Icebreakers_ Warm-ups_ _ Energizers by maclaren1


									                    Icebreakers, Warm-ups, & Energizers

   When planning a meeting or staff development event be sure to think about
   transitioning people from the frenetic pace of the school day to the
   thoughtful, reflective environment needed for a successful staff
   conversations and new learning. Help folks leave the stressors outside the
       o   Acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments
       o   Walk and Talk: have members break up into small groups and go for a walk
           outside or around the building and chat about a specific topic. Make sure it’s
           a positive topic.
                Something really cool that occurred in class
                An article everyone has read
                Something to be proud about
       o   Food, food, food
       o   Short fun contest: how many different ways can you fly, how many words
           can you make out of Halloween, trivia pursuit questions, etc?

   Chances are lots of folks on staff don’t know each other well. Building
   relationships and rapport are important to developing a culture of
   collaboration and inquiry. Find ways for folks to get to know each other in
   new ways:
       o   Two truths and a fib: break the staff into small groups—3 is good. Each
           person takes a turn to share 2 truths and a fib with the small group. Other
           members of the group try to discern which is the fib. Share interesting
           truths with entire group.
       o   Continuum: think of a topic that has two ends of continuum: spicy food,
           outdoor activity, love of sports, etc. Have staff line up on an imaginary line
           where they fit on the continuum. E.g. Love of danger in outdoor activity.

Prefer to be on a        Fold the line so that the two extremes are partners and have them
white, sandy
                                                chat about adventures.                       Prefer to be
beach                                                                                        ice climbing

   Sometimes folks just need a physical break or an energizer to
   wake up: a bit of yoga, Brain Gym (,
   hand jive, new dance step, etc.

   Thanks to Jean Haeger for this super website of icebreakers—check it out!

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