person: Jeff Haddock           Raleigh, NC 27609
Contact Person: Jeff Haddock           Phone: 919-878-5816
MWBE Status: W                         Fax: 919-878-5819
Acoustical Ceilings                    Email:
                                       County: Wake
                                       Owner: Patricia L. Smith/Shawn Lucas
                                       Contact Person: Patricia L.
                                       Smith/Annette Hardee
                                       MWBE Status: MW
                                       Facility Management

L.R. Griffin & Associates, Inc.                 Lyons Excavation Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 3588                                   P. O. Box 698
2025-C Eastgate Drive                           10211 Hwy 301 North
Greenville, NC 27836-1588                       Whitakers, NC 27891
Phone: 252-717-9395                             Phone: 252-437-3181
Fax: 252-353-4374                               Fax: 252-437-0039
Email:                    Email:
County: Pitt                                    County: Nash
Owners: Jamison & Lindsey Griffin               Owner: J. E. Lyons
Contact Person: Jamison Griffin                 Contact Person: J. E. Lyons
MWBE Status: W                                  MWBE Status: M
Landscaping                                     Demolition & excavation

Lanier Construction Co., Inc.                   M & K Construction, Inc.
1505 Browntown Road                             P. O. Box 43
Snow Hill, NC 28580                             111 2nd Street
Phone: 252-747-8124                             Creswell, NC 27928
Fax: 252-747-4337                               Phone: 252-797-4854
Email:                      Fax: 252-797-3891
Owner: David Lanier                             Email:
Contact Person: Henry Lanier                    County: Washington
MWBE Status: M                                  Owner: Phillip Leigh
Highway & street maintenance & utility          Contact Person: Phillip Leigh
lines                                           MWBE Status: M

Lanier Door Experts &
Installation                                    Mansion Decorators of N.C. Inc.
329 Lindsay Drive, Apt 2-I                      Address: P. O. Box 13548
Greenville, NC 27834                            Reasearch Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: 252-321-8371                             Phone: 919-596-0722
Fax: 252-321-8371                               Fax: 919-596-9590
County: Pitt                                    County: Sampson
Owner: Melvin Lanier                            Owner: Frances Dixon
Contact Person: Melvin Lanier                   Contact Person: Frances Dixon
MWBE Status: M                                  MWBE Status: W
Carpentry, installation of doors, toilet        Painting, & Wallcovering
partitions & accessories

Mattson, Alexander and                      Mullins Precision Cleaning
Associates, Inc.                            P. O. Box 8568
2228 Winter Street                          1528 South Evans Street, Suite 3
Charlotte, NC 28205                         Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: 704-358-9841                         Phone: 252-321-7434
Fax: 704-376-0985                           Fax: 252-493-7116
County: Mecklenburg                         Email:
Owner: Frances P. Alexander                 County: Pitt
Contact Person: Frances P. Alexander        Owner: Sam Mullins
MWBE Status: W                              Contact Person: Sam Mullins
Environmental compliance for                MWBE Status: M
cultural/historic resources                 Janitorial Cleaning Services

MIC Insulation, Inc.                        Mason’s Builders
4631 Boyd Road                              192 Long Farm Road
Grimesland, NC 27837                        Garysburg, NC 27831
Phone: 252-758-6707                         Phone: 252-535-0993
Fax: 252-758-6755                           Fax: 252-535-0993
County: Pitt                                Email:
Owner: Kimberly Mills                       County: Northampton
Contact Person: Kimberly Mills              Owner: Bernard Mason
MWBE Status: W                              MWBE Status: M
Non-residential building, heat/ac &         Residential & commercial construction
plumbing                                    Owner: Bernard Mason
                                            Contact Person: Bernard Mason
                                            MWBE Status: M
Millennium Transportation, Inc.             Janitorial service for residential,
P. O. Box 430                               commercial & industry needs
1503 Gilbert Ward Road
Williamston, NC 27892
Phone: 252-792-5779                         Multi State Contracting Corp.
Fax: 252-792-6949                           P. O. Box 1060
Email:                     504 Clinic Circle Drive
County: Martin                              Rose Hill, NC 28458
Owner: Willie Woolard                       Phone: 910-289-2927
Contact Person: Willie Woolard              Fax: 910-289-4170
MWBE Status: M                              Email:
Haul rock, sand, gravel, dirt & move        County: Duplin
heavy equipment                             Owner: Alfred Dixon
                                            Contact Person: Alfred Dixon
                                            MWBE Status: M
                                            Concrete, nonresidential /commercial
                                            construction, sewer/water/utility lines

NFE Technologies, Inc.                    Pasco Concrete Services, Inc.
250 Dominion Drive                        1705 Tottenham Ct.
Morrisville, NC 27560                     Winterville, NC 28590
Phone: 919-469-4800                       Phone: 252-341-0114
Fax: 252-319-8400                         Fax: 252-830-2849
Email:                  Email:
County: Wake                              County: Pitt
Owner: Vinnie K. Goel                     Owner: Kristey Pascasio
Contact Person: Vinnie K. Goel            Contact Person: Kristey Pascasio
MWBE Status: M                            MWBE Status: W
Construction Management                   Concrete

                                          Peco Electric, Inc.
P & D Precast Co.                         1711 Elijah Loftin Road
P. O. Box 477                             Kinston, NC 28504
323 E. Railroad Street                    Phone: 252-527-5285
LaGrange, NC 28551                        Fax: 252-527-2869
Phone: 252-566-9811                       Email:
Fax: 252-566-9163                         County: Lenior
Email:                  Owners: Gloria & Robert Parrish
County: Lenoir                            Contact Person: Gloria J. Parrish
Owner: Danny Harper                       MWBE Status: W
Contact Person: Gladys Adkins             Electrical Work
MWBE Status: D
Manufacture Architectural, Precast
Concrete                                  Precision Walls, Inc.
                                          P. O. Box 33309
                                          4501 Beryl Road
                                          Raleigh, NC 27636
Pasagon Insulation, Inc.
                                          Phone: 919-832-0380
P. O. Box 8572
                                          Fax: 919-839-1402
912 Zeb Lane
                                          County: Wake
Greenville, NC 27835
                                          Owner: Elizabeth & Loy Allen
Phone: 252-830-2778
                                          Contact Person: John Durham
Fax: 252-830-2788
                                          MWBE Status: W
                                          Non-residential building, plastering,
County: Pitt
                                          drywall, siding & sheetmetal &
Owner: Joyce Jackson
                                          masonry work
Contact Person: Buck Jackson
MWBE Status: W
Industrial Insulation

Pullen Construction Company                Throb, R. E. Masonry Co., Inc.
900 S. Wilmington St. Ste. 203             3008 Gumtree Court
Raleigh, NC 27601                          Raleigh, NC 27610
Phone: 919-829-9959                        Phone: 919-755-0575
Fax: 919-829-9982                          Fax: 919-755-3835
Email:        County: Wake
County: Wake                               Owner: Roy E. Throb, Sr.,
Owner: Richard & Terri Pullen              Contact Person: Roy E. Throb, Sr.,
Contact Person: Terri Pullen               MWBE Status: M
MWBE Status: M                             Contractor, masonry, stonework &
Residential & Non-residential              utilities

                                           Turnage Brothers Contracting
S.E.B. Construction, Inc.                  2036 Turnage Lane
1501-A Wayne Memorial Drive                Greenville, NC 27834
Goldsboro, NC 27534                        Phone: 252-355-7382
Phone: 919-735-0922                        County: Pitt
Fax: 919-735-0922                          Owner: Tyrone Turnage
Email:               Contact Person: Tyrone Turnage
County: Wayne                              MWBE Status: M
Owner: Sherman Best                        Siding Contractor
Contact Person: Sherman Best
MWBE Status: M
Commercial and residential                 W. H. Whitfield & Sons Electric
construction                               4005 US Hwy 17 South
                                           Williamston, NC 27892
                                           Phone: 252-792-5113
Tamter Electric Company                    County: Martin
P. O. Box 22                               Owner: Walter Whitfield
Willamston, NC 27892                       Contact Person: Walter Whitfield
Phone: 252-562-1003                        MWBE Status: W
Fax: 252-809-4800                          Electrical Contractor
County: Martin
Owners: Terry C. & Jacqueline B.           Vontone Enterprises, Inc.
Williams                                   2119 Commericial Drive #103
Contact Person: Terry Williams             Monroe, NC 28110
MWBE Status: M                             Phone: 704-282-1113
Electrical Contractor                      Fax: 704-226-9988
                                           County: Union
                                           Owner: Anthony S. Ford
                                           Contact Person: Anthony S. Ford
                                           MWBE Status: M
                                           Fence Contractor
Warren, J & W Remodeling                    Woody’s Trucking Co.
Route 4, Box 194                            10807 Johnston Road Whitakers, NC
Snow Hill, NC 28580                         27891
Owner: Hugh Warren                          Phone: 252-437-3581
Contact Person: Hugh or Jasper              Fax: 252-437-2210
Warren                                      Email:
MWBE Status: M                              County: Nash
Painting, remodeling & roofing              Owner: Gloria Woody
                                            Contact Person: Gloria Woody
                                            MWBE Status: W
WASPCO Co.                                  Heavy construction, grading, site
P. O. Box 51598                             preparation
3622 Lyckan Parkway, Suite 2003
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: 919-489-6891                         Young, Rufus S Co.
Fax: 919-489-0435                           7126 Chauncey Town Road
Email:               Lake Waccama, NC 28450
County: Durham                              Phone: 919-646-3137
Owner: Susan H. Harmon                      County: Columbus
Contact Person: Susan H. Harmon             Owner: Rufus Young
MWBE Status: W                              Contact: Rufus Young
Drywall Installation & metal framing        MWBE Status: M
                                            Construction, water utility, excavation

Waters, Ernest
Construction, Inc.                          Williams, S. D. &
420 Waters Circle                           Associates
Goldsboro, NC 27534                         138 Lord Ashley Road
Phone: 919-778-5948                         Raleigh, NC 27610
County: Wayne                               Phone: 919-821-0327
Owner: Ernest Waters                        County: Wake
Contact Person: Ernest Waters               Owner: Sheila Williams
MWBE Status: M                              Contact Person: Sheila Williams
Nonresidential construction                 MWBE Status: W
                                            Nonresidential construction

Willis Enterprises, Inc.
P. O. Box 752
Henderson, NC 27536
Phone: 919-693-9293
County: Vance
Owner: Kathryn Willis
Contact Person: Kathryn Willis
MWBE Status: W
Wrecking, demolition & concrete


A-1 Supply Company                      Caro-San Maintenance Supply
P. O. Box 189                           P. O. Box 12808
Fayetteville, NC 28302                  Williamston, NC 27892
Phone: 1-800-377-3626                   New Bern, NC 28561
Fax: 910-483-5775                       Phone: 252-633-3700
Email:                   Fax: 252-633-6319
County: Cumberland                      Email:
Owner: Ortiz & Abbey                    County: Craven
Contact Person: Sharon Hartman          Owner: Sherry B. Wayne
MWBE Status: W                          Contact Person: Sherry B. Wayne
Janitorial supplies                     MWBE Status: W
                                        Cleaning supplies, chemicals, paper
                                        and equipment
American Uniform Sales,
P. O. Box 564                           Crystal Coast Cordage, Inc.
321 E. Russell Street                   1103 Evans Street
Fayetteville, NC 28302                  Morehead City, NC 28557-4136
Phone: 910-323-1336                     Phone: 252-726-8452
Fax: 910-323-0660                       Fax: 252-726-8684
Email:              County: Carteret
Owner: George Shamdasani                Owner: Brenda Roberts
Contact Person: George                  Contact Person: Brenda Roberts
Shamdasani                              MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: M                          Twine, rope, safety lanyards &
Fire and Police uniforms                hardware

Brown Sales (International              East Coast Distribution Co.
Business Investments)                   913 Linden Ave. Suite 111
P. O. Box 11119                         Oxford, NC 27565
Goldsboro, NC 27532                     Phone: 919-690-0775
Phone: 919-751-1928                     Fax: 919-690-1503
Email:               Email:
County: Wayne                           County: Granville
Owner: Jane Gable & Rochel Hobbs        Contact Person: Marche L. Clarke
Contact Person: Rochel Hobbs            MWBE Status: MW
MWBE Status: W                          Janitorial, industrial supplies &
Electronics, Office Equipment           equipment

Hoop Tough, Inc.                         Patco, Inc.
P. O. Box 893                            4809 Hillsborough Road
Farmville, NC 27828                      Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 252-753-0041                      Phone: 919-383-5504
Fax: 252-753-0041                        Fax: 919-383-9600
Email:              County: Durham
County: Pitt                             Email:
Owner: Willie Jones                      Owners: Judy & David Patton
Contact Person: Willie Jones             Contact Person: Judy Patton
MWBE Status: M                           MWBE Status: W
HT apparel, basketball equipment,        Packing products
score clocks

                                         Sheppard Electric Supply Co.
Lee Chemical Supply Co.,                 801 South George Street
Inc.                                     Goldsboro, NC 27533
P. O. Box 1459                           Phone: 919-735-1701
Goldsboro, NC 27530                      Fax: 919-734-2461
Phone: 919-731-2153                      County: Wayne
Fax: 919-731-2220                        Contact Person: Dan Sheppard
County: Wayne                            MWBE Status: W
Owner: Janice Grant                      Electrical supplies
MWBE Status: W
Janitorial & Chemical supplies
                                         Signs Now
                                         118 Greenville Blvd. S.E.
Oxford Maintenance Supply                Greenville, NC 27858
P. O. Box 1205                           Phone: 252-355-0768
Oxford, NC 27565                         Fax: 252-355-0978
Phone: 919-693-9930                      Email:
Fax: 919-693-7677                        County: Pitt
County: Granville                        Owner: Ray Craft
Owner: Wanda Gill                        Contact Person: Ray Craft
Contact Person: Wanda Gill               Signs Products/Materials
MWBE Status: W
Janitorial Equipment

Stay Alert Safety Services
P. O. Box 467
Kernersville, NC 27285
Phone: 336-993-2828
Fax: 336-993-6929
County: Forsyth
Owner: Melissa Babcock
Contact Person: Melissa Babcock
Traffic control product sales and

VBS, Inc.
2745 N. Wesleyan Blvd.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Phone: 252-446-3031
Fax: 252-977-7789
County: Nash
Owner: Claude Crosby
Contact Person: Bill Slade

Wilmington Hospital Supply
 P. O. Box 3516
1934 Colwell Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28406
Phone: 910-765-5157 or
Fax: 910-762-6022
County: New Hanover
Owner: Lucile Whedbee
Contact: Jane Lane or Pam Cameron
MWBE Status: W
Medical & hospital equipment


Abracadabra Signs                              Cline Doors, Inc.
2050-D Eastgate Drive                          112-32nd Avenue West
Greenville, NC 27858                           Bradenton, FL 34205-8907
Phone: 252-758-5724                            Phone: 941-746-4104 or
Fax: 252-317-5727                              1-800-548-6736
Email:                Fax: 941-746-5153
County: Pitt                                   Email:
Owner: Jill C. Brown                           County: Manatee
Contact Person: Peggy James                    Owner: Emma Cline
MWBE Status: W                                 Contact: Robert Cline
Signs, decals & printing                       MWBE Status: W
                                               Commercial aluminum doors and frames

Air Mania
1307 West 14th Street                          Combs Integrated Technologies,
Greenville, NC 27834                           Inc.
Phone: 252-757-1307                            P. O. Box 32185
Fax: 252-7573853                               1600 Elizabeth Ave.
Email:                      Charlotte, NC 28232-2185
County: Pitt                                   Phone: 704-374-0450
Owner: William T. Gorham, Jr.,                 Fax: 704-375-6618
Contact Person: William T. Gorham, Jr.,        Email:
MWBE Status: M                                 County: Mecklenburg
Screen printing and Embroidery                 Owner: Karen C. Combs
                                               Contact Person: Karen C. Combs
                                               MWBE Status: W
Artcraft Sign Co. Inc.                         Water and Wastewater treatment plant
P. O. Box 10233                                equipment
Raleigh, NC 27602
Phone: 919-832-5058
Fax: 919-832-5058                              Eastern Carolina Vocational
County: Wake
                                               P. O. Box 1686
Owner: Sylvia Weaver
                                               Greenville, NC 27835
Contact Person: Sylvia Weaver
                                               Phone: 252-758-4188
MWBE Status: W
                                               Fax: 830-1260
                                               County: Pitt
                                               Contact Person: Daneel LeRoux
                                               MWBE Status: D
                                               Recyclying & frames

Evans Street Printing
P. O. Box 1613
408 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27835
Phone: 252-757-3665
Fax: 252-757-2960
County: Pitt
Owner: Danny Stancil
Contact Person: Danny Stancil
MWBE Status: M
Document production & Management

Jenni-K Handcrafted Jewelry
727 Red Banks Road
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-355-6714
County: Pitt
Owner: Jenni K Landis
Contact: Gerald Landis, Jr.,
MWBE Status: W
Design & handcrafted jewelry

Strickland Industries, Inc.
P. O. Box 70
Spring Hope, NC 27882
Phone: 252-478-5342
Fax: 252-478-5342
County: Nash
Owner: Connie Strickland
Contact Person: Connie Strickland
MWBE Status: W
Fabricated metal products & industrial painting

                 Professional Services

Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.               Coastal Carolina Research
3801 Wake Forest Road                    P. O. Box 1198
Raleigh, NC 27609                        407 Trade Street
Phone: 919-781-7575                      Tarboro, NC 27886
Fax: 919-872-1440                        Phone: 252-641-1444
Email:            Fax: 252-641-1235
Owner: Darleen Johns                     Email:
Contact Person: Judy Eddinger            County: Edgecombe
MWBE Status: W                           Owner: Loretta Lautzentieiser
Computer Products & Services             Contact Person: Loretta
                                         MWBE Status: W
Chance & Associates                      Archaeology
500 Benson Road, Suite 20
Garner, NC 27529
Phone: 919-779-7245                      Davis Environmental Group
Fax: 919-779-3889                        2709 Beddard Road
Email:             Grimesland, NC 27837
Owner: Stoney Chance                     Phone: 252-321-2962
Contact Person: Stoney Chance            Fax: 1-866-871-2230
MWBE Status: M                 
Engineering                              Owner: Mike Davis
                                         Contact Person: Mike Davis
                                         MWBE Status: D
CLH Design, PA                           Environmental Services: UST Mgmt,
125 Edinburgh Drive, Suite 310           Site assessments, consulting
Cary, NC 27511
Phone: 919-319-6716
Fax: 919-319-7516                        Edwards-Pitman
Email:             Environmental, Inc.
County: Wake                             604 West Morgan Street, Suite B7
Owner: Christine L. Hilt                 P. O. Box 1171
Contact Person: Harry L. McFadden        Durham, NC 27702
MWBE Status: W                           Phone: 919-682-2211
Landscape Architecture/Civil             Fax: 919-682-2299
Engineering & land surveying             Email:
                                         County: Durham
                                         Owners: Andrew W. Pitman & Linda
                                         J. Edwards
                                         Contact Person: Jennifer F. Martin
                                         MWBE Status: W
                                         Environmental Planning

Events By Susan                            Hankerson, Roland
1518 US 64A West                           P. O. Box 8643
Bethel, NC 27812                           Rocky Mount, NC 27801
Phone: 252-825-6364                        Phone: 252-443-1661
Fax: 252-825-5152                          Fax: 252-937-7388
County: Pitt                               Owner: Roland Hankerson
Owner: Susan Crawford                      Contact Person: Roland Hankerson
Contact Person: Susan Crawford             MWBE Status: M
MWBE Status: W                             Certified Public Accountant,
Scheduling, Planning, & Promoting          Accounting, Auditing, & tax service

                                           Home Team Athletics
Final Touch, The                           P. O. Box 1525
740 Greenville Blvd., Suite 400-304        242 S. Wilminton Hwy. 17
Greenville, NC 27836                       Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: 252-355-9585                        Phone: 910-938-0862
Fax: 252-355-0211                          Fax: 910-938-1978
Email:              Email:
County: Pitt                               County: Onslow
Owner: Sharon Paononi                      Owner: Dennis E. & Phyllis C. Jones
Contact Person: Sharon Paononi             Contact Person: Dennis or Phyllis
MWBE Status: W                             Jones
Interior decorating                        MWBE Status: M
                                           Custom Team Uniforms

H & K Training & Consulting
P. O. Box 2662                             Hinton, David C., CPA
Greenville, NC 27836                       633 West 4th Street
Phone: 252-757-9612                        Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Email:               Phone: 336-724-4261
County: Pitt                               Fax: 336-727-9738
Owner: Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Eleanor
Kasey                                      Owner: David C. Hinton
Contact Person: Eleanor Kasey              Contact Person: David C. Hinton
MWBE Status: M                             MWBE Status: M
Employee & organizational                  Certified Public Accountant
development, leadership

Ko & Associates                          NFE Technologies
1011 Schaub Drive, Suite 202             250 Dominion Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606                        Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919-851-6066                      Phone: 919-469-4800
Fax: 919-851-6846                        Fax: 919-319-8400
Email:               Email:
County: Wake                             County: Wake
Contact Person: Morris Isrealnaim        Owner: Vinnie K. Goel
MWBE Status: M                           Contact Person: Vinnie K. Goel
Engineering Associates                   MWBE Status: M
                                         Construction Management &
Maury Saw & Tool Co.,
P. O. Box 134
Maury, NC                                Poole, Charlotte L. CPA, P. C.
Phone: 252-747-3194                      105 Oakmont Drive, #C
Fax: 252-747-4194                        Greenville, NC 27858
County: Greene                           Phone: 252-355-4795
Owner: Linda W. Spikes                   Fax: 252-756-8561
Contact Person: Hubert D. Spikes         County: Pitt
MWBE Status: W                           Owner: Charlotte Poole
Saw blade repair                         Contact Person: Charlotte Poole
                                         MWBE Status: F
                                         Certified Public Accountant
LAC Group The, LLC
4020 Wake Forest Road, Suite 111
Raleigh, NC 27609                        Rohadfox Construction
Phone: 919-878-5816                      Control Services, Corporation
Fax: 919-878-5819                        411 West Chapel Hill Street,
Email:            Suite 1004
County: Wake                             Durham, NC 27701
Owners: Patricia L. Smith/Shawn          Phone: 919-682-5741
Lucas                                    Fax: 919-683-3072
Contact Person: Patricia L.              Email:
Smith/Annette Hardee                     County: Durham
MWBE Status: W                           Owner: Rebekah J. Rohadfox
Facility Management                      Contact Person: Rebekah J.
                                         MWBE Status: W

Smith, Jill B., Architect, PA              Yongue Architects, PA
P. O. Box 18161                            3203 Yorktown Ave., Suite 121
220 Fayetteville Street Mall, Suite        Durham, NC 27713
300                                        Phone: 919-544-0145
Raleigh, NC 27619                          Fax: 919-361-0075
Phone: 919-807-1111                        Email:
Fax: 919-807-1111                          County: Durham
Email:            Owner: J. H. Yongue
County: Wake                               Contact Person: J. H. Yongue
Owner: Jill Smith                          MWBE Status:M
Contact Person: Jill Smith                 Architectural services, interior design
MWBE Status: W                             & space planning

Stewart Engineering, Inc.
260 Town Hall Drive Suite C
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919-380-8750
Fax: 919-380-8752
County: Wake
Owner: Marisa Hepburn
Contact Person: Marisa Hepburn
MWBE Status: M
Architectural Engineering

Wilson Mott & Associates
100 Canterbury Court
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-321-8615
Fax: 252-321-8712
County: Pitt
Owner: Vivian W. Mott
Contact Person: Vivian W. Mott
MWBE Status: W
Human Resource Mgt., Training &

                      Retail Service

Air Mania                                      Artcraft Sign, Co., Inc.
1307 West 14th Street                          P. O. Box 10233
Greenville, NC 27834                           Raleigh, NC 27602
Phone: 252- 757-1307                           Phone: 919-832-5058
Fax: 252-757-3853                              Fax: 919-832-5058
Email:                      County: Wake
County: Pitt                                   Owner: Sylvia Weaver
Owner: William T. Gorham, Jr.,                 Contact Person: Sylvia Weaver
Contact Person: William T. Gorham, Jr.,        MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: M                                 Signs
Screen printing & embroidery

                                               ASAP Signs
Allied Fence                                   55518 N. Highway 55
5840 Lease Lane                                Durham, NC 27713
Raleigh, NC 27617                              Phone: 919-361-2895
Phone: 919-783-8530                            Fax: 919-361-2895
Fax: 919-783-5416                              County: Durham
Email: allied             Owner: Lane Hubbard
Owner: Tony Crain                              Contact Person: Lane Hubbard
Contact Person: Ivy Parrish                    MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: W                                 Signs & advertising

                                               Barrett’s Carpet & Linoleum
Barbour, Paul & Son                            310 S. Main Street
P. O. Box 1129                                 Farmville, NC 27828
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526                        Phone: 252-753-7027
Phone: 919-552-0747                            Couty: Pitt
Fax: 919-552-0646                              Owner: Ernest Barrett
County: Wake                                   Contact Person: Ernest Barrett
Email:                                         MWBE Status: M                   Floor covering
Owners: Barbara Barbour
Contact Person: Barry Barbour

BEC/Plastic Card Solutions                  Edwards Tile Co., Inc.
Inc.                                        P. O. Box 7025
8012 Midlothian Turnpike                    2111-J Dickinson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23235                          Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: 804-330-2500                         Phone: 252-758-7692
Fax: 804-330-5530                           Fax: 252-758-9669
Email:              Email:
County: Chesterfield                        County: Pitt
Owner: Marian T. Smith                      Owner: W. T. Edwards
Contact Person: Jane Smith                  Contact Person: W. T. Edwards
MWBE Status: W                              MWBE Status: M
Photo ID & Equipment Sales                  Ceramic & Resilient tile, Carpet

Castle Uniforms                             Electro Micro Security Systems,
224 Tallywood Shopping Center               Inc.
Fayetteville, NC 28303                      P. O. Box 13554
Phone: 910-485-4429                         3203 Yorktown Avenue, Suite 209
Fax: 910-485-1825                           Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
County: Cumberland                          Phone: 919-544-0436
Owner: Misthelle B. Baskett                 Fax: 919-544-9361
Contact Person: Misthelle B. Baskett        County: Wake
MWBE Status: W                              Owner: Paramjot Garcha
Uniforms                                    Contact Person: Pam Gill
                                            MWBE Status: W
                                            Security systems, access control,
                                            CCTV, door & fire alarm systems
Eastern Tool, Inc.
P. O. Box 7083
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Phone: 252-443-5156                         Final Touch, The
Fax: 919-443-3678                           740 Greenville Blvd., Suite 400-304
County: Nash                                Greenville, NC 27858
Owner: Clifton Glover                       Phone: 252-355-9585
Contact Person: Clifton Glover              Fax: 252-355-0211
MWBE Status: W                              Email:
Tools & equipment sales                     County: Pitt
                                            Owner: Sharon Paononi
                                            Contact Person: Sharon Paononi
                                            MWBE Status: W
                                            Interior Decorating

Golden Touch Carpets                    Jones, Devon Floor
3010 Guess Road                         Covering Service
Durham, NC 27705                        P. O. Box 512
Phone: 919-477-9828                     Fremont, NC 27830
Fax: 919-477-4683                       Phone: 919-242-5663
County: Durham                          County: Wayne
Owner: Rachel Thompson                  Owner: Davon Jones
Contact Person: Rachel Thompson         Contact Person: Davon Jones
MWBE Status: W                          MWBE Status: EM
Carpets & floor covering                Floor covering & floor work

Home Team Athletics                     K & A Church Supply
P. O. Box 1525                          Store
242 S. Wilmington Hwy 17                1101 Downing Street
Jacksonville, NC 28540                  Wilson, NC 27893
Phone: 910-938-0862                     Phone: 252-237-6124
Fax: 910-938-1978                       County: Wilson
Email:           Owner: Lorraine Boykin
County: Onslow                          Contact Person: Lorraine Boykin
Owner: Dennis E. & Phyllis Jones        MWBE Status: W
Contact Person: Phyllis Jones           Church supplies, furniture, cards &
MWBE Status: D                          bulletins
Custom team uniforms, athletic
equipment, trophies & awards
                                        Keller’s Inc.
                                        6750 Gordon Road
Jackson Enterprises, Inc.               Wilminton, NC 28411
P. O. Drawer N                          Phone: 910-392-7011
Henderson, NC 27536                     Fax: 910-392-5272
Phone: 252-492-0121           
Fax: 252-431-0185                       County: New Hanover
County: Vance                           Owner: Patricia Ann Lindsey
Owner: Shelby Jackson                   Contact Person: Atlanta Marie Carrera
Contact: Clay Jackson, Jr.              MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: W                          Computers & software

Laura’s Florist                           Party Success Rentals
P. O. Box 436                             1114 N. Greene Street
Ayden, NC 27813                           Henderson, NC 27536
Phone: 252-746-2270                       Phone: 252-756-7903
County: Pitt                              Fax: 252-756-3380
Owner: Laura Webb                         Email:
Contact Person: Laura Webb                County: Pitt
MWBE Status: W                            Owner: Joe Lantz
Floral designs                            Contact Person: Joe Lantz
                                          MWBE Status: W
                                          Event coordinators, rental of tents,
Maury Saw & Tool Co.                      tables, chairs, etc.
P. O. Box 134
Maury, NC 28554
Phone: 252-747-3194                       SAI Computers
County: Greene                            813 South Evans Street
Owner: Linda Spikes                       Greenville, NC 27834
Contact: Herbert Spikes                   Phone: 252-752-3694
MWBE Status: W                            Fax: 252-752-8109
Cutting Tools                             Email:
                                          County: Pitt
                                          Owner: Raj Rani Ajmera
Now and Then Designs,                     Contact Person: Raj Rani Ajmera
                                          MWBE: W
                                          Computer Sales, software, & supplies
801 Red Banks Road
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-756-8470
Fax: 252-756-6749                         Sam’s Lock & Key Shoppe
County: Pitt                              1804 Dickinson Avenue
Owner: Nanette Whichard & Barbara         Greenville, NC 27834
Wilkerson                                 Phone: 252-757-0075
Contact Person: Nanette Whichard &        Fax: 252-757-2476
Barbara Wilkerson                         County: Pitt
MWBE Status: W                            Owner: Katherine Swindell
Furniture, accessories & fabric           Contact Person: Katherine Swindell
                                          MWBE: W
                                          Locksmith, engraving, plaques, &

Seegars Fence Company                    Tri County Industries
P. O. Box 6043                           1250 Atlantic Avenue
3430 Tupper Drive                        Rocky Mount, NC 27801
Greenville, NC 27858                     Phone: 252-977-3800
Phone: 252-757-1265                      Fax: 252-977-2283
Fax: 252-757-3395                        Owner: Brenda Cogdell
Email:            Contact Person: Curt Lovel
County: Pitt                             MWBE Status: D
Owner: Nancy Turrone/Wes Seegars         Work training/employment
Contact Person: Nancy Turrone/Wes        persons with disabilites
MWBE Status: W
Fence Sales                              Veasey Ad Ventures, Inc.
                                         1350 Sunday Drive
                                         Raleigh, NC 27609
Shirley K’s Uniforms                     Phone: 919-781-5533
2923-B Brentwood Road                    Fax: 919-787-1276
Raleigh, NC 27604                        County: Wake
Phone: 919-876-3404                      Owner: Glenn Veasey
Fax: 919-876-1775                        Contact Person: Glenn Veasey
Contact Person: Melissa Babcock          MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: W                           Speciality advertising products &
Traffic control product sales and        corporate gifts

Signs Now                                W. P. Rose Supply
118 Greenville Blvd. S.E.                501 PateTown Road
Greenville, NC 27858                     Goldsboro, NC 27530
Phone: 252-355-0768                      Phone: 919-734-1601
Fax: 252-355-0978                        Fax: 919-734-1607
Email:          Email:
County: Pitt                             County: Wayne
Owner: Ray Craft                         Owner: Timothy Rhodes
Contact Person: Ray Craft                Contact Person: Suzanne Rhodes
All Signs/Interior/Exterior              MWBE Status: W
Graphics/Digital/Prints Banners          Masonry products


                                              Alpha Cleaning Services, Inc.
Abracadabra Signage &                         P. O. Box 30866
Graphics, Inc.                                Greenville, NC 27833-0866
2050-D Eastgate Drive                         Phone: 252-258-0866
Greenville, NC 27858                          Fax: 252-758-3966
Phone: 252-758-5726                           County: Pitt
County: Pitt                                  Owner: Alsonia Adams
Owner: Jill Brown                             Contact Person: Alsonia Adams
Contact Person: Jill Brown                    MWBE Status: W
MWBE Status: W                                Janitorial cleaning
Create signs, decals & printing

                                              American Auto Body, Inc.
Adams Tower Services, Inc.                    304 Manchester Street
P. O. Box 45                                  Greenville, NC 27834
3254 Daniel Drive                             Phone: 252-355-1036
Farmville, NC 27828                           Fax: 252-355-2690
Phone: 252-753-4203                           County: Pitt
Email:                                        Owner: Yvette Langeman               Contact Person: Yvette Langeman
County: Pitt                                  MWBE Status: W
Owner: Cynthia Cruse Adams                    Auto body shop
Contact Person: Cynthia Cruse Adams
MWBE Status: W
Communication tower maintenance,
                                              Anointed Electronics, LLC
repair, tower lighting and inspections
                                              8922 Firestreak Drive
                                              Charlotte, NC 28212
                                              Phone: 704-392-4310
Aesthetic Sign, Inc.                          Fax: 704-392-4312
P. O. Box 1362                                Email:
Greenville, NC 27834                
Phone: 252-758-5052                           County: Mecklenburg
County: Pitt                                  Owner: Kelly Brooks/Gerrick Hilliard
Owner: David McDowell                         Contact Person: Kelly Brooks
Contact Person: David McDowell                MWBE Status: M
MWBE Status: M                                Audio-Video Systems Integration
Signing & advertising

Any Occasion Housekeeping           C & J Janitorial Services, Inc.
Services                            P. O. Box 21
1056 Pine Drive                     Goldsboro, NC 27533
Winterville, NC 28590               Phone: 919-734—7057
Phone: 252-355-2153                 Fax: 919-734-4755
Fax: 252-355-2153         
County: Pitt                        County: Wayne
Owner: Towanda Cotton               Owner: Charles L. Sutton
Contact Person: Towanda Cotton      Contact Person: Charles L. Sutton
MWBE Status: MW                     MWBE Status: W
Janitorial/Residential & New        Janitorial Service
Construction Cleanup

                                    Complete Business Services &
Application Systems Company,        Associates, Inc.
Inc.                                P. O. Box 4256
1121 Wagon Ridge Road               Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Raleigh, NC 27614                   Phone: 252-972-6560
Phone: 919-848-0450                 Fax: 252-972-6862
Fax: 919-847-2288                   County: Nash
County: Wake                        Owner: Phyllis Chavis & Jennifer Purnell
Owner: Cindy Erickson               Contact Person: Phyllis Chavis or
Contact Person: Cindy Erickson      Jennifer Purnell
MWBE Status: W                      MWBE Status: W
AS/400 computer training &          Organizational and staff development
programming                         and training, Management consulting
                                    and administrative services

Blount’s Photography
400 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive   Contract Service and Supply,
Greenville, NC 27834                Inc.
Phone: 252-758-7674                 P. O. Box 795
Fax: 252-758-8810                   Goldsboro, NC 27533
County: Pitt                        Phone: 919-736-0066
Owner: Daniel Blount                Fax: 919-736-0066
Contact Person: Daniel Blount       County: Wayne
MWBE Status: M                      Owner: Danny Evans
Photography                         Contact Person: Danny Evans
                                    MWBE Status: D
                                    Janitorial, construction clean up, floor
                                    Cleaning & maintenance
Copymatic/Easter Seals UCP          Dunn, Owen G. Company
200 W. 4th Street                   P. O. Box 13216
Greenville, NC 27858                New Bern, NC 28560
Phone: 252-695-6155                 Phone: 252-633-3197
Fax: 252-695-6157                   Fax: 252-637-9320
Email: nchandler@nc.easterseals     Email:                             County: Craven
County: Pitt                        Owner: Owen G. Dunn
Owner: Easter Seals UCP             MWBE Status: M
Contact Person: Nancy Chandler      Commercial printing & office furniture
MWBE Status: D
Copying, printing, & bulk mailing
services                            Eastern Carolina Vocational
                                    P. O. Box 1686
Daily Drum                          Greenville, NC 27835
P. O. Box 965                       Phone: 252-758-4188
Greenville, NC 27835                Fax: 252-830-1260
Phone: 252-931-0678                 County: Pitt
Fax: 252-931-0778                   Contact Person: Daniel LeRoux
Email:        MWBE Status: D
County: Pitt                        Recycling, packing & custom framing
Owner: Roger Johnson
Contact Person: Roger Johnson
MWBE Status: M                      Ebrons Lawn Service
Newspaper                           206 Academy Drive
                                    Greenville, NC 27834
                                    County: Pitt
Dalton Creative                     Phone: 252-714-9575
P. O. Box 8373                      Owner: Burnice Ebron
Greenville, NC 27835                Contact Person: Burnice Ebron
Phone: 252-756-1129                 MWBE Status: M
Fax: 252-756-1129                   Lawncare and Landscaping
Owners: Susan Daughtry & Sally
Hamilton                            Gibbs Electrical
Contact Person: Sally Hamilton      4125 Pilley Avenue
MWBE Status: W                      Pantego, NC 27860
Marketing & graphics                County: Beaufort
                                    Phone: 252-943-3540
                                    Fax: 252-943-2793
                                    Owner: Gary W. Gibbs
                                    Contact Person: Gary W. Gibbs
                                    MWBE Status: M
                                    Electrical Contractor
Harp Insurance Service          I. P. M.
332 Ormond Street               P. O. Box 7371
Ayden, NC 28513                 Greenville, NC 27835
Phone: 252-746-4097             Phone: 252-757-2471
County: Pitt                    Fax: 252-757-2471
Owner: William Harp             County: Pitt
Contact Person: William Harp    Owner: Charlie Laughinghouse
MWBE Status: M                  Contact Person: Charlie
Life Insurance                  Laughinghouse
                                MWBE Status: M
Hicks & Sons Lawn               Interstate mobile home transportation,
Maintenance, Inc.               architecture real estate
P. O. Box 1059                  planning/development & storage
183-D Forlines Road
Winterville, NC 28590
Phone: 252-355-7027             Jones Enterprises
Fax: 252-355-1889               432 Lynch’s Beach Loop Road
Email:          Bayboro, NC 28515
County: Pitt                    Phone: 252-745-5296
Owner: Linwood Hicks            Fax: 252-745-5296
Contact Person: Linwood Hicks   Email:
MWBE Status: M                  County: Pamlico
Lawn Maintenance                Owner: Phyllis C. & Dennis Jones
                                Contact Person: Phyllis or Dennis
Holland Landscaping, Inc.       MWBE Status: M
953 Black Rock Road             Church Supplies
Merry Hill, NC 27957
Phone: 252-356-4163
Fax: 252-356-4772               “M” Voice (The)
County: Bertie                  P. O. Box 8361
Owner: Kathy Holland            304 Evans Street Mall
Contact Person: Kathy Holland   Phone: 252-757-0365
MWBE Status: W                  Fax: 252-757-1793
Landscaping & consultation      County: Pitt
                                Owner: Jim Rouse
                                MWBE Status: M
                                Newspaper, radio, & public service
Maid For You Commercial              Mister Kleen Cleaning Services,
Cleaning Services, Inc.              Inc.
777 Pocosin Road                     2901 Groveland Drive
Winterville, NC 28590                Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-321-6014 or               Phone: 252-493-0151
252-531-4122 (cell)                  Email:
Email:    County: Pitt
County: Pitt                         Owners: Curt C. & Melanie Vanderhorst
Owner: Selena Barrow                 Contact Person: Curt C. & Melanie
Contact Person: Selena Barrow        Vanderhorst
MWBE Status: F                       MWBE Status: M
Janitorial Services                  Commercial Janitorial Services

Mansion Decorators of NC,            North Carolina Sound, Inc.
Inc.                                 12295 NC 39
P. O. Box 13548                      Zebulon, NC 27597
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709     Phone: 919-269-7240
Phone: 919-596-0722                  Fax: 919-269-5873
County: Durham                       Email:
Owner: Frances Dixon                 County: Johnson
Contact Person: Jeff Krems           Owner: Mary S. Creech
MWBE Status: M                       Contact Person: Mary S. Creech
Painting & wall paper hanging        MWBE Status: W
                                     Communication sales & service

McCloud & Associates, Inc.
P. O. Box 30765                      Professional Services of
502-A Dexter Street                  Greenville
Greenville, NC 27834                 P. O. Box 271
Phone: 252-355-6272                  Greenville, NC 27834
Fax: 252-355-0116                    Phone: 252-758-2719
Email:      Fax: 252-830-4709
County: Pitt                         County: Pitt
Owner: Valerie McCloud               Owner: Arthur Wallace
Contact Person: Valerie McCloud      Contact Person: Arthur Wallace
MWBE Status: MW                      MWBE Status: M
Accounting, business consultant, &   Janitorial
data processing
ReMax Preferred Realty
3208 Charles Blvd.                      Triangle Cable Splicing, Inc.
Greenville, NC 27858                    200 Powell Drive, Suite 108
Phone: 252-355-5006                     Raleigh, NC 27606
Fax: 252-321-1314                       Phone: 919-571-8848
County: Pitt                            Fax: 919-571-8838
Owner: Shirley Morrison                 County: Wake
Contact Person: Shirley Morrison        Owner: Randy Roch
MWBE Status: W                          Contact Person: Randy Roch
Real Estate Services                    MWBE Status: W
                                        Cable installation

Step by Step Janitorial                 WOOW, AM 1340
1598 West Sixth Street                  P. O. Box 8361
Greenville, NC 27834                    304 Evans Street Mall
Phone: 252-931-0175                     Phone: 252-757-0365
Fax: 252-321-1314                       Fax: 252-757-1793
County: Pitt                            County: Pitt
Owner: Stephanie Shields                Owner: Jim Rouse
Contact Person: Stephanie Shields       Contact Person: Jim Rouse
MWBE Status: W                          MWBE Status: M
Janitorial Services                     Radio broadcasting

Stepping Stones Child
Development Center
4932 Eastern Pines Road
Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: 252-413-0430
County: Pitt
Owner: Tammy Song
Contact Person: Tammy Song
MWBE Status: W
Contact Person: Tammy Song
MWBE Status: W
4 star licensed childcare & preschool

Daniels Trucking, Inc.                Morris & Associates Trucking
207 Oakgrove Avenue                   Co. Inc.
Greenville, NC 27834                  P. O. Box 1704
Phone: 252-830-1018                   Greenville, NC 27835
Fax: 252-695-0066                     County: Pitt
County: Pitt                          Phone: 252-355-1902
Owner: Jesse & Margaret Daniels       Fax: 252-355-4568
Contact Person: Jesse Daniels         Email:
MWBE Status: M                        Owner: Morris Moye, Jr.,
Hauling                               Contact Person: Morris Moye, Jr.,
                                      MWBE Status: M
                                      Hauling, trucking, demolition
I. P. M.
P. O. Box 7371
Greenville, NC 27835                  Phillips Trucking
Phone: 252-757-2471                   553 Rouse Chapel Road
County: Pitt                          Ayden, NC 28513
Owner: Charlie Laughinghouse          Phone: 252-746-3598
Contact Person: Charlie               Fax: 252-746-9160
Laughinghouse                         Email:
MWBE Status: M                        County: Greene
Interstate mobile transportation,     Owner: Robert Phillips
architecture, real estate planning    Contact Person: Robert Phillips
& development                         MWBE Status: M
                                      Hauling, dump trucks

Mebane, N. L. Trucking Co.,
Inc.                                  Pierce Brothers
P. O. Box 510                         138 NC 461
2110 Governor’s Road                  Winton, NC 27986
Windsor, NC 27983                     Phone: 252-358-7701
Phone: 252-348-2142                   Fax: 252-358-6521
Fax: 252-348-3251                     County: Hertford
County: Bertie                        Owner: John E. Pierce
Owner: Norman Mebane, Jr.,            Contact Person: John E. Pierce
Contact Person: Norman Mebane, Jr.,   MWBE Status: M
MWBE Status: M                        Trucking
Pulley, K. M. Trucking Co., Inc.
P. O. Box 8043
2420 Wesleyan Blvd
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Phone: 252-985-3199
Fax: 252-985-3185
County: Nash
Owner: K. M. Pulley
Contact Person: Sharon Pulley
MWBE Status: M

St. Clair Trucking, Inc.
P. O. Box 372
Washington, NC 27889
Phone: 252-946-7959
Fax: 252-946-5809
Owner: Mitchell St. Clair
Contact Person: Mitchell St. Clair
MWBE Status: M

Jackson Enterprises, Inc.               EJoyce Chemicals, LLC
P. O. Drawer N                          DBA Greenville Maintenance
Henderson, NC 27536                     Supply
Phone: 252-492-0121                     307 Williamsburg Drive
Fax: 252-431-0185                       Greenville, NC 27858
Owner: Shelby Jackson                   Phone: 252-258-5785
Contact: Clay Jackson, Jr.              Fax: 252-353-7014
MWBE Status: W                          Email:
Truck Accessories                       County: Pitt
                                        Owner: Joyce & Ekow Monney
                                        Contact Person: Joyce Monney
Keller’s Inc.                           MWBE Status: MF
6750 Gordon Road                        Janitorial accessories
Wilminton, NC 28411
Phone: 910-392-7011
Fax: 910-392-5272
County: New Hanover
Owner: Patricia Ann Lindsey
Contact Person: Atlanta Marie Carrera
MWBE Status: W
Computers & software

Mechanical & Maintenance
P. O. Box 2424
416 Robeson Street
Fayetteville, NC 28302
Phone: 910-323-2424
Fax: 910-323-5769
County: Cumberland
Owner: Janet Cameron & Barbara
Contact Person: H. Scott Cameron
MWBE Status: W
Plumbing & hydrophobic heating

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