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					        P ROPERTY O WNERS C OMMITTEE                            OF    R ANCHO R UIDOSO V ALLEY E STATES

2009 V OLUME 2, I SSUE 5                                                                       N EWSLETTER D ATE O CTOBER 31, 2009

                                                                                                          B OARD OF D IRECTORS ,
                        The 2009 Annual Meeting
                                                                                                        W OLFGANG D IEM ,
    Property Owners Committee of Rancho Ruidoso                                                         P RESIDENT
              Valley Estates (POCRRVE)
                                                                                                        R ON P ETREE ,
                                                                                                        T REASURER
                                   Official Notice                                                      D ONNA K ALER -W ARD ,
                                                                                                        S ECRETARY
    The Annual Meeting of the POCRRVE will be held at the                                               drkaler@yahoo.com
                                                                                                        J OYCE B ERTHELSEN ,
                 Ruidoso Convention Center.                                                             M EMBER A T L ARGE &
                                                                                                        Newsletter Editor
                           The Annual Meeting will be on                                                jmb58@windstream.net
                                                                                                        RRVE P HONE N UMBER
       Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 10 am.                                                             1-575-336-2125
                                                                                                        Please direct your calls to
                                                                                                        the number above. If no
                                                                                                        answers, leave a message
 Please refer to the Agenda included in the Property                                                    and someone will return
 Owner’s “Voter Packets” for schedule of items to be                                                    your call within 24 hours.
                                                                                                        If it is an emergency, call
           discussed at the Annual Meeting.                                                             the proper authorities.
                                                                                                        Dog attacks, call the Sher-
                                                                                                        iff’s Department.

                   Food and Drinks Provided will be:
            Petite Cocktail Rolls , Assorted Finger Sandwiches                                          B OARD M EETINGS
                          Cookies, Coffee, Lemonade, Water                                              The BOD will meet on third
                                                                                                        Monday at 6:30pm. The time
                                                                                                        and day is subject to change in
                                                                                                        the week before the scheduled
   Rules for participation at the Annual Meeting are                                                    meeting. If you would like to
               printed in the back of the                                                               attend a board meeting (all
                                                                                                        members are welcome) ) and/or
                    POCRRVE Bylaw & CCR Booklet.                                                        address the board, please call the
                                                                                                        RRVE # above or email the
                                                                                                        President. Then check back with
The board requests that Property Owners refrain from bringing
video recording equipment to the Annual Meeting.                                                        the President prior to the meet-
                                                                Submitted by Joyce Berthelsen, MAL&NE   ing to confirm time and day.
 P AGE 2                                                                                         R ANCHO R UIDOSO V ALLEY C RIER

      Meet the Candidates for the 2010                                                                                    Holiday
      POCRRVE Board of Directors                                                                                         Decorating
Cara Wilson                                    that RRVE will be a place where people
                                               can feel good about retiring or rising their          It is getting into the Holiday Season again
I am writing to express my interest in         families. Thank you for your vote.                    and the 2009 Board of Directors would like
running for the Board of RRVE. I have                                                                to announce that the RRVE Holiday Deco-
lived in RRVE full-time for the past year      Ron Rockey                                            rating Contest is on again for 2009. So get
and have lived in the Ruidoso area for 14                                                            out the Santa Clauses, Magi, Reindeer, Me-
                                               Ron Rockey is a Wisconsin native and in               norahs, or whatever your holiday prefer-
years. I work part-time as a School Psy-
                                               his teen years also lived in Arkansas. He             ences are and see if you can win.
                                               served a stint in the US Navy.
I am running for the RRVE Board for                                                                                First Place $100
                                               He married Nancy in 1965 and began
several reasons, but primarily because I
                                               seven years of college, during which time
think it is important that we continue to
                                               he simultaneously owned and operated a                              Second Place $50
have a Board. I am not comfortable with
                                               tile and carpet business, training a crew
the idea of the Board being dissolved,
                                               and working at installation himself.                                Third Place    $25
even if there are no major pressing issues
expected to arise in the next year, so I       Following graduation he served several
decided to get involved. I enjoy living in     congregations as clergyman for twenty                 The Board will be out the day and evening
RRVE and would like to see it continue to      years, completed his Master’s Degree in               of the 21st of December to see which prop-
improve as a community. Fiscal responsi-       Family Therapy and a Doctorate in Coun-               erty owners are deserving. If selecting the
bility, increasing property values, and                                                              winner of this contest is as difficult for the
                                               seling Psychology, and began a ministry
                                                                                                     Board as selecting the Best Yard was for the
maintaining the beauty and tranquility of      with Nancy (same degrees) to hurting indi-            Parks Committee we may not have the an-
the valley are my primary concerns. In         viduals. Within their non-profit corpora-             swer until the 23rd of December. Let’s
my previous involvement with two other         tion, they teach seminars worldwide and               have the best looking valley in the area.
homeowners’ associations in Ruidoso, I         have coauthored three books and two com-
was a Board member and was involved in         plete recovery programs (so far). Currently
revising the Bylaws, so I have some ex-        Ron and Nancy are retired and re-tread.               Submitted by Donna Kaler-Ward, Secretary
perience with potential issues that may        They still teach a seminar once a month,                           Jerry Satterfield
face the RRVE Board.                           counsel occasionally and are still writing
                                               and creating.
If you agree with any, all, or even none of
my concerns, I would appreciate your           Phillip Schreiber
vote and support.
                                               I retired in 2005 as a High School Geo-
                                                                                                         Look for
Gregg Ward                                     physical and Biology Teacher in Maryland.
I have 24 years of District Manager ex-
perience with an International Corpora-
                                               We bought our property here in 2005 and
                                               moved to the valley in 2006 after living in             POCRRVE
                                               Carlsbad for a year. My wife Linda and I
tion over seeing operations in Texas and
New Mexico, 7 years District Investigator
in Loss Prevention with a National Chain
                                               have helped on the Parks and Beautifica-
                                               tion committee and the ARC. I would ap-                Voter Packets
                                               preciate your vote and support.
and 5 years with a local company driving,
training and supervising. I have served on
the RRVE Architectural Committee.
                                               Submitted by Donna Kaler-Ward, Secretary                   in the mail.
Starting in 1971, I attended the University
of Houston at Houston.
                                                   Clearing up a Misconception                         Secretary will mail
                                                    To abstain from a vote is the same as
I have lived in RRVE since 2003. I have
seen good things and bad things happen                          voting “NO”                                to you on
here in RRVE and want to make a differ-           Assuming that Candidates will be elected
ence. If elected to the board, I will strive           whether a person votes or not is,                October 16, 2009
to ensure that our community remains a                       quite simply, wrong.
respectable place where residents can be
                                                  It takes a majority of the vote to elect any
                                                  board member. It takes a majority vote, in                 VOTE
assured that their property values will not                 the affirmative, to pass
fall due to someone else’s actions and             Bylaw Changes or the Projected Budget.             YOUR VOTE COUNTS!
2009 V OLUME 2, I SSUE 5                                                                                              P AGE 3

                                                                                                     ARC Updates for
                       POCRRVE Finances                                                             October Newsletter

2009 3rd Quarter P&L                        2009 Balance Sheet
                                                                                               So far this year, the RRVE Archi-
                                                                                               tecture Review Committee (ARC)
INCOME:                                     As of September 30, 2009                           has sent welcome packages to 21
                                                                                               new RRVE home/lot owners.
Maintenance Fees              16347.26      ASSETS                                             These packages contain a copy of
                                                                                               the RRVE CCR’s; an ARC submis-
Other Income                   1036.45        Current Assets                                   sion form; an overview of the ARC
                                                                                               submission process; and references
                                                Checking/Savings                               to the most commonly referenced
Total Income                  17383.71            Compass Bank                    41,137.95    items in the CCR’s. In addition, we
                                                                                               include a copy of the POC RRVE
                                                  First Federal Savings CD        54,915.82    Information booklet, as well as a
EXPENSES:                                                                                      copy of the most recent RRVE
                                                  First Federal Savings MM       131,504.43    newsletter. Feedback has been
                                                                                               very positive from these new RRVE
Annual Meeting                  267.45            Pioneer CD                      66,587.41    neighbors who have appreciated
                                                  Pioneer Checking                 4,978.65    receiving this information.
Printing                        268.34
                                                                                               In addition, the ARC has responded
Postage                         966.73          Total Checking/Savings           299,124.26 to requests for ARC Submission
                                                                                               Packages and has sent 39 such pack-
Supplies/Small Equip            348.34
                                                                                               ages to new and existing RRVE
                                                Accounts Receivable                            home/lot owners. The ARC has
Telephone/Internet              141.54
                                                  Accounts Receivable             35,813.99    processed 30 submissions from
WWTP                                 0.00                                                      RRVE members this year for im-
                                                Total Accounts receivable         35,813.99    provements ranging from home
Legal/Accounting               4466.41                                                         additions and storage buildings, to
                                                                                               fencing and landscaping. Of these
Corporate Taxes                      0.00     Total Current Assets               334,938.25    30 submissions, 29 have been ap-
Liability Insurance                  0.00                                                      proved by either the ARC or the
                                                                                               Board of Directors.
Bookkeeping                    2250.00      TOTAL ASSETS                         334,938.25
                                                                                               The ARC process is not time con-
Parks/Roads                    2216.40                                                         suming, nor is it difficult. The
                                            LIABILITIES & EQUITY                               Committee strives to respond
Management                      585.71                                                         quickly and provide as much feed-
                                              Equity                                           back and assistance as possible.
Emergency Fund                       0.00
                                                Opening Balance Equity            35,550.00 The ARC appreciates everybody’s
                                                                                               willingness to follow the process, as
Total Expenses                11510.92          Retained Earnings                291,052.88 it only serves to help keep our Val-
                                                                                               ley beautiful and a great place to
                                                Net Income                         8,335.87 live.
Net Income                     5872.79        Total Equity                       334,938.25    Submitted by Larry Berthelsen, Chair
                                                                                               –ARC wlberth@us.ibm.com

Submitted by Ron Petree, Treasurer          TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY           334,938.25          Grapple Truck
                                            Submitted by Ron Petree, Treasurer
                                                                                               LCSWA "grapple truck"
  The 2009 Board has tried hard to keep all property                                           schedule for RRVE is:
  owners both part-time and fulltime in mind when                                              11-11-09. For requirements
  making decisions. We ask that you take the time to                                           such as size, location on prop-
                                                                                               erty for pick-up, etc., please
    vote this year. The Board can only do so much.                                             visit:

                  The rest is up to you.                                                          lcswa.org/services.html
                                                                                                 Submitted by Marj Petree, P&B


       Rancho Ruidoso Valley Estates
              P.O. Box 1231
          Alto, NM 88312-1231
             (575) 336-2125

     2009 Committee Chairs

       Architectural Review Committee
                Larry Berthelsen
            Parks & Beautification
                Marjorie Petree


The judges really had a challenge in                                          Photos provided by     Honorable Mention
                                                                              Jerry Satterfield
selecting the winners! So many of                                                                    Alfonso & Carolyn Lopez
you are keeping your property look-                                                                  1461 Little Creek
ing great. Over all, our little com-
munity is looking really sharp.
                                                                                 Phyllis Hammous     Glenn & Lenore Frost
Thanks to everyone who make an                                                 Second Place Winner   113 Annie Oakley
effort.                                                                         Best Yard Contest    Charles & Donna Bonds
           WINNERS                                                                                   112 Boot Hill
                                                                                                     Gary & Karen Sullivan
1st Place: Lloyd & Jan Clevenger                                                                     1262 Little Big Horn

1218 Little Creek                                                                                    Ron Lenci
                                                                                                     107 Comanche Ct.
2nd Place: Phyllis Hammous
                                                                                                     Michael & Michelle Cory
154 Goodnight Loving                       Lloyd & Jan Clevenger                                     101 Crazy Horse
                                            First Place Winners                                      Manuel & Yolanda Rubio
3rd Place: Joe & Vicki Montoya                                                                       100 Goodnight Loving
                                             Best Yard Contest
1213 Little Creek                                                                                    Robert & Sharon Hensien
                                                                                                     104 Crazy Horse
                                       Submitted by Linda Phillips, P&B


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