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									                                            Notes and News
                                     South Waterloo Area News Letter

Congratulations go out to Thomas Hemmingway for receiving the Jack Cornwell Award

Kub Kar Rally
        I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the Kub Kar Rally as it was a great success, everyone
had a good time and many participants enjoyed the day. Thanks go out to Matthew Wells as he put a lot into the
planning. Scouter Mark Vandyke for the work with our sponsor the Cambridge Center. And the Cambridge Center
for allowing us once again to be where we should be, out in the community.
        Congratulations to those that Won First Place Adam Gilbert 17 th Cambridge, Second Place Quinn Oliver
33 Cambridge and third Place Nicholas Talbot 4 th Cambridge.
        Pickes By Mayor Doug Criag, Best Paint Briyce Nabrosky 31 st Cambridge, Best Design Thomas Wells 33 rd
Cambridge and Best Novice Tristan Thomson 33 rd Cambridge.
        The Area Commissioners Choice Aaron Hiller 33 rd Cambridge. Beaver Buggies First Place Tim Novak 11 th
Cambridge, Second Place Alex Ridley 17 th Cambridge. And of course the Transport Trucks, First place Sara Guttin
7th Cambridge, Second place Thomas Guttin 7 th Cambridge and best design Thomas Guttin.

Breakfast with the Beavers
        South Waterloo Area is pleased to announce the arrival of the Easter Bunny on Saturday April 3 rd 2004 at
the Preston Scout House, on Queenston Road, to have Breakfast with the Beavers and their Families. Cost $5.00
per Family, (Continental Breakfast) See Flyer for more details.

Cub, Beaver Fun Day
        There is in the works for a spring Beaver Cub fun Day at Peacehaven Scout Camp May 1st 2004
Registration Forms will be sent out shortly please plan on attending with the youth it will be fun for all and again
Even if the Leaders cannot make it the youth may still attend but we do need help and would like to see leaders
having fun with the youth as well. There will be more info at the Leaders Meeting April 1 st 2004 come out and help
plan the event. Preston Scout House 7:30 pm April 1 st 2004.

All sections Camp June 2004
        There will be a meeting on Thursday April 1 st 2004 7:00 pm Scout House Cambridge to discuss the South
Waterloo All sections Camp for June 4 th – 6th 2004. All are welcome and needed to plan this event and we need
your Ideas and help to run this event. The theme is Space. Come with a crest design from the youth.

South Waterloo Web Site
      For those that are interested I do have info for South Waterloo on a web site that you can visit when you have a moment check it out.
                                             Notes and News
                                      South Waterloo Area News Letter

Canoe Tripping Skills
        Want to learn or sharpen up you canoe tripping skills from planning to paddling? If you do, come and join
us for 2 weekends of fun and learning.
When:          April 24 and 25 2004 from 8:30am to 4:00pm
               May 29 and 30 2004 from 8:30am to 5:00pm
Where:         Apr 24, 25 will be at South Waterloo Scout House in Cambridge
               May 29, 30 will be in Walkerton
Why:           To gain new skills or to sharpen old ones so that you are ready to take youth out on a memorable
Cost:          $75 + camping fees in Walkerton
How:           Complete the attached application and send it to:
               Jeff Maissan
               218 Fifth Ave
               Woodstock ON N4S 2G1
        Before April 25, 2004

August Cub Camp
         There has been some talk about having a week long Cub Camp in August for the Cubs This would be open
to the 2003-2004 registered youth ages 8-11. We are looking for volunteers at this time to help orginize this event
and give of some time. I f you are interested please let Me know and we can put this together. We are looking at
the last week of August, before school starts Monday to Friday.

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the month, or they will not be included. Thanks

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