JULY 23, 2003
Meeting was called to order at 6:07pm
         at the McKinley SWCD Office/USDA Gallup Field Office Conference Room
Present at the meeting: Lance Allgood, Bill Armstrong, Wes Begay, John Engels, Kathy Landers, Ed Oliver, John Sakasitz,
         and Larry Winn. Betsy Irving was also present as the District Clerk.
With a quorum present, the following business was conducted.

Motion to accept the meeting agenda
        1. Made by Kathy Landers
        2. 2nd by Wes Begay
        3. Passed by all

A. Minutes of May 20, 2003
        Motion to approve minutes without changes
        1. Made by Lance Allgood
        2. 2nd by Kathy Landers
        3. Passed by all
B. Special Meeting Minutes of May 27, 2003
        Motion to approve minutes without changes
        4. Made by Kathy Landers
        5. 2nd by Wes Begay
        6. Passed by all
C. Worksession Notes of June 10, 2003
        Date is incorrect dated July 23 instead of June 10. On the second page delete everything about Larry’s lodging
        just included that he would like to attend conference
        Motion to approve minutes with changes.
        1. Made by Kathy Landers
        2. 2nd by Lance Allgood
        3. Passed by all

Treasurer’s report was given by John Engels showing the following:
Balance of $16,285.39 reconciled with the bank
Larry had a meeting with the County officials. The County will give us $ (5,000 payable in 2 payments) but we need to draw
up a contract. Doug Dekker (with the county) is working on drawing up this agreement.
Bills need to be paid:
Betsy Irving – 2 invoices for services, Travel reimbursement for Wes, Bill and Larry, Butlers and DeLorme
         Motion to approve payment of bills:
         1. Made by Kathy Landers
         2. 2nd by Lance Allgood
         3. Passed by all

                                                                  McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2003
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      1.   Notice regarding available grant money from the EPA. Would be appropriate for LCR MOM to look into,
           Larry will pursue letting the LCR MOM about this opportunity and encouraging them to apply.
      2.   Several meeting announcements about annual conference etc.

      1. NMDA: written report attached
      2. NRCS:
               1) Ed Oliver’s report: See attached written report
               2) Claudia Willeto: None
      3. FSA: John Sakasitz presented the following
               - Finished drought program
               - Livestock Compensation Program: 314 applications, $140,000.
               - New Program starts August 4 called Livestock Assistance Program. Covers 2001-2002. Applications
                 will be taken through October
               - Wooly Mohair Program set up a national taskforce – John is on this taskforce and will be attending
                 meetings in Washington DC this week
               Larry Winn: attended Salt Cedar Conference in San Angelo, TX
               - lots of Scientific/Biological Information. Presentations on different ways to control. Information
                    useful to the Board for upcoming projects. Will bring the written information he collected to the
                    office for future perusal. Also good information for being able to justify funding.
               Bill Armstrong: Forest Service Project
               - created a map and topography of the area we want to do the project on. This project is in the hands
                    of the Forest Service. District has given Chuck a list of names of property owners now he is waiting
                    on maps. Wants to primarily do a loop around McGaffey
         Invoices need payment – already taken care of under Treasurer’s Report
         Annual Work Plan & Annual Report Due: Annual Work Plan completed and mailed end of May when Budget
               was completed. Need copies to mail to state. Betsy can draw up Annual Report and Larry can sign
               without further Board approval
         Motion to have Betsy draw up Annual Report and have Larry sign it
               1. Made by Kathy Landers
               2. 2nd by Wes Begay
               3. Passed by all

  A. Water Trust Board Grant Application: Meeting was held on July 2nd Larry and Lance attended.
         - In terms of evaluating applications they are in disarray – haven’t set up their evaluation criteria yet but will
              be having an evaluation committee meeting soon.
         - Don’t know the status of our project but our chances appear to be pretty good that we will get some money
              although not necessarily everything we requested.
         - Lance and Larry are the District’s contact persons and Larry will be attending the sub committee meeting
              if he can find out when it is.
  B. 319(h) Grant Workplan: Table until next meeting because the RFPs will hopefully be in then
  C. Farm Bill Workload Staffing Needs Update:
         - Employee will be a state employee but hired on the local level.
         - There is money for the 1st year only but no guarantee there will be more money for additional years.
              Recurring money is available but not as much money as the first year.
         - Job description is not drawn up yet but someone is needed to do general office work.
                                                                McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2003
                                                                                                       Page 2 of 5
           - Decision is to table this discussion until next meeting – hopefully more info will be available at that time.
             Debbie Hughes hopes to have this info by the August 4-5 Ruidoso meeting.
  D. Fuel Reduction/McGaffey Project w/ Forest Service: need to give them a written list of landowners and maps.
         - Ed will do this.

  E. District Boundary Negotiations: still waiting on legal description.
         - Decided to “swap” land but aren’t sure what to “swap”. Still working on this but no firm details at this

  F. Cottonwood Creek Restoration Project: Started with workdays July 14-18.
         - See top of Ed’s Report. Ed also presented a Power Point presentation with pictures of the work done
             including, rock riffles, cottonwoods planted, barbs and tree cages to keep Elk away from trees.
         - 28,050 ft of fence is needed – NRCS will pay 90%. Will the District pick up the other 10%? Will need
             roughly $2,000
         - 30 more yards of rock is also needed at an approximate cost of $500. Will the District pick up this
             amount also?
         - Motion to contribute the remaining balance of 10% for fencing and to purchase $500.00 more of rock.
             Total cost of the project not to exceed $3000.00 for both fencing and rock.
             1. Made by Lance Allgood
             2. 2nd by Kathy Landers
             3. Passed by all
     NOTE: This project is generating a lot of interest among other landowners in the area. So will hopefully lead to
     more projects similar to this one. Gene Merrill’s land would be a good place to do a project. Ed will work on
     making arrangements for a “Field Trip” to this area.

  A. Reimbursement for Larry Winn’s trip to San Angelo: paid in full under bills

  B. NMACD Conference August 4-5: Several supervisors would like to attend. Lance is a definite yes – Lance
     doesn’t know if it will fit into his schedule. Registration will be on your own, can receive reimbursement upon
          Motion to approve whoever wants to go to be able to go.
             1. Made by Wes Begay
             2. 2nd by Bill Armstrong
             3. Passed by all
          NOTE: There is a Water Trust Board Meeting in Santa Fe on August 6th. Larry will go from Ruidoso up to
          Santa Fe.

  C. Weed Management Business: Decided to pursue getting a Commercial Applicators License. Certain members will
     be taking test to get licensed. This will enable more widespread ability to treat different areas with different
     ownerships etc.

  D. Demonstration Day for Rio Puerco Restoration Project: Date change is necessary.
        - Was originally set for August 12. Water 2025 Regional Conference has been scheduled for this day. This
            will include all the people we wanted to invite
        - Northstar has agreed to treat sections 22 & 23 for free for that date and BASF has sent the chemicals
        - $1000 has been donated for food to feed people at this event
        - Bob Ewing (of Northstar) and Larry discussed and came up with the idea of flying the “big wigs” down to
            Bosque Del Apache in the afternoon to see the Norhtstar Salt Cedar Eradication that is happening there.
            Hopefully, by seeing what is going on there will increase interest and support in our project. Debbie
            Hughes will be contacting the appropriate people to see if any are interested in taking this flight.
        - There is a possibility that the District, in conjunction with Northstar, will be able to make a presentation
            at this Water 2025 Meeting regarding our project.
                                                              McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2003
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             -   New Date: tentative date has been set for Tuesday, August 26 at 7:00am. Debbie Hughes will be able to
                 attend on this date. Unfortunately, this is the date of the Municipal League Conference so this won’t
                 work for the City people/officials. August 21 would be the next appropriate date – Larry will contact
                 Debbie Hughes to see if this will work for her.

    E. Change of day and time of regular McKinley SWCD Board Meetings:
          - Need to change the date of Regular Monthly Board Meetings.
          - Can no longer meet on Tuesdays because of City Council Meetings and Lance’s commitment to them.
               (Lance was recently promoted to the City of Gallup Executive Director of Utilities)
          - Can the time also be changed to earlier so meeting can be completed earlier.
          - After much discussion it was determined that the best day to meet was on Thursday’s at 5:00pm the Third
               week of the month.
          - Betsy will draw up a resolution and complete all appropriate procedures and paperwork
          - Motion to change McKinley SWCD regular monthly board meetings to the third Thursday of the month at
               1. Made by John Engels
               2. 2nd by Wes Begay
               3. Passed by all

    F. Check Writing Procedures:
          - John Engels and Ed Carlisle are the signatories on the account at this time
          - Would be a good idea to add another signatory
          - Motion to add Larry Winn, Board Chairman as second signatory on the bank account and remove Ed
             1. Made by Lance Allgood
             2. 2nd by Bill Armstrong
             3. Passed by all

             -   Letter was drawn up after meeting to reflect the decision of the motion. All Board Members signed. Larry
                 and John will sign the signature cards at the bank at their earliest convenience.

    G. Alan’s Resignation: do we want to replace his position?
           - Make this an agenda item for next meeting
           - Lance has 2 people in mind to fill this position. He will invite them to the next meeting.
           - Discussed whether we had to be concerned about diversity of Board based on past experience with USDA.
               This is a locally operated board and not controlled by the USDA. It doesn’t matter what they think or say.
               This is a Board organized to deal with local issues and should reflect this in the membership.
           - At the next meeting this discussion will be picked up. Bring the names of those you think will be
               interested in serving on the Board. The floor will be opened for nominations.

There being no further business for discussion meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm
         Motion for adjournment
         1. Made by Kathy Landers
         2. 2nd by Lance Allgood
         3. Passed by all

Next Meeting will be held (per motion) at the USDA Field Office at 5:00pm on Thursday, August 21, 2003

                                                                McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2003
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Minutes taken and submitted by:   Minutes approved by:

Betsy Irving                      Larry Winn
District Clerk                    Board Chairman

                                     McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2003
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