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									                          NEW MEXICO HIGHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT

May 9, 2006

Dear Colleagues:

We at the Higher Education Department are rejuvenated after last week’s New Mexico First Town
Hall. It was exciting to see so many people willing to dedicate two and one-half days to discussing
the issues facing higher education in New Mexico, and more important to help us craft solutions.
The energy level was astounding and we are appreciative of New Mexico First for choosing this
important topic and allowing us to participate.

We presented the New Mexico First draft recommendations to our Higher Education Advisory
Board and have already begun to weave the Town Hall’s suggestions into our statewide strategic
priorities. We realize that the process of creating these priorities is as important as the priorities
themselves and value the input of our stakeholders. It is apparent in every venue that we present,
that people are understanding the linkage between P-12, higher education, and the workforce.

In fact, I also had the opportunity to present to the Albuquerque Economic Forum. I remarked that
every time I speak on education in Albuquerque it is to a business group of some type. The level
of interest in education here in New Mexico is high and that makes it wonderful for those of us in
the trenches to know that we have the support of business leaders across the state. That support,
coupled with the support of our Governor and our Legislature makes it an exciting time to be in
New Mexico as we all work together to raise the level of excellence of our educational
opportunities and as we train a high-skilled workforce.

I also want to say thank you to Dr. Mike Martin and New Mexico State University for hosting our
Higher Education Advisory Board for our two-day retreat. Special thanks go to Felicia Ybarra who
handled all the details.


Dr. Beverlee J. McClure
Cabinet Secretary

Governor Applauds NM State Lottery 10th Anniversary
On April 27, 1996, the first lottery ticket was sold in New Mexico. Last week, the New Mexico
Lottery held events across the state to celebrate its 10th anniversary. As part of the celebration,
the New Mexico Lottery hosted a press conference with Governor Richardson to reflect on the
accomplishments of the funding the lottery sales generate. The event was organized by the New
Mexico Lottery. New Mexico Lottery Authority Chair Reta Jones was host of the press
conference, which was held at TVI Westside. KOB TV 4’s Tom Joles presided over the program,
which in addition to the Governor included remarks by Higher Education Secretary Dr. Beverlee
J. McClure, New Mexico Lottery Authority Founding Board Member John Dunne, and Legislative
Finance Committee economist Norton Francis. Interim Lottery Director Tom Romero was
recognized for his contributions. Representatives from the New Mexico Lottery Board of
Directors, TVI’s board, vendors, students, and others were on hand for the festivities.
Since its inception, the Lottery Success Scholarship has benefited more than 38,000 students
who have received free tuition at New Mexico’s public colleges and universities. For information
on the New Mexico Lottery call 505-342-7600 or visit To learn more about
the Lottery Success Scholarship, call NMHED’s financial aid hotline at 800-279-9777 or visit What follows are the Governor’s remarks at the press conference.

   Today we are celebrating one of the best investments New Mexico has made – the
   investment in our students, in our future. Ten years ago the New Mexico Lottery began its
   investment in education by helping to pay for school repairs and new classrooms. More than
   $66-million dollars was raised for New Mexico’s neediest schools. Some of today’s college
   students went to elementary, middle or high schools built or repaired with Lottery profits.
   Some of those students might be here now, enrolled right here at Albuquerque TVI. Just as
   important, many of these students are now receiving a college education with help from the
   Lottery Success Scholarship.

   As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of these scholarships, it is easy to get
   caught up in numbers and statistics. I’d rather focus on some of the New Mexicans behind
   these statistics. Lottery scholarships are benefiting New Mexicans like Callie Paulos, a
   student from Farmington who is now in her first year in the nursing program at San Juan
   College. And Jerome Cordova, from Truchas, who received a Bachelor of Science degree in
   Chemical Engineering from UNM. And Doreen Chavez, a student at Northern New Mexico

   More than 38,000 college students have benefited from the Lottery Success Scholarship
   during the past 10 years. That’s an impressive number. The Lottery Success Scholarship has
   contributed to increased enrollment and revenue at New Mexico’s 25 public colleges and
   universities. I am proud of the fact that many of these students have graduated, and are now
   successfully employed right here in New Mexico. But we need to do better.

   The Lottery Success Scholarship is merit based, not need-based. That’s why I worked with
   the Legislature to pass the College Affordability Act last year. This session, we invested $49-
   million dollars in the endowment that will generate cash for scholarships every year.

   The College Affordability scholarships will complement the Lottery Success Scholarship and
   help those students who for one reason or another were not able to go directly to college after
   high school. It will help the part-time students who have to work and can’t take a full 12 hours
   of courses. It will help the single parents and the non-traditional students who are returning to
   college to better themselves so that they can get better paying jobs. Because that’s what
   higher education is about in New Mexico – getting an education leads to a better job. I am
   hopeful that we can continue to invest in the College Affordability endowment and provide
   opportunities for thousands of New Mexicans who are not eligible for the Lottery Success

   While our investment in education is the most important reason for the lottery, let’s not forget
   about the 16 new millionaires who benefited from the lottery. More than $675-million dollars in
   prizes have been distributed to New Mexicans. Another $80 million dollars has been paid in
   commissions to Lottery retailers across the state.

   But the real reason it is important to celebrate the Lottery today is our students. They are our
   future. And a better-educated workforce is good for business and good for New Mexico.

                                                                       Governor Bill Richardson
                                                             New Mexico Lottery 10th Anniversary
                                                                   TVI Westside, April 27, 2006
Please Note May 12 Deadline for Hotel Reservations for Governing Boards Retreat June 8-9
The New Mexico public higher education Governing Boards Retreat will be held at the Hilton
Santa Fe, on Thursday evening, June 8 and Friday, June 9 from 9 – 3:30. The Department has
secured special rates for members of Governing Boards for June 8. The rate is $169 single
occupancy and $179 double. The deadline for reservations to secure that rate is May 12,
2006. To reserve rooms at the special rate, call 505-988-2811, toll free 800-336-3676, or Hilton
Central Reservations at 800-Hiltons and ask for the New Mexico Higher Education Department
Governing Board Retreat rate. The hotel will honor the special rate for those who would like to
stay for the weekend; however, guests are required to stay both Friday and Saturday. Contact
NMHED’s Special Assistant to the Secretary and Legislative Liaison Brandon Trujillo at 505-476-
6540 or, or visit

Secretary McClure to Speak at ENMU-Ruidoso’s First Commencement Ceremony, May 14
Provost Dr. Michael R. Elrod takes great pride in announcing Eastern New Mexico University-
Ruidoso’s First Annual Commencement Convocation to be held Sunday, May 14, at 2 p.m. at the
Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts in Alto. Members of the ENMU Board of Regents,
ENMU-Ruidoso College Board, ENMU President Dr. Steven Gamble, and former Dean Dr.
James Miller, Jr. will attend. The ENMU-Ruidoso Community Chorale will provide music.
Approximately 85 students eligible to receive Associate Degrees, Certificates of Completion, and
General Equivalency Diploma (GED) will participate. Bachelor and Master Degree candidates
from Eastern New Mexico University will also take part in the ceremony. The featured speaker will
be NMHED Cabinet Secretary Dr. Beverlee J. McClure. Curtis Williamson, a candidate for
graduation receiving an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies, and Laura Chiavone, a
candidate for graduation receiving a General Equivalency Diploma will also speak.
Established in 1991, the Ruidoso Off-Campus Instruction Center offered Lincoln County residents
access to two-year college academic and vocational curriculum. In 2005 the Ruidoso Campus
became the eighteenth two-year college in New Mexico and was established as a branch of
ENMU. Undergraduate and graduate course work completed at ENMU-Ruidoso is fully
transferable to ENMU-Portales. ENMU-Ruidoso Branch is a comprehensive two-year college
offering Certificates of Completion, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, and Associate of
Applied Science degrees. The ENMU-Ruidoso Branch also offers community education classes,
customized training workshops, adult basic education courses, and operates a One-Stop Career
Center providing free employment services for employers and those seeking career information.
Contact David Glass at 505-257-2120, extension 7825 or visit

Secretary McClure and NM Colleges and Universities Present to LFC
Last week Higher Education Secretary Dr. Beverlee J. McClure, Public Education Secretary Dr.
Veronica Garcia, and Director of the Office of Education Accountability Dr. Peter Winograd
presented to the Legislative Finance Committee results from the recently released report on
remediation needs in New Mexico “Ready for College: a Report on New Mexico High School
Graduates Who Need Remedial Work in Higher Education.” In addition, Secretary McClure and
Maralyn Budke presented an update on the Higher Education Funding Formula Task Force.
Following those presentations, Vice Chair of the Council of University Presidents and President of
Western New Mexico College Dr. John Counts and Dr. Frank Renz, Executive Director of the
New Mexico Association of Community Colleges, provided performance reports for the four-year
and two-year public institutions, respectively. The report on college readiness and the Secretary’s
presentations are posted online at under Publications and Reports.

Clovis Community College Names Dr. Neibling President
The Board of Trustees at Clovis Community College (CCC) announced the selection of the
institution’s next president at its regular meeting last week. Dr. John Neibling has been named
President. He will succeed Dr. Beverlee McClure who accepted Governor Bill Richardson’s
appointment as Cabinet Secretary for Higher Education last August. Neibling’s currently holds the
position of Vice President for Instruction at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona, where he
has served since 2001. Prior to that, Neibling held a similar position for ten years at San Juan
College in Farmington. He holds a doctorate in Educational Administration and Supervision from
Arizona State University and degrees in English from the University of Kansas.
“Aside from his sound educational background, Dr. Neibling’s history of successful administrative
experience, a strong commitment to community college theory and practice, and his high
standards for achievement were critical factors in the decision rendered by the Trustees,” stated
Russell Muffley, Board Chairman. “Each of the final candidates offered unique qualities and
expertise to the position which made it difficult to render a decision; however, I am fully confident
that under Dr. Neibling’s leadership, there will be a bright future for Clovis Community College, its
faculty, staff, and students.”
Among others given consideration were Dr. Rebecca Rowley, Interim President at CCC; Dr.
Eileen Ely, Campus Dean at Laramie Community College; and Dr. Lynn Kreider, former CEO at
Louisiana Delta Community College. The selection followed a five-month nation-wide search with
applications considered from 29 individuals. Contact

ENMU-Roswell Instructor Named to New Behavioral Health Advisory Committee
Coordinator of Human Services and Addiction Studies and Sociology/Psychology instructor at
ENMU-Roswell Bob Phillips has been named to the state’s new Consortium for Behavioral Health
Training and Research (CBHTR) Advisory Committee. The new partnership is being established
by the New Mexico Human Services Department, NMHED and the Interagency Health
Purchasing Collaborative. The consortium recognizes the need for more effective workforce
development and for a solid research base to New Mexico’s transformation in behavioral health.
Phillips will attend the CBHTR kickoff meeting in Albuquerque on May 2.

The vision for the partnership is to ensure that the training, education, and research work of
colleges and universities effectively meets the needs of a strong recovery and resiliency oriented
public behavioral health system. The initiative includes developing a statewide research agenda
for mental health and substance abuse services in New Mexico. For more information, contact
Julia Morey-Di Ruggiero, New Mexico Human Services Department at 505-827-7766. NMHED’s
contact is Deputy Secretary Dr. Jozi De Leon, 505-476-6503 or

UNM Hosts Outstanding Teacher Awards Ceremony on May 3
An awards ceremony honoring outstanding University of New Mexico teachers is scheduled for
Wednesday, May 3 from 2-4 p.m. in Student Union Building Ballroom C. Individual awards will be
presented for Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Teacher of the Year,
Outstanding Teacher of the Year, and Presidential Teaching Fellowships. Organized by the Office
of the Provost, Center for Scholarship, Teaching and Learning, and the Teaching Enhancement
Committee for Awards and Fellowships, the awards are funded by an endowment from the late
Cyrene Mapel, UNM regent from 1962-74. She established the endowment specifically to reward
teacher and faculty scholar excellence. Contact Carolyn Gonzales at 505-277-5920 or or visit

Focus on the Future: A Financial Literacy Project for New Mexico High Schools
On April 20, NMHED’s State Director of Adult Basic Education Dr. Pam Etre-Perez participated in
a panel presentation at Santa Fe High School geared toward informing students about financial
literacy. Organized by the Focus Foundation, the presentation covered topics such as investing,
insurance, credit, identity theft, and banking. Dr. Etre-Perez spoke about the importance of
completing high school and attending at least some college in order to obtain a job that will
sustain a family. She described the Life Skills classes offered to adults through Adult Basic
Education programs and outlined the costs and ways to help pay for attending college in New
Mexico. Contact Dr. Etre-Perez at 505-476-6533 or

NMSU and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Combine Resources
In 2005, Congress designated April as the month to raise public awareness about the importance
of financial education. New Mexico State University and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas have
combined resources to promote economics and personal financial education in New Mexico. In
celebration of National Financial Literacy Month (April), NMSU’s Center for Economics and
Personal Finance Education (CEPFE), based in the College of Business, and the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas are sponsored “Charting the Course of Globalization,” a training
conference for high school economics teachers last Saturday. The joint venture is the first one of
its kind for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in southern New Mexico. The sessions offered
educators alternatives to better communicate issues related to international trade to their
students. Themes of the sessions included labor immigration, economics, and outsourcing.

According to the New Mexico Coalition for Financial Education Web site, the
volume of American credit card lending nearly quadrupled between 1990 and 2003; 2005 was the
first year since the Great Depression when Americans registered a negative savings rate,
spending more than they earned; and in 2000, one half of working families did not own a private
retirement saving account. Only 23 percent of those aged 40 to 59, and 17 percent of those over
60, have saved one hundred thousand dollars or more for retirement; 13 percent of those aged
40 to 59 and 11 percent of those over 60 say they have saved nothing at all for their retirement.
For more information, contact Benjamin Matta, Director of NMSU’s Center for Economics and
Personal Finance Education, at 505-646-4085.

Reminder: Public Invited to A Healthy New Mexico, Children’s Cabinet Town Hall Meetings
Lieutenant Governor Denish, and Cabinet Secretaries of Health, Human Services, Children, Youth
and Families, Aging and Long-Term Services, Public Education, and Higher Education, are
traveling the state to hear from New Mexicans. Please encourage attendance.
    *Wednesday, May 17, 6-8:30 p.m. Roswell, ENMU, Occupational Tech Center, Room 124
    Thursday, May 18, 1:30-4 p.m.     Clovis Community College, 417 Schepps Blvd
    Friday, May 19, 9-11:30 a.m.      Tucumcari Convention Center
    Wednesday, May 31, 1:30-4 p.m. Albuquerque TVI Workforce Training Ctr, 5600 Eagle Rock
    Thursday, June 1, 9-11:30 a.m.    Albuquerque, Indian Pueblo Cultural Ctr, 2401 12th St NW
*Indicates Children’s Cabinet Town Hall. If you are a person with a disability and require a special
accommodation to participate, call 505-827-7750 or email

Important Dates
May 9-11              ABE Crownpoint Institute of Technology site visit
May 11                NMHED Capital Projects hearings
May 12                NMSU Board of Regents meeting
May 15                Deadline for Capital Projects hearing request for June 15 meeting
May 17                Children’s Cabinet Town Hall, Roswell, ENMU, Occupational Tech Center
May 18                Education Trust Board meeting
May 18                A Healthy New Mexico Town Hall, Clovis, Clovis Community College
May 19                A Healthy New Mexico Town Hall, Tucumcari, Convention Center
May 19                ABE State Resource Team Meeting, Albuquerque
May 11                NMHED Capital Outlay hearings
May 31                A Healthy New Mexico Town Hall, Albuquerque TVI Workforce Training Ctr.
May 31                Institution financial reports, 3rd Quart FY06 certification due to NMHED
June 1                A Healthy New Mexico Town Hall, Albuquerque, Indian Pueblo Cultural Ctr.
June 2                The name Central NM Community College replaces Albuquerque TVI
June 8-9              State Public Higher Education Governing Boards Retreat, Santa Fe
June 8-9              State-wide ABE Gathering, Albuquerque
June 12-14            NMHED Data Verification: New Mexico Highlands University
June 14-16            NMHED Data Verification: Luna Community College (Las Vegas)
June 15               NMHED Capital Outlay hearings
June 20               Secretary McClure to speak at Santa Fe Chamber luncheon
June 21-23            NMHED Data Verification: Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
June 26-28            NMHED Data Verification: Clovis Community College
June 27-29            ABE Clovis Community College evaluation site visit
June 28-30            NMHED Data Verification: Eastern New Mexico University-Portales
July 18                New Mexico Higher Education Advisory Board meeting, UNM-Taos

Thursday, May 11
    Clovis Community College GED Graduation-Josefita Griego, GED Graduate/CCC student
    ENMU-Roswell-Bill Owen, Former Roswell Mayor
Friday, May 12
    Clovis Community College
    Institute of American Indian Arts
    Mesalands Community College-State Senator Clinton Harden
    Mesalands Community College GED Graduation-Mary Mayfield, Mayor of Tucumcari
    New Mexico Junior College
    NMSU Alamogordo-Dr. Gladys DeNecochea, NMSU VP Student Services/Dean
    NMSU Dona Ana Branch Community College
    Northern New Mexico College ABE GED Completion Ceremony
    University of New Mexico Valencia Campus, College and GED Completion Ceremony
Saturday, May 13
    College of Santa Fe in Santa Fe
    ENMU-Portales-Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish
    ENMU-Roswell Adult Basic Education GED Completion Ceremony
    Luna Community College-Trish Hoffman, Spokesperson for Albuquerque Police Department
    New Mexico Highlands University
    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    New Mexico Military Institute-Congressman Heather Wilson and ROTC Commissioning
          speaker Lieutenant General Robert T. Clark, Commanding General, 5th US Army
    New Mexico State University
    Northern New Mexico College
    University of New Mexico-Governor Bill Richardson
Sunday, May 14
    ENMU-Ruidoso-Cabinet Secretary Dr. Beverlee J. McClure will speak at the college’s first
Friday, May 19
    Santa Fe Community College
Saturday, May 20
    St. John’s College-David Lawrence Levine, Dean
    College of Santa Fe in Albuquerque
Wednesday, May 24
    San Juan College GED Graduation
Friday, May 26
    New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Friday, June 2
    New Mexico School for the Deaf
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