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					Monthly Edition                           The Orange County Dive Club                             July 2006

                        July’s Guest Speaker                                               Upcoming Events
                      Ron Hill - Catalina Cylinders

                                                                                     July 7th - Friday Night
                                                                                     Club Mixer at Dive Shop
                                                                                     5:30 PM

                                                                                     July 15th - Friday
                                                                                     Club Night Dive & BBQ
                                                                                     6:30 PM

                                                                                     July 19th - Wednesday
                                                                                     Club Dive Meeting & BJ’s
                                                                                     7:00 PM

                                                                                     July 22nd - Saturday
                                                                                     Club Beach Dive & BBQ
                                                                                     9:30 AM

           July’s Photo Contest Winner!                                              August 4th - Friday
               Steve Craig - Flying Eagle Rays                                       Club Mixer at BJ’s of Tustin
                                                                                     5:30 PM
President’s Message
                                         Hi all, I hope you are enjoying the sum-
mer season so far. As normal, the surf has picked up a bit with the swells               Inside This Issue
coming mainly from the south. We still have been able to get some great div-
ing in our local waters so let’s hope it continues.
   We had a great trip to Santa Barbara Island on board the Bottomscratcher in       President’s Message             Pg. 1
June. The trip out there was one of the smoothest I have been on in a long           Photo Contest Winner
time. Personally, I do not sleep well on moving boats but I was still able to get
                                                                                     Advanced Divers - Are they?     Pg. 3
some sleep as we chugged out to the island. We awoke to overcast skies and
                                                                                     Some thoughts from Tom
a growing swell as we got to our destination. Several hardy souls ventured off
the back of the boat for a 5:30am dive. Fortunately, it was my turn as Dive          Scuba Show 2006 Info            Pg. 4
Master and I had to stay on board. That water really didn’t look all that enticing   Photo Contest Winner Info
before I had some coffee anyway.
   The second and third dives were in the middle of a kelp bed and they were         Laguna Sea Sports Travel Page   Pg. 5
fantastic. The sea floor was literally covered with Brittle Stars. Nudibranchs       Trips that are coming up!
and Sun Stars were everywhere. Several large or humongous(as Debbie the
cook called them) Sheepshead were following the divers
                                                                                     Club Calendar, Milestones and   Pg. 6
around. Occasional large Bat Rays and sea lion were also                             New Members
cruising the kelp bed. The fourth dive was by the sea lion
rookery. The dive was shallow and quite surgy in places.                             Cross Word Puzzle,              Pg. 7
Reminded me of Shaw’s Cove at times. A fairly good cur-                              Dive Boat Info, Scuba Show
                                                                                     Discount Ticket
rent came up while the divers were in the water and several
had to rely on Captain Greg and Bubba (the chase boat) for                           Club Officers & Meeting         Pg. 8
a tow back to the boat. Cont. pg 4                                                   directions
Laguna Sea Dwellers                                                                                        Page 2

In case you missed it…                                                             Raffle Winners
                                                                                    June’s winners were:
        Laguna Sea Dwellers Club Meeting
                 June 21, 2006                                                   Grady Scallon - Tank Rack
        BJ’s Restaurant Laguna Hills Mall                                        Doreen Virtue - Dive Gloves
                                                                              John Platt - Octo Holder, Camera,
  Welcome to all the new members! This month eleven                                       Dive Light
new members signed up at the meeting! Rumor has it that                         Russ Johnson - Micro Towel
some of the new members came because they just had to join after feast-       Mark Sanders - Fish Guide Book
ing on the yummy hamburgers cooked up on Sunday, June 11th’s club                   Dawn Kelly - Snorkel
BBQ and dive – cooked by yours truly!                                          Steve Underwood - Franko Map

   Last month I reported that our meeting had its set of challenges from           Grady Scallon - Dive Bag
the restaurant booking a second party in our meeting area. This month’s        Cathy Kligman - Angel Tickets
challenge came in the form of our guest speaker, Ernie Arellano coming          John Gemmell - Angel Tickets
down with a major illness. What? Speaker sick? Not to worry!!! Tom
brought in a substitute speaker who also became a new member – one of          Don’t miss the next raffle at the
11 new members who joined at the meeting! Many, many thanks to Alan                    July meeting!
Grant for stepping up and giving us a presentation on the Philippines and
showing us his great video on the kinds of diving that we can expect to
see on next year’s trip. I don’t know if you find yourself in the same boat     Dive Information Numbers
(!) as me but I had previously never seen a video of nudibranchs. Alan          Water & Surf Conditions:
appears to be an expert on nudibranchs and I would love to see him
come back for another presentation on these amazing creatures. Per-           Laguna Beach         (949) 494-6965
haps we can convince him.
 Now for a bit of seriousness – I have a few requests of members.             Medical Alert    (213) 221-4114
  First, you may have noticed my running around making sure every-            Catalina Chamber (310) 510-1053
      one had a name badge. Thank you to all who humored me. Seri-            DAN               (919) 684-4326
      ously, I have been a member of our club for about 2-1/2 years and
      I realized that I don’t know most of the people who come to meet-       DIVE TRAVEL           (714) 319-7577
      ings – and it is not because I am overly shy! We have many new
      members who don’t know us as well and it can be hard to get to
      know people when one is new. Name badges may seem dorky                       Looking for a
      but they really do help us get to know each other and, for those of     Dive Club & Dive Buddy?
      us who are aging and forgetting (deny, deny, deny) it helps us to         Thinking about joining a Dive Club?
      remember! Please help us to be a friendly club.                         Just got certified? Or, an experienced
  Second, several times during the meeting, Grady had a hard time             diver looking for a dive buddy: check out
      speaking over the roar of the chatter. Please come early to visit       - Laguna Sea Dwellers Dive Club, it’s
      so you can give Grady and other speakers your attention and re-         the Orange County Dive Club.
      spect during the meeting. Remember, your officers and speakers              The club meets the 3rd Wednesday of
                                                                              the month at BJ’s(see map on back
      are all volunteers who make this club as great as it is.                cover) at 6:30 pm. for social and 7:00 pm
  Third, if you are a winner of one of the raffle prizes, after you talk      till 9:30 pm for our meetings .
      about your last and favorite dives, please see me before you sit            Membership dues are $36 for the 1st
      down so that I can get your name correct for the newsletter. I am       year and $25 for renewals. Family dues
      always located in the front.                                            are $65. Dues are used for club
                                                                              activities, mailings and gets you the club
Thanks so much! I will see you all next month!                                price at most sponsored activities.
                                                                                  Everyone is welcome to come and join
                                                       Annette                the club, and bring a friend! We’re all
                                                                              looking forward to seeing you at the next
                                                                              event! See back page for Club Officer’s
                                                                              phone numbers and email addresses for
  Club Dues are now Past due! Annual renew-                                   any questions! Check us out at:
   als are $25.00 and family renewals are $45                                            Bring a friend!
Laguna Sea Dwellers                                                                                  Page 3

                                                  Message from Eric on Training - Gone to
  Dear Members,
    Well looks like summer is in full swing,      Maui diving!
  so the shop has added one more hour to
  the store hours so that you can get that
  last minute air fill.                           Eric took of this month to do a little
      One thing though, try to get to the shop    traveling and diving in Maui! He said
  around 5:45pm at the latest to get that fill.   he’d be back for next months edition
  Many wait till the last minute and are up       and have a heck of an article!
  set when the crew are trying to get out of
  the store. Most of the time they have
  been there for 8 to 10 hrs.                     Advance Diver Courses - and what they mean!
    So, if you don’t want a “HOT” fill, take
  time to get there early and chat for a            There is a lot of misconception as to what makes an
  while, while you tank is getting nice slow      “Advance Diver”. Years past, Advanced Divers were those
  fill!                                           divers who had advance certification and more than 100
    Looks like this year we are getting more      dives outside the class arena. Agencies offered a Basic
  members to send in pictures for the
                                                  Scuba Class, then what they called an Open Water II Class
  Photo Contest. We have not had a repeat
  winner so far! Keep sending in your pics        and then you were ready to take your Advance certification.
  and remember; “Focus, Focus, Focus! If            Now with marketing and the need to get more divers out
  the board members can’t tell what it is,        there; $$, some agencies have lowered the qualifications to
  then it is most likely not to be voted on!      get what is now called the, “Advance Diver Card”! Because
  We have had some great entries, so              people don’t want to spend the time getting the training that
  keep of the good work!                          they need to be really Advanced Certified! They need the
    The shop has some great trips coming          card!
  up and at some great prices! Check them           Today, students can come right out of their Basic Scuba
  out and make plans for the exotic dive          Class, having done a total of 4 scuba dives, in a lake, in the
  vacation.                                       ocean or in a pond and then the following weekend do 5
      A group of us will be leaving for Fiji in   more dives in the same area and get qualified as an,
  August, so hopefully we will be seeing                                                Laguna are Sports
                                                  “Advanced Scuba Diver’! Oooo 9 dives! They Sea ready to
  some more beautiful pictures and hear           dive the Oil Rigs, Farnsworth Banks, Truk, Galapagos Is-
  some great dive stories!                                                               Training Corner
                                                  lands! They have all the experience they need, They are ,
                                                  “Advanced Divers”!
   “Let’s go diving, but be safe out                                                     Shop training!” Their
                                                    Agencies like SDI said, “No, you need moreClasses
  there!”                                                                          Date      Class      Instructor
                                                  program requires the diver to complete their Basic Scuba,
  Tom Gorman                                      take 2 specialty classes, under the supervision of an Instruc-
                                                                                   July 8th Basic Scuba
                                                  tor, go an log 25 more dives and then 2 more specialty Bill
  Editor                                          classes, before they get an SDI Advance Diver Card. That is                                                     4 scuba CPR 1st Aid Gordon
                                                  33 dives plus their Basic ScubaJuly 11th dives. Hmmm,
                                                  sound like the diver may be more advanced certified! As an
                                                                                   July 18th DAN O2         Gordon
                                                  Advanced Diver, you should have a majority of your own
                                                  gear. You should be comfortable diving off the beach and div-
                                                                                   July 20th Rescue Diver Gordon
                                                  ing off a boat. You should have completed a Deep Dive, a
    Laguna Sea Sports                             Navigation Course, done a Night Dive and qualified for Frank
                                                                                   July 21st Adv in Diving a
           web site:                              Rescue Class.
                                                                                   and 25th NITROX         Gordon
                                                    When selecting a dive Buddy, July he or she say they have                   an Advance Certification, ask how many dives they have
                                                                                   Aug 5th    Basic Scuba Bill
                                                  done and where they have done them. And ask, when was
           Laguna Sea Dwellers                    the last time they dived! You are going out on a dive with pos-
              web page:                                                            Aug 8th CPR 1st Aid Gordon
                                                  sibly someone who has just 9 dives, and they are an,                   “Advanced Diver”! Will you be comfortable diving with them
                                                                                    Call shop about what Adv. In
                                                  on the backside of Catalina or in Shaw’s when there is 3 to 4
               Hosted by: ECS                                                          Diving Specialty is being
                                                  feet of surf? Just some thoughts from Tom.   offered!
Laguna Sea Dwellers                                                                                           Page 4

 President’s Message
                                         bara would have required either        Catalina Divers Supply
                                         Russ or myself to swim the tow         "on Catalina Island since 1958"
                                         line out to divers that came up        Toll Free 800.353.0330 - Phone
Cont. pg 1                               down current at the end of their       310.510.0330 - Fax 310.510.1629
Once everyone was back on board          dive. Bubba came through like a        Looking for a great dive operation on
                                                                                Catalina and a boat to dive off of once
it was time for the 5 ½ hour trip        champ every time but as all of us      you get there, try Catalina Divers Supply.
home. As always, the food was            know that have spent any time on       Their Full service rental facility at the
great and plentiful, the crew friendly   the water, things don’t always         City of Avalon Marine Preserve or
and helpful, and everyone had a          work everytime. Be aware of            "Dive Park" caters to all your diving
good time. Thanks again to Captain       where you are.                         and snorkeling needs conveniently at
Greg, Debbie and the rest of the           The final observation has to do      the waters edge. They provide com-
crew for a fun and safe outing. A        with physical conditioning. This is    plete SCUBA and snorkel rentals,
special thanks to Russ Johnson for       my opinion and only my opinion         sales, repair service and air fills up to
arranging the trip for us.               so take it for what it is worth. Ex-   3500psi. They are available every
                                                                                day 8:00 to 4:00pm all summer long
   Now that I have several experi-       cluding a limiting physical condi-     while available weekends only
ences of working as a Dive Master        tion such as permanent back            through the off season and by prior
on a boat I would like to mention        problems and the like, a diver         arrangement after hours.
some observations that seem to           should be able to climb the ladder       Scuba Cat is Avalon's ONLY boat
occur with some regularity. Some         unassisted and get back on the         custom built for snorkel and dive ex-
of these observations also come          boat by themselves in normal sea       cursions around Catalina Island! The
from my experiences as being a           conditions. If you know ahead of       Scuba Cat is FAST- with 2 NEW en-
fellow paying diver on a trip. First     time that you might have difficulty,   gines, FUN- with our full service
and foremost, CHECK YOUR                 let the DM know so the two of you      crew, RELIABLE- offers daily snorkel
                                                                                and scuba trips, and is available for
GEAR before you leave for the            can make a plan and be prepared
                                                                                private or group charters.
boat. I wasn’t on the boat for more      when you get back to the boat. It
                                                                                  If you are looking for a fun weekend
that 10 minutes when I had re-           is much easier to pull your gear       over at Catalina, check them out.
quests for help with gear that did       up on board and let you walk up        They also work with some of the ho-
not function properly. Trying to fix     the ladder than to try and help        tels on the Island, for longer stays.
or repair equipment in the galley at     you as you struggle with the
10:30pm is not the best situation. If    weight and such. As Gordy often         2006 PHOTO CONTEST
you are going on a boat tomorrow,        says, “Proper Prior Planning Pre-
check you gear today. Check bat-         vents Piss Poor Performance”.            Who will win in August? All we
teries, hoses, straps, and lights.       But as a general rule, a diver         know is that you can’t win if you don’t
Many of us carry a Save-A-Dive Kit       should be in adequate physical         enter! We hope to see all photos that
but they do not contain everything       condition to extricate themselves      didn’t win in July resubmitted in the
you may need (with the exception         from the water unassisted.             August contest. They were that good!
of Russ’s which is bigger than most        Okay, okay, I’m off my soapbox
peoples dive bag). Fortunately, we       now. I want to thank everyone
                                                                                Complete rules can be found in
were able to get everyone taken          that is joining us for our planned
                                                                                 the January 2006 newsletter.
care of in oneway or another. You        activities and encourage more
may not be so lucky so it pays to        people to participate. As they say,
check gear ahead of time. Another        the more the merrier. Hope to see        About the Winning Photo
instance that may be more prone to       you at the shop or on the beach
happening on the Bottomscratcher         getting ready to GET WET.              What:        Eagle Rays
than other boats is divers surfacing
                                                                                Where:       Belize
a long way from the boat. While it is    Dive Safe and Dive Often.
true Captain Greg makes the an-                                                 When:        May 2006
nouncement during his Captain’s
briefing that Bubba will be in the                                Grady         Who:         Steve Craig
water and ready to come and get
you, that should not relieve you of                                             Depth:       60 ft
the responsibility of navigating back
to the boat on your own. Several                                                Camera:      Canon S45
instances on the trip to Santa Bar-
Laguna Sea Dwellers                                                                                              Page 5

                                                                        Laguna Sea Sports
                                                            Dive the Sea of Cortez out of Loreto
                                                                                 staying at

                                                                    La Pinta Hotel Resort
                                                         Sept. 14th - Sept. 19th, 2006
                                                                     Thursday thru Tuesday
                                                                *** 6Days / 5 nights***
                                                         4 Days of Diving (2 tanks ea. day)
                                                     Optional 3rd dive & Night Dives available
Laguna Sea Sports Travel                                     Price includes: R/T Airfare,
            See shop’s web site!
                                                   Hotel, Dives, Lunches , Tanks, Weights, park
  Here are the rest of the trips for the year.    fees ,all taxes and R/T ground transportation !

September 14th - 19th to Loreto, Mexico
staying at La Pinta Resort and diving with
                                                       $997.00 dbl. occ.
Dolphin Dive Center. 3 spots left.                                Full price
December 7th - 14th to Utila, staying at
the Mango Inn Resort and diving with Utila       Come dive with your fellow Club Members in December in Utila,
Center Divers. Price $1649.00                    Honduras! Laguna Sea Sports has a great trip planned for Dec.
6 spots left.
                                                 7th through the 14th at the Mango Inn. The cost is $1649 , which
February 16th - March 1st 2007 to                includes Air, Hotel, Diving and Meals! See shop website for more
Palau & Yap Islands, staying on a Live           information!
Aboard in Palau and at Manta Ray Bay
Resort on Yap. 0 spots left                                                All Inclusive Value

May 30th to June 11th 2007 to                    Airfare, 7 Nights Hotel (A/C rooms) - 6 days of diving, 3
Philippines Is., staying at the Atlantis Re-      single tank boat dives per day w/ Utila Dive Center- 1
sorts - Puerto Galera & Dumaguete Re-                        Night Dive -tanks & weight belts
sorts - 16 spots open
                                                 Breakfast and Dinner daily, Airport Transfers and Ticket
TRAVEL REPORT --                                                     Reconfirmation's
The U.S. Department of State has an-
nounced some major changes to interna-
tional travel documentation requirements                                     Laguna Sea Sports
for U.S. citizens. The most critical aspects
are as follows:
1) After December 31, 2006, U.S. citizens                             Puerto Galera Resort
     traveling to Canada and Mexico will                                             &
     also require a passport. Again, the
     passport must remain valid for a mini-
                                                               Dumaguete Resort, Philippines
     mum of six (6) months after the trav-
     eler's return date to the USA.
                                                               May 30th - June 11th, 2007
2) Note from Tom Gorman: A United
     States Passport is one of the most                        11 Days / 10 Nights deluxe accommodations,
     valuable items you may ever own. As            R/T Air from LAX to Manila on Philippine Airlines (2 days of travel)
     a result of these changes, a wave of                               3 Gourmet meals per day,
     new passport applications may be
                                                                   8 / 3-tank dives, shore diving and
     expected to begin shortly. If you do not
     already hold a valid U.S. Passport, you      night shore diving available, Air transfers to Dumaguete, R/T boat
     are encouraged to apply now, and                                            transfers
     avoid the delays that will follow. Like-                        & ground transfers, Govt. tax
     wise, if your passport will expire within
     the next 12 months, you would be wise                          Nudibranch of the Philippines
     to process your renewal now. The
     website below will provide you with the                                   Dumaguete Resort
     appropriate forms and details of the
     application and renewal processes.
For more information visit:
Laguna Sea Dwellers                                                                                                Page 6

         Club Mixer
      July 7th - Friday
     Shop Happy Hour
     925 N. Coast Hwy
                                                                       July - Aug
        Laguna Beach                                                                           2006
       (949) 494-6965                            Sunday   Monday       Tuesday Wednesday Thursda        Friday     Saturday
                                             25           26          27            28           29    30          July 1
   July 15th - Saturday
   Dive Club Night Dive
         & Bar-B-Q
                                             2            3                4th of   5            6     7 Club      8
          6:30 PM                                                           July                       Mixer at
   At the Dive Shop and                                                                                DiveShop
    diving Shaws Cove                                                                                  5:30 PM

                                             9            10          11            12           13    14          15 Club
                                                                                                                   Night Dive
  July 22nd - Saturday                                                                                               & BBQ
                                                                                                                   6:30 PM
  Dive Club Beach Dive                                                       19 Dive Club Meeting
                                                                                BJ’s Restaurant
        & Bar-B-Q                            16           17          18            19
                                                                                    7:00 pm
                                                                                                  20   21          22 Club
                                                                                                                   Bar B Q
         9:30 AM                                                                     Speaker
                                                                                                                   & Dive
  At the Dive Shop and                                                              Ron Hill
                                                                                                                   9:30 AM
                                                                               Catalina Cylinders
   diving Shaw’s Cove                        23           24          25             26           27   28          29

         Club Mixer
      Aug 4th - Friday
            JP’s                             30           31          Aug 1         2            3     4 Club      5
                                                                                                        Mixer at
   Tustin Market Place                                                                                    BJ’s
   Off Jamboree in Tustin                                                                                Tustin
       (714)665-8595                                                                                    5:30 PM
                                             6            7           8             9            10    11          12 Club
    Diving Milestones                                                                                               Dive &
                                                                             16 Dive Club Meeting                    Bar BQ
  John Mitchell 100 Dives                                                                                           9:30 am
                                                                                BJ’s Restaurant
  Dan Spear     300 Dives                                                           7:00 pm
        Laurie Lamberth                      13           14          15            16            17   18          19 Club
                                                                                                                   Boat Dive
       Christopher Sloper                                                           John Lee                       Bottom
 IANTD Advanced Recreational
     Tri-mix Certification
Laguna Sea Dwellers was formed to promote
the sport of diving in our community.        20 Club      21          22            23           24    25          26
Congratulations to those reaching these
                                             Bar B Q
important milestones! Have you reached an
important milestone? If so, let us know at   & Dive                11:30 AM
                                             27           28          29            30           31    Sept 1      2
    Member Contributions
We are looking for our club member-                                          Laguna Sea Dwellers
  ship to participate in our monthly                                   welcomes our newest members…
  newsletter. Been on a dive trip?
 Have a great Scuba-related story?                    Terry Adams - Kristie Beck - Clifford Bullock - Diane Bullock
 Please share your stories with us!                   Julie Cherney - Dan Eisenbeisz - Andrea Esty - Alan Grant
       Email them to : newslet-                                   Joy Hewitt - Catherine Kligman - Michael Perog
Laguna Sea Dwellers                                                                                       Page 7

July’s Word Search Puzzle -

                                                                       Winning Logo for Club’s 10th Year
                                                                       Annaverary! By Rachael Calkins.

                                                                              You now have an EXTRA HOUR -
                                                                                      Don’t Waste it!
                                                                              The Dive shop has decided to stay
                                                                              open till 6:00 PM on Wednesdays
                                                                              through Saturdays to give those who
Advanced Diver                   Basic Scuba            CPR                   work till 5:00 PM time to get to the
DAN                              Dive Club              Dive Master           shop. Many have asked the shop to
First Aid                        Instructor             Master Diver          give them a little more time to get to
Navigation                       Night dive             NITROX                the shop after work so that they can
Rebreather                       Rescue                 Shaw’s Cove           pick up needed items or a quick air
                                                                              fill. So starting on June 21st, the
                                                                              shop hours will be from 10:00 AM till
                                     Dive Shop                                6:00 PM. If conditions are bad, we
                                   Monthly Specials                           will close at 5:00 PM. Check the
                                                                              website for condition reports regu-
                  Buy any Aqua Lung or Apex                                     You now have an EXTRA HOUR -
              RegGet - 1 Octo FREE!*                                                       Don’t Waste it!

                  See add at the shop                                              July Club Member’s
               *(Offer good from April 1st till July 31st, 2006)                        Birthdays

Boat Dive - Aug 19th, San Clemente Is.                                                Precy Wakayama          1st
- Boat - Bottom Scratcher, Long Beach                                                 Judith Werkstell        2nd
-Departs: 1:00am on 6/18 (board anytime after 8 on 6/17)                              Max Fernandez           5th
-Returns: Around 5:00pm                                                               Marty Owens             6th
-Cost: $95.00                                                                         Susan Fairbanks         7th
-Includes: 3 dives, air, 4 meals, water, soft drinks                                  Kerry Snyder            8th
                                                                                      Anthony McNamara       11th
-Reservations: Contact Russ Johnson at rus-
                                                                                      John Zarvos            11th or 714-609-5434 (cash or
                                                                                      Mary Fritz             15th
check only)
                                                                                      James Dodge            18th
                                Dive Gear for Sale                                    Karen Katz             23rd
1 steel HP 80 tank (has a DIN valve of course), used for 50 dives. It has 1 year left
on the hydro inspection - $125.00
                                                                                      Xandra Laskowski       25th
1 Genesis Athena BC, size small, weight -integrated. Used for 25 dives. $75.00        Dan Spear              29th
Contact : Tammy Morical at (949) 831-0265                                        Happy Birthday to All!
Laguna Sea Dwellers             July’s Club Meeting on 19th                               Page. 8
         Any Questions?
       Call...Our 2006 Board
                                Members at Large -
Grady Scallon                   Ron Burkard (714) 809-5668            Ken Feldman (949) 376-4957
(949) 584-4267         Dan Spear (714) 812-6696              Julianne Steers (949) 360-4052
Cathy Solomon
Vice-President                  Steve Craig (949) 380-7852            Brenda Gustin (949) 521-0286
(714) 612-5321                    
                                Frank Murgolo (714) 401-4840
Terese Caraccio       
(714) 925-5191        BJ's Restaurant &
Annette Lohman                    24032 El Toro Road
Secretary                         Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(562) 425-8344
                                  (949) 770-0123

Tom F. Gorman                     Meeting starts at 7:00pm
Newsletter Editor
                                  (Get there early for Happy Hour!)
(714) 319-7577

  Laguna Sea Dwellers
          P.O. Box 511
   Laguna Beach, Ca. 92652-0511

  See you at the next Club Meeting
            August 20th
          DON”T MISS IT!
              Guest Speaker
              John Lee
         Diving Antarctica

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