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Preceptorship Catalog

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									                  NEW MEXICO PRECEPTORSHIP
The fourth year preceptorship is a RURAL ROTATION. Anyone requesting to stay in or near Albuquerque will
contact Brian Solan, MD directly.

Lottery numbers will remain the same as CC-III but the order reversed.

Requirements for the Preceptorship
A completed community service project and project report entered into STROLS.
A completed evaluation of the preceptor and the program entered into STROLS.
Patient encounters entered into STROLS.
Weekly participation in Project ECHO.
Completed one page form, “Expectations of NM Preceptorship”.
A completed evaluation from the preceptor.
A completed certification by the preceptor stating that the student has worked a minimum of 96 hours during the
four week period.

Student Folder:
The week prior to the beginning of each block, the student is requested to pick up a folder that will include the
requirement forms and a copy of the curriculum for Phase III. Included in the curriculum are details regarding the
completion of all requirements.

Housing and Travel:
Housing expenses will be reimbursed up to various maximum amounts depending on the area of NM.

Budgetary limits do not allow us to reimburse students for utilities and/or phone above and beyond the rental

A round trip travel allowance will be given to the student at the end of the rotation.

Scheduling Information:
Please do not contact the preceptors listed in this catalog. There is a file cabinet in our office with student
evaluations of all preceptors and programs. You are welcome to check these out any time you wish. Thank you in
advance for your cooperation. You will be in contact with your chosen preceptor prior to the beginning of the

Rotations will only be rescheduled under extreme circumstances. We have made firm commitments to
preceptors and you are expected to honor your commitment to the times/dates that you have chosen. Once a
student is scheduled for a specific rotation, it is binding to the same extent as other clinical rotations. Any
cancellations must be requested at least 45 days in advance of the start of the rotation.

Students are expected to turn in the site selection and biographical form by the deadline – These forms will be
sent electronically along with the site selection information in mid-January and hard copies can will be available in
the preceptorship office. Anyone not meeting the deadline will lose the lottery number and subsequent placement
after the entire class has been scheduled.
                   2010/2011 Preceptorship Sites

              *Preceptor prefers student focus on this specialty

LOCATION                  PRECEPTOR                    SPECIALTY

Alamogordo                John Jones, MD               Family Medicine
                          Frank Bryant, MD             Orthopaedics

Albuquerque              Anesthesia Associates*
                         Goldblum Ophthalmology
                         James Cheek, MD               Epidemiology
                         Quito Osuna Carr, MD          Internal Medicine
                         Eye Associates of NM*
                         Patricia Carabajal, MD        Family Medicine – Urgent Care
                         Jack Greenberg, MD            Family Medicine – Urgent Care
                         Radiology Associates*
                         Barrie Weiner-Ross, MD        P M and R
                         Michael Flax, MD              OB-Gyn
                         Frederick Snoy, MD            Urology

Artesia                   Johnny Moreno, MD            Family Medicine

Belen                     Richard Madden, MD           Internal Medicine

Bernalillo                Alan Firestone, MD           Family Medicine

Carlsbad                  Deborah J. Schenck, MD       Occupational Medicine
                          William Baggs, MD            Orthopaedics
                          Dana Verch, MD               Orthopaedics
                          John Zweiner, MD             Pathology
                          David Robillard, MD          Surgery – General
                          Lori Zink, MD                Pediatrics
                          Elliott Marcus, MD           Anesthesiology
                          Robert G. Timmons, MD        Internal Medicine
                          Thien Luu, MD                Pediatrics
                          Kathryn Winters, MD          Pediatrics

Española                  Timothy Bajema, MD           Emergency Medicine
                          Valerie Merl, MD             Emergency Medicine
                          Patrick Montoya, MD          Emergency Medicine
                          Raul Quan, MD                Emergency Medicine
                          Herbert Rachelson, MD        Orthopaedics

Farmington                Ronald Bliss, MD             Family Medicine
                          Sean Faherty, MD             Family Medicine
                          Joseph Pope, MD              Family Medicine
                          Sugar Singleton, MD          Family Medicine – Urgent Care
                          Eleanore Barry-Prather, MD   Internal Medicine
                          Mark Flitter, MD             Neurosurgery
                          Edward Maurin, MD            Neurosurgery
                          Dennis Kloberdanz, MD        Orthopaedics
                          Robert Lehmer, MD            Orthopaedics
Gallup       Alan Beamsley, MD             Emergency Medicine
             Oscar Palomo, MD              Emergency Medicine
             Lawrence Andrade, MD          Family Medicine
             Jonathan Iralu, MD *          Internal Medicine
             William Krzymowski, MD *      Internal Medicine
             Thomas E. Richtsmeier, MD *   Internal Medicine
             Bryan S. Kamps, MD            Orthopaedic Surgery
             Dean Yannias, MD *            ENT Surgery
             Richard Kruis, MD             Family Medicine
             Marci C. Gambarota, MD        Emergency Medicine
             Robert Buffaloe, MD           Family Medicine
             Christopher Thomas, MD        Family Medicine

Hatch        Enrique Martinez, MD          Family Medicine

Hobbs        Sambaiah Kankanala, MD        Internal Medicine
             Jerry McLaughlin, MD          Ob/Gyn
             John Harmston, MD             Orthopaedics
             Yaratha Reddy, MD             Pediatrics/Neonatalogy

Isleta       Elizabeth Cumby, MD           Family Medicine
             Riley Nelson, MD              Family Medicine

Las Cruces   Baldomero Garcia, MD          Family Medicine
             Mark Abramson, MD             Family Medicine
             Bert Garrett, MD              Family Medicine
             Guillermo Hernandez, DO       Family Medicine
             Denise Leonardi, MD           Family Medicine
             Conchita Paz, MD              Family Medicine
             Ann Mercer, MD                Internal Medicine
             Arthur Ray Snyder, MD         Rheumatology
             Ravi Gorav, MD                Surgery - ENT
             Roberto Talamantes, MD        Pediatrics

Las Vegas    Jerry Williams, MD            Neurology
             Michael Lopez, MD             Surgery
             Salman Malik, MD              General Surgery
             David Elliott, MD             Family Medicine
             Eileen Madrid, MD             Family Medicine

Los Alamos   Richard Honsinger, MD         IM - Allergy & Asthma
             James Hurley, MD              FP - Allergy & Asthma
             Robert Thomsen, MD            Dermatology
             James Ziomek, MD              IM - Allergy & Asthma
             Ben Neal, MD                  Pediatrics
             Phillip Hertzman, MD          Family Medicine

Los Lunas    Joseph Aragon, MD             Family Medicine
             Daniel St. Arnold, MD         Family Medicine

Penasco      Kristine McCoy, MD            Family Medicine

Portales     Lonnie Alexander, MD          Family Medicine
             Joel Sievers, MD              Sports Medicine
             Maxsimo Torres, MD            Family Medicine
Raton         Lee Caruana, MD        Family Medicine

Roswell       Ali Choudhary, MD      Internal Medicine
              Karen Vaillant, MD     Family Medicine
              Shehzad Jinnah, MD     Internal Medicine
              Sanjay Lahiri, MD      Pathology
              Dilip Midnani, MD      Surgery - ENT
              Richard Sidd, MD       Ophthalmology
              Karen Carson, MD       Pediatrics
              Donald Wenner, MD      Surgery - General
              Paul Whitwam, MD       Surgery – General

Ruidoso       Arlene Brown, MD       Family Medicine
              Patrick Connor, MD     Emergency Medicine
              Donald Wolfel, MD      Radiology

Santa Fe      James Sussman, DO      IM - Allergy & Asthma
              Gerzain Chavez, MD     Family Medicine
              Timothy Lopez, MD      Heme/Onc
              Kurt Kastendieck, MD   Family Medicine
              Gary Giblin, MD        Family Medicine
              Fen Sartorius, MD      Family Medicine
              E. Dow Suhre, MD *     Internal Medicine
              Lisa Robles, MD        Internal Medicine
              Mark Reininga, MD      Family Medicine
              Luis Rigales, MD       Family Medicine
              Brant Bair, MD         Orthopaedics
              Jan Bear, MD           Orthopaedics
              Stephen Lucero, MD *   Surgery – Urology

Shiprock      John Balintona, MD     Family Medicine
              Eileen Barrett, MD     Family Medicine
              Sara Michaels, MD      Family Medicine
              Kathleen Wilder, MD    Family Medicine
              Doug Zang, MD          Family Medicine

Silver City   David Cummings, MD     Family Medicine
              Michael Sergeant, MD   Family Medicine
              Roland Snure, MD       General Surgery
              John Stanley, MD       Family Medicine
              Richard Steinzig, MD   Gyn
              Victor Nwachuku, MD    Ob/Gyn
              Brian Robinson, MD     Orthopaedics


              Norman Reid, MD        Family Medicine
              Allen Bassler, MD      Emergency Medicine

Taos          Linda Lynch, MD        Emergency Medicine
              Mark Howard, MD        Emergency Medicine
              Cipry Jaramillo, MD    Hospitalist
       Timothy Peterson, MD            Family Medicine
       Larry and Lucas Schreiber, MD   Family Medicine
       Michael & Jemery Kaufman, MD    Internal Medicine
       Richard Massen, MD              General Surgery
       Dan Guttmann, MD                Orthopaedics
Taos   James Lubowitz, MD              Orthopaedics
       Shanti Mohling, MD              Ob Gyn

Zuni   David Kessler, MD               Family Medicine
       John Miller, MD                 Family Medicine
       Robert Crooks, MD               Family Medicine
       John Bettler, MD                Family Medicine
Drs. Stan Sady, Earl Godwin, Brian Gronert                                                                          Albuquerque
Robbie Thomas, Cameron Burrup, David Hartson
Andrew Black, Melinda King
Anesthesia Associate of New Mexico
1720 Louisiana NE Suite 401
Albuquerque, NM 87110

There are many Anesthesiologists on staff in this office serving the Presbyterian Health Care System. The nature of the
practice is specifically operating rooms at four different sites in Albuquerque. A range of services is provided consisting of
sedation, spinal and epidural anesthesia, and general anesthesia. Medical students will have the opportunity to participate in
the entire process of the delivery of anesthesia from the pre-operative evaluation to the administration of the anesthetic, to the
post-operative recovery room management. The student can expect to become familiar with anesthesia pharmacology,
ventilator management and respiratory physiology as impacted by an anesthetic. There will be ample exposure to both central
and peripheral IV placement, invasive monitoring, endotracheal intubation, and regional anesthetic techniques. The student
can expect to work one-on-one with an anesthesiologist.

Elliott Marcus, MD                                                                                             Carlsbad
Carlsbad Medical Center
Carlsbad, NM 88220

Currently the only anesthesiologist in Carlsbad and supervises three nurse anesthetists. Dr. Marcus is in charge of all pre-
operative evaluations and range of service includes sedation, spinal and epidural anesthesia, general anesthesia, and IV
starts, central lines, etc. in emergency situations including pain management.


James Cheek, MD, MPH                                                                                                Albuquerque
David Espey, MD
IHS Epidemiology Program
5300 Homestead NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Objectives of this preceptorship are to gain proficiency in the following: basic concepts of epidemiology and biostatistics; basic
concepts of public health practice; application of epidemiologic and biostatistical methods in field investigation settings; or in
analyzing a pre-existing data set; computer and communication skills needed to efficiently investigate, control and report
public health problems. Material will be presented in a problem-solving format using examples encountered while performing
an investigation. The student will meet daily with the preceptor for discussion of reading, may also attend relevant university of
agency meetings and seminars. The student will work closely with the communicable disease epidemiologist of the IHS and
other IHS staff as appropriate. The student may travel to IHS/tribal facilities throughout the US to investigate and control
outbreaks of disease, depending on availability of resources (while traveling the student would receive the standard US
government per diem to cover expenses). Unless involved in an investigation, regular working hours are from 8 – 5, Monday
through Friday. The student will be responsible for actively participating in the work of a medical epidemiologist. He/she may
have the opportunity to publish as co-author, results of investigation. The student will be accountable to the preceptor. There
is required paperwork and fingerprinting to be done and this must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the
Alan Firestone, MD                                                                                                        Bernalillo
El Pueblo Health Services
121 Calle del Presidente
Bernalillo, NM 87004

This rotation will give the student some insight into rural practice in a small town 20 miles north of Albuquerque. Knowledge of
Spanish is helpful, although not required. The broad range of patients (age, culture, socio-economic status) offers maximal
teaching opportunities. The practice typically sees 50 – 60 patients in an 8-hour day. The student will be expected to see
patients, evaluate and form a plan of therapy that will be discussed. No hospital rounds are included in this experience. A
small library is available. No fourth year students May – September.

William Krzymowski, MD                                                                                                       Gallup
Kevin Gaines, MD
Kenneth Stewart, MD
Jonathan Iralu, MD
Thomas E. Richtsmeier, MD
Gallup Indian Medical Center IHS
PO Box 1337
Gallup, NM 87301

The Gallup Indian Medical Center is a 100-bed acute care hospital. Emergency, inpatient and outpatient services, primarily for
the Navajo Nation, and also care for patients from the Zuni reservation and other Native American tribes are provided. Many
of our patients lack home amenities such as running water, indoor plumbing, electricity and telephones. Patients with a wide
range of acute and chronic medical problems are seen at this clinic including hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, TB, diabetes,
AIDS, and coronary artery disease. There are nine internal medicine physicians at this facility. Group inpatient teaching
rounds are held three times a week, and infectious disease rounds are held Tuesday mornings. The department runs a six-
bed intensive care unit in conjunction with the department of surgery. Each physician has 4 half-days of clinic a week, and
takes on-call duty approximately once a week. The department staffs a remote reservation clinic in Tohatchi. Some students
have elected to make home or hogan visits with the field health nurses. Some of the group possesses specialty training
including non-invasive cardiology, critical care, infectious disease and geriatrics. The physicians enjoy a high level of espirit de
corps and also have wonderful working relationships with other physicians and health care providers at this facility. Dr.
Krzymowski is the coordinator for all rotations. There is required paperwork to be done and this must be submitted at least 30
days prior to the beginning of the rotation.

Enrique Martinez, MD                                                                                                         Hatch
Ben Archer Health Center
255 North Highway 187
Hatch, NM 87937

Ben Archer Health Center is a federally funded community health center that provides primary medical and dental care. The
practice includes: pediatrics, internal medicine, sports physicals, adult and preventive care, prenatal care, geriatrics, and
emergency room call. There is a full functioning treatment room for suturing, casting, and medical emergencies, as well as an
on-site x-ray facility. Each physician sees about 15 patients per day with 2 inpatients, on average, hospitalized in Las Cruces.
In addition to Hatch, Ben Archer Health Center encompasses one clinic in Las Cruces, one in Columbus, one in Alamogordo,
and one clinic in Truth or Consequences. No fourth year students May – September.

Elizabeth Cumby, MD
Riley Nelson, MD
Indian Health Service, Isleta Pueblo Clinic
PO Box 580
Isleta, NM 87022

Isleta Pueblo Clinic serves the community of Isleta Pueblo, the largest of the southern Rio Grande pueblos, population –
3,500. The majority of clients are coming from Isleta Pueblo; some patients from Acoma and Laguna and some Navajo people
receive their health care in the clinic. During this preceptorship, the students will see a full spectrum of outpatient care. The
students will have the opportunity to participate in home visits. Preceptors see 40 – 60 patients per day, with an average of 3 –
5 patients referred to the Albuquerque IHS. Under the preceptor’s supervision, the student, if comfortable, will manage the
entire patient encounter. Charting in SOAP fashion is recommended and the chart will be reviewed and co-signed by the
preceptor. Health maintenance and a team approach to health care are emphasized. Students will be sensitized to cross-
cultural issues that are pertinent to delivering health care to this population. The Isleta clinic offers a unique outpatient
experience in a cohesive Native American community where the interplay of family culture and illness is apparent. Commuting
expenses will not be paid. There is required paperwork and fingerprinting to be done and this must be submitted at least 30
days prior to the beginning of the rotation.

Gary Giblin, MD                                                                                                          Santa Fe
La Familia Medical Center
135 Alto
Santa Fe, NM 87501

La Familia is a community-funded Family Medicine serving the medically indigent people of Santa Fe and surrounding
communities. The group sees 60-80 patients per day, including all aspects of Family Medicine. They attend about 30
deliveries per month. The experience includes prenatal care, well baby checks, health maintenance, diabetes and
hypertension management, and surgery. Due to the poverty of many clients, physicians see more exotic diseases such as
plague, tuberculosis, cystocarcosis, and pertussis. No fourth year students May – September.

Kurt Kastendieck, MD
Serenity, Inc
435 St. Michael’s Drive Suite B104
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Dr. Kastendieck recently opened this practice having been at La Familia for many years and knowing the need for yet another
community health clinic. The clinic covers infant, child, adult, prenatal and postnatal care. The preceptorship office is in the
process of getting more detailed information on this site and this should be available before the site selection process.

Douglas Zang, MD
John Balintona, MD
Eileen Barrett, MD                                                                                            Shiprock
Sara Michaels, MD
Kathleen Wilder, MD
Navajo Area Indian Health Service
Shiprock, NM 87420

The FP Department at Northern Navajo Medical Center provides a unique opportunity to be involved in health care for the
Navajo population as well as other Native Americans. Students work during the day in the FP clinic and satellite clinic in Peec
Nos Pos and Sanostee and will see approximately five patients per half day. Patients range from newborn to geriatric age.
Clinics will be mixed between walk in visits, preventive health care and chronic care. Call will be scheduled once a week and
responsibilities include ER admissions and coverage of labor and delivery. Students work with a variety of FP physicians and
have consult contact with pediatricians, obstetricians, internists, psychiatrists and surgeons. Housing is provided and a
medical library and internet access are available. Dr. Zang will coordinate all student rotations. There is required paperwork
and fingerprinting to be done and it is asked by the facility that we submit this at least 60 days prior to the rotation.
No fourth year students May-September.

John Bettler, MD                                                                                                         Zuni
David Kessler, MD
John Miller, MD
Robert Crooks, MD
PO Box 467
Zuni NM 87327
Zuni Indian Health Service Hospital is a 35 bed rural hospital and clinic located in the Zuni Indian Reservation in western New
Mexico. The patient population consists of approximately 10,000 Zuni and 4,000 Navajo Indians. Eleven family physicians,
two pediatricians, two physician assistants, one nurse midwife working in a Family Medicine model of care for the emergent
and continuing medical needs of this community. Outpatient visits number 50,000 per year. Over 1,200 inpatients are
admitted annually. We attend over 150 obstetrical deliveries each year. No major surgery is performed at this hospital.
Common medical problems include an unusually high incidence of diabetes and infectious diseases, renal disease, arterial
related problems, gall bladder disease, and high-risk obstetrics (e.g. gestational diabetes, preeclampsia). The student’s
primary responsibilities will be the evaluation and management of patients in an outpatient Family Medicine setting. Other
experiences include initial evaluation, ongoing management of hospitalized patients and emergency room call one day per
week. Students will work under the supervision of the preceptor or other designated physicians. Other learning opportunities
include participation in counseling services, fitness programs, rehab programs, health care via home visits, and the
community-based Teen Health Clinic. At Zuni Hospital, the students will enjoy experience working in a Family Medicine model
when primary care physicians work without on-site sub-specialist back-up, perform many outpatient minor surgical
procedures, set bones, deliver babies, read their own x-rays and direct the emergency room. The hospital is a busy but fun
place to work and the landscape is beautiful. Recreational opportunities and cross cultural experiences are abundant. There
is required paperwork and fingerprinting to be done and it is asked by the facility that we submit this at least 60 days prior to
the rotation. No fourth year students May-September.

Timothy Bajema, MD                                                                                                        Española
Valerie Merle, MD
Patrick Montoya, MD
Raul Quan, MD
 Española Hospital
1010 Spruce Street
 Española, New Mexico 87532

This site is a moderate volume emergency department. The patient population is highly varied and the nature of problems
involves high acuity medical and trauma problems approximately 35 – 50% of the time. The remainder of problems consists of
primary care issues. The rural nature of this practice lends an additional component not found in many urban areas. As this is
the only hospital facility in the area, everything goes through this department. This site will provide a fascinating experience for
a medical student considering Family Medicine, emergency medicine or primary care. No fourth year students May –

Oscar Palomo, MD                                                                                                             Gallup
Alan Beamsley, MD
Marci Gambarota, MD
Rehoboth McKinley Health Care Services
1901 Red Rock Drive
Gallup, NM 87301

This is a 133-bed community hospital in Gallup serving a population of close to 100,000, including town, county, and
reservation residents as well as travelers. The volume is over 13,000 patients a year, both medical and trauma cases. There is
a new emergency department wing with 12 beds and state of the art equipment.

Patrick Connor, MD
211 Sudderth Drive                                                                                                        Ruidoso
Ruidoso, NM 88345

One of several physicians in the Emergency Department at the Lincoln County Medical Center, a Presbyterian Hospital facility
with 42 beds. Wide variety of medical and trauma cases. Very busy during the winter sports season.
Allen Bassler, MD                                                                                                         Socorro
Socorro General Hospital
1204 Hwy 60 West
Socorro NM 87801

Community hospital ER providing for 10,000 to 11,000 visits per year including all levels of acuity.

Linda Lynch, MD                                                                                                              Taos
Mark Howard, MD
Holy Cross Hospital
1397 Weimer Road
Taos, NM 87571

Dr. Lynch and Dr. Howard are full-time Emergency Medicine physicians at a 50-bed hospital with a 10 bed Emergency
Department (ED) and an annual ED census of 14,000. This ER serves all of Taos County including the five surrounding ski
areas. The ED population is quite diverse, varying from local patients to visiting tourists. The practice has a fairly high acuity
with a large population of cardiac and trauma patients along with major and minor sports injuries, environmental emergencies
such as hypo and hyperthermia, snake/spider envenomation, near-drowning, and altitude illnesses.

John Jones, MD                                                                                                        Alamogordo
Alamogordo Family Medicine
2559 North Scenic Drive Suite C
Alamogordo, NM 88310

General Family Medicine with a broad spectrum of adult and pediatric practice, including obstetrics, sports medicine,
occupational medicine, hospice and terminal care, as well as extensive geriatrics. The student will follow patients under
supervision of the preceptor and will be given responsibility commensurate with capability. This practice will give student
insight into small town primary care practice, mostly in office setting. Typical day is from 9 – 5, morning rounds in the hospital.
Office experience will include physicals and histories, patient management and follow-up. The student will see emergency
room patients with the preceptor. No fourth year students May – September.

Quito Osuna Carr, MD                                                                                                 Albuquerque
NM Medical Group
717 Encino Place NE Suite 12
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Hx & PE, comprehensive or limited to specific problem(s). Student will participate in discussions on ordinary tests and then
integrate them, making and implementing treatment decisions. Student will also participate in inpatient and family health
education, help with and learn about appropriate office lab testing, and assist with minor Dx and treatment procedures. Office
hours are 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Johnny Moreno, MD
Artesia Professional Building
612 North 13th Street, Suite H
Artesia, NM 88210

This is a very busy Family Medicine office with a wide variety of patient cases. The average daily patient load will vary,
average is 30 per day. The office is large with five exam rooms. Dr. Moreno sees all patients, pediatrics to geriatrics, does pap
smears but no OB. The office has a well equipped lab and all tests are done on site. Dr. Moreno sees patients with heart
disease and cancer. In office surgery includes ingrown toenails, vasectomies, mole removal and suturing. No fourth year
students May through September.

Richard Madden, MD                                                                                                      Belen
Presbyterian Health Center
609 South Christopher Road
Belen, NM

Practice includes three physicians, one is FP, another is a pediatrician and the third is an internist. There are two nurses
practitioners and Dr. Madden sees outpatients at a local nursing home. Busy practice that sees all types of patients from
newborn to geriatric.

Ronald Bliss, MD                                                                                                      Farmington
Sean Faherty, MD
Joseph Pope, MD
Sugar Singleton, MD
Pinon Family Medicine
2300 East 30th Street
Building B, Suite 102
Farmington, NM 87401

Pinon Family Medicine is a private practice located in Farmington, NM. We provide primary care services to patients from San
Juan County. We offer a broad range of services including evaluating acute care problems, management of chronic diseases,
office surgeries, and preventive medicine. We also provide inpatient care at San Juan Regional Medical Center. We see an
average of 40-60 patients per day. Evenly mixed between pediatrics, general adult care, and geriatrics. No fourth year
students May – September.

Lawrence Andrade, MD                                                                                                       Gallup
Christopher Thomas, MD
650 Vanden Bosch Parkway
Gallup, NM 87301

This group consists of 4 physicians and one nurse practitioner. The student will see patients with Dr. Andrade and Dr. Thomas
4 ½ days a week, with weeklong inpatient hospital (Rehoboth) duties l week every 5 weeks. Dr. Andrade is the team physician
for Gallup High School athletics and attends all sporting events. This practice covers a variety of patients from newborns to
geriatrics. No fourth year students May – September.

An average of 20 outpatients at FPC and approximately 4 or 5 inpatients at all times. The FPC has a colposcopy clinic, high-
risk obstetrics, and psychiatric counseling. Student will be able to participate in school health clinics and sports physicals. No
fourth year students May – September.

Baldomero Garcia, MD                                                                                                  Las Cruces
1200 Telshor Boulevard
Las Cruces, NM 88005

This is a Family Medicine group with a broad spectrum of medical problems from pediatrics to geriatrics. Under direct
supervision of the preceptor, students will make daily hospital rounds (optional), work in the office, do coverage in pediatrics,
medicine and ob/gyn, and will be on call for the hospital 2 – 3 days during the month. Student may gain experience in
hypertension, diabetes, and indigent health care. Student will be given autonomy for selected patients depending on student’s
ability to handle them. Preceptor is active in community matters. Spanish is helpful.

Guillermo Hernandez, DO                                                                                               Las Cruces
2020 S Solano
Las Cruces, NM 88001
This is a solo family care practice in existence for twenty years. The patient population varies from newborns to elderly,
although it is heavily weighted to persons under the age of 60. The preceptor’s main interest is in pediatrics and preventative
care although he cares for all spectrums of medicine. Spanish is spoken fluently in this office, so there is a large Spanish
population and their inherent medical problems. Dr. Hernandez does all his own admitting to the hospitals and the only
aspects of practice he does not do are OB, CCU and ICU. No fourth year students May – September.
                                                                                                                    Las Cruces
Denise Leonardi, MD
Conchita Paz, MD
Family Care Center
1557 Monte Vista
Las Cruces, NM 88001

This is a general Family Medicine with a broad spectrum of patient cases. Under preceptor’s supervision student will be
involved with all aspects of patient care. Student will be expected to work regular office hours, participate in ER call with
preceptor and occasional emergencies. Student will be expected to do histories and physicals, make tentative diagnosis,
assist in surgery, and read appropriate literature to help in understanding patient cases. No fourth year students May –

                                                                                                                         Las Vegas
Eileen Madrid, MD
410 Manzanares Street
Las Vegas, NM 87701

This is a general Family Medicine with emphasis on pediatrics. The student will also have the opportunity to see an occasional
geriatric patient and some newborns. No obstetrics. Under the supervision of the preceptor, the student will participate in all
phases of patient care in the office and in the hospital, including round, ER, and follow up. Support from other physicians in
the community is available to students interested in working in a community clinic, following patients to surgery, or working
with a radiologist. No fourth year students May – September.

Phillip Hertzman, MD                                                                                                   Los Alamos
Los Alamos Medical Center
3917 West Road – Suite 130
Los Alamos, NM 87544

This preceptorship experience will combine a clinical experience with a research project. Approximately half of the time will be
spent with patients and half of the time on research. The research project is usually related to one of the following areas: 1.
Cardiac risk analysis and prevention. 2. Treatment and evaluation of hypertension. 3. L-tryptophan related Eosinophil Myalgia
Syndrome. Each student is expected to do a literature search in relation to the project during the preceptorship. The research
project will be determined prior to arrival of the student in Los Alamos. The student will also participate in stress testing and be
involved in evaluation of individual patients within the framework of this program. Telephone interview is required.

Joseph Aragon, MD                                                                                                        Los Lunas
Los Lunas Medical Associates
601 Main Street
Los Lunas, NM 87031

Preceptors in this family oriented practice treat a wide spectrum of medical problems. An attempt is made to keep the inpatient load
to a minimum. There is a strong emphasis on preventative medicine. The preceptors are associated with Presbyterian Hospital at an
Urgent Care Center in Los Lunas. A number of Albuquerque physicians will hold subspecialty clinics at the site and the student will
be encouraged to participate in these. A typical day will include working in the office under preceptor’s supervision.

Daniel St. Arnold, MD                                                                                                    Los Lunas
Rio Abajo Family Medicine, PC
Los Lunas, NM 87031

Preceptors in this family oriented Family Medicine treat a wide spectrum of medical problems. An attempt is made to keep the
inpatient load to a minimum with a strong emphasis on preventative medicine. A number of Albuquerque physicians will hold
subspecialty clinics at the site and the student will be encouraged to participate in these. A typical day will include working in
the office under preceptor’s supervision.

Lonnie Alexander, MD                                                                                                      Portales
1500 South Avenue D
Portales,NM 88130

This practice is largely office-based, with care of hospitalized patients and care of emergency room patients as need arises.
The office practice includes general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, office (minor) surgery and some psychiatric or general
counseling. Patients of any age are cared for. At the discretion and with the assistance of the preceptor, the students will care
for patients on their own. If a student has seen a patient once, he/she will be asked to care for that patient on all follow-up
visits. Student is expected to do histories and physicals on hospital patients and see them daily. Student will see emergency
room patients with preceptor and occasionally alone. No fourth year students May – September.

Maxsimo Torres                                                                                                            Portales
La Casa de Buena Salud
PO Box 843
Portales, NM 88130

This community-based clinic provides full primary care services to patients. The student will be involved with patient care in
the clinic and hospital, home visits, and public health issues. Student will be expected to participate in ER call, visit satellite
clinics and community health education. Very busy clinic with a substantial daily patient load.

Lee Caruana, MD                                                                                                             Raton
Family Medicine Associates of Raton
411 South Third Street
Raton, NM 87740

This is a group practice in family medicine. The student will have full availability of patients of the group, particularly
hospitalized patients. Student will be expected to work under preceptor’s supervision in the office from 9am – 5pm, make
morning and evening rounds and assist in surgery. Emergency room and after hours calls are minimal. Students are
encouraged to follow patients referred locally to internists, surgeons, and obstetricians. Approximately 15 deliveries per month.
Student will have the opportunity to learn about office organization and management.

Karen Vaillant, MD                                                                                                        Roswell
Eastern New Mexico Medical Center
405 West Country Club Road
Roswell, NM 88201

This hospital-based clinic provides services to the population of the city of Roswell and Chaves County. Dr. Vaillant is the
director of the Family Medicine Residency Program at Eastern NM Medical Center. The student will be exposed to a variety of
patients from prenatal/ob/peds to geriatrics. The student will be working under the direct supervision of Dr. Vaillant as well as
with 2nd and 3rd year residents. No fourth year students May – September.

Arlene Brown, MD                                                                                                          Ruidoso
Family Medicine Associates
1401 Sudderth
Ruidoso, NM 88345

Family Medicine Associates is a full service Family Medicine office, providing prenatal and obstetrical care, pediatrics to
geriatric care for the Lincoln County community. Office hours are covered by physicians and a nurse practitioner and are 8am
– 5pm, Monday through Friday. The associates share call, and emergency room back-up call averages one week out of every
four. The practice also provides extensive community service work, including the County Health Office prenatal and family
planning clinics, Ruidoso Public School student health services, and home Health Services of Lincoln County. Teaching will
focus on Family Medicine, its philosophy and practice, preventive medicine, family oriented care and the community. No
fourth year students May – September.
Fen Sartorius, MD                                                                                                           Santa Fe
Gerzain Chavez, MD
Rodeo Family Medicine, P.C.
4001 Rodeo Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

This busy Family Medicine office provides care to approximately 75 patients per day. Two family practitioners, one family
nurse practitioner and two physician’s assistants see a variety of adult medicine and pediatrics, no obstetrics. There is an
emphasis on preventive medicine. There are at least two formal teaching conferences weekly with UNM internal medicine and
Family Medicine residents. Students are encouraged to attend Tumor Board conference weekly. Students are asked to attend
Bioethics Committee meetings (one per month) and to spend one half day per week in the nursing home. There is an
opportunity to attend ECG tutorials with Dr. Irwin Hoffman. Students are welcome to explore practice management issues, if
interested. There is a minimum of hospital inpatient work, as this practice is now utilizing the services of the hospitalist team at
St. Vincent Hospital. Approximately 80% of time will be in the office. The student will be expected to evaluate patients and
form management plans under the preceptor’s supervision. Students will be given responsibilities according to demonstrated
interest and capability. Student should pick one of the above preceptors as the primary preceptor but should expect to work
with both. No fourth year students May – September.

David Cummings, MD                                                                                                         Silver City
High Desert Family Medicine
PO Box 2137
Silver City, NM

This is a busy group practice in family and community medicine. The student will have the opportunity to see the full spectrum
of Family Medicine with obstetrics, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Student will be expected to work under preceptor’s supervision in
the office, accompany the preceptor during rounds, on call, and patient follow up. The student will have the opportunity to work
with other physicians in the community. No fourth year students May – September.

John Stanley, MD                                                                                                           Silver City
1318 East 32nd Street
Silver City, NM 88061

This large active general practice office provides health care to approximately 4,000 patients in Grant, Luna, Hidalgo, and Catron
counties. Patient caseload for this practice is approximately 80 per day, with 6 hospitalized patients. Student is expected to
participate in all phase of patient care, ER, and OR. In addition to standard office practice, providers are involved with general
surgery. Students will be welcome to follow patient to specialists and consultants in Las Cruces and Albuquerque. Under
supervision, students are expected to participate in all phases of patient care, hospital rounds, surgeries and office visits. In this
agricultural and mining community students will see work related injuries and illnesses. No fourth year students May – September.

Michael Sergeant, MD                                                                                                       Silver City
114 West 11th Street
Silver City, NM 88061

This busy Family Medicine provides a broad spectrum of adult, pediatrics, and obstetrics. This practice will give students
insight into small town primary care. Daily patient workload varies from 25-35. with 3-5 in the hospital. Under the preceptor’s
supervision. The student will be expected to participate in all aspects of office practice, follow patients, daily rounds, and ER.
Student will be exposed to the community issues in business management in today’s Family Medicine. No fourth year
students May – September.

Robert Markwell, MD                                                                                                          Socorro
Norman Reid, MD
Socorro Medical Associates
PO Box 1799
Socorro, NM 87801
This is typical Family Medicine in a small town. Student is expected to make daily rounds, do histories and physicals, suture
non-complicated lacerations and apply casts to simple fractures. Student is expected in the office six to eight hours a day
under direct supervision and emergency room calls at any hour, day or night. Speaking Spanish is helpful, but not mandatory.
Good opportunity to practice the language. No fourth year students May – September.

William Kilgore, MD                                                                                                                       Taos
404 Paseo del Pueblo
Taos, NM 87571

This program is aimed at providing the student a view and feeling of practice in a rural yet cosmopolitan region of the U.S. The
student will function as an integral part of the medical community in a manner rather different from the regular medical school
experience. The student will work with other physicians in Taos. The student will see patients under the preceptor’s
supervision, evaluate and form management plan. More details on arrival.

Timothy Peterson, MD                                                                                                                      Taos
MOGUL Medical
PO Box 87
Taos, NM 87571

The Mogul Medical Clinical at Taos Ski Valley is a full service facility, located at the base of Taos Ski Valley. The practice is unique in that
we do primary care medicine for local residents, as well as urgent and emergent care for skiers and tourists. We have a significant
orthopedic component to the practice. Students will become familiar with triage and treatment of a full range of orthopedic problems.
Another special interest is Acute Mountain Sickness, which is quite common at our elevation of 9,300 feet. The other major focus is the
initial care of acute trauma. The office will take one student each January. Students do not have to be skiers. A face-to-face interview after
phone contact is preferred.

Larry Schreiber, MD
Lucas Schreiber, MD
630 Paso del Pueblo
Taos, NM 87571

Family Medicine Associates of Taos does basic Family Medicine inclusive of flex sig, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics and
colposcopy. We have x-ray on site and handle minor traumas. Two female and two male physicians plus two nurse
practitioners and one physician assistant are on site. We have a very busy walk-in clinic and also have ICU privileges and a
busy inpatient service. All physicians are boarded with medical training 1975 – 1996. No fourth year students May –


Weiner-Ross, Barrie MD                                                                                                     Albuquerque
Ross Rehabilitation
7301 Jefferson NE Suite E

Outpatient based private practice in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as pain management. Dr. Weiner-
Ross has full privileges at Lovelace Hospital and does consults at Presbyterian Hospital. Clinic hours are Monday through
Thursday 9 to 5 and a keen interest in this field is preferred.

Robert G. Timmons, MD                                                                                                                   Clovis
2100 Martin Luther King Street
Clovis, NM 88101

The student will be exposed to organized medicine, to hospital organization, to community health needs, and nursing home patients.
With the availability of the ER and Urgent Care, there are a large number of patients available for teaching. There is also an
outpatient ID clinic and a fair amount of outpatient ID consultations. The student will have the opportunity to attend meetings of local
medical organizations and discuss health needs with the local community. No fourth year students May – September

Eleanore Barry-Prather, MD                                                                                                 Farmington
647-A West Maple
Farmington, NM 87401

This rotation will expose students to a private internal medicine practice with a diverse patient population. Students will have
the opportunity to follow outpatients and inpatients under the preceptor’s supervision. Our inpatient practice includes following
patients in the ICU. Students will be expected to participate in the call schedule of the physician with whom they are working.

Sambaiah Kankanala, MD                                                                                                          Hobbs
5419 North Lovington Highway, Suite 4
Hobbs, NM 88240

Students will have a wide variety of opportunities as Dr. Kankanala is board certified in Internal Medicine and three sub-
specialties including: pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and geriatric medicine. Dr. Kankanala sees a wide spectrum
of diseases present in any primary care setting. Patient load is approximately 25/day with 10 hospitalized patients/day.
Student will have opportunity to visit nursing homes, hospice, and take emergency room call with Dr. Kankanala. Dr.
Kankanala is the Chairman of the Department of Medicine Lea Regional Medical Center, as well as a member of the hospital
board, a member of the Board of Medical Examiners and a councilman in the New Mexico Medical Society so student will
have opportunities to attend those meetings. No fourth year students May – September.

Javed Iqbal, MD                                                                                                       Las Cruces
3855 Foothills Road
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Dr. Iqbal’s neurology practice consists of adults and children and they see a variety of patients, mostly consults. They do
EEG, MRI, and EMG/NCV studies in the office. Those working in his office get exposed to different neurological diseases,
work up and management.

Ann Mercer, MD
2801 E Missouri #12
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Internal Medicine practice, primary language among patients is Spanish. Dr. Mercer is an internist and has been practicing in
Las Cruces for seventeen years; her practice consists of office visits, hospital care, and nursing home visits. This is a very
busy practice; the office staff is positive and congenial. The patients offer a great wealth of pathology for students. No fourth
year students May – September.

Richard Honsinger, MD
James Hurley, MD                                                                                                           Los Alamos
James Ziomek MD
Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern New Mexico, Ltd.
Los Alamos Medical Center
3917 West Road
Los Alamos NM 87544

The preceptors in this allergy and asthma practice dedicate 50% of their time to internal medicine practice and 50% to
consultative allergy. The practice is busy and efficient, seeing approximately 80 patients per day with 1 – 4 in the hospital.
Preceptors have privileges at the following hospitals: Los Alamos Medical Center, St. Vincent’s in Santa Fe, and University
Hospital. Student will be expected to participate in all activities related to patient care, including emergency call and visit the
satellite clinic in Santa Fe. The preceptors are involved with clinical research and the student will have a chance to participate.

Timothy Lopez, MD                                                                                                      Santa Fe
New Mexico Cancer Institute
490A West Zia Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Thriving Heme/Onc practice with main location in Santa Fe and outreach clinics in Taos, Espanola, Raton, and Las Vegas.
Medical students are most likely to work four days a week.

Lisa Robles, MD                                                                                                         Santa Fe
1850 Old Pecos Trail Suite A
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Solo private practice, primary care adult medicine. Chronic care of patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, CAD,
asthma, gastritis, DUD, depression, anxiety as well as acute care for crisis intervention, infectious diseases, and medication
management. Women’s health care including annual pap smears, physicals, and men’s wellness physicals and sport’s

E. Dow Suhre, MD                                                                                                         Santa Fe
465 St. Michaels Drive Suite 105
Santa Fe, NM 87505

The student will have the opportunity to see general internal medicine, including primary inpatient and outpatient care along
with numerous referrals. Instruction in interpretation of pulmonary function tests and electrocardiograms is encouraged.
Students will practice in the office and hospital under direct supervision. Daily patient load is 30-40. The student is expected to
prepare reports on topics of interest to him as well as admit and care for hospitalized patients under direct supervision. The
preceptor is willing to spend approximately one hour a day studying in-depth a particular problem of interest with the student.
Dr. Suhre will accept one fourth year student per school year.

James Sussman, MD                                                                                                        Santa Fe
1651 Galisteo
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Dr. Sussman dedicates 50% of his time to internal medicine practice and 50% to consultative allergy. The practice is busy and
efficient, seeing approximately 25 patients per day with 1 – 4 in the hospital. Preceptor has privileges at the following
hospitals: Los Alamos Medical Center, St. Vincent’s in Santa Fe, and University Hospital. Student will be expected to
participate in all activities related to patient care, including emergency call and visit the satellite clinic in Los Alamos.


Michael Kaufman, MD
Jemery Kaufman, MD
Taos Medical Group
Box 5775, Weimer Road
Taos, NM 87571

This is an internal medicine practice in a small town. Under preceptor’s supervision, student will make daily rounds in the
hospital; see patients in the office and emergency room, and twice a week ½ day work for the free clinic. Approximately 60%
of the time will be spent in direct patient care in the office. Student will be working independently under preceptor’s
supervision. Depending on student’s needs and patient cases, the student will have the opportunity to work with other
physicians in the community. Student can work in the outlying offices in Questa and Red River. Student will be exposed to
emerging models of physician-directed patient-centered indigent health care with goals of a higher quality, more cost effective
healthcare system. No fourth year students May – September.


Michael Flax, MD                                                                           Albuquerque
8120 Constitution NE, Suite 220
Albuquerque NM 87110

One general ob/gyn practitioner works in this office with an average patient load per day from 25 – 30. Average number of
patients in the hospital per day varies from 2 – 3. The office practice includes seeing obstetrical and gynecological patients
with a wide variety of problems in both specialties. Procedures done in the office include abdominal and pelvic (ob/gyn)
ultrasound, D & Cs, endometrial biopsies and occasionally therapeutic abortions. Some outpatient surgery. Approximately 12
– 15 deliveries per month and 2 – 5 major gyn procedures are done. Student would be expected to participate during regular
office hours, emergency room call and after office hours as need arises. Student will assist in deliveries and surgeries.
Jerry McLaughlin, MD
Covenant Healthcare Center
2410 North Fowler
Hobbs, NM 88240-3401

This is a very busy obstetric and gynecology practice. Obstetrics is the largest part of the practice (65%) with referral
gynecology (20%) and routine gynecology (15%) making up the remainder. A large portion of the obstetrics and routine
gynecology involve primary care. Patient load is approximately 20 – 25 deliveries per month with about 20% of those being
cesarean sections, 4 – 5 hysterectomies and 6 – 8 laparoscopic procedures. We have a colposcope and LEEP generator in
the office that stay busy. Patients are oriented towards education such that they can make informed decisions about their

Victor Nwachuku, MD                                                                                                  Silver City
1290 East 32nd Street
Silver City, NM 88061

This is small ob/gyn practice with an average caseload of patients per day of 45 with 2 – 3 hospitalized. Lab and ultrasound
are available. Student will be expected to do history and physicals, diagnostic, preventive and follow-up procedures for
patients, patient education and hospital rounds.

Richard Steinzig, MD                                                                                                 Silver City
3201 Ridgeloop
Silver City, NM 88061

This is a solo Gyn only practice with an average caseload of eight patients a day, and four days a week. He has a fair amount
of Gyn surgery so most of his office appointments are in the afternoon. This would be a great experience for someone who is
interested in doing a rotation in Gyn only, no OB.


Deborah J. Schenck, MD                                                                                                Carlsbad
Occupational Medicine
2430 West Pierce Street
Carlsbad, NM 88220
This practice is a full service occupational medicine clinic involved in drug and alcohol screening programs, pre-placement
physical exams, and medical surveillance programs, acute care of work-related injuries, rehabilitation, and pain management.
Dr. Schenck accepts tertiary referrals from towns such as Roswell, Portales, Hobbs, Artesia, Clovis, and others. The larger
customers are Mississippi and IMC Potash mines, Navajo Oil Refinery, Patterson-UTI drilling, several construction companies,
the City of Carlsbad, and most businesses in the area. Dr. Schenck is the contracted medical director for WIPP and their EMS


Goldblum Ophthalmology                                                                                     Albuquerque
Todd and Kenneth Goldblum, MD
303-D Mulberry NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Please see Ann for further information.

Eye Associates of New Mexico                                                                                    Rio Rancho
Rob Melendez, MD
1740 Grand Blvd. Suite B
Rio Rancho, NM 87524

Please see Ann for further information

Richard Sidd, MD                                                                                                       Roswell
207 North Union Street
Roswell, NM 88201

This is busy solo ophthalmology practice. This practice includes a large number of elderly patients for routine eye examination
with a significant number of pathology. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, patients are seen in the office. Tuesday and
Thursday are dedicated to the operating room. The majority of surgeries are cataracts. The preceptor performs YAG laser and
argon laser for glaucoma and retinal disorders. He also sees a significant number of referral cases for eyelid and lachrymal
problems. Average caseload of patients per day is 40, approximately 10 outpatient surgeries per week. Student will learn a
good eye history, VSR slip lamp, recognize and understand common eye diseases.


Frank Bryant, MD                                                                                                  Alamogordo
2559 North Scenic, Suite F
Alamogordo, NM 88310

This is a fairly busy general orthopaedic practice. The student would be exposed to a nice overview of office and operative
orthopaedics, including some spinal injuries.

William Baggs, MD                                                                                                    Carlsbad
Dana Verch, MD
2410 West Pierce Suite
Carlsbad, NM 88220

This is a fairly large orthopaedic practice. The practice is trauma-oriented with an emphasis on the hand. The student will be
expected to see the patient first and present him/her to the physician. The student will also be expected to make rounds with
the preceptor. Rounds are made twice a day, and the student will be on call with preceptor every other week. In this practice
the student will learn the fundamentals of orthopaedic diagnosis and examination. Serves the oilrig, potash and rodeo
industries. Student will also be exposed to some microsurgery. Rotation will basically be oriented toward each student’s
particular interests and needs.

Herbert Rachelson, MD                                                                                                   Espanola
Espanola Hospital
1010 Spruce Street
Espanola, NM 87532

Dr. Rachelson recently relocated to Espanola from Taos to fill a great need for an orthopaedic surgeon locally. As the practice
is new, there is no detailed information about the practice yet other than there is a PA and nurses in the office and the practice
is extremely busy.

Dennis Kloberdanz, MD
Robert Lehmer, MD
1400 East 20th Street
Farmington, NM 87401

Exposure to office orthopaedics with surgical and emergency room aspects. Student will accompany staff on hospital rounds
and in the operating room each weekday. Afternoons will be divided between office fracture clinics and hospital history and
physical exams. The office fracture clinic has case rooms staffed by an RN and cast technician, supervised by an attending
surgeon and is used as a hands-on experience for the student to learn basic plaster and fiberglass case immobilization
techniques. The student will take night call with an attending surgeon 2 or 3 nights per week.

Bryan Kamps, MD
Rehoboth McKinley County Christian Services                                                                                Gallup
1901 Redrock Drive
Gallup, NM 87301

General orthopaedic surgery practice in multispecialty group setting with forty other physicians. A high percentage of Native
American and Hispanic patients. Dr. Kamps is the only orthopaedic surgeon in Gallup and is employed by Rehoboth Hospital.
There is another MD in the office that does non-operative orthopaedics with a special interest in sports medicine. The practice
includes fractures, adult constructive surgery, arthroscopy, and foot surgery and work injuries. There are two full days of clinic
each week and two to three days of surgery each week. Call is shared with the office PA and the other MD.

John C. Harmston, MD
1900 North Dal Paso
Hobbs, NM 88240

This is a very busy general orthopaedic practice. Dr. Harmston has been the only local provider of ortho care for Lea County
since the retirement of another orthopaedic physician and is on call 24/7. The practice contains a diversity of orthopaedic
pathology, managed in a professional manner, providing modern and current recommended therapies to the patient
Brant Bair, MD                                                                                                        Santa Fe
Santa Fe Orthopaedic Associate
1630 Hospital Drive
Santa Fe, NM

Please see Ann for further information.

David Caldwell, MD                                                                                                        Santa Fe
Jan Bear, MD PC
Orthopaedic Associates of Northern NM
2055 South Pacheco Street, Suite 550
Santa Fe, NM 87505

This practice consists of 50% spinal disorders and 50% general orthopaedic musculoskeletal problems. Considerable time is
spent with each patient to allow time for spinal evaluations. This includes medical and psychological considerations as well as
physical examinations. This general orthopedic practice consists of trauma and emergencies. Average patient load per day is
30 with 2 – 5 hospitalized. The preceptor is on call every 7th night. The student will be expected to accompany the preceptor
to ER calls. Also, elective surgeries such as joint replacement and laminectomies are performed. The student will be
encouraged to see patients independently, participate in surgery and apply splints and casts if desired.

Brian Robinson, MD                                                                                                       Silver City
1268 East 32nd Street
Silver City, NM 88061

Our practice was established in September 1999. Since the beginning we have grown from a staff of 3 support staff members
and one physician to 10 support staff members and three physicians. We diagnose and treat both pediatric and adult patients
with all types of orthopaedic disease processes, including spine. We treat approximately 60 patients each day. We are the
only orthopaedic practice in a two county service area.

James H. Lubowitz, MD
Dan Guttmann, MD
1219-A Gusdorf Road ~ 7016 NDCBU
Taos, NM 87571

There are three physicians and one physician assistant in this busy practice that consists of 50% general orthopaedics and 50%
sports medicine. Weekly patient load includes approximately eight surgeries, 80 patients evaluated in the office, and 10 ER consults
with a focus on shoulder and elbow and hip arthroscopy/trauma/arthroplasty. Each preceptor is on call every other week. This
experience will provide extensive orthopaedic exposure to private practice and office management. This experience is geared toward
students considering orthopaedic residency training.


John Zweiner, MD                                                                                                          Carlsbad
2430 West Pierce Street
Carlsbad, NM 88220

This solo practice will provide the opportunity to see entire scope of pathology set up with modern and current laboratory,
supporting the medical practice in Carlsbad and a 70-bed hospital. This independent practice gives a more unfiltered view of
an impact a pathology practice has on the hospital, the practicing physicians and the patients.
Sanjay Lahiri, MD                                                                                                      Roswell
Pathology Consultants of NM
600 N. Richardson
Roswell, NM 88201

Very busy Pathology facility with extensive experience in surg and heme pathology. The practice performs frozen sections
and provide intra operative consultations. Presentation at Tumor Board and healthy interactions with hospital and community
surgeons and hematoncologists. Interpretation of between 8,500 to 11,000 surg path cases per year. 35,000 Gyn cytology
and over 600 FNAs per year. Molecular testing for gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and HPV.. CAP accredited and provides clinical
directorship at four labs across New Mexico.


Lori Zink, MD                                                                                                         Carlsbad
402 West Pierce Suite 5A
Carlsbad, NM 88220

This practice is a large general pediatric practice with mild emphasis on neonatal problems and pulmonary problems and
followup, refers premature infants to UNM. The majority of the cases seen daily are infectious in nature. Rounds are made
twice a day at Guadalupe Medical Center where there is a pediatric ward, newborn nursery, and Level II nursery when
required. No fourth year students May – September.

Thien Luu, MD                                                                                                            Clovis
2000 West 21st Street Suite E2
Clovis, NM 88101

Solo pediatric practice in a rural area of NM with a broad spectrum of conditions from simple disease to complicated cases.
Average caseload is between 20 and 40 in the office and between 2 and 8 in the hospital with once a week call in the
Emergency Room. No fourth year students May – September.

Kathryn Winters, MD                                                                                                      Clovis
St. Mary Family Healthcare Center
912 West 21st Street
Clovis, NM 88101

This is a very busy general pediatric practice with two pediatricians and a nurse practitioner providing healthcare to patients
ranging in the ages from newborn to adolescents. Dr. Winters’ patient load is approximately 35 – 55 patients each per day.
The physician is present at deliveries in the hospital. The hospital portion of the practice tends to see some very ill children
suffering from a variety of childhood illnesses. There is not pediatric ICU, however, the mid-level adult ICU is sometimes used
to stabilize children for transport to other hospitals. Student must commute from Portales. No fourth year students May –


Yaratha Reddy, MD
5419 Lovington Hwy Suite 2
Hobbs, NM 88240

Dr. Reddy is a board certified pediatrician and board eligible in neonatal and perinatal medicine. He was trained initially in
India and then the US, which should make for a very interesting rotation. He is part of a very busy group practice at Lea
County Children’s Clinic. No fourth year students May – September.
Roberto Talamantes, MD                                                                                                 Las Cruces
1250 Hillrise Circle
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Dr. Talamantes has been in practice in Las Cruces for the last fifteen years. He did his pediatric training at Baylor and did a
fellowship in developmental pediatrics. He treats both general pediatric patients and developmental patients, seeing 30-40
patients a day. There are a good number of chronically ill children.
                                                                                                                   Los Alamos
Ben Neal, MD
Children’s Clinic
3917 West Road
Los Alamos, NM 87544

This general pediatric practice is made up of approximately 80% outpatient and 20% inpatient and newborn, with school
health and some public health included. All offices are in the hospital; therefore it is similar to a multispecialty clinic. The
student must have a positive attitude with a desire to learn and willingness to work hard. Student can follow a patient through
surgery, etc. Student will be expected to see patients in the office and hospital; to obtain subjective history, make objective
evaluations and assessments and to formulate diagnostic evaluation treatments and parent education plans. No fourth year
students May – September.

Karen Carson, MD                                                                                                          Roswell
813 West Washington Ave
Roswell, NM 88201

Renee Butler-Lewis, MD
4411 The 25Way NE
Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM

Outpatient comprehensive Women’s Imaging Center, a very high volume (150+ patients a day) practice that provides
screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, nuclear medicine, MRI and a complete biopsy service. Students
will participate in all phases of the practice. Students will also have limited opportunities for general outpatient radiology
practice including Virtual Colonoscopy. Some research participation is also possible.

Students will be asked to research an area of Women’s Imaging and make a short presentation of findings at the conclusion of
the rotation. Students should have real interest in Imaging and not an interest in staying in Albuquerque for their rural rotation
when choosing this rotation. Clinic days are Monday through Friday, 8 – 5.


Donald A. Wolfel, MD
Lincoln County Medical Center
PO Box 8000
Ruidoso, NM 8835

This preceptorship is designed to orient students to the role of radiology in diagnosing medical and surgical disease, utilizing
all imaging modalities except nuclear medicine (not available at the institution). Students will be exposed to conventional
radiography, CT and MRI scanning, mammography as well as ultrasonography. The student will work side by side with the
radiologist, as well as skilled technologists to learn the indication for ordering imaging studies on patients in relation to their
complaints or their underlying medical illnesses. The student can also be exposed to other activities at LCMC including the
ER, the OR, endoscopy, and office practice. The office performs 1300-1500 examinations per month, as well as receiving over
200 mammograms from Roswell. At the end of the four-week rotation, the student should have a working knowledge of
interpretation of radiographs, as well as the role of other imaging modalities in the proper work up of a patient.


Joel Sievers, MD
Sievers Sport Medicine
304 S Main Ave
 Portales, NM 88130\

Very busy Sports Medicine practice. Patients receive diagnostic imaging, bracing/splinting, physical rehabilitation and other
treatment as necessary.


Frederick Snoy, MD                                                                                                            Albuquerque
Urology Group of NM
4161 Montgomery NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Very busy established Urology practice. Dr. Snoy is a single specialty, private practice urology group. He averages 30 patients on a
full day clinic. He practices general urology with emphasis on bladder dysfunction, oncology and impotence. Student will see lots of office
patients, observe surgeries, and have a hands-on experience with 1 or 2 physicals per day.

David M. Robillard, MD                                                                                                            Carlsbad
2402 West Pierce, Suite 5-B
Carlsbad, NM 88220

This is a general surgery practice with a wide variety of cases (general surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery, some orthopaedic and
some gynecology). Student will see about 7 – 10 patients per day and will be involved in pre and post-operative care. 85% of time will be
 dedicated to direct patient care in the hospital, 15% in the office. The student will be expected to be available to accompany preceptor on
ER call and on cases of evening and weekend ER call.

Marc. A. Flitter, MD
Edward Maurin, MD
555 S. Schwartz Street
Farmington, NM 87401

Neurosurgery. Farmington is a referral center for neurological and neurosurgical disorders from the four corners area. It is a high trauma
area and the San Juan Regional Medical Center has been developed into a regional trauma center with a team on call 24 hours daily.
Office hours are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and operating days are Tuesday and Thursday in addition to on call trauma cases.
The student is expected to make rounds, examine patients, and scrub for all surgeries. The rotation should increase skills in diagnostic and
acute intensive neurological care and operative care.

Michael Lopez, MD                                                                                                            Las Vegas
105 Mills Avenue South 300
Las Vegas, NM 87701

This is a general surgery practice in a small New Mexico community with two surgeons. The average patient load
per day is 30 with 12 – 15 patients in the hospital. There are about 40 – 50 surgical procedures performed per
week as outpatient and inpatient. In addition to the surgical procedures in the hospital, the student will be involved
in uncomplicated, non-surgical primary care and minor office surgery. Student will be exposed to a variety of
patient problems. There is a steady increase of cancer patients (colon, breast, pelvic). No obstetrics or pediatrics
and limited gynecology. Student will be involved in diagnosis, assessment and treatment. Student interested in
the business aspect will have an opportunity to observe the office management.

Malik Salman, MD                                                                                                   Las Vegas
Alta Vista Hospital
108 Legion Drive, Suite A
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Dr. Salman is a general surgeon doing all surgical procedures at Alta Vista Hospital. Two days are spent in clinic
and two days are spent in the OR. There will be opportunities to be on call nights and weekends with Dr. Salman
and his colleagues at Alta Vista.

Dilip Madnani, MD
2402 W Pierce St,
Carlsbad, NM

Adult and pediatric patients. One half of the practice consists of general practice with allergies, sinusitis and ear problems.
The other half is concerned with head and neck cancer; specifically, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer, oral cavity,
nasal, and pharyngeal cancers and skin cancers. Patients are seen 3 ½ days in the office and 1 ½ days in the OR.
Cosmetic procedures such as botox, Jevaderm, eyelids/rhoniplasty and facelifts.

Donald Wenner, MD, FACS, PC                                                                                              Roswell
Paul Whitwam, MD
1600 SE Main
Roswell, NM 88201

Busy surgical practice, primarily general, vascular, thoracic and laparoscopic. The student will make hospital rounds with the
preceptors; do histories and physicals in the office and the hospital. The student will assist in surgery and in the emergency
room. Daily patient load is 20-30 with 10-15 patients in the hospital. 40% of the time will be dedicated to direct patient care in
the office and 60% in the hospital. An excellent opportunity to see surgery in a smaller community private setting.

Robert A. Feldman, MD                                                                                                   Santa Fe
Neurological Surgery Associates of Northern New Mexico
531 Harkle Road Suite D
Santa Fe, NM 87505

This is a very busy neurosurgical practice with three partners who work harmoniously together. In the office there is
predominance of spine problems; in the hospital, a broader range of pathology. The average amount of time spent by the
preceptor varies from 40-60 hours per week, with surgery three times a week.

Stephen Lucero, MD                                                                                                      Santa Fe
1650 Hospital Drive, Suite 300
Santa Fe, NM 87501

This solo urology practice serves northern New Mexico’s pediatric and geriatric patients. Patients represent all socioeconomic
groups. Average caseload of patients per day is 30, with approximately 3 hospitalized. The preceptor sees patients in nursing
homes, at satellite clinics in Las Vegas and at the State Hospital. The student will be expected to participate in all aspects of
patient care in the office, hospitals, and ER call. The preceptor has privileges at St. Vincent Hospital and PHS Hospital in
Santa Fe, Northeastern Regional Hospital in Las Vegas and Española Hospital.
Roland Snure, MD                                                                                     Silver City
1304 E 32nd St
Silver City, NM

General surgeon at Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver
City. His contact info is available in preceptorship office.


Patricia Carabajal, MD                                                                                 Albuquerque
Jack Greenberg, MD
Lovelace Tramway Clinic
2121 Juan Tabo NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

This is a new, modern facility with X-ray and laboratory. There are a variety of medical problems ranging from
myocardial infarctions, lacerations, burns, asthmatic exacerbations, and anaphylactic reactions, to chronic problems
such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, depression, arthritis, and back pain. There are also a variety of sports
related orthopedic injuries. Patients vary from newborn to elderly. The volume of patients can range from 4 per hour
to 10 per hour. Dr. Carabajal will take only one female student per year because her patients are primarily women.

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